Mastering Your Surfskate Pumping with These Tips & How-To

Have you ridden a surfskate before? Have you done some moves or maneuvers?

Mastering Your Surfskate Pumping with These Tips & How-To 1

Surfskate pumping is a skateboarding technique, move, maneuver (whatever you call it) is utilized to increase speed without the rider’s feet leaving the board. When you are about to perform pumping, you can do it by making a turn with or without transition.

It can be described when you perform pumping on a ramp, wherein you will experience riding your surfskate with an increase in your speed, without exerting any kind of effort. If you try to perform it in a longboard, it can also be described as doing pumping with an extra distance from your skateboard. In simple words, surfskate pumping is a maneuver or stunt that has similarities with surfboard pumps.

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Transition Pumping

There is another type of pumping. It is called transition pumping. This particular type of pumping is being executed when there is an existing space between the main and back wheels of the surfskate. Basically, it is only used on certain conditions which refer to the terrain you are doing the move.

When you are going to perform the transition pumping on an elevated surface, it will probably work on the tip of the elevated surface and also its lowest point. If you are going to perform on a large tubing, your transition pumping will potentially work at the top position of the flat regardless of how high it is.

When you ride your surfskate, you should do a maneuver that causes the truck of your board to exert any effort in a downhill position, on the elevated surface that you performed it, using mainly your surfskate’s wheels.

In the ramp’s highest point, your surfskate’s wheels on the main end should receive an added effort by your pushing motion, while at the same time, the lowest point of your trucks that is located at the back should also receive an added force by your pushing maneuver.

In the case of performing in a large tubing, the added force that you executed must also be focused on the main end of your surfskate’s trucks on the duration of your stunt or maneuver so that it will be successful. This is how you do the maneuver.

Flatland Pumping

In another type of pumping, which is flatland pumping, this type solely depends on how you exerted the right added effort or force to your maneuver for you to achieve a point of momentum in your surfskate course. It involves a lot of things in order to do a successive stunt or move.

One of the things that you can do is changing the position of where you exerted an added force or effort. At the same time, you can be in one with your surfskate’s performance that has a goal of achieving the momentum, such as doing a pivot, with a restriction of all your surfskate’s wheels leveled on the surface or floor.

If you perform this type of pumping with excellent timing, the right foot stance and the right kind of surface, your performance will be guaranteed as one of your best experiences on the course of your surfskate pumping. From a novice to a pro. You can achieve such results with enough time and practice.

Pumping Over Long Distances

Another type of pumping, which is the pumping over long distances, is performed with any long measure of distance from one point to another done with your surfskate or skateboard.

It is opposite with slalom pumping in which it is performed on distances that are not to a level of distant ones, involving cones that are with a range of 6 to 12 ft and is at most 100 in numbers.

Skateboard Stunt: the main end of the wheels receiving more effort and performing fake flights

Skateboarders in half-pipes and bowls have a need for speed. This is where the physics comes in. The faster they go, the higher they can fly up over the lip, the longer time than they have in the midair which helps in achieving greater heights.

It is not the best stunt or maneuver to perform, and if you wanted to do acrobat stunts such as McTwist or Caballerial, the fake flight with momentum kind of trick is required.

If you are in flat terrain, the most conventional and probably the easiest technique for having forced to speed up is to push off with one foot (you are comfortable using of course.)

But the physical structure, which is the curved details of half-pipes and bowls, presents a much more elegant, ideal, and most appropriate choice for the speed-hungry skater. This kind of maneuver or stunt is known as pumping.

To do the pumping, a skater needs to drop down into a crouch (to increase speed for mobility) while moving to the more-or-less flat bottom of the U-shaped bowl and/or pipe.

Then, as he or she enters the most curved part (slope is another term being used to describe it) of the ramp or bowl, called the transition, he or she needs to straighten his or her legs and to rise up. By increasing the mass in the centermost part of the body is the starting point of the arc, the skater gets energy.

Therefore, the stored energy is used in building up the momentum to execute the maneuver. Speed, precision, and timing are the things needed to do the technique.

Doing a pump while riding the skateboard in this way is very much similar to make a great move on a swing. To make the swing go up to a higher point, you need to lift your legs as you go through the lowest part of the swing’s arc, then release them all at the highest peak of the arch.

When you practice on this type of stunt or movement every day, you are saving minimal ranges of your energy that also allows you to perform a swing that is slightly elevated than your previous ones. The gravity is also a contribution to such results.

If you are looking at it through the principles of physics, such as the three motion laws of Isaac Newton, your addition of speed coming from any kind of surfskate pumping is the outcome of both your exerted energy and work on the stunt performed.

By the time you go into the arc’s bottom, it would be difficult for the centripetal force to bring you up. This system of lifting yourself altogether equates to a net energy gain. This increase just means more speed and higher swings or ramps towards the top.

4 Ways to Pumping the Surfskate


When you perform surfskate pumping, you should always practice first in order to achieve your best performance. Never try to do the most dangerous ones when you know you are not prepared enough to execute it.

Surfskate pumping is great in giving you a great mood and feelings of being proud, but it is also a risky stunt to do. If you are afraid to do it at first, observe experts that do surfskate boarding online or on your circle of friends.

When you are going to perform surfskate pumping, always be with your surfskate buddies because they will also look out for you and teach you the best techniques to ease the surfskate pumping.

The article above is for you to understand and be more aware of performing a surfskate pumping, in which it is also explained on a scientific level. When you are still unsure if you can do a surfskate pumping, do not be ashamed of wearing a protective gear such as helmet, elbow pad, and knee pad.

There is no shame in wearing them, especially the helmet, because it will potentially save your life from accidents especially on your head or skull.

Your passion for doing a surfskate pumping will be greatly achieved when you practice every single day, and one day you will become the model to your young generation, so your hard work and determination will be the key to your surfskate pumping success.

You should always be aware of your surroundings. Know the location of where you are about to perform the surfskate pumping that you want because the potential dangers of unknown locations also exist.

Your love for surfskate pumping will be seen by the younger ones who look up at you in your daily practice, so be mindful of the stunts that you will do. Since they are still young, they may perform what stunts you pull and might injure them in the course.

It’s best to instruct them not to do it at home or even when they are unsupervised. Surfskate pumping definitely looks cool on you when you have the perseverance to perfect it. There is a point in your life where you need to make the biggest leap to achieve the greatest outcome.

So, if you always continue to practice with caution and mindfulness of the kind of technique that you want to perform, then your biggest leap in life may be that aerial momentum you will achieve with smooth finishing on the surface. By that point on, you are now a role model of the surfskate pumping.

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How to pumping on the surfskate

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