How to Do Your First Surfskate Snap & Master it Easily?

Have you ever tried riding a surfskate? If yes, have you ever tried doing or pulling some stunts? If yes, have you ever perfected your moves? If yes, you are a pro to surfskating. But do you even know how does your body works in doing such complicated body movements?

How to Do Your First Surfskate Snap & Master it Easily? 1

Your movements on a surfskate are very complex. It is like a combination of commands turned into inputs in a computer at high speed.

Every time you make a move, your brain, specifically your neurons, send off an electrical signal to your body parts to coordinate your body movement—balance and reflexes. This ability of your brain to send off signal to your body parts to coordinate your movements is called “plasticity”.

Plasticity is a scientific term which defines how your brain strengthen the connection from one neuron to another—or even to a lot of neurons. It can even make new functional pathways.

This process requires a lot of time and practice. Starting from the bottom or scratch and as you get the hang of it, your body adapts and will be able to master the movement that you want to do. It is like a trial and error. From raw and unrefined movements to perfectly refined and precise ones.

Turning your muscle cortex into a high performing one makes your muscles remember the movements and at the same time, helps you perform better.

Once you have enough time to practice, your body parts are able to make or establish connections which will make your movements move familiar to it without exerting much effort. It is because your body parts remember the things you do.

Like a search history, the things that you do are recorded in your brain and can be retrieved anytime you want. Your movements will become more precise once you execute or practice them over time.

This process is called “flow.” It the creation of high peak performances that are executed over time and are perfected.

The snap is a type of movement basically from surfing. This maneuver is executed by making a radical turn on top of a great wave and making the back of the board skid or get out of the water. “Throwing the keels” is also another term being used to call this one.

But the thing is, the snap is not an easy-peezy task to do. You also need to learn some moves before you perform this one. You need to master the other two moves, namely: posture and pumping, and bottom turn.

In mastering these movements, you will be able to master the snap-in in an easier way that you could ever imagine.

Now, doing snap is something simple once you caught the trick. At first, it may seem difficult—or even impossible to do, but if you try practicing it over time, it will become a habit.

You might even actually do it unintentionally once you master this one, the snap. It will just become a snap of a finger.

Here are some steps for you to master this maneuver: First, you need to do a bottom turn first and climb up to the top of a wave that you are riding. Using surfskate, we will do the same, to do the most similar things that you can do to feel the surfing sensation.

Next, you need to do or make a bottom turn and then climb back up to the top of the wave. You must do a turn but with greater force than usual. Exerting a lot of force is badly needed. If you do not exert much force, you will not get to perform the maneuver properly.

The goal is for the rear wheels of your surfskate to slip. To do this, you must use flexion and extension. When you want to snap, you must extend your posture, put the weight more towards your front foot and give a “kick” with the rear foot causing the rear wheels to skid.


Surfskate snap is not an easy trick to do, especially when it is your first time to do it. This is why, before doing any surfskate tricks, you should have learned the basics of the surfskate board first because you should be used to using it and treating it as your own best friend.

Surfskate snap is a trick that should be done with caution because it involves the use of your balance, mindfulness, and ability to be flexible enough to avoid yourself in crashing to the ground.

If you are a beginner in surfskating, then you need an expert to supervise you on doing the surfskate snap. For you to achieve the perfect surfskate snap, you have to dedicate yourself to practice daily.

Since it will be your first days of practicing the types of surfskate snap that you will try to perform, you should be equipped with the proper protective gear like the helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.

Do not be ashamed of wearing them because it is for your own safety. It might be one of your dreams to perform a surfskate snap successfully, but it is still your safety that is the utmost priority.

You should also wear a pair of sneakers, a sweater and a jogging pants because you should be fully protected from bruises and cuts that your crashes can do to you.

The article above explains how doing a surfskate snap affects your body and muscular composition, so you should be knowledgeable of the points on your body that it emphasizes and you can develop them firmly and with flexibility on the course of learning a surfskate snap.

When you are still unsure of doing the surfskate snap, you can always observe the professionals who upload a tutorial online and also consult an expert from your friends or an adult surfer that you know.

Before performing a surfskate snap, know the movements, timing, proper body stance, proper surface to perform it on because the more you know, the less of having any unwanted circumstances.

You are your own captain of the surfskate board, so you should be the one to control your surfskate that is also your best friend, and not the other way around of it controlling you by your own fears and leading to your own demise.

You should try doing surfskate snap with your friends who also know how to do a surfskate snap for you to gather techniques on how to execute the surfskate snap in the easiest way.

Since you are going to commit yourself to practice on performing a surfskate snap, you should also be responsible for how you take care of your surfskate board.

Always check if your wheels are tiring out, your board is getting cracks or dents, and if you have a broken truck on the front and rear ends because they are crucial parts of your surfskate board for you to achieve great performances in doing your surfskate snaps.

It is also a hazard or danger if you left it unattended or dismissed it as something not to be alarming because it can negatively affect not only your surfskate snap but also your surfskate styles.

This is why you should check your surfskate if it is suitable to perform the surfskate snap because it potentially saves your life.

In the first thought of welcoming your dream of surfskating and doing any sorts of surfskate techniques like the surfskate snap, you should have chosen the best surfskate board that exists in the skateboard market.

As you are well aware of, you should treat your surfskate board as if your life depends on it, and it is certainly a fact.

If it is your first days of training to do surfskate snap with supervision, you should perform it only on a leveled surface, and not on pipes or ramps because you are still developing your stability on your feet stance, your way of feeling through your surfskate board and your surfskate maneuvers.

Performing a surfskate snap needs to have your knowledge on surfskate pumping, performing bottom turns and your body posture, so it is a combined work of practices from all of your basic knowledge on surfskating.

When you are truly determined and persevere every day to perform a surfskate snap, then you are one step closer to achieving that victorious surfskate snap that is only done by your body and surfskate board. When the day finally comes that you can perform the perfect surfskate snap, then you are now a pro in the surfer’s world.

Always bear in mind that the younger generation is looking upon you, so when they see how you have dedicated your time, effort, body and mind in the surfskating snaps, then you are their role model and will soon follow your path.

So stay committed to your passion of doing surfskate snaps because you are inspiring the next generation of surfskaters and also when that time comes, you should share how you do it on your practices so that they will have their surfskate snaps done easily, masterfully and inspired by you as a real surfskater.


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