The Best Swim Fins for Wide Feet Person? This is For You.

The Best Swim Fins for Wide Feet Person? This is For You. 1

Someone with E-width feet may find it hard to look for snorkling fins. For wide feet, they have a shoe size with a letter E, after it and depending on how wide your feet, you will have multiple E’s. But it is not a male issue alone since even women have an issue because fins for snorkling are made and designed for the men size. That’s why wide and large feet are a common problem to all and the equivalency is something that people must be aware of.

Different Fins Must Be Understood

The Best Swim Fins for Wide Feet Person? This is For You. 2

When it comes to fins, there are two different designs, which is the close and open heel. Some are originally geared for scuba diving. That’s why some are longer and heavier and for snorkeling, and they are fins called barefoot style.

Like some of the Oceanic viper fins is one of traditional fins that are close heel fins that has wide feet size like EEE. These can be fitted and swim shoes footwear are provided. These Oceanic viper fins are measured over two feet long and you might be able to wear it without due to its flexibility.

On the other hand, the open heel fins, or known as barefoot fins are, are made to wear without additional footwear for the snorklers. Open heel strap fins could be one thing that you may want to look for and consider because of its better accommodation to larger feet.

These barefoot fins have a length of 18-20 inches and generally shorter than scuba fins. This snorkel fins are made softer than the scuba fins material that’s why it is more comfortable than scuba.

Comparing the Closed and Open Heeled Fins for Wider Feet

The design that lets you know what kind of fin it is when choosing between closed and open heel fin is called the foot pocket design.

A fin that that looks more like shoes is the closed fin. They enclose your entire foot and use a foot pocket. Wearing swim shoes with foot pocket can give you comfort but you can also wear them barefoot although these fins might not be as comfortable as the first one with swim shoes. Without this swim shoes, they will be larger in size and with shoes they are truer to size.

On the other hand, an open heel uses a strap that goes around your heel and only cover the front half of your foot. These straps are the reason why the fins are adjustable in a range of different sizes. In between closed and open heel, the material for open heel is much softer than with the closed heel.

Facing the Bigger Issues About Fins Sizes

Finding the right size of fins is the biggest issue because fins and shoes don’t fit the same way. So, to know your right size, you have to test the water with the fins.

Snorkling and scuba diving fins are majority based on US shoe sizes. Other continents, like the Asians who are normally small, would find it hard to choose their sizes. You should be okay as the size as is if you have a narrow foot and buy a size up for wider foot and you just to keep in mind that to be able to make up for the size adjustment just wear your swim shoes.

Ladies Wide Feet

Meanwhile, Women have many options when it comes fins for snorkling if their feet size is wider than average feet size. Companies based the fin on male sizes and provides a female equivalent in the sizing charts. This way, even without a wide version, 99% of women will fit into the fins. It will ensure you won’t experience having blister or feel discomfort while using fin. You just increase your size by one and this is what they recommend especially when you find that your feet are wide.

For Men Having Wide Feet

As a man, you need to identify the width of your foot when looking for snorkel with wider size and you can start this by reading over the size of the shoes that you wear most. Size D is what normally male’s shoes are being made. And the size in Letter C indicates men with narrow feet size because it was really designed for them. Meanwhile the Letter E indicates the size for those with wider feet and has variations depending on the width such as EE and EEE.

The best snorkling fins that are available is the Scuba Pro’s Go Fin that improves by having wider sizes. Its design has a full foot fin that combined with open heel comfort. This also performs great in the water due to its lightweight feature.

To adjust and to easily get the fins on and off they have introduce the bungee heel strap. Wearing barefoot or using a swim shoes isn’t a problem now because this strap makes it comfortable enough.

Few suggestions are listed below to let you find the best size of fins are suited for your wider feet.

