Unless You Don’t Know, Surfing Could Damage Your Ears

Surfing is a sport in which you are riding a surfboard on waves in a prone or upright position. When you surf, you’ll have to catch the wave in order for you to glide over the surface of the water on the ocean until the wave loses its energy and breaks. If you are a beginner, you can start learning to surfboard on the whitewater part of a wave. Surfing is popular and it never stopped growing until now.

Unless You Don’t Know, Surfing Could Damage Your Ears 1

There is a risk to be faced in every sport you try. In surfing, there is this what you called a surfer’s ear that you could get while surfing. This is a case where there will be a bone growth in your ear. You will get this effect if you are having a prolonged contact with cold water. To avoid having surfer’s ears, you should use earplugs. Surfer’s ear is also known for exostosis.

This is a condition that is caused mainly by cold wind and water. The longer you are exposed to adverse weather condition the higher the possibility of getting this. This is what happens; your ear canal traps the water and wax and then it gets constricted where this will lead to developing infections, even otitis, and much worst, you can be deaf. Exostosis is possibly gotten of a surfer at any age. So to avoid acquiring this condition you need to use earplugs to protect your ears.

It is really important to wear earplugs when you go surfing. Yes, any surfer could say that it is enjoyable to wear earplugs in the water but thinking of all the possible consequences, if you do not protect your ears it is very much terrifying since it could become serious cases.

If you would not use earplugs and have a surfer’s ears, you could possibly be admitted to a hospital and undergo a gruesome surgery so that the bone growth inside your ears. The healing span of that will probably be around six weeks without engaging in any surfing activities for the time being. So, if you do not wish this to happen to you then use earplugs every time you go surfing.

What are earplugs really? Generally, it is thought to be plugged for the ears to keep the noise out but talking about surfer’s earplugs, it is entirely a different one. Modern earplugs for surfers mostly allows the noise to go in while it keeps the water out.

Use top-rated earplugs to ensure that it will give your ear the protection that it needs from the water. This is to avoid contamination or avoid affecting your ears when exposed a lot to sand, dirt, debris, cold water and saltwater. Earplugs are to be used by surfers to provide the best protection needed for your ears.

Since you will need earplugs for your surfing experiences, try finding out what earplugs will be best for you. Below is the list of the recommended best earplugs:

Doc’s Pro Plugs. This earplug protects your ears by means of keeping in the canal a warm pocket of air and also it leaves most cold water out without obstructing balance and hearing. This earplug helps in to prevent inner and outer ear infection. Doc’s Pro Plugs, when used, can prevent water from entering your ear down to twenty feet of depth on the water.

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These earplugs have a Scott’s valve where it allows your ears to equalize as easy as it can and it lets the sound in. These earplugs are vented which allows equalization. These earplugs are made out of soft hypoallergenic plastic. It is reusable and latex-free. It becomes more flexible when it is already warmed by your ears’ temperature and it has memory properties in order to form fit to an individual’s ear auricle. Most of the doctors recommend these earplugs since it is good for swimming or bathing and with extreme water sports like surfing.

Once these earplugs are fitted correctly on your ears, it will then form a watertight seal that contours with the movement of your jaw. With that and in addition, the memory properties of this pro plugs, it provides an excellent seal which will never be possible to be duplicated with a hard molded, silicone putty or with foam. Doc’s Pro Plugs are designed and also distributed by a doctor who is engaging also in surfing.

This product is committed to providing the best quality for ultimate ear protection for all of the athletes on water sports. Because of its invaluable properties, these earplugs are very beneficial to you since it will protect your ear from any damages and also will help you prevent a long-term hearing loss. You don’t have to worry about its property since it is designed to be long lasting, non-invasive and inexpensive. In addition, they are ready to wear and is easily self-fitted.

Surf Ears 3.0. These earplugs let the sound in and keep the water out. You can customize them for you to find a secure and comfortable fit for your ear since these earplugs have changeable parts and also comes in different sizes. They are very suitable for swimming, white water kayaking, wakeboarding, diving, surfing, and other water activities.

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It utilizes a unique acoustic sight which is explicitly developed for blocking out the water, the dirt and bacteria, cold air, and other elements that are known for creating usual issues such as bone growth on your ear canal or ear inflammation. This earplug is designed from Sweden by engineers and surfers, which had to undergo some superior improvements in order to enhance its overall design, fit and function.

There is important stuff you must know about Surf Ears 3.0.

  • First, it comes with amazing fit.
  • Second, these earplugs are sure to be easy to use.
  • Third, this is very comfortable.
  • And last, it is sealed tightly.

This earplug has enhanced its acoustics for improved listening so you could still be connected to your surroundings or environment. Some independent tests had proven that Surf Ears 3.0 so far have the superior performance if you compare it with other earplugs. In terms of the frequency range of human speech, these earplugs have a close to zero acoustic loss.

It has a slightly smaller core which increases the product’s size range and then there is a protective rib that has been added in order for it to not be pushed forward on to the ear canal. It also comes with adjustable ear tips which will allow you for further customization on how far you want the tips to sit in your ear canal. This earplug also has an upgraded leash that you can easily attach and remove from the plug avoiding for it to get tangled. You can also observe its enhanced design where the left and right earplugs are color-coded, along with it is a premium silicone case with a magnetic closure for easy and safe storage.

