Wooden Longboard Surfboard 》A Classy & Classic Ride

Longboards are around for centuries, and guess what – the thrill and excitement haven’t slowed down. The longboard era isn’t over (and it never will.) These longboards are either polyurethane or wooden longboards. You might have heard of wooden longboard surfboards before. Well, a wooden surfboard doesn’t come from wood, not only to suit fashion trends. The wooden board has also other materials perfect for enjoyment and practical use.

With a wooden board, surfers have a different and clean surfing experience. Wooden longboards have a different feel when you’re riding it on water. The feeling is unique than if you’re riding an epoxy board. Surfers experience an athletic challenge riding a wooden longboard.

For example, you feel more drive surfing down lines, glide over flat spots, or easy wave catching. Surfers can also experience a smooth drop during take-off. Above all, a wooden longboard surfboard has extra gravity than superlight boards. Thus, surfers gain enjoyment and satisfaction by riding a wooden longboard.

Here’s a brief history of wooden longboards.

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Wooden Longboard History: Yesterday and Today

Wooden Longboard Surfboard 》A Classy & Classic Ride 1

Standup surfing began as early as the 16th century. The ancient Hawaiians practice their art (Hoe he’e Nalu) using wooden longboards. These boards are 9 to 30 feet long. The longboards are carved and shape from solid wood. The board’s weight is 70kg and having lengths from 300 to 430 cm. (That’s equivalent to 10 and 14 feet.)

During the early 20thcentury, a Hawaiian swimmer – Duke Kahanamoku, took surfing to Australia and the United States. Duke is the “Father of Modern Surfing,” and his efforts paid off. Now, the California lifestyle isn’t complete without wooden longboards. These surfboards come from plywood, and surfers call it “Hollowboards.” The wooden longboards are lightweight and measure 15 to 20 feet.

In the 1950s, surfing became more popular as a water sport. Then, the wooden longboard surfboard’s design and materials are different. Wooden longboard companies switch using solid wood to balsa wood. But the surfboard’s design is still the same (10.5 ft).

Today’s modern wooden longboard has design elements from the 1960s. At that time, fiberglass and polyurethane foam became popular surfboard features. The wooden boards classy and wooden look makes it unique than other surfboards.

Classic reflects timeless, and that’s what a wooden longboard surfboard gives surfers. Whether you’re a pro or beginner surfer, you would discover poise, glide, and grace in wooden longboards!

Now, are you ready to find out the best wooden longboards you can buy online? I can feel your excitement. So, here’s the top wooden boards you should get next time you surf the waves.

Vanhunks Soft Surfboard

Vanhunks Soft Surfboard 7'0
  • Ape deck
  • Eps foam core
  • Hope Slick bottom with heat seal layer
  • 4 plywood Stringers system
  • Includes easy-to-use Thruster flex fin set-up and leash

Your first surfboard choice is always difficult if you’re a beginner. Not this time. Vanhunks Boarding offers you one of the best entry-level surfboards today. The Vanhunks Soft Surfboard might a ring a few bells due to it’s quality and excellent performance catching waves.

The board ‘s three fin thruster setup increases drive, stability, and maneuverability. Hence, surfers (pro and beginners alike can experience lots of fun on the beach. Vanhunks Soft Surfboard is an excellent surfboard choice of surfing schools, rental shops, and of course – independent beginners.

You gain excellent board control because of the surfboard’s squash tail. The grippy deck feature wouldn’t let surfers slip accidentally. With the slick bottom and soft top, you’ll be safe while surfing with friends.

Vanhunks features a reliable EPS foam construction and has lightweight beads that form the board’s core and triple stringers. With the plywood stringers, you’re sure a stiff and stable performance while riding the surfboard.

For beginners who want to learn and develop their surfing skills, the Vanhunks Soft Surfboard is a great choice.


  • EPS foam core
  • Four plywood stringers
  • User-friendly thruster fin setup
  • Soft top and slick bottom


  • Stability and maneuverability advantage
  • Provides easy and safe surfing
  • Includes a fin system and leash
  • Budget-friendly


  • Less buoyant than other surfboards
  • Not perfect for surfing competitions

California Board Company Surfboard (Assorted Colors)

California Board Company Surfboard (8-Feet) Assorted Colors
  • High Density EPS
  • 100% Waterproof core
  • Molded in laminated wood stringers
  • Tri-fin system
  • HD Polethylene slick bottom

CBC (California Board Company) introduces a wooden longboard surfboard that matches any surfers’ expectations. The CBC surfboard is ideal for surfers having different sizes. If you’re a beginner or a pro surfer, you can paddle out of the water easily with this surfboard.

California Board Company Surfboard’s large size benefit new and old surfers through its stability and lightweight features. Advanced surfers can perform a rocky home break with this longboard. Surfers would like the board’s lightweight advantage as it allows them to do successful turns and wave catching.