1. The fins of Sporty Floating Swim

Comfecto Snorkeling Fins Short Floating Training Swimming Fins for US Size XL Width Ankle 3.3 Inch with Thermoplastic Rubber Travel Fins for Swimming Scuba Diving Snorkeling Watersports,Blue
  • UPDATED SIZING CHART - PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR FEET USING OUR SIZING CHART IMAGE TO GET YOUR PERFECT SIZE. NOTE: Wash or rinse our girls and boys swimming flippers after use, especially when used in a chlorinated pool, to avoid them from breaking. Also put them in fin pads when not in use to keep them in excellent condition.
  • NO MORE INJURIES WITH ANKLE SECURE DESIGN – Our training swimming flippers come with ankle secure design supports and protects swimmers from any injuries when doing watersports as they provide added comfort even for when you encounter the occasional winter-ocean currents. The kid flippers have 11" foot length, 4.1" ankle length, 3.3" ankle width.
  • FIRM GRIP WITH EVERY MOVE - Our kids water fins use elastic thermoplastic rubber and PP material. It provides firm grip as you walk with it, comfort and secures for long swimming sessions. These are perfect to give your kids a boost in speed and give them confidence for more advanced skills. If you feel ANY discomfort while using these rubber flippers for swimming kids, feel free to return it to us and get your FULL refund!
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY AND COMFORT - These are great for little kids just learning how to use fins. These children's flippers come with orthopedic foot pocket design which offers maximum control and comfort. It helps swimmers to swim properly without having a muscle strain. These lightweight flippers for boys and girls are super light and don't take up much space, super easy for kids to use and don't hurt their feet at all. Perfect for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and other watersports!
  • GET YOUR KIDS TO SWIM RIGHT AWAY! - Provide maximum comfort, control, and protection with our training flippers. Recommended for kids who are learning to swim on their own (or with flotation) and those who already swim as they provide that little extra oomph to get them and keep them moving! Take this great offer before it's over with click Add to Cart button above!

If you’re a budget minded, this fin is good for you since it will only cost you $20 for a pair. It can go for size 15 in men, which means that they come in variety of sizes. It is a closed heel fins that has a design of two tone. You can get your family a whole set of fins because it also offers a size good for toddlers for a good price.

Opposed to someone who do snorkling for entertainment and enjoyment, be reminded this fin is better if will be used by an occasional snorkler.

The good points about this fin is: It has an extra support because of its closed ankle feature

2. Mako fins

Mako fins comes with an excellent quality, wide range of sizes and good thing many varieties are available like they have an open heel and close heel options. Talking about its quality this Mako fins are fiberglass and carbon made. 

They will make you excite with a lot of sizes for adults. For those who are looking for larger size these are a good idea to choose and these fins are particularly a gear part of underwater hunting. Meanwhile in open heel and in multiple materials you can find them as large as 15 sizes for men. However, they are great for beginners as what reviews are saying. Thus, they also stated that it has a fragile fin but overall, they are pricy.

The good advantage about this fin is: Fins’ material is carbon fiber glass made.

3. Snorkling fins for Tilos

Fins from Tilos fins would only go up to men’s 13 size although this brand designed its fins for wide feet and made for snorkling purposes. People having a size with multiple E ‘s can have a find that would really fit to them but if you’re looking for large size, you’re looking in the wrong brand since large and wide are precisely different. You would experience wearing water socks comfortably if you have narrow foot and you’re using this Tilos fins. Wearing barefoot with this Tilos fins can still give you enough comfort and easy to adjust whenever you want because of its open heel design feature. You will get a piece of snorkling equipment that is solid in a reasonable price that’s why Tilos’ product review for wide feet are amazing and great.

4. Fins of Deep Blue Gear for Aquanaut II

Deep Blue Gear Aquanaut II Fins for Diving, Snorkeling, and Swim, Adult Size 7-8, Blue
  • SLEEK AND COMFORTABLE – The full foot design lets you glide through the water like a pro diver. Men and women everywhere can enjoy these snorkel fins and be set to kick off on their next underwater getaway.
  • MEDIUM FIN LENGTH – Not too long and not too short, these 100% rubber fins are easy to pack for travel. The malleable rubber boot maximizes comfort while minimizing friction and chafing.
  • FLOATING FINS – These fins fit right, but if they somehow slip or slide off, they’ll stay and float in the water rather than falling to the depths of the sea, and you won’t need to dive to retrieve them.
  • SOFT FIN BLADE – The smart flexible design adapts to any swimming style and is durable enough to be puncture and crack resistant. The enclosed heel eliminates the need for a neoprene sock.
  • VIEW SIZE GUIDE – Most fin sizes fit the same men’s shoe size. If you are not certain, find your shoe size and look at our size chart to make sure the perfect pair is a perfect fit. Find your feet, and enjoy your next ocean or reef adventure.

Good thing about this fin is that it is available up to 15 men’s size and can purchase under a good price. It is designed to worn with or without using socks because of its soft rubber material and a medium blade that over all affects its full foot fins to achieve comfort when using

Based on its review on Amazon majority gave a 5 star and no one gave a star under four which can be an indication that if you have half size to deal with you just have to round down to get your best size of snorkling fins.

