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Staying fit and healthy is needed as it can help us to live longer. It may take a lot of effort and time, but the outcome at the very end will always be worth it. We make use of different devices, methods, and training, both traditional and modern.

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Some examples of that are running, walking, and jumping. However, there is also another aspect of health and staying fit that is mostly ignored, and this is balance.

Yes, you read it right. Most of the time, as we strive hard to achieve fitness, balance is being ignored, which is wrong. Balance is an essential aspect of health and life. It means to order and organization of things surrounding or within us. Good thing, some exercises and activities aim to enhance the sense of balance. One of that involves board activities.

Boards are known for outdoor activities such as balancing and even skating. It dramatically promotes and enhances essential balance skills. Given that, here are the benefits of engaging yourself in longboard activities for improving your balance skills and knowing the things used for this.


Makes you a Better Athlete

Involving yourself to balance board training can help you be a better athlete. It improves your agility and balance. These are abilities considered as top needed since it can help you be more flexible and alert. It is about making quick responses or transitions that are badly needed in sports activities. It allows you to make an instant transition, such as from an offense to defense. It can also be used in reacting to an unpredicted ball and your opposition.

Also, proper development of strong balance abilities in a fixed position can help you stand on the ground effectively as an athlete. For example, let us say beach volleyball players who need to negotiate with shifting sands or a point guard that needs to maintain a fixed position as a defensive stance. These needs balance abilities for both are crucial.

In addition to that, once you have trained on a balance board, it can improve your coordination. When we say about coordination, it can be about connecting from body to body or mind to body and vice versa. Here, you can be in tune with your body as you move from one place to another. This kind of activity can result in saving energy and allowing a maximum result coming from a minimum origin. Also, it can help you stabilize your body. This is one of the needed abilities when playing skate, gymnast, or just controlling your body at a specific state.

Fewer Injuries

Another benefit provided by board balancing is that it can help you be free or experience lesser injuries. Did you know that ankle sprains are the major contributors to why people are getting into wounds? Good thing, there is a way to help you improve your ankle, and that is by engaging yourself into a board balancing training. According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, regular exercise on balance boards can help you reduce ankle sprain incidents.

This is proven to athletes who are exposed to rigorous physical training and practices. To help them achieve a firm core, they must train on the balance board. This strengthens their agility, ankle joints, and robust.

Also, there is a study conducted in 2008, which shows the effectiveness of rehabilitative ankle training in reducing any ankle injury. Engagement in six weeks of training can effectively and substantially strengthen your body for the next year.

Improves Brain

Another benefit of balance board training is that it improves your brain. Once you have undergone the training, it can improve your posture, balance, ability to focus, and attention to any particular matter. The brain’s ability to coordinate the left and right hemispheres and m the motor skills that are dependent on body alignment, will also be improved. Another thing, there is a process called the Vestibular Processing, which is your spatial perception of the world.

Makes you Progressive

The next benefit of board balancing is that it makes you more progressive. If you ever thought that you would never achieve a well-coordinating body and you don’t want to feel and look foolish when working out at the gym, then board balancing can help you with that. A regular board balancing training allows you to have easier access to exercises and push you to complete it progressively.

Core Muscle Development

Another benefit provided by board balancing is good core muscle development. We all know that core muscle is composed of muscles that overlap and extends to the forces between the two legs from the neck base. Also, this muscle provides significant support to the torso, as well as stabilizes the spine. Besides, every move we make is hugely relying on core stability and strength.

Given that, engagement in good board balance training can continuously challenge your core. As you make adjustments to keep yourself standing upright, there will be firing feelings on abdominals, intercostals, and infraspinatus in keeping an imbalanced position. This helps a lot in stabilizing the muscles of your trunk.

Also, you can be less prone to any injury once you have tried board balance training. The limb strains will be reduced, keeping the injury-prone areas- lower back and neck healthy.

Improves Posture

Having a good posture is a must. This can help you a lot to feel healthier and better. Also, it can save you from any disease, especially those related to bones such as bone cancer, spine problems, scoliosis, bone marrow problems, and so many more.

However, there are still a lot of people who suffer from bad posture. Different unhealthy factors bring this. Some of these are the excessive exposure to computer screens, sitting for hours, curving the back, and others.

This kind of problem must be stopped and avoided as much as possible. Good thing, balance board training can help improve posture. It serves as the antidote and solution equivalent to the hours we spend in a bad posture, such as sitting and curving the back. This training stabilizes the torso muscles and helps you build stronger foundations of the spine.

This can result in more robust and firmer shoulders that keep it high and in good form. Another thing, balance board training will help you lessen you are prone to injuries. This is because of its contribution to strengthening your stance, agility, and posture. Now, you can have the confidence to walk through people knowing that you have a good and healthy posture.

Makes you Stronger

Another benefit that balance board training provides is that it can make you stronger. It is either you look or feel more muscular. This is due to regularly exercising and testing your balance, which works on the muscles that you less give importance to. If you ever thought that this kind of training only works on the larger muscles, well, you are wrong. Balance board training also ensures that the smaller muscles are being trained well.

It stabilizes the smaller muscles and helps it to be more in contact when it comes to position forces to help you attain a firmer balance. On the other hand, the larger muscles are also doing its work to help keep your stability.

Moreover, you can benefit a lot when your muscles know how to retain balance. It can increase your intensity and its effect dramatically. One example, when you are doing a push-up, as your feet are on the floor, the stabilizer muscles of your shoulders and arms will take responsibility for pushing you upward and downward. The core also helps in this kind of exercise, that is why you can feel a burn on your abdomen afterward.

Great for Kids

The kids are considered as the loudest, playful, and cheerful. They will play in a day without stopping except when it is time to eat and take a bath. Most of the time, they can be seen outside, playing with other kids of their age. Given that, including balance board training as a part of their daily routine can help. Aside from allowing them to have fun, balance board training can also help them do balancing even at a young age. This sport can also help them to extend their patience and insert more passion when doing anything. It will be a big help for them to master balancing for it can allow them to push through the limits.

Mind-Muscle Relationship Development

For the last benefit of balance board training, it develops the mind-body relationship of a human being. This kind of quality is a must-have for it can help us live better and more convenient. The mind will think about an idea, and the muscles will do the action. In connection to board balancing, the relationship between body and mind can be seen on how the reason orders the body to do any specific move or trick to impress other people.

And that is all for the benefits and uses of engaging yourself in a board balancing training. Stay healthy and fit!


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