Don’t worry about swells and heavy waves! The CBC surfboard takes care of it. How? The board’s slim and narrow size your successful turns on heavy waves and swells. If that amazes you, wait until you see the graphic design on the surfboard.

Yes, the graphic design makes the board look like a typical longboard. (the classic and classy style). The California Board Company Surfboard is also waterproof, so surfers would enjoy it. The EPS core feature assures you that CBC surfboard can last for several years

Does the California Board Company Surfboard now have your attention? Well, don’t waste time an include the CBC board on your quiver!


  • Tri fin system
  • Polyethylene slick bottom
  • Laminated wood stringers
  • Waterproof Core
  • High-density EPS


  • Perfect for swells and heavy waves
  • Ideal wooden graphic design
  • 100% waterproof core
  • Comes with tri-fin


  • Slippery surfboard top
  • Poorly packaged

Drifter V-Files Short Surfboard

ECS Boards – Drifter V-Flex Short Surfboard – Shortboard Surfing Board for Longboarders - 6'10
  • VERSATILE SURFBOARD: Designed originally for longboard surfers who are looking to catch the bigger, faster waves, this shortboard is great for use in all conditions.
  • PERFECT BEGINNER’S SURF BOARD: Giving float and volume, the Drifter is an ideal beginner’s surfboard as well as suiting experienced longboarders.
  • FAST AND FUN: Easy to paddle and ride, this super fun surfboard, has a single entry concave to double vee through the tail for speed and lift.
  • EASTCOAST SURFBOARDS: Combining high quality materials and beautiful design to bring the best surf boards possible to market at reasonable prices.
  • FUTURES FINS: Board will ship with a set of 4 Futre Fins and a centre fin

Experienced and beginner surfers would be confident in surfing the next waves. Introducing one of the versatile and quality surfboards in the market – Drifter V-Files Short Surfboard!

If you’re a seasoned surfer looking to catch big and fast waves, Drifter V-Files is the right surfboard you need. The surfboard is excellent in surfing any wave condition. You can experience no hassles in catching small, mid-size, and large waves. Drifter V-Files fulfill your expectations, and there’s a lot more to expect from this surfboard.

Drifter V-Files Short Surfboard offers high volume and buoyancy so you can experience long hours on the water. Beginners would love Drifter because it’s user-friendly as well. Yes, surfers can learn new surfing moves and perform creative moves with this surfboard.

Pro surfers admire the surfboard’s design and overall performance. If you’re an advanced surfer, Drifter’s quality and the feature won’t disappoint you!

That’s only the beginning.

Get ready to experience and excitement as you paddle and ride the Drifter surfboard. The board’s single-entry concave has a see-through tail for excellent speed and lift. Drifter’s high materials and design catch the attention of any surfer. You would love the board’s reasonable price that matches its high-level performance.

Don’t forget: Drifter’s future fin setup that includes four future fins and a center fin is amazing. So, try the Drifter board right now and feel the thrilling waves!


  • Single-entry concave
  • Beautiful design
  • Center Fin
  • Four future fins


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Versatile surfboard
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Future fin setup


  • Has little stability issues
  • No leash and other accessories

7-Feet California Board Company Surfboard

California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)
  • Soft surfboard with deck made of EPS foam
  • HD Polethylene slick bottom
  • 3 molded in laminated wood stringers
  • Traction pad for grip
  • Surf leash included

Here’s another awesome surfboard from CBC. The CBC 7-feet Surfboard for beginners and pro surfers alike. CBC does a terrific job offering you a wooden longboard that lets you enjoy catch waves and surf. Surfers can make powerful moves and turn in any wave condition with CBC.

The surfboard’s performance and quality are top notches in the surfing world. (We can’t deny that.) Pro surfers want a cutting-edge board, and California Board Company gives it to them. With the surfboard’s stability and speed, advanced surfers don’t only enjoy the waves but also feel satisfied.

Beginners would hurry to the beach and improve their surfing skills. The surfboard allows new surfers to perform basic moves without slipping or other worries.


The CBC board has an EPS foam, polyethylene slick bottom, and other features that add to its overall performance. Surfers can maneuver the CBC surfboard easily due to the laminated wood strings, traction pad, and surf leash.

Hence, be prepared to enjoy surfing at the next level.

Save your excitement later because the CBC surfboard has more to offer!

You would like the woodgrain graphic that’s on the board. (Take note: the graphic is wood so you can see a classic design.) Since the graphic covers the board’s top and bottom of the surfboard, the CBC board has an overall beautiful design that captures most surfer’s interest.

Do you like the California Board Company Surfboard too?


