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Have you ever heard about surf skating? Well, some may have just heard of it for the first time, but actually, it had been known and done for many years. Its popularity was also the reason why there is a dedicated place for it, called surfskate park. Let’s know more about this awesome activity or perhaps turn it into a hobby?

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Surf+Skate: Knowing More about Surfskate

Surfskate refers to a skateboard designed to do surfing on the street or to a surfskate park. We all know that you are probably thinking about –surfing is done on waves and not on the street. Well, that is indeed true, but since it is not yet surfing season, but you want to practice your surfing skills, you can use this type of skateboard to practice. This special skateboard has a special front truck that will enable the skater to do movements just like what you are doing when you are surfing.

The Surfskate truck’s turning dynamics allow easy and short maneuverable turns similar to what you are doing in surfing. With this board, you don’t need to stay inactive for the off-season as you can now practice your skills without even waiting for that surfing season. Some people might probably be asking about the possibility of using this board even if you are not inclined to surfing. Well, even if you have nothing to do with surfing, (but you are free to do so) no worries, you have all the freedom to ride a surfskate. Also, the movements that are done here are easy to learn and intuitive.

Where Can You Surfskate?

Surf skate riding is an exciting activity for people who wanted to “surfing movements” even not in the water, for people who wanted to level up their love skating thus doing surf skate, or this s also for people who wanted to learn and is ready to embrace surf skate into their lives. Whichever of those types given you may be, you have all the freedom to do what you love. So, where can you learn or enjoy this skateboard surfing or surf skate riding?

Well, wherever you are, we are sure that there is a surfskate park that you can practice. You can also visit your local skatepark to perform different styles, surf skateboard riding, and other movements. If ever your place didn’t have a special spot for surfskate, no worries, you can always look for a place to call it a Surfskate park.

Aside from skate parks, you can pump on your riding movements on roads with less or no traffic at all –it would be safer in that way. Also, if it in case you can’t find those places mentioned, you want to enhance your surfing skills before the surf season starts; you can always ride on your surfskate around your place. Being able to skate wherever you are, there is no more reason for you not to enhance your skills and enjoy surf skate riding.

Longboards vs. Surfskates – The Difference

Since it will allow you to do surfing-like movements, it is no longer surprising to know that it is sometimes compared or even mistaken for longboards. Well, some might say that they have similarities, especially on the shape or length of their board or deck. While longboards may incorporate styles such as “freestyle” and “dancing,” in which the rider may be using skateboard-like motions but Surfskate is on a different level.

With Surfskate, it will offer you a unique way of riding this board. It has the surfing-like motions, unlike the motions that you have with longboards or skateboard. Also, because of the surfskate’s trucks, you can do lots of possible movements. You can even perform the “pumping” movement tilting movement of your toe towards your heel. With this, the weight is being shifted, enabling you to build your speed while on board. The “carving” is also an exciting movement that you can do with this board.

With this Surfskate board, you will be able to have the best rides and even get faster without even bothering to lift your feet on the street. It is impossible to do this ride or movement in longboards. If we are to discuss who can have much more maneuverable, let’s say that Surfskate trucks will give you more radii and allow great movements even at a very tight curve.

Riding a Surfskate: A Beginner’s Guide

Even the professionals have started their journey as a beginner. For those who are newbies out there, you need to learn first the basics. One of the crucial things that you should have is to get your own board. Here are the following things to be considered:

  • Surf skates will give you lots of fun, but to get started using it is not that easy.
  • There are surf skates that are more stable compared to those well-known brands. Make sure to choose the one that is suitable to your needs as a beginner.
  • If you just wanted to only ride on the small parking lot, on your small yard, or driveway, then it is just reasonable to get a surf skate. This type of board will enable you to make tight turns, especially in those places mentioned above. Never get the classic longboards if you will be having the ride on places with limited space.
  • Don’t get a surf skateboard if you like to ride it down hills, commuting, traveling, or even long-distance cruising. If that will be the case, you should be getting yourself with a longboard.

There you have it- some of the things to consider in getting your board. If you have already get your first surf skateboard, then it is time to learn how to ride it.

  1. Get comfortable – you need to learn how to be comfortable, be loose, and be confident with what you are doing.
  2. Practice proper standing or stance – make sure to stand the same way as to how you will stand on a surfboard. This means that you should not step both of your feet in the middle of the board. You should spread your feet a bit wider than your shoulders. Make sure always to ride or place your back foot on the tail and your front foot on the front truck as well.
  3. Activate your surfing brain – as you are properly standing on the surf skate, it is now time to make some movement. Take note that this board that you are riding is designed to give you turns and flows similar to what you will have and do with a surfboard. Your mindset is the key here –think of surfing instead of the water; you are doing the surfing movements on an asphalt surface.
  4. Surf the road – be mindful of the road you are heading. Make sure to look where you are going to and let your mind and eyes to lead the way.