The good points on its quality is it is made with soft Materials.

5. Fins of H2O Flipper Rubber Full Foot Snorkel

This Fins can offer you a specially-designed fins to use in pool or for snorkeling however you will find your use on this fin as limited because it is applicable to scuba diving since it wasn’t made for scuba. Some good points for this fin are it is good for 15 men foot size and made up of hard rubber and will instantly float once they slip off your feet. Thus, this foot pocket is made up of soft rubber, so you’ll have a comfortable experience wearing this. The full foot coverage, even on barefoot or with water socks, will give you a full foot pocket experience. Even using this fin on warm water will cost you nothing because it is also perfect for that kind of weather conditions. It promises to offer you an effortlessly kick with its smooth and strong thrust.

6. Fins of TUSA Solla

TUSA SF-22 Solla Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins, Medium, Fishtail Blue
  • Powered by ForcElast Technology
  • TUSA patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)
  • Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade
  • Newly designed anatomic foot pocket enhances comfort
  • Three channel blade with crescent tip maximizes propulsion

The Tusa Solla fins will help you move quickly in water because its fins are developed to give you extra speed in water. Its blades efficiently cut through water because of its optimal angle that has been set. Advance snorkeler or scuba driver will find this fin to be their best choice, if they want to get to next level in the water. Aside from performance, it can be worn with or without using water socks and as a lightweight quality. It has an availability of up to 14 men’s size. Like some of other fins, it is also available in open and closed heel designs.

Good points about this Tusa Solla fins is it has good maneuverability, speed on water, and propulsion.

7. Fins of Oceanic Viper Open Heels

Oceanic Viper Fins (Open Heel) OC Blue/Black - Regular
  • Pair of Viper Open Heel Fins
  • Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fins:
  • So Fast and Responsive they're Scary
  • Vented Open Heel Fins
  • Precision Blend of Hydrodynamics and Materials Technology

In other to produce excellent quality on this fin, they blend the hydrodynamic with an excellent material technology. It gives the user comfort underwater, excellent performance using fins and ultimate efficiency. This is one of the fins than is fast and responsive on water. A thrust channel was incorporated on this fin to improve power and efficiency by enhancing water flow when you love your leg through directing the water on the top of blade.

It is best on any snorkling and diving level such as those experienced and novice divers out there. A beginner, scuba diver for casual occasion, recreational diver and an advance one will love this as well.

They have better efficiency and produce great power because water is not allowed to spill from the edges of the blades of pin. The blade has also an increased propulsion and thrust because of its oversize design. For every fin that is purchased on amazon, it has a humanitarian character where 5 dollars will be donated to help fight breast cancer through the Dive pink and fight breast cancer advocates.

Qualities Oceanic viper fins offer:

  • It has a 5 pounds weight
  • It is Available in color yellow in neon, Ocean and sea or white blue, black, white and in pink
  • To create a flexible and panels that are semi rigid these fins are composed of a mixture or TRP or the Thermal plastic rubber and the polypropylene material
  • Sizes are available from Small to 2x large (XXL) and in sizes 3 to 13
  • Has limited warranty of a 12 months

In coastal tourism, this fin is an ideal one specially for warm water that involves underwater and sea diving activities. These amazing fins are ideal for warm water travel, in particular for coastal tourism that involves sea diving and underwater activities. If you’re looking for great efficiency in diving this is best for you. A built-in flexible channel is what contains the blade that provides effective capture in kick cycle and control on water flow. The construction of blade can form a U shape because it was geared towards those looking for greater flexibility. If you are after with diving for releasing stress, this is suitable for diver like you because of its quick release buckles that are adjustable. Since these fins are part of an advocacy, it helps a lot of women fighting for breast cancer. If you wear them without diving boots, this could be a bit sloppy. That’s why they are not recommended for wearing barefoot and different types of diving boots are suitable on this fin because this heel foot pocket reduce drag.

According to the view on this fins people says:

  • From 1.98 to 3.72 pounds they come with super lightweight quality and they are easy to carry anywhere depending on its size. It helps you to reduce the a few pounds on your dive bag because even on large wheeled bags they can be fitted.
  • A special reinforcement bar has on both sides of the fins that results to increase and greater strength and to prevent spilling of the water they are created with specially shaped to improved quality from the blade edges.
  • It is safe to use on your travel gear.
  • These fits well in tropical booths with 3 or 5mm fits for US13 shoe size and you can go and use the booths under 7mm if you’re interested swimming in cold water.
  • If you have smaller feet, they have an open heel foot pocket that can be adjusted using its straps and these fins can be use in dry suits or boots that neoprene.

