12 Best Travel Snorkel Fins That Will Fulfill Your Trips

man in ocean under blue sky at daytime

In the market today, you can find a lot of snorkeling fins. But the most critical aspect of snorkeling fins is the length of the fin. The longer the fins, the more powerful its propulsion in the water would be.

man in ocean under blue sky at daytime

However, having longer fins also means difficulty in walking, difficulty in maneuvering, and tightened spaces.

Listed below are the 12 best snorkeling fins this 2020, where you can choose the perfect fins for you to use on your next snorkeling experience.

1st: Cressi Pluma 

Cressi Pluma Closed-Foot Diving Fin
  • Pluma is an extraordinary fin that makes the most of a sophisticated molding technology previously used only on the hi-tech models designed specifically for free diving and scuba diving. In fact, it uses the same Cressi patented construction system of molding in 3 different materials to get high performance, extreme lightness and easy kicking, and astonishing comfort. The blade is made from light and at the same time reactive polypropylene, with a very energetic and snappy rebound. Two side supp
  • The foot pocket extends right along the bottom of the blade to guarantee high protection during kicking even in shallow water and near rocks and suchlike. It is made from soft thermo-rubber and the computer-designed shape offers great comfort as well as making them suitable for long use. The entire sole is hard and comes with large non-slip inserts, both for total protection of the foot and for excellent transmission of the leg-fin effort. A brand-new construction technology of futuristic rotati
  • Patented Cressi molding technology used to create lightweight, responsive blade.
  • Computer designed foot pocket with stiff base better transmits power down the blade. Soft thermo-rubber foot pocket material is comfortable for extended wear.
  • Lightweight polypropylene blade. Blade ribs provide precise flex control for maximum thrust.

These fins are a full foot and Lightweight Fins for Diving & Snorkeling. This model is created by Cressi, a famous brand from Italy that has been making fins for snorkeling since the year 1946. If you want branded fins, this one is the best for you as it guarantees quality by its brand name.

The Pluma model is loved by snorkeling divers as it provides an exceptional fitting, sleek design, affordability, and technology with premium sizing and non-slip foot pocket that prevents the fins from slipping while driving.

The fins have no pressure points so the foot can breathe and prevent the toes in front of fatigue underwater. Since Cressi is an Italian brand, it follows the European sizing, so you have to get their size chart.

The Cressi Pluma is available in black, blue, silver, and pink colors that be favorable to men or women, and it is designed with socks so you must size down if you want to use it barefoot.

This fin is also available in medium, short, and long fins, so you can choose what you think will best work for your level. This way, it will still create some propulsion underwater without exerting too much effort.

2nd: Promate Wave Snorkeling with Open Heel Fins 

Promate Wave Snorkeling Open Heel Fins Adjustable Strap Snorkel Fins Flippers
  • High quality and stylish looking
  • Lightweight for east of travel
  • Open heel design
  • Soft rubber foot pocket for comfortable fit with either socks or barefoot
  • Easy adjust strap with release buttons

This design gets the attention of some diver as it has unique openings near the fin blade edges. It comes with bright colors that will make children be excited, and some of its colors are purple, yellow, blue, green, pink, grey, and black, and now the fins look lively.

The best feature that these fins do offer is the strap has an adjustable fitting and open foot. This design is advantageous because it gives the foot flexibility whatever size you have.

This fin is lightweight that would give ease in traveling, and the foot pocket is made up of rubber making it soft to the skin. These fins are different from the traditional because the longer part of the fin is stiffer.

The Pros: It has adjusted fitting, the foot pocket is soft, and comfortable to carry and portable if you are on travel.

The Cons: It has short fins, and the blade is stiff.

3rd is the Oceanic Viper Scuba Diving with Open Heel Adjustable Diving Fins

Oceanic Viper Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins
  • Pair of Viper Open Heel Fins
  • Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fins:
  • So Fast and Responsive they're Scary
  • Vented Open Heel Fins
  • Precision Blend of Hydrodynamics and Materials Technology

This fin has an impressive design that would make totally catch other attention. This fin is specialized for people with wide feet sizes that find a difficult time to choose the best one for them.