There you have it – the steps on how to ride your surf skate, but wait, there is more to this surf skating beginner’s guide. It is because we will give you the basic movements that every beginner should learn about. These are:

  • Pumping – this one of the important aspects that you should learn when you start surfskate riding. Pump or pumping enables the skater or rider to do nearly an infinite momentum. Remember that whether you are already on the surfboard or you are riding your surfskate, you can’t do the “pump” with only your feet. You need to do the movement using your entire upper body as well as your legs. This will draw the board in each direction. To pump, you will need to produce speed by performing a slight snaking motion. This motion is made by swinging your shoulders from left to right and push off your feet in each turn.
  • Carving – another important movement in surfskate riding, this will require you to make a proper body motion and flowed out. You might be thinking that once you go on a carve, you will just be doing the tip like what others are doing when they are skateboarding – but no, it is different. In surf skate, you should do it the same way as to what you will do when you are surfing. You need to “throw” your body into the turn and look into the direction where you are going to. When you are ready to turn, swing your shoulder to that direction at the same time, you might want to tip the rails– not just by your feet but with the help of your entire upper body.
  • Sliding – you might need to do speed checks. These are little slides or slopes where you are going downhill. First, you need to do a slight turn and then turn back to switch direction. In switching direction, you will need to kick out with your back foot, extending your legs out. This enables you to keep the board moving or sliding.

These are the basic movements that will help you to get started in surf skate riding. Once you master these basics, it is now the perfect time to do fun and advance movement. Just always remember to be in a proper stance to make sure your position is secure, avoiding any miscalculated moves and mistakes while you are making the ride.

Benefits of Surf Skate Ride

From the previous paragraph, we have probably mentioned how similar surfskate is to surfing. Well, it is already obvious in the name because it has “surf” in it and that it is just like you are doing surfing but with a use of aboard on an asphalt road. It was also said that it would help surfers to be in shape before the surf season starts. Rather than being inactive because there is no “surf,” this type of skateboard will help surfers to stay active and conditioned.

Aside from keeping oneself active, in what way can it benefit us, surfers? Well, the following will explain the benefits that it brings to one doing the surf skate ride:

  • It improves balance on the surf skateboard – the position that we should be doing should be the same as to what we do when we are on our surfboard. The compression, body incline, extension of knees, and even the positioning of our feet will help us do the pumping like what we do when we are on our surfboard. Practicing this important position makes it even reasonable for people to recommend using the surf skate over longboards or skateboard.
  • It helps you get into a better style – when we talk about improving one’s surf style, it would mean that you will need to spend more and more hours over the waves to perfect it. But since surf season may just be for a short period, this leaves us to only a shorter time to improve our style. No worries, because today we have better ways to improve it. Through surf skate riding, we get to have more time and even place to practice or enhancing our surf style. Also, it would be easy to record your movement on video than when you are doing in water. You can just imagine how many surfers are there during the surf season, and taking a video might be impossible for you.
  • It enhances your coordination – Pumping, cut back, top turn, and bottom turns are the important maneuvers that you should learn before you learn the more advanced movement. Also, in surfing, it isn’t just the feet, you involve your entire body to make the movement and ride with those waves. So, with proper coordination, everything will be good.
  • Better posture for good behavior – did you know that your body posture can influence your behavior of the surfboard? Well, it might be an inanimate object, but when you don’t have the proper stance, chances are you will not get any movement right. To achieve this proper posture, all you need to do is to have your upper body and should be rotated or leaning slightly over the board’s nose, your arms should be loose, but the hands should be pointing forward. Also, keep your knees to be slightly bent and feet apart. Once you have mastered this posture, it will be n easy fix when you are already on a surfboard.
  • It is a fun activity – you are not just doing this to improve more of your surfing skills but also to have fun even if it is not yet surf season. The offseason for surfing might have caused you sadness before but not anymore as you can do surfing movement even not on the water.

Surfing does not just depend on perfecting a technique; it is all about the experience and knowledge that a surfer has earned through years of practice. No wonder that many athletes to consider it as one of the hardest sports. With surfskate, you get to improve not just your surfing techniques but your life as a whole.



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