10 Surfing Movies on Netflix That Any Surfer Should Watch

Surfers don’t only get inspiration from famous riders, fellow surfers, and riding a surfboard. You can watch movies online and get surfing ideas there. Do you like streaming movies? Then, why not watch surfing movies on Netflix now?

Netflix is a popular streaming service allowing you to watch movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more! You can access Netflix on your smartphone or iOS devices and enjoy movie streaming. (Take note: Netflix only offers a one-month free trial. When the trial expires, you need to pay for the service.)

Since we’re talking about surfing, is it awesome to watch surfing movies on Netflix with your family and friends?

Well, here are a few reasons why surfers should watch movies on Netflix:

Commercial Free

Ads showing up while watching a movie suck! How many times did you experience interruptions watching a film because of annoying ads? You can’t even count the commercials.

Don’t worry because Netflix is ads-free! If you like to watch surf movies without any interruption, Netflix is the best place to visit. (Take note: the no ads advantage goes with your free subscription.)


Netflix subscribers feel happy and comfortable streaming movies on Netflix. Why? Netflix is user-friendly. If you have a computer, you can go to the No worries if you don’t have a laptop or computer at home.

Surfers can still watch surfing movies using their tablets and android devices. You download the Netflix app for android or iOS, and you’re ready to go. After you log in, you can browse by name or genre. Type “surfing movies” in the search box and the list of surfing films are ready for watching. Click “Play” and enjoy the surfing movie of your choice.

High Quality Originals

Netflix is a treasure chest of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Surfers who want to find original surfing content can stream or watch these on Netflix. You’re welcome and free to watch original surfing films and documentaries.

Visit the Netflix library and be ready to watch the surfing movie of your choice. Who knows, you might like a few surfing movies and add these to your favorites. Endless discoveries await surfers in streaming movies on Netflix.

Download Movies and Watch These Online

Surfers go to different regions to surf. Some places might not have a stable internet connection, so how can you watch surfing movies?

Thanks to the download content and watch offline option, surfers can still watch their favorite surfing movies. You and your friends can watch films about surfing anytime on Netflix. So, enjoy your surf travels and stream surfing films anytime.

Great Experience

No doubt about it! Netflix offers the best surfing movies you can watch on HD and Ultra HD. You choose a membership plan of your choice to enjoy watching surfing movies anytime. Make sure you have a decent internet connection while watching films.

Feel free to create a list of surfing movie favorites. Don’t forget that you can also explore new surfing content each time you visit Netflix.

Now that you know the reasons why surfers need to watch movies on Netflix, we come to the main topic of this article:

10 Surf Movies on Netflix that Surfers Should Watch

Netflix is part of people’s everyday life. Whether you’re a surfer or not, you watch movies, stream TV programs, and documentaries on Netflix.

The US entertainment giant continues to add surfing movies in its catalogue. But which among these surfing films should surfers watch? We narrowed down your choices with these top 10 surf films from Netflix.


10 Surfing Movies on Netflix That Any Surfer Should Watch 1

Doug Pray’s isn’t the average surf film you watch on Netflix. The film’s “Reject Normal” tagline people’s attention (viewers and surfers alike). You can see that in the lifestyle of Doc Paskowitz and his family.

Paskowitz decides to leave the traditional life and hit the road riding a 24-foot camper van. Juliette, his wife, and nine children follow Dorian as he teaches family, “Wisdom from experience.” The documentary film shows abandonment for conventional living. Dorian teaches and enforces healthy eating and daily surfing.

Watch Surfwise, and you would discover why Dorian rejects the normal lifestyle. You would also know why surfing is practiced in the film. Get ready for discoveries!

Lakey Peterson, Zero to 100

10 Surfing Movies on Netflix That Any Surfer Should Watch 2

The Psalm opening might be a little scary, but don’t let it fool you. The life of Lakey Peterson is inspiring for male and female surfers. The documentary film shows the highs and lows of surfing. (Honestly, you would see more of the lows in this film.)

Peterson’s commitment and drive for success are admirable. She lost three times in different surfing competitions but still became victorious in the end. But her victory in the US Women’s Open wasn’t easy. The sickness of her family friend Daisy Merrick impedes her victory. But Peterson won, and she dedicates her win to Merrick.

Even if you’re not a surfer, the film’s opening and storyline would still get your attention. Peterson’s life and struggles as s surfer leave a mark that every hardship there’s a victory. You can see that and more in this inspirational film.

Blue Crush

10 Surfing Movies on Netflix That Any Surfer Should Watch 3

The film is all about friendship and the reality of surfing. Anna Marie (played by Kate Bosworth) prepares for The Pipe Masters and gains help from her friend Eden (played by Michelle Rodriguez).

Blue Crush is entertaining, inspiring, and comical. You would discover how each character resolves the problems in their life. The characters display commitment and sincerity to resolve their own issues.

But the film wouldn’t be complete with a little romance. Ana Marie falls in love with Matt, a football player. Hence, expect that you would enjoy watching this surf film. Let the movie entertain you through its interesting storyline and characters.


