Which Type of Waves is Best for Twin Fin Surfboard?

Twin fin surfboard is detachable two smaller fins located at a rail made of glassed. This type of fin gives more speed and looser turning. Twin fin is also more stable to use than a single fin.

Twin fin is the ideal surfboard used by surfers because it gives them an extra tail width, and provides them faster performance attacking the waves. Ideally, the twin fins are best to use in small and medium-sized clean surf, which its ability to make sharp and quick turns are the best.

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Which Type of Waves is Best for Twin Fin Surfboard? 1

How to Set Up Twin Fin Surfboard

Several variations are there for the placement of the twin fin. The first technique to set it is to place the fins in the surfboard trails. With this technique, the result will be a moderate toe-in and cant fin.

As the year’s passed, the makers of surfboard created many different variations and styles of a surfboard. It is in which some have fins and cant placed straight and vertically while some are nothing at all. This is to improve more the surfboard and to provide more smooth surfing experience.

For the twin fin setup varies in the shape used, which will depend on the tallness, thinness or to shortness, and or wideness. Some twin fins have a swallowtail design, and some are made differently in which proved that twin fins are not limited to its shapes. It also works in a round pin and the broader round tail shape.

Which Type of Waves is Best for Twin Fin Surfboard?

The twin fin is perfect to use in small flat waves up to small hollow waves. It is also suitable in a medium fat wave to medium hallow waves. It too fair to use in big thick waves; however, it is not good to use in big hallow waves to a giant wave.

Overall, the twin fin surfboard is only suitable for a small to medium waves. Which it is ideal in moving against the waves.

The fins are made to get the most of surfing in the different types of waves. The twin Fin is some of the other types of fins that are used by our surfers in the different types of waves to go on surfing.

There are five typical setups of fins for the surfboards such as the single fin, thruster, quad or the five fins, and the twin fin.

There has been more development about the fins for improved and have a greater surfing experience. Like the thruster fins, that are developed by Simon Anderson; which it had become fashionable to use in surfing and are excellent in hollow, small to big surf.

It is used for improving the best performance of a deep fast wave. When choosing the right fin, there are different things that you should consider or you to be able to surf in the excellent standard for a local break.

There are cant, base, depth, foil, sweep, and flex, which are fins used to influence the way on surfing performance and against the waves.

Why Are Twin Fins the Best?

Which Type of Waves is Best for Twin Fin Surfboard? 2

The twin fins considered as the best in competitive surfing, which is, choose to use in between single or in twinness. Its high speed and looseness make it be the best for a surfboard or in a board for the small to the average conditions.

Each fin has a different job for turns in which the one fin acts as a pivot point while the other one act as the separate fin wings. This is the reason why it smoothly maneuvers the board, which can be turned into a perfect 360 degree effortlessly.

How to Pick the Best Surf Fins?

For over a decade, fins have become more critical to have a great surfing experience. It serves as one of the essential roles in an excellent surfing performance. Choosing the best fins has things to consider, such as:

  • Material

Surf fins differ in elements that they are created for; Some are made from a glass, wood, and others. Which varies in size, shape, and weight.

  • Depth

The depth is the height of the fin in which it is the one that penetrates the water for the distance. Also, it directly relates to hold into the water. The higher the depth is, the more it can hold.

And the shorter bottom is, the more chance that the board will tend to slide and release. Some taller surfers like to have a deeper fin to suit them and to have a better play.

  • Base

It is the span of the fin between its trailing edge and the leading edge. It is also are the ones that meet the board. The support is the primary connected to drive.

The more extended fin bases, the more drive, and acceleration it was like for a bottom turn.

  • Area

It is the total surface of the fin in which it has the more holds to the fin.

  • Sweep

The sweep is the viewpoint of how far it measures the outline of the fin in its curved from backward. It also called Rake, in which it has a direct influence on the pivot.

Some fins have more sweep in which it can produce a longer turning arc. There is also a less sweep that it turns to have a tighter turning arc.

  • Cant

The cant, or the fins sides’ angle, which are measured a line vertically and are perpendicular to the board’s flat bottom surface. It also has a direct acceleration and maneuver.

The use of the is in two ways. The less cant the surfboard has, the faster its acceleration. And the stiffer feel while surfing. But the more cant the surfboard has, it will increase the maneuver and has a loose feel to the board.

  • Flex

The flex is the deformation of the fin to its initial or original shape. It is the lateral pressure from maneuver caused it, which impacts the work of the fin. An instant response, drive, and speed produced once it has a stiff fin. While a more whipping sensation it has if it has a flexible fin.

  • Foil

The foils are the form and calculation of the inside and outside of the fin’s appearance. The foil is relatively essential in which it affects the movement of the surfboard into the water. The foil has a different type, such as:

-Flat foil has a flat face inside that combined with the convex outside face. This flat-sided, which is the traditional one, has a uniform combination of the pivot, drive, that grip s continuously. It can be a reliable one in terms of a wider variety of conditions.

-Inside foil is the sophisticated hydrodynamic foil that consists of a convex outside face. It is a rounded leading edge and a concave from its inside look. These inside foils increase the efficiency of the water flow to the surface of the fin to add lift and reduce from dragging. A more increased hold and speed are the inside foils result to the board.

50-50 foil is the symmetrical foil that utilized for all the center fins in which both sides are convex. It creates a control and stability, even if the water flows on both sides.

70-30 or 80-20 foils are the combined performance of the center and the side fins, which offers increased speed and a smooth rail to rail transition. It also provides a steady feel for a variety of situations.

  • Size

The fins size is also essential inclined to have a better surfing experience. Your weight and the fin size should be in the match to properly used and enjoyed surfing.

If you are under 55 kgs or 121 lbs., you should get an XS size fins. 55 to 77 kgs or 121 to 154 lbs. are for small size fins. Medium fins are for those who are 65 to 80 kgs or 143 to 176 lbs. If you are 75 to 90 kgs or 165 to 198 lbs., you should get the large-sized fins. And lastly, if you are over 85kgs or 187 lbs., you should get the extra-large sized fins.

These sizes are essential to consider for you to have a comfortable and speed surfing experience. It is also in which, what surfboard y will have been the one that fits for you.

When choosing, the surfers must have fins that are suitable for what surfing experience they want to. One of the typical kits available is the Molded fins in the market. These are custom fins that come in a usual surfboard.

Surfing today becomes a very popular sport and as a hobby. Learning how to surf is pretty great to do so. However, there are many things that you should consider, especially if you are only starting to learn. The help of the professionals is the best to have also.

The surfing boards are also relevant; The size, shape, weight, and other characteristics of surfboard matters. This will also affect your surfing experience. So, choosing the right surfing board like considering to have a twin fin is a must. You can always ask the assistance of professional surfers to help you with that.


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