2020 Best Wetsuit Brand That Worth Every Penny You Pay

man holding surfboard near beach

Above the water, you always make sure that we are wearing high-quality clothes, especially when you are in the mall, we tend to check the quality of that clothing before buying. So as underwater, it is probably more important that you use a wetsuit that properly-suited to your body, especially when you happen to swim in a water environment that is new to you. Wearing a high-quality wetsuit will ensure that you will still have an epic moment.

man holding surfboard near beach

Moreover, it is essential to consider the best diving wetsuit when buying one, because this shows the variety of wetsuits that can handle the depth of the ocean and could give you the best performance after all the water pressure as you continue going deep down the sea while in best surfing wetsuit it means a variety of wetsuit that gives you a  lot of mobility and buoyancy.

Having a wetsuit will ensure than when you swim in warm water, you are still protected from the underwater world, especially the temperature, the pressure, environment, and animals.

Your body will keep warm underwater, and you can be protected from coral that could rip your suit apart from the jellyfish without insulating your body and to sun using a wetsuit with a light 1-2 mm thick.

Lastly, an excellent high-quality wetsuit will keep your blood flow, reduce injury, keep your muscles and body warm and improves your coordination and performance, reduce cramps, and will give you an enjoyable fun diving experience.

The neoprene material is a thick and rubber-like material that is used in most wetsuits because this material will keep your body warm while you are under cold water or new water environment.

The thickness of Neoprene that the wetsuit contains is a factor that you need to check and consider when buying a wetsuit or when you scan a wetsuit brand to guarantee high-quality material for your safety and comfort underwater.

There is a bubble of gas inside Neoprene, and this bubble of gas stops the heat from escaping from your body into the cold water. The thickness of Neoprene that will be enough insulation is 3mm, but if you want to dive in freezing water, you have to get a thicker Neoprene to survive underwater.

The Best Wetsuit Brands 


This wetsuit fits right when you wear them, they are warm, and it dries fast. This wetsuit is one of the best choices if you want to go for deep water diving because, no matter where you go diving in the world, its thick suit will keep you warm.

It has a feature like a semi-dry back zipper and a seamless drylock in the wrist to ensure that cold water won’t enter your suit. In terms of putting this suit to get ready, this suit is easy to place and take off because it has an easy to use zipper system around the ankles.

It also has padding around the midsection and legs to give an added assurance to help you stay warm and if you want to kneel or crouch on the bottom of the ocean. This suite provides you with knee pads and protects your knee while preparing to dive.

This suit uses a stretchy material so you won’t feel restricted underwater and to give you freedom when you’re moving. People on scuba wetsuit reviews gave feedback that they love this suit and claim it to be the best suit that you could try.

The features that make this wetsuit brand stand out are: It has flexible material, has a variety of thicknesses such as 7/6 millimeter, 5/4 millimeter, and 4/3 millimeter, has ankle and back zipper, and in a full wetsuit style.

The only downside of this wetsuit is that although it has many this to give you, it doesn’t last very long. You have to make sure that it would last longer. After every session, you must rinse your suit, and you can ship your wetsuit back to Xcel to have them replaced or repaired if it starts to breakdown or deteriorates.


This wetsuit brand is based in Santa Cruz, which is was the first-ever brand that made wetsuit. But although they are one of the old brands in this business, they still consistently making improvements like using neoprene technology in the surfing industry.

This brand is famous and known for its 3/2 millimeter high-quality wetsuit that features flatlock seals and “Superseal Neck” that makes the fit secure and comfortable to the user. 

They have an original line where most are for summer with a retro smooth skin style. And its low and mid-range suits are Hyperfreak, and Psycho One was the warmest and most advanced suit line.

This wetsuit is perfect for paddle boarding and surfing, and it can also be used for scuba diving. The 3/2 millimeter helps your body adapt to the water that you don’t find comfortable and to the water that is new to you.

And this is also highly regarded as men’s wetsuit, and it has added protection in part like the knees.

It’s best features that stand out are: it has Flatlock stitching that doesn’t irritate the skin when you rub against it and a Knee pads. The 3/2 millimeter thickness, Superseal neck, Back zip, and its shorty wetsuit style.

Its best buy for top tier is Pyscho freak, and the best deal for Midrange style is Hyperfreak, and for Low-end entry, its best acquisition is Reactor and Hammer. It has a YKK back zip that makes you quickly unzip your self into and out the wetsuit with the help of others.

The cons of this wetsuit brand are that the O’Neill wetsuit begins to smell bad if you do not adequately clean it. So, you must not forget to rinse it after use on both sides of the wetsuit using freshwater. It has some sizing issues. 

Rip Curl suits

This brand is a famous brand known for its flexible and high-speed drying features that hooked every user. It has an extended line of entry to elite level suits that makes every user extremely loyal to these brand.

Their color option includes a bright color. That is why people have easily distinguished this brand from others.

