Is These Viper Fins the Right One for You? Check this Review

Is These Viper Fins the Right One for You? Check this Review 1

Viper fins are one of the most in-demand fins when if you want to try bodyboarding or to bodysurf because these surfing fins are specially designed to have a cutting edge technology that provides seamless and powerful motion when you are in action underwater. If you want to get the best fins that give a total performance for intermediate to advanced level of bodyboarder and bodysurfer, this one is for you.

A lot of fins failed to beat this Viper fins as it provides thrust, control, speed, and maneuverability to a diver with its blade design is patented with specific precision and has premium quality American rubber. This Viper fin is claimed by the 9-time world champion Fred Simpson and Mike Stewart to be the most durable and strongest surfing fins that you can use today.

Is These Viper Fins the Right One for You? Check this Review 2

The viper fins have maximum propulsion and on the stiffer category. All viper fins are made of superior natural rubber compounds that make them to float and to give high performance in surfing. These fins are one of the most likely to lose in the ocean because of the black color that makes it visible in any water condition.

The viper fins flush all the rocks, sand, and pebbles that get into the fins with the use of water through its the drainage, which is located at the bottom of the foot. Moreover, in both the upward and downward movement of your kicks, it will give you rapid acceleration for takeoffs because of its maximum thrust. The shape of the fin allows the user to sit and have control in the pocket because the fin provides a maximum leverage.

Which are the Best Viper Fins?

The viper fins are famous as it gives consistency throughout the years, which is a good option for both beginners and professional divers, The Mike Stewart’s Viper fins have proved its brand as to one of the top high quality viper fins that can last a long time not just carrying a name.

Mike Stewart, a famous 9 X World Champion Bodyboarder and 15 X Champion on Pipe Bodysurfing have developed its brand and created his own specialized fins. His excellence, career, and passion in this field will guarantee you of the quality of this viper fins.

Here are the different top quality viper fins that suit your need for bodysurfing and bodyboarding together with some of the MS viper fins series.


Mike Stewart Viper Flex Swimfins - Black/Orange - M | Bodysurfing | Bodyboarding
  • Color: Orange
  • Medium (M: 7-8 / W: 8-9.5)
  • Delta tail design is great for Bodyboading or Bodysurfing to give control when making turns.
  • Beveled sidewalls improve control
  • Wider, shorter blade design for quick acceleration.

First, the MS VIPERS, this viper fins from Mike Stewart, uses the best foot pocket drainage system that works exceptionally in removing the pebbles, sand, and rock in your kick. The fins ensure that you won’t snag on sharp objects and in corals while enhancing your steps and footing on slippery rocks through its Rivet grip. The highlights of the specs are it has beveled sidewalls intended to improve control, uses a delta tail design that provides the diver a maximum control, and minimize drags, it has a shorter blade, but it is wider in size for quick acceleration.

For MS viper fins Mike Stewart designed a yellow and orange dot that will provide an amazing experience to every user and for the construction and design of this fins a scientific research and first-hand-wave-riding experience for years are made just to give you the best and high-performance functionality of this fins

The Mike Stewart viper fins- yellow and orange dot design. Compared to average surfing fins, these MS Viper fins are softer, shorter, but faster because of its rivet grip design that ensures to give you traction in rocky edges, slippery rocks, slippery jump-off points that won’t get you snagged on pointed objects underwater such as coral reefs. The highlights features of this fins are it is easy to spot when lost because of its color and design, has drainage hole to push away the sands and pebbles, rivet grip traction to give you control and strong grip,  side rails are beveled to give easy and also control, gives you extra acceleration through its short blade and wide size and this fins are made of 100% natural rubber for comfort.

The yellow dot in the MS viper fins is a 100% made up of rubber and the color yellow dot that will make this fin easy to spot underwater once if they are lost. The yellow dot fins have a shorter but wider blade so you can have quicker speed and added acceleration when surfing. Meanwhile, The Orange Dot, besides it is exactly the same with the Yellow Dot, the difference is that this fin feels softer than the yellow dot fins because of the soft quality of the rubber used, which means quicker quick and comfortable. When having a low stroke and the upstroke in a wave, the soft rubber will provide you springier and looser kick for enhancing speed.

All Viper

Another is the All Viper, these viper fins are visible even in the roughest conditions in surfing, and it floats high, it is made with 100% natural and superior rubber compound. For the prints, it uses soy-based ink, and it uses a sturdy recycled cardboard for its packaging.

Viper Vector V5 fins

Then, the Viper Vector V5 fins. This fin is created with a multipurpose fin in mind because it can  be used for both lifeguarding, bodysurfing, and bodyboarding with its 5-inch traditional blade which has a slanted design from the rails and a tapered tip.