Features of Oceanic viper fins: Its foot pocket is soft, and straps are easy to adjust for comfort on land and underwater. The belt fits well and really ensures that it hold tight. The design of these fins is best for warm water snorkeling, so it is not ideal to use bulky footwear or boots.

It performs excellent whatever your level is because it can accommodate beginner to professional divers.

The pros of this Oceanic viper fins: It has a good variety of sizing and provides an adjustable strap, can work well in different skills of diver, and flexible.

The cons of this product are: The length of the fin is too long for smaller spaces.

4th:  Aqua Lung Slingshot with Heel-Strap Diving Fin

Aqua Lung Slingshot Power Fins
  • Pure silicone Power Bands are loaded with energy on the power stroke. They release their energy prior to the upstroke to provide an added boost of power.Instead of wasting your energy, you accumulate it and reclaim it!. Power bands lessen fatigue and add thrust.
  • 3-speed Gear Shift customizes your speed-to-effort ratio to fit the specific conditions of your dive. Three different settings are available. Easy to shift during the dive, even with gloves.
  • The blade is attached to the foot pocket using two Mid-foot Flex Joints taking the strain off the toes and the top of the ankle. The result is a dramatic improvement in comfort
  • You can now use the entire foot to power the fin rather than just the front half of the foot
  • Provides the blade a significantly larger range of motion, often up to 5 times that of a conventional fin

The design of this fin is like an aquatic version of Aquaman, so you can say that it pays a high price for a high-class design and quality.

These fins are made of silicon bands that provide you an optimized power in your every stroke, and this will result in a reduction of fatigue that some diver usually experiences during long drives.

For long-distance swimmers, this is an ideal fin for you, especially if you have to deal with pressure, strong current, and strength of water. It also has an adjustable strap that provides a tight fit to avoid the fins to slip.

The Pros: It has good fitting. It is robust and durable.

The cons: It is expensive and pricy.

5th: Phantom Aquatics Vode in Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin

Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin
  • Short bladed, non vented fin design
  • Highly reactive and lightweight blade
  • Foot Pocket: Soft Rubber Elastomers
  • Blade Engineered to Ensure Perfect Muscle Training w/o Cramps or Discomfort
  • Ideal for pool, snorkeling and swim training

This fin is highly reactive with swimming strokes and affordable. This is specially engineered for people who experience cramping issues or foot injuries, so it is lightweight.

The fins are shorter than average, so they are limited to pool and snorkeling use because it is not long enough to hold heavy currents when you go diving.

Meanwhile, the soft foot pockets have no straps, but it is comfortable, so it is suitable for people who want to slip their fins on-off easily. When it comes to the sizing, it is ideal to go in a smaller size for a tighter fit because it has no strap.

You may regret if you don’t get the size that would keep your feet underwater. This is best for people who are just beginners in snorkeling and to those who want to hang off before going to professional and powerful fins.

The Pros: It is affordable and lightweight.

The Cons: It has short fins, this is only good for beginners, and doesn’t have a fitting strap to secure the foot.

6th: Tilos Getaway Snorkeling Fins with Open Heel Fins

Tilos Getaway Snorkeling Fins Open Heel Fins with Mesh Bag, Extra Wide Foot Pocket
  • Finally, snorkeling fins specifically for larger adults
  • Adjustable fins large enough to fit wide feet
  • Accommodates 3-4 consecutive sizes and can be worn over thin footwear
  • Great fin for pool or beach use
  • Strong ring strap allows reversal of strap

This fin has a sleek design and one of the most affordable traditional fins in the market. It has a seamless transition from front to back that separates it from cheap models of fins.

You can choose from different five colors, such as blue, yellow, titanium, red, and black. But these snorkeling fins come with short fins length that makes it not ideal to use for extreme swimming, deep diving, and long-distance swimming because it cannot cope up with strong water current. Moreover, some of its features are it comes with an open foot, and straps on the side are adjustable that gives a guarantee to prevent slipping of the foot out of the fin and to provide a snug fit to ensure better performance underwater.