8. Fins for Beuchat Mundial One

This fin is also best for an occasional freediver, beginner in diving and spearfisher fin

9. Fin for Bi-material

It has a foot pocket like Thermoplastic elastomer (50 Shore) and a blade using technopolymer. In the foot pocket tips and in the end of the blade, they built and integrated stabilizers and the combination of shape of the fins tail results to direct water flow and guiding the bladesbon. The water becomes easier and finstroke are more efficiently achieved. Mundial foot pocket technology is where footpocket efficiency and comfort are derived and with a reinforced step.

  • It has blade length of 61 cm and weights as 1100grams equivalent to 43/44
  • Sizes available for this fin are 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46

10. The fin of Sporasub Spitfire

Sporasub Spitfire Fin - Black - 41/42
  • Dual hardness foot pocket
  • Water rail system
  • Anti-slip pattern on heel
  • Available in: black
  • Available in 5 sizes

The thermoplastic rubber with dual different hardness is what the foot pocket of Sporasub fin are made from to get the best comfort and performance. The part of the fin that has a stiffness of 40 shore or durometer is colored blue and it means that there’s comfortable and soft contact in the ankle and toes. The 90-shore stiffness are colored with black part so that power can be transmitted to the board’s fin blade with no dispersion from the foot pocket. They have an anti-slip patterns on the heel so that it would be easy on walking in slippery areas and it was in the Spitfire features. Meanwhile, the blade that is non-vented detachable is made from 22”-degree angle blade made from polypropylebe plastic to eliminate skidding and improve the performance it has a 2-water rail greatly. The length of blade is 58.4 in meters and 23.4 in inches. The open toe design gives an additional comfort, while the heel tab for foot pocket is easy to grab making and doffing a breeze thus black is the color of their fins.

Fin of Sporasub Spitfire Women

  • Has a Dual Hardness Design of foot pocket
  • The Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) is what the foot pocket is made from
  • Best in Comfort and Performance are combined
  • Has a comfort of Ankle and Toes in soft 40 durometer
  • Foot Pocket Transmit Power to Blade w/o Dispersion through Hard 90 Shore (Durometer)
  • For Walking-On Slippery Surfaces it uses Anti Slip Heel Patterns
  • Has Non-Vented and Detachable Long Blade Design on fins
  • The material for blades is the Polypropylene Plastic
  • Eliminates Skidding & Greatly Improve Performance with its 2 Water Rails design
  • Includes 22° Degrees angle blade
  • Easy to Grab Making Doffing and donning a Breeze because of the heal tab
  • It Adds Comfort due to the top view design
  • Has a 23.4 inches or 59.4 cm blade length
  • Comes with color black

11. Picasso Speed Fins

Picasso fins foot pocket are very soft and comfortable on the foot because it has special and new natural rubber mix. The bits sole is harder so that all the power needed to push the blade will be transmitted. The blade work is flexible and works on its length because of the soft and flexible side rails. This kind of blade is very ideal for spots like stream or long surface dislocations because of its comfortable and reactive blade. For beginners this model is the recommended blade to use and same with softer blades fan.

  • Spear fishing and free diving are what their fins are designed for
  • Has a side rails optimize thrust which is soft and flexible
  • For beginners Softness and flexibility is good and ideal
  • Its blade is made with technopolymer plastic that is durable which weights 2.3 kilos and with a size of 85 cm length x 25cm width x 10 cm D
  • It has an open toe design model for added comfort to the diver
  • Has limited warranty of 24 months and has a multiple size for fins

Best Snorkeling Fins for Wide Foot Final Words

Choosing the best would be relative to the situation you are in and having a wider foot is no problem now. This brand offers you specialize adjustable fin for you and for women. They have an equivalent men sizes for you and you just have to reduce 2 sizes on your size to get suited fin size for you. Now, you’ll need to and where are you using it for is both for snorkeling and scuba diving. Do you prefer an open or close heel? Is it for regularly use or only for vacation? Here comes the trial and error part of your decision because fin sizes are different from shoe size on water. The condition may change your preferred one, so it is best recommended to try first the less expensive one of close and open heel model before jumping to luxurious fin. This way, you could conclude what you prefer most underwater.

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