  • EPS foam deck
  • Laminated wood stringers
  • Includes surf leash
  • Polyethylene slick bottom
  • Traction pad for excellent grip


  • High quality and performance
  • Best for beginners and pros
  • Has a surf leash
  • Very affordable
  • Safe to use


  • Shape needs improvement
  • Not for competitive surfing

Inception Fun Board

ECS Boards – Inception Fun Board – Shortboard Surfing Board for Longboarders - 7'0 - Blue
  • EVERYDAY SUMMER SURFBOARD: The inception range of boards are designed for those looking at getting into the sport or small wave summer fun. This shortboard is the perfect surfboard for men and women who want to catch every wave.
  • PERFECT BEGINNER’S SURFBOARD: The Inception Funboards are easy paddling, stable, fun and forgiving. They are an ideal beginner’s surfboard as well as suiting experienced longboarders.
  • FUN FACTOR: A fun surfboard, this versatile shortboard is super fast, skatie and easy to maneuver. Has a single into double concave bottom for speed and lift. The perfect short surfboard to put a smile on your face!
  • QUALITY & PERFORMANCE: The boards are originally shaped, designed and tested on the central coast NSW Australia prior to production and manufactured offshore using local materials to provide a cost effective quality shaped board.
  • BORN AND BRED IN AUSTRALIA- Based just north of Sydney in Australia the ECS team grew up in the water with a passion for the sport. Constantly evolving with new techniques and technology providing quality shapes using only the best materials sourced locally and abroad.

Are you ready to hit the waves in 2020? Then, why not ride the Inception Fun Board and have fun. Enjoyment at the beach doesn’t end in campfires and playing volleyball. Discover your surfing skills with the ECS surfboard.

Surfers love the surfboard’s performance in catching waves. If you’re a beginner, you can learn and excel in waves catching the fantastic Inception Fun Board. Men and women surfers can enjoy the waves even more with smooth turns and cruising waves.

For professional surfers, the Inception Fun Board meets their satisfaction through quality materials and design. Pros can show their surfing skills while having fun on the beach. Thanks to the surfboard’s buoyancy and speed, surfers feel the excitement of surfing.

Wait, because there’s more to that.

The Inception Fun Board offers you the “fun factor” that sends your surfing experience to the next level. Surfers can paddle, ride, and maneuver easily with the ECS board. The surfboard has a double concave bottom for excellent speed and lift. The Inception Fun Board would put a smile on your face.

The Inception Fun Board is designed and tested in Australia that makes this surfboard excellent and reliable in catching waves.

If you like to surf with ease and confidence, you’re welcome to buy the ECS wooden surfboard now!


  • Designed for competitive surfing and fun
  • Double concave bottom
  • Best materials for great surfboard performance
  • Versatile surfboard for surfers


  • Goof for beginners and pros
  • Fun and versatile surfboard
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great shape and design


  • The color doesn’t impress other surfers
  • Not as fast like other surfboards

Modern Surfboard Highline

Modern Surfboards Highline PU Surfboard Sea Tint, 6ft 4in
  • Length: 5ft 10in, 5ft 8in, 6ft, 6ft 2in, 6ft 4in, 6ft 8in
  • Construction: polyurethane
  • Profile: low rocker
  • Nose: semi-pointed
  • Tail: square

Admit it or not – you experience a hard time paddling with your surfboard. Well, you’re not the only surfer who experience that. Then, you feel hopeless and ask yourself: what surfboard can I use to solve this paddling issue?

It’s simple – ride the Modern Surfboard Highline, and you experience a success in paddling and of course – catching waves. New and veteran surfers don’t face problems riding the Modern Surfboard. The surfboard has high volume that makes it more buoyant. Hence, you can surf for long hours on water with no worries.

The Modern Surfboard is stable, so surfers wouldn’t face problems controlling it. Beginners would have the confidence to learn new surfing moves and turns. Surfers would need less effort in catching waves so they would enjoy their surfing experience. The double concave on the board’s back allows surfers to have an easy rail to rail transitions when turning.

Surfers want to experience a lot of fun when they’re surfing with friends and family. That’s what modern boards give them. You can start the fun and excitement now riding the Modern Surfboard Highline. Get to match other surfer’s speed in catching waves.

Don’t miss the chance to experience enjoyable surfing!


  • Polyurethane construction
  • Semi-pointed nose
  • Low rocker profile
  • Square tail


  • Fast and easy surfing performance
  • Very affordable
  • Good for beginner and intermediate surfers
  • Stable and fast


  • No accessories
  • Poor package

What Surfers Should Know Before Buying a Wooden Longboard Surfboard?

Not all wooden longboard surfboards are the same. Some have lots of features than others. A wooden surfboard you see online has great colors and designs, while other boards have simple features. But surfers are thinking of one thing – convenience and satisfaction in riding a wooden longboard surfboard.

But let’s face it – most surfers face trouble in choosing a longboard. Don’t worry! Here are essential wooden longboards features you should consider before buying your surfboard.