These fins are also designed for people with a wide fit, but some have complained that it is heavy for a snorkeling fin.

The pros: It provides good fitting for wide feet, has a good design, and comes at an affordable price

The cons: It has short fins resulting in less propulsion power.

7th: U.S. Divers Sea Lion Floating Fins

U.S. Divers Sea Lion Floating Fins
  • Compact length is great for travel
  • Buoyant rubber, full-foot pocket fins that are great for snorkeling or body surfing
  • Colors: two-tone yellow/blue
  • Sizes: XS (3-5), S (5-7), M (7-8), ML (8-10), L (10-11), XL (11-13), XXL(14-16)

These fins are from U.S Divers, a brand that is famous among snorkeling divers and the world of snorkeling fins for they have been started in the field for a lot of years now. It is hailed for its high durability and high-quality products.

The Sea Lion model comes with a simple design like a closed foot based in navy blue color and yellow-colored fins. The portability of snorkeling fins is one of the most important if your planning to go out into international waters for snorkeling.

This Seal Lion fin offers you ultimate portability. Although they are also short in length, it is lightweight and compact, which allows the diver to walk with these fins and can help a lot to people with Achilles tendon or ankle issues.

It has handy adjustable straps in the back that ensure the foot to a great fit.

The pros: It is lightweight, portable, durable, and it carries a famous and reputable brand name.

The cons: The fins are short in length.

8th: TUSA Sport Long Blade Snorkel Fins 

TUSA Sport Long Blade Snorkel Fins
  • Snorkeling fin with longer blade for increased kicking power
  • Advanced multi-flex long blade design
  • Thrust channel technology directs water down and away for added power
  • Soft, durable foot pocket for a firm but comfortable fit
  • Wide, hypoallergenic silicone heel strap enhances comfort and durability

This fin offers an open foot back-end design that uniquely separates these fins from the cheap one. It is available in four customizable colors such as transparent green, black, blue, and green.

This fin is also great for travel because of its compact features. Its blade is specialized in providing additional and superior propulsion. The brand proves their capability of producing long and flexible blade design and a fin made from high-quality silicone.

The heel strap is specially created to enhance durability and add comfort. Although the foot pocket is durable, the complication about sizes arises because of the open design fin. Moreover, the TUSA brand gives a 3-year warranty for this Tusa Sport Long blade snorkel fins.

The pros of this product are it has a heel strap, provides warranty, customized design, and enhanced propulsion power

9th: Omega Amphibian Flip Fin

Omega Flip Fin Amphibian Scuba Diving Fin
  • Flip Fins are used by US Navy Seal Teams, SOCOM and Air Force Rescue Teams
  • Patented Flipfin design provides total mobility in and out of the water with easy transition from water to land
  • Two-piece fin with special Aqua-Hinge allows them to fold up out of the way for full mobility on land; click down with a first kick once in the water
  • Blade design offers Maximum Propulsion with minimum effort
  • Find your correct size: Medium for Men's US shoe size 6-8, Large for Men's US shoe size 9-11, X-Large for Men's US shoe size 11-14

This fin comes from the Omega brand that makes it one of the premium snorkeling fins. The fin design is unique, where it hinges up to provide a probability.

The color options are very customizable, which includes orange, yellow, blue, and black and hailed to give satisfactory comfort and propulsion power.

For kids, they have to learn to use these fins before they try using it for diving because these fins can be a bit heavy for them, but these fins are one of the most comfortable fins to use if you want to walk.

However, it might take some time before you get used to these fins, but the excellent power it can give is worth the practice.

The pros:  It provides powerful propulsion and comfort while

The cons: It gives a hard time to figure out how to use and must learn how to use fins properly.

10th: Twin Jet Scuba Fins

Scubapro Twin Jet Scuba Diving Fins
  • This secret lies in the patented design
  • Blades are also angled to provide symmetrical power on b
  • Patented split-fi n propeller technology - proven to deliver more forward motion with considerably less effort than traditional blades.
  • Drag-reducing vents substantially decrease resistance on both up and down strokes.
  • Extended soleplate acts like a lever to enhance power stroke.