This creates an increase in acceleration than using the average fin. The material used is a lightweight rubber, so whatever you are doing in the water, it will be easy for you to maneuver the fin. The highlight of its specs is: It has high maneuverability, it is available in color yellow and black that’s why you can have a fast-tracking, 5-inch blade for acceleration, and it has a patented design.

Viper Vector V5 Flex

Next is the Viper Vector V5 Flex. This comes out after the V5, and the edge of this fins over V5 have a more flexible blade. Similar to other models, its blade shape came with a 5-inch patented blade and slanted rail design that has a narrow tip compared to what is manufactured and sold in markets today. The V5 flex is created to give faster speed and easier kicks to divers.

The highlights of this viper fins are it is high in maneuverability, has superior tracking, the available color is orange and gray, its 5-inch blade is flexible, and design is patented. It may share the same features with V5 except that it was designed to have a more flexible blade. After all, it is created to enable divers for speed and easier kicks, while doing the tightest turns and spins.

Viper Vector V7

Another is the Viper Vector V7 if another fin is built for flexibility; meanwhile, this full-sized fin is built to have stronger thrusts and maximum power. Available in yellow and black color, it comes with patented 7-inch blade design. It also has a tampered and slanted rail shape, prolonged your speed in the water that results in stability even on waves. Longer fins allow divers to do stable and powerful kicks underwater – and having a 7-inch blade like this means it can provide a strong and powerful kick and stability.

The highlights of these fins are it is highly stable due to the long blade. It has a patented design, produces longer and deeper kicks. These words written here may just describe how this product can help you with your diving. So, it would be best if you get to try this to know what and how it actually can give you an exciting scuba diving experience.

Delta Viper fins

Lastly, the Mike Stewart Delta Viper fins, this Delta fins, comes after the MS Viper fins designed by Mike Stewart specifically for bodyboarding. It has an asymmetrical shape, and this design can give you a lot of powerful kick even with a little amount of drag in the water, so the extreme speed is really its edge. The Delta fin has a soft foot pocket that works a lot to maintain the stern viper blade which is the one who creates powerful and strong kick even with just a minimal drag when swimming while the inner points work to create a direction to the water flow for easy release point and have yellow markings that are created to show the area where the water is released and directed for more controlled flow underwater.

Moreover, your big toe will have more control because the inner rail is made up of stiffer material that offers to enhance water flow when swimming. The highlights its features are a superior rubber is used for this fins, when lost it is easy to spot because of black and yellow markings, provides high floatability or buoyancy, it can take and survive even in roughest surf conditions, it has unique asymmetrical shape that enhances speed and kicking, and it is designed for advanced, professional to intermediate bodyboarders and  bodysurfers.

Tips for Choosing the Best Viper Fins

In choosing the right Viper fins for you, there are few things that you must consider for you to have the right and a perfect fit for your next surfing adventures:

1. Your fins must  not too tight but not too loose, so when getting the perfect size for you, you may try wearing the fin, and while wearing it you have to put your two fingers inside  the foot pocket, and if you find it easy to insert your fingers, then you have to choose a smaller one. And on the other side, if you find it hard to insert your finger, then you have to take an extra size. But not too loose because you might lose your fins while surfing.

2. Try the fins on the person before buying one because you try different brands, models, and weight,  what best brand or model that is most comfortable for you and the best fits for your size but then you can do some research on the internet prior in visiting your local surf shop.

3. You may compare your shoe size to the fin size. When you are comparing the swim fins at your local surf store, you may take off your shoe and then try comparing its length to the sole of the fin, and it, they match it would only mean that it will also fit your foot.

4. You have to get your fins before trying them on because, unlike the shoes we use on land, fins are used on the water. It is a best practice if you try them wet because, in this way, you can see and feel the true fit and comfort of the flipper on your fit. You can observe if they are too tight on you or if it is easy to slip off your feet.

5. Learn about the fins because some fins are greased, so you may slide in easily. But it doesn’t mean that it is big for your size. In this case, you may size down or up because if not a discomfort and poor fin performance could result while surfing because water has a big impact on your fin size.

6.  Do you need to consider the toe pocket window? On the foot pocket of your fin, there’s a little window that, and if your toes are projecting from this little window, it means that the fins are small for you, so you need to size up a little bit.

Is Viper Fins Really Needed? – A Conclusion

In conclusion, the comfort when you wear these fins is one of the most important things that you must consider when choosing a type of fins because wearing too tight or too loose fins will definitely cause a problem in your performance and when dealing with water conditions. And lastly, it is important to choose the fins that suites the conditions of your surfing place and your level of expertise when looking for fins for bodyboarding, lifeguarding, and bodysurfing. A few high quality fins are made for you, but it comes with a little price. So, if you are a professional or if you dedicate most of your time in surfing it is a good idea to invest in those kinds of fins. Rest assured, it will last for a lifetime, and it will enhance your performance.

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