10 Surfing Movies on Netflix That Any Surfer Should Watch 4

Get ready to follow the Goodwin family in their journey to fifteen different countries each year. Given, the 6-year-old child of Aamion and Daize Goodwin is the narrator of the film. The family starts their journey from their house, then to Iceland, Nepal, and then Peru.

The film shows surfers the different ways people live and how the family chooses to follow their decisions. The interesting storyline draws attention to viewers (and of course, surfers). You would learn to appreciate the wisdom in the eyes of young Given.

Young and old surfers can gain inspiration from the Goodwin family. Since the movie shows everyday living, no doubt that you get values and lessons that help you surpass the struggles of life.

Given its more than a surf film because you learn to appreciate the beauty of life despite it’ s many struggles. Give this movie a try, and you would love how the story unfolds towards the end. Given is a must-watch movie not for surfers but families also.

Under the Arctic Sky

10 Surfing Movies on Netflix That Any Surfer Should Watch 5

Six surfers and a photographer embark on a journey in search of unknown waves. The film displays a thrilling idea of what it’s like when a surfer searches for the unknown. The team enters Hornstrandir, where there are only three hours of sunlight each day. The group has to face violent winter thunderstorms and, worse, below zero temperatures.

But the brutal thunderstorms are the reasons why the team takes the dangerous adventure. Unfortunately, the group isn’t successful in their attempts to catch a wave. The expedition ends in disaster as the strongest storms arrive.

Despite the failed mission, the group of surfers doesn’t abandon their quest for the unknown. If you observe Under an Arctic Sky, it shows courage and determination in facing problems in life. A good example is the surfer’s life – riders catch waves and sometimes not.

The film teaches the value of courage and passion in following one’s dream. Whether that dream is unknown or not, we shouldn’t give up finding it. Beginners would get inspiration from the film so that they can strive hard to improve their surfing skills.

Under the Arctic Sky deserves your attention. So, come and watch this movie on Netflix, and you would be satisfied. The film’s ending is inspiring!

Surf’s Up

Here’s an animated surf movie this time, and it tells the story of a promising surfer, Cody Maverick. Cody plans to enter the Surf championship and win. For him, winning the competition earns him the respect and recognition Cody wants.

That idea changes when he meets an old surfer. In the later part, Cody discovers that a true winner doesn’t always come first.

Yes, Surf’s Up is ideal for kid surfers, but adults could learn from it too. The film’s storyline is interesting and capture’s young and pro surfer’s attention. You would also discover values and moral lessons in the animated film.

Most surfers would relate to Cody and his qualities. But the good thing is you will learn from your mistakes. Aspiring surfers make many mistakes, but they have the chance to correct those mistakes. You would also learn and realize the real value of winning.

Also, Surf’s Up has interesting and fun characters that you would love. Cody, for example, is admiring despite his goal to gain attention and respect. The movie’s ending is inspiring and life-changing, so both kids and adults would get a lesson from it.

If you love to see surf animated film, Surf’s Up is an ideal film for you! Some surfers who aren’t fun of animated films would still love to see this movie. Come and enjoy Surf’s Up with your family and friends.


The Patagonia and Malloy Brother’s team-up brings surfers an inspiring documentary about people and their connection with the ocean. You can see surfers, divers, fishermen, and women in the film. Surfers would know the natural connection of people with the ocean.

Viewers would love the beautiful location in the film. FishPeople doesn’t end there. Well, you would observe (after watching the film) that it has an environmental message. (Surfers would learn to appreciate surfing and the natural environment by watching this movie.)

Be surprised to see how different people make a living and how to find your own passion. FishPeople give you the inspiration to go out and see the world.

FishPeople is an ideal film for people who love the ocean and of course, aspiring and pro surfers alike.


After watching Resurface, you would realize the healing properties of surfing. The movie focuses on how surfing can heal war veterans. You can see that in Bobby Lane’s life. He realizes how surfing heals and makes a change in a person’s life.

Resurface is a moving and innovative film that shows the healing impact of surf not only on war veterans but also on the life of other people.

Watch this movie, and you wouldn’t regret how and why surfing can change your lifestyle.

The Endless Summer

One of the iconic surf films of the 6os, The Endless Summer, is a must-watch. The movie follows the lives of two surfers who set out on a journey to catch waves. Surfers would learn what it’s like chasing the unknown when they watch this film.

For many surfers, The Endless Summer is a masterpiece and work of art. This movie deserves your attention, and you would be satisfied watching it.

Beyond the Break

Okay, Beyond the Break isn’t a surf movie but a series. But it deserves to be on this list due to its interesting storyline and of course, the main characters’ goal for professional surfing stardom.

Beyond the Break, send eye-catching attention to the four mean girls with waves. The story and character portrayal might not impress most surfers. But the fun and excitement the series are hilarious in a way.

Why not give Beyond the Break a try and experience a different take on surfing. Don’t miss the appearance of Kim Kardashian in Season 3!

The surfing movies on Netflix gives you not only entertainment but also lessons and values. These movies pack a punch if you like fun, enjoyment, and lessons while owning a surfboard. So, come now, visit Netflix, and be entertained by these fantastic surf movies.

Let the movie marathon begin! Enjoy!



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