This fin is an expensive one. The design of the fin came in the split system and molded after nature’s wing propeller technology. If worn with a boot, there’s nothing worry so much as it has adjustable fins that fit every foot size.

Meanwhile, the split fin blades might take a little to learn and to perfect because you have to try kicking from your hips with your legs straight for better performance because the design of the fins will resist if you try kicking like a frog.

And for sizing to have an extra width on foot, you must take one different size so that the fins will be comfortable to take on and off, and the top of your foot will prevent rubbing on the fins. In addition, the color of these fins is only available in colors cobalt, black and yellow.

The pros: It has excellent propulsion, taking on and off is easy, and it provides a split fin design,

The cons: It is expensive, and you have to learn a split fin kicking style for better performance and swimming with these fins.

11th: IST FK31 Otter Trek Fins for Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba, Watersports

IST FK31 Otter Trek Swim Fins, Short Compact Snorkeling Flippers with Open Heel & Adjustable Straps for Travel
  • QUALITY DESIGN — Durable construction in a convenient, lightweight style.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL — Compact style fits easily into a backpack or carry-on bag.
  • PLENTY OF POWER — Short, vented blades & side ribs channel water to maximize propulsion.
  • COMFORTABLE WEAR — Supple open-heel foot pockets are soft and can be worn barefoot or with booties.
  • EASY DONNING & DOFFING — Adjustable straps & quick-release buckles are extremely convenient.

Unlike others, these fins can be purchased at a low price, which is one of the qualities that make this fin stand out from others. If you are a beginner and if you want a basic introduction to snorkeling, or who want to use the most straightforward and affordable fins before moving to a powerful and expensive one, this is the best one for you. It has open foot fitting and straps on the foot sides that ensure the tightness to your foot.

The little hole dividing the middle of the fin at the end of the foot is a design that doesn’t follow the traditional fin model, which might cause a problem by reducing the surface area of the fin.

Meanwhile, the side ribs of the fin are ergonomically designed, which puts the water directly backward that enhances more the propulsion.

Unfortunately, when you choose your size, you have to remember that these fins are a little bit big. But this problem is for the strap to solve. Its strap is not padded, so it is ideal that you use a pair of good quality socks if you’re interested in wearing these fins.

The pros: It is cheaper compared to others.

The cons: It sometimes hurt the feet because the straps are not padded, and the design is not good.

12th: Cressi Men’s Gara 3000 LD Long-Distance Long Blade Diving Fins

Cressi Men's Gara 3000 Ld Long-distance Long Blade Diving Fins
  • Optimized for the long-distance diver or swimmer
  • Flexible blade reduces leg fatigue
  • Blade resists stiffening in cold water
  • Full foot pocket constructed of soft, supple rubber
  • Open ended toe box for water pass-through and fast draining

This model is another fin from the famous Cressi brand. The fins are long and have a sleek design that gives ease in swimming as it provides less muscle effort that you will need to exert when kicking.

If you want to swim and go for deep and long-distance diving, this is one of the best you can have because its long fins can take the water pressure and strong current. But it might be awkward if you try to use this in tight areas because of its long length feature.

The maneuverability can cause you hard because of the long fins. But overall, these fins are a little expensive but worthy of its sleek look, long fins, and soft blade to handle.

It balances and minimizes the propulsion and reduction of damage if you want to dive in cold water because of its compact foot design.

The Pros: Its good sleek design, great for long-distance driving, has a quiet place and excellent propulsion.

The cons: It is expensive, and you may find it difficult to walk due to long fins.

Final Verdict

Now that it’s 2020, there are new designs that are both improved and modernized to catch up with the demand for divers and order of nature.

It’s not just the performance and quality are enhanced but the design of fins, the blade, the colors, and overall appearance as well that would attract adults and kids, beginners and advanced riders.

Many people became hooked up with water, so many people want to explore the underworld and try this sport. It is expected that starting in 2020, a lot of brands making snorkeling fins will improve their models even more.

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