Its top tier is Flash Bomb, the best buy for midrange is E bomb and Dawn patrol, and for the low-end entry, you can consider their omega.

Also, the best feature that makes them stand out is its 4/3 millimeter thickness, funk, and hooded wetsuit, and bright color wetsuit. 

Billabong Wetsuit 

This brand has existed in the business for ages now, making them one of the leading brands in the surfing world. They offer an industry-standard warranty on a wetsuit to provide the best wetsuit for their users, and its wetsuit line has extended to cater to all skin levels in a variety of prices.

They have a wetsuit line for women called the women’s salty days line that provides best suits with beautiful prints.

The best buy for the tops tier is Furnace, the best deal for midrange is Revolution, and for the low-end entry, you can consider the absolute.


This wetsuit brand provides a unique eco-friendly neoprene because mostly, the neoprene technology is a non-eco-friendly material to produce and recycle. Still, this brand did its best to create a high-quality wetsuit that is exceptionally environmentally friendly. They use material from natural rubber technology earning their reputation as to one of the wetsuit brands that gives excellent durability and warmth feeling to the user. Its best buy for their wetsuit is the Yulex Natural rubber suits.

Matuse Wetsuit 

This brand focuses on the best craftsmanship and uses the best material putting them as a high-end brand of wetsuits despite that being new to the field. They give great flexibility, lightness, and warmth making these suits expensive.

This brand had created a significant impact on the market when they started their business, and they become a household name in terms of premium rubber.

That’s why even though they are just a newer brand because of the high quality it offers. The best wetsuit to buy in this brand is the Matuse Dante Geoflex.

Hyperflex Wetsuits

The wetsuit that this company manufactures is created for diving adventures because this wetsuit is specially designed considering specific diving activities and water sports.

This Hyperflex company is one of the few company brands that offers a winter wetsuit that can help the user cope with cold temperatures because its neoprene gloves are thick, so you are protected.

Its Neoprene is 3 millimeters thick, and it gives the user both durability and warmth while not affecting the flexibility of the user underwater. The company uses a water-based and solvent-free glue in assembling their wetsuit and connecting the panels in the wetsuit. These are an environmentally friendly adhesive because most of the brand doesn’t use environmentally friendly glues when connecting their wetsuit panels.

ScubaPro Wetsuit 

Their wetsuit has been assembled using a solvent-free, water-based glue. That might not sound like a lot, but it means that this wetsuit is an industry first because the panels have been connected using an environmentally friendly adhesive material.

Most of the time, panels that are glued are not environmentally friendly, and the different layers ensure to trap your body heat. The wetsuit is watertight and has double stitching. Still, on the inner of the wetsuit, they use a single-blind stitch so that when your skin has rubbed against the wetsuit, it won’t irritate you and will make your skin comfortable so that you can stay a little longer underwater.

The only downside about this brand is that this wetsuit is expensive, and its price range is not most people would be able to afford. Still, for practical purchase, it is worth the investment for people who spend most of their time in the water or if that’s where their specialization or work is.

Seavenger Wetsuit 

This company manufactures a variety of underwater items such as snorkel, water booties, a wetsuit that can stand cold water.

This reputable brand has been around this field for more than ten years and had put a lot of effort to research and study the materials to deliver safe and dependable underwater products.

The neoprene content of this wetsuit is 3 millimeters thick, and it fits best to both men and women because it underwent researches and measurement to have the method right so that the unisex style would fit all body shapes.

If you look closely at the overall construction of the wetsuit, there are many panels that are stitched, and the presence of these multiple panels would create the perfect fit for the body.

And since their wetsuit is built with water activities in mind, their wetsuit can also be used for training and triathlons because of its flexible panel on the armpit and knee, which helps you to move your body freely. Their wetsuit is highly durable, which lasts for years and can stand the impact and pressure underwater.

Uses a flatlock stitching to prevent irritation and wetsuit seams from rubbing against your skin, and their wetsuit also utilizes a YKK zipper that would help you quickly unzip, put in, and remove the wetsuit by your own. Meanwhile, the downside of this brand is not suitable for freezing water, so you need to get an extra thicker wetsuit, and some water enters the zipper.

In conclusion, now that you are in 2020, you expect that many people become self and health awareness, so most people would tend to go for sports, and most people are hooked with beaches making them curious if what it’s like underwater.

Most people engage in activities and leisure, and one of them is underwater diving and scuba diving for tourists. And as a beginner who falls in love with the underwater world who wants to engage in this kind of activity, the review about the best brand of wetsuit is what the most important thing you must take in consideration because that’s where everything will follow and will define of the adventure you might have. 

Choosing the best of the best brand is essential. Still, those high-end brands that offer high-quality wetsuit require a lot of money to purchase and very expensive, so for practicality, you get to look for the brand that offers good quality for a budget-friendly price if you will not spend most of your time on the water and only plan to do it occasionally.

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