The Worst Surfing Injuries That Could Happen. Avoid This.

Surfing is one of the most popular recreational sports done in the water, specifically the ocean. In the latest statistics shows that almost 18 million are making surfing as their sport. It is a sport where the person who performs it is referred to as surfers.

This recreational sport is for everyone, whether a male or female can play this sport, it covers all ages. But usually, when you come and visit surfing capitals in different countries, males are dominating the number of surfers playing and performing in the ocean.

This type of recreational sport is one of the safest and has a low risk of injuries being encountered. Surfers are using surfing paddleboards as their main equipment for surfing.

A surfing paddleboard is an elongated platform specifically designed for surfing where it is made of wood, usually have a maximum size of 460 cm or 15 ft. height. Surfboards are lightly made for easy carrying of the surfers, but even though it is light, it is still strong enough to support a surfer when riding an ocean wave.

Modern and improved surfboards are made and covered with a fiberglass cloth that makes it have a smooth surface, safe and favorable for surfing.

All Surfboards have a leg rope that is attached to the surfers that are for the safety of the rider. It also prevents the surfboard from sweeping away caused by the ocean waves and also to avoid hitting other swimmers in the ocean.

When surfing always remember, that safety should always come first. Surfing capitals are also one of the tourist attractions in one place, but sometimes even though there is no ocean, there is still tourist who comes in a spot to surf, wondering how?

Artificial reefs are the answer. In some places, they wanted to attract tourists to come and visit, the reason they constructed artificial reefs. These artificial reefs are artificially made with durable and concrete sandbags that are recreating an artificially made wave of the oceans.

This is the best surfing location for those who badly wanted to try surfing but are inexperienced and are scared of drowning in the ocean, also for first-timers.

Artificial reefs only create small waves and are very controlled unlike in the actual surfing in the ocean that waves are very big and uncontrollable, so you should be good at balancing.

When surfing, knowing how to properly and expertly balance yourself in the surfboard is probably the very first thing and very important thing to learn. If you cannot balance yourself and you are struggling with it, it will be a problem, and you might find surfing hard and complicated, which is true. Surfing might look easy and cool but when you try it, it will be challenging and might test your patience.

Before entering this recreational sport, you should physically and mentally prepare yourself with the possible hazards that you may encounter, and that may possibly occur. Even though surfing is referred as one of the safest sports that has less risk of encountering injuries, surfers must always be careful to avoid being injured.

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The Worst Surfing Injuries That Could Happen. Avoid This. 1

Common Injuries in Surfing

Surfing is a physical sport, and injuries might and possibly happen in time unexpectedly. There are common and worst surf injuries that may be encountered by the surfers.

These are the usually Leg Injury, Head Injury, Face Injury, Shoulder Injury, Back and Arm Injuries, Lacerations, Head Trauma, Eye Damage, Bruises, Shoulder Strain, Back Pain, Sea Creatures, Dislocations and Fractures, and Sprains. Lacerations are the usual injury that is encountered by the surfers, cuts caused by coral reefs, and other sharp fins.

No matter how experienced you are as a surfer, having cuts on your body parts are very usual. When having lacerations, surfer should stop surfing to have medical stitches or to have an immediate cleaning of the wound as an aid for this injury.

Lacerations should not be really taken seriously but should have immediate first aid to avoid infections, and sometimes the worst thing that may happen when laceration did not have an immediate aid will cause Hepatitis A and Infections.

To avoid lacerations when surfing, some surfers are using booties to protect their feet that is a usual spot for lacerations. Also, using booties are really advisable for surfers. It is a must wear gear.

Another common injury that surfers might encounter is Head Trauma or Head Injury. It is one of the serious injuries that a surfer should avoid. This type of injury is very dangerous.

Head and neck might be severely injured because of the collision of the surfer’s body in the ocean waves or ocean floor. It can also be because of the submerging with others surfboard and had a very strong compact emersion.

Surfers who had a head injury might collapse and might have delayed bleeding, which is very dangerous because it may result in internal bleeding. Fractures in the head and neck need immediate medical attention and should be brought to the hospital. To avoid this type of injury, surfers should be very careful and avoid surfing in shallow areas.

Next is Eye Damage, usually this type of injury can be obtained and get from a collision with another surfer. A surfboard has a sharp edge that might damage your eyes.

When you encounter this type of injury make sure to call an ambulance to immediately have an immediate aid of the doctor, especially if there is bleeding in some parts of your eyes or if you had experienced having a blurry or double vision.

Bruises are also a common injury that might be encountered when surfing. This is an injury that can be just be cured or have an immediate aid of resting cold compress and elevation.

Minor cuts and bruises that are not severe. To avoid this injury, you just have to learn and follow the rules in simple surfing etiquette. Also, to avoid this, do not surf closely with the other surfers because it may lead to collision and maybe the cause of having injury. Shoulder strain, shoulder is the most used body part in surfing when paddling.

But over paddling and improper paddling may cause and lead to a shoulder strain. If your shoulder muscles are underdeveloped and you use it for paddling improperly, you will have to deal with shoulder muscle pains. To avoid this type of injury, before surfing, you should have a 10-minute warm up to ready and prepare your muscles for surfing.

Another is Back Pain. After an hour of surfing with improper positions and sudden movements, back muscles might be damaged, and surfers usually encounter back pains. It is also a result of not having a proper warm up activity or exercise to prepare the body muscles before surfing.

When you suffered from this injury, you should immediately consult a doctor or specifically a sports therapist. Sports therapists usually aid back pains with massages, exercise, and stretches. When surfing, flexibility is very important to avoid this kind of surfing injury.

Sea creatures can also cause injuries to surfers. Sea urchins and jellyfish are common sea creatures that may cause wounds and stings to the surfers. It is very usual to encounter these kinds of creatures.

Do’s and Don’ts in Surfing

Injuries are always meant to be encountered when surfing, but those injuries can always be avoided by making sure to have a warm-up exercise before surfing to ready and physically prepare the body muscles. Be aware of the proper etiquette of surfing.

To use the proper surfing gear to avoid having lacerations and wearing proper gear allows yourself to be protected from different injuries, like having cuts and wounds. Also, to make sure that you will be safe when surfing is to check on the weather, if the weather says that it is not safe to go on beaches, then do not surf.

Never try surfing alone, especially if you are inexperienced. Another rule to have a safe surfing is to surf not to close with other surfers to avoid collision that might cause different injuries like Leg Injury, Head Injury, Face Injury, Shoulder Injury, Back and Arm Injuries. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry and scare yourself to try this recreational sport. Surfing is very enjoyable.

You just need to be careful and know this sport. Furthermore, surfing is also a team sport, meaning you should always look for each other. When one of your co surfers needs immediate help, never ever doubt about helping them.

Right techniques and knowing how to properly use the equipment are very important. You will have a hard time enjoying a surfing sport if you will always put on your mind the fear of getting injured all time.

Engaging yourself in outdoor activities and sports will help you have a better communication with other people and will help you find and gain more friends. Sports cannot just help you physically develop yourself but emotionally and mentally prepared prepare yourself for everything.

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