5 Tips to Help You Riding Surfskate in Town Even More Fun!

Are you ready to ride your surfskate in town? We don’t know if it is already surf season in your place or not, but there is one thing that we are sure about – you don’t need to wait for those waves to practice your surfing skills. You might be thinking of hitting the roads or parks with your skateboards or longboards. Well, you can do skating, but if you are a surfer and missed surfing, you might want to learn how to ride a surfskate.

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5 Tips to Help You Riding Surfskate in Town Even More Fun! 1

What is this surfskate all about? Similar to what longboards and skateboards are used for, this is a type of board that is used to replicate the surfing movement on land. Instead of riding your board above waves, you are riding it on an asphalt surface of streets or parks.

How is it possible that it will enable you to replicate your surfing movement using this type of skateboard? A surfskate has a special front truck and turning dynamics that will help you make those surfing moves. You might probably be thinking that even the traditional skateboard or longboard also have these dynamics and that no need to get a surfskate to do so. Well, those types of boards may share similar characteristics, but the unique thing about surfskate is that it is suitable for your surfing moves.

Another great thing for having a surfskate is that you will no longer be sad when it isn’t the surf season. It is because you can now improve your skills in surfing with the help of surfskate.

Tips for Awesome Surfskate in Town

We all know how riding surfskate in town can be fun and exciting. We bet that you are ready to express your excitement with surfskate – chill; you need to take it slow. We all know how excited you all but are you sure you are all ready for this activity?

Surf skate will give you a unique experience – everyone is saying that it is far more exciting than just regular skating. Some may beg to defer, but you will not know how it feels unless you have tried it yourself. Here are five awesome tips:

Tip #1 Know Thy Self

The word “surfing” is really noticeable from the previous paragraphs. Well, surfskate is all about doing surfing even if you are not on top of the big waves – but it doesn’t just end there. It may be the main purpose, but it doesn’t mean that it is just solely for those surfers. This type of outdoor activity is for everyone who wanted to experience the fun and exciting ride on a surfskate. If you know to yourself that you are confident to try surfskate riding, then it is confirmed – you know what you want, and you will enjoy this activity.

But wait, there’s more to just being confident or wanting to do this awesome activity. If you are already a surfer, the chances are that this will be a fun training for you when there is no surf. Surfskate is indeed a great tool for learning since the body motion that you will be doing while riding it is similar to what you are doing while surfing. This is an awesome time for you to enhance more of your skills.

If you are already a longboard skateboarder, it may be expected that you have prior knowledge about it. It may include knowing various riding styles, such as freestyle, freeride, downhill, and others. Carving and pumping are among the basic movements for riding a surfskate. The difference with longboards is that it has a turn-y front truck, and it may involve deep body weight shifts to do those movements. If these basic movements are your thing, then you don’t have any problem with riding surfskate.

Tip #2 Proper Stance is the Key

For those who are a surfer or have been riding their longboards or skateboard for a long time, it is expected that you have known and developed the proper stance or proper posture. But for those newbies here, no worries, you will definitely learn and master it. As a surfskate beginner, things might be a little difficult – but just will be in the first stages of your ride. When you get used to it, everything will be easier.

One best tip that every surfskate beginner should remember, the best way to ride it is not by skating, you should surf it. Whatever position you are leading your body, like your head, arms, and even hips, the board also follows. If you are leaning the right, your board will also follow your movement and will go that direction.

That surfskate tip might be a little confusing, but if you decide to surf it and not skate, you can just thank yourself later. It is just natural for someone to ride a surfskate board just like what we are doing with a conventional board. It is what our instincts are telling us – this isn’t a bit helpful to what we are trying to establish here. By doing that, your body will become rigid, and you will have a wobbly foot – this might mean being nowhere near to your target, but it always happens to beginners.

With this, it is important to be comfortable with this unique board. For better posture, you need to let yourself loose, be relaxed, and be confident with yourself. The next thing that you should do is the proper body and foot position. Step your front foot on the board’s front bolts while you should be stepping your back foot in the board’s tail or “pocket.” As time goes by, you will find yourself finding the foot position that you are comfortable with, but in the meantime, as a beginner, you need to follow the basics.

Proper stance is important as it enables you to be in a comfortable position to do the basic surfskate movement. Also, you might need to spread out your arms out wide to do the turns. When you have finally mastered the posture and feet position, you can now move on to the next step – and that is learning the basic technique in surfskate riding.