Longboard Size

Surfers are particular with the surfboard’s size so that they experience fun and satisfaction while surfing. A beginner and professional surfer should choose different surfboard sizes.


Since beginners and advanced surfers have different skills, they require boards that suit or can support their skills. For example, newbie surfers would do well riding longer surfboards because these are easy to control. Longer boards also provide enough space for beginners to learn and improve their skills in surfing.

For pro and advanced surfers, shorter boards are ideal choices. Shorter surfboards require excellent handling that only professional surfers can do.

If you’re already a pro surfer but want to try shorter boards, you’re welcome to do it! Your choice depends on your likes and preference.


The longboard’s materials are essential in choosing a surfboard. A board should be rigid and stable to support the surfer’s weight. (Don’t choose a surfboard that’s isn’t buoyant if you don’t want to ruin your surfing.) But the surfboard should be lightweight so you can handle and control it easily.

Hence, you make sure that the surfboard’s materials are of high quality. Today, you can observe that the surfboards contain EPE or expanded polyethylene. With EPE, the longboard is comfortable to use and has an anti-slip surface that allows you to be stable while surfing.

Also, there are wooden longboards containing PP or polypropylene bottoms.

What does this polypropylene material do?

Well, the surfboard becomes rigid and strong that allows surfers to gain excellent performance while catching waves.

Yes, wooden surfboards are outdated for some surfers, but the classic wood is an excellent material as well. (Don’t forget that classic is timeless) so wooden boards are still must-have. Wooden boards are heavier than regular boards, but it offers you momentum and allows for a smooth glide.


Surfers should consider their weight in choosing a longboard. Determine your weight and match this to the size of the longboard. Surfboard sizes support different weights, so make sure to test the surfboard and check if it’s size can support your weight.

Remember: It takes time and effort to find the right wooden longboard. Like other surfboards, surfers face trial and error before finding the right wooden board for them. Be patient in choosing the right wooden longboard surfboard, and you would gain satisfaction.

Surfboard Brand

Alright, the surfboard is also essential in your longboard choice. For years, many surfboard brands prove that they’re the best in the surfing world. We can’t deny that. The likes of ECS, CBS, Vanhunks, and other surfboard providers leave a good impression on many surfers.

Before you consider the surfboard brand, do a little research on the company. You search the internet for reviews about the brand. Check the brand’s products on Amazon to determine the reviews of the product.

Your friends and family are also an excellent source to find out if the brand is commendable or not. Remember: make sure the surfboard brand has positive reviews and offers quality products. In this way, you’re assured the product is a good choice.

Surfboard Accessories

Wise surfers don’t forget to include accessories when choosing a wooden longboard. Accessories add quality and reliable performance to the surfboard. Most wooden surfboards have accessories included in the package.

Some of these accessories are a traction pad, ankle leash, and more. With these accessories, surfers experience easy surfboard handling and control. But the decision depends on you if you would choose a surfboard package with accessories or not.

Both beginners and professional surfers choose surfboards having accessories because this helps them achieve excellent surfing performance.

Width and Thickness

You should consider the surfboard’s thickness and width in moderation. A typical longboard is 2.5 inches (more or less) in thickness. Surfers are easy to float in thick longboards. So, you would now choose a super thick surfboard?

Not quite. Remember that the surfboard’s thickness should support the turning that you would do. If a board is too thick, it won’t work well when you’re turning or catching waves. Worse, the longboard wouldn’t respond to the wave curves. Hence, keep the right thickness of the board in mind.

Mediums sized surfers can stick to the 2.5 inches thickness of the surfboard. But if you’re a big surfer, it’s best to stick to the 3+ thickness range.

Now let’s consider the surfboard’s width. If you plan to catch juicy waves, skinny surfboards are the right choices. These boards can swell deep if the surfer is facing steep waves. You can choose wide boards if your aim to catch mushy waves, then you would do flat space turns.

Take note: the wooden longboard of your choice should be 22 to 25 inches in width. Your nose and tail choices would depend on the board’s function. A wide nose is good for nose riding, while a wide tail is excellent for radical surfing.

Last, you should also think about your budget. Wooden longboard surfboards have different prices. Some longboards are a little pricy than other boards. If you only have a small budget, you choose wooden boards that are less than 200 bucks. But make sure that the surfboards are in good quality also.


Embrace the classy and classic wooden longboard surfboard and feel a high-end surfing experience. Wooden surfboards continue to amaze surfers in different parts of the world when it comes to performance and quality.

You can invite your friends to the beach and have a fun surfing competition. You ride the best wooden longboard of your choice and be prepared for a surprise!

Don’t miss out on the wonderful surfing experience that wooden surfboards provide you. Take the challenge to improve your skills. Enjoy surfing all day riding wooden longboards!

Let’s do it!



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