Tip #3 Master the Basics

As you confidently balance yourself on the board, you will now be able to move further, or should we say “ride further,” doing the basic surfskate movements. What are these basics, you ask? Well, we have pumping and carving, top turn, bottom turn, snap and cutback, and many more. Which of these basics should you learn first?

Usually, carving and pumping are the first ones that every beginner should learn. Surf skateboards are created for these moves – this is also the reason why they are also called as the “carver boards.” The surfskate boards have a unique part that will allow the rider to make even the extremely short turning radius that you can never do with longboards. Its swiveling front truck will enable you to make a carving even on tight turns. So, if there are slalom and tight corners on the training obstacles or in some places of surfskate in town, you make that right turn, easy-peasy.

Still, with the help of this special front truck, you can also do the “pumping” riding moves. This move is made with the upper body movement or rotation – this means you need to do a forward momentum with your head, arms, and upper body. This will help you accelerate the board from your heels to your toe edge. Another unique aspect of this move is that you can “pump” your way uphill even in a still position? Well, this is incredible, and it is only, or even a few regular longboards can make you do it. So, practice more of these basics, and you will be making these awesome moves confidently.

Tip #4 Step on it to Stop

You have probably learned and even master the proper stance as well as the basic movement – this time, you need to learn how to stop it. Well, it is not totally stopping yourself from this exciting ride of your life but to make a stop to avoid any mistake or epic fall, rolling on the grass. Through this type of board, you are able to replicate the surfing movements that before, you can only do in the water. Depending on the place where you are surfskate riding, it is important to learn how to brake. This is better than expecting yourself to have a slip or fall on the ground.

Due to the special truck system that a surfskate has, stopping it isn’t the same as what you usually do with your longboards or regular skateboards. Some would advise making the “stop” on flat surfaces, but what if you are running downhill? Well, it is safe to cut off the momentum while you can. This can be done by slowing down the ride to safely take off or straight your right foot and runoff from it. You can just jump off to the nearest area or spot with grass on. Places with grasses may not be a good runway for your surfskate, but it is always the best place to roll over and avoid yourself from hitting the asphalt road or surface.

Tip #5 Share the Fun of Surfskate Riding with Friends

One of the benefits that you will be getting from surfskate riding is that it is super fun and enjoyable. This activity will be even more enjoyable and memorable by sharing the fun with your surfskate friends. Riding this type of board is super fun and addicting – as you get the hang of it, you will get addicted to it. Don’t just keep the surfskate addiction only to yourself – it is best when shared.

Surfskate riding isn’t just an activity that will improve your surfing skills; it also improves your social life with important people around you. Through this, you can even have your chance to learn something new from your friends. So, bring your favorite board with you, call your friends, and have an enjoyable surfskate in town.

There you have it – the top five tips to make your surfskate ride fun and memorable. From these tips, you must have adequate knowledge about it before doing it. There may be a nerve-cracking moment for every beginner, especially in this kind of activity, but when you get used to it, it will be easier and enjoyable for you.

Before You Say Yes For A Surfskate Ride…

You need to choose the best surfskate board so that this will ensure that you will be enjoying surfskate. From the various companies manufacturing this kind of boards, always go for the one that is suitable to your needs. Choose the one that many skaters or riders have used and can vouch for its quality. You can always check on Google to do a simple research before purchasing it.

If you have ever purchased the best one for yourself, basic care comes next. You may have the means to purchase another one, but that will mean re-teaching yourself how to use it for the first time. Before you set on adventurous surfskate ride with your friends, always make it a point of doing a basic maintenance with your board. You can do the following:

  • Adjust your board’s wheels. You may want to tighten it up a little bit, but not too much just to make sure that the wheels are not dancing too much.
  • Screw the board’s pivot bolt to avoid breaking the axis.
  • Tighten the screws that connect the axes to the board’s deck. Vibrations can loosen up your board screws. So, better check out for those loose and tighten them.
  • Check, dismount, and clean the bearings. Cleaning your surfskate will lengthen its years of usage or service.
  • Salty water is not good for your board – clean it only with oil. It might look cool when you wash your board with seawater while you are at a surfskate in town, but you are just doing things you will regret later. Never wash it with seawater. Clean the dismounted bearings with oil.

Doing the basic maintenance procedure may mean spending a few hours with your board – others might not like it. But for those who cherish their boards the way they cherish the surfskate riding moments he had, he or she will never think of it as annoying produce but rather the best way to care for your surfskate board and your awesomeness.



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