JBL Hydro Seals. This was a product developed by JBL, an American audio equipment company. These earplugs are the most advanced aqua plug on the market. This has an exclusive feature, Hocks Noise Braker technology which allows them to perform beyond and above the standard of an

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earplug. If you are looking for protection keeping your inner ear dry and can still be able to hear the outside world, you should use these hydro seals. This earplug is good for those who go for diving, surfing, and water enthusiasts. Hydro Seals utilizes advanced multi-baffle design to protect your ear from water that would possibly enter your ear canal.

Thanks to Hocks Noise Braker technology, a system that creates a force-field like a barrier preventing water from reaching the inner ear without being completely sealed. As a result, sounds can come in while the pressure from the water intrusion is being prevented. Use Hydro Seals which has various benefits. It exceedingly reduces the chances of infection because it keeps the bacteria from growing on a stagnant inner ear water.

Temporary loss of equilibrium will be stopped by using hydro seals. Since this earplug seals out cold air and water, it also reduces the chance of having exostosis. This earplug is also highly recommended by doctors. It comes with three sizes: large, medium, and small. The size of your conchal bowl or the outer ear canal will determine the size of the earplugs for you, still, remember that medium size fits most of the people. Even with this earplug’s design, regular sound waves are still being allowed to pass through it.

Mack’s Aquablock. This earplug is made out and silicon and it was promised to have an increased sealing ability. The earplugs are reusable and washable which can be used as many times as possible. The supplies of these earplugs are produced by McKeon Products, and they offer products that are designed for water protection and noise reduction.

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The earplugs were designed using high-quality parts to make it super comfortable, super soft, and also to ensure waterproof protection. It has a guaranteed secure fit and also has an increased sealing ability because of the triple flange design and the unique flex stem. Unlike other earplugs which are made from plastics, these earplugs that used silicone which is pre-molded will surely not deteriorate.

The benefits that come with these earplugs are as follows: it prevents the possibility of having a surfer’s ear and it and it also comes with a storage case so you can easily bring it without worries. This earplug is recommended for the ages of 7 and above. In cleaning, you only need to wash it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it before storing it onto the original case. Make sure to inspect your earplugs regularly to ensure its serviceability. If you use it on a daily basis, you must replace it every two weeks to four weeks. Remember, if your earplugs become hard and deformed, it should already be replaced.

Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone. This a kind of earplug which is originally from the USA are moldable. It was molded to the unique cut of any ear. It is also safe to use with ear tubes. These silicone earplugs are essential to managing noise reduction and it keeps your ears safe for possibly harmful noises.

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It was basically designed for many uses; in short, it is a multi-purpose earplug. With a very tight seal, it definitely blocks water which can enter your inner ear. As a reminder, manufacturers of this product recommend that you should not break the earplugs into a smaller size.

It is not very advisable to do because the earplugs are designed specifically for covering your ear canal and if you break it to have an even smaller size, you could possibly push it into your ear canal which will make it harder to remove. The thing you need to do if you need a smaller size is to look for one in the store.

Alpine SurfSafe. These earplugs are very effective and comfortable protection from the harsh effects of cold water and wind on the auditory system. Made out of soft, silicone-free material which is flexible to fit in any ear and as an addiction, it causes no skin irritation at all.

They are designed mainly for water sports. Surfer’s ear will be prevented and any other ear infections. It also blocks out the ambient noise with its special windproof and water filter, to avoid communication hindrances and preventing ruined balance. These filters used materials that are wind resistant and unbreakable water.

This comes with freebies such as handy elastic cord, pouch and even Alpine Clean cleaning spray. Alpine SurfSafe earplugs are also reusable. They are simple to use, and you only need to apply a bit of force on inserting it afterward it will be firmly seated onto your ears. Left or right, there is no difference and there is a size that fits almost all of the users. These plugs would not get lost since it is attached to an elastic cord that is capably designed.

EQ Seals. Medical silicone was used for this earplug to produce an innovative design. This was developed by surgeons collaborating with engineers in order to prevent any of those ears’ pathologies. Like any other earplugs, one size fits most of the users.

EQ Seals are a hundred percent windproof and waterproof. It is still possible for the sound to pass through when it is plugged in because of the fine membrane inside it. It prevents any condition that can be acquired by surfing. It is securely fit on your ear canal which prevents cold wind and water from entering your inner ear.

You can still hear everything clear even the earplugs are plugged in. EQ Seals are for an age range of 12 years old and above. Children age 11 years old and down should never use this, and they might use it in the wrong way.

Xiemen Water Sports Surf Earplugs. They are great for water sports such as surfing. It is designed comfortably for the symmetry of your right and left ears. It uses a medical-grade antibacterial effect safety silicone which is very soft and so comfortable, and after multiple times you use it, it does not get deformed easily. Even having these earplugs plugged in, you can clearly hear everything on your surroundings.

It has a hydrophobic coating that keeps the water outside of your ears preventing it from entering. The small cord feature of these earplugs which is attached to the earplugs is very helpful. If ever one of the plugs slips out, you don’t have to worry about it sinking since it is connected to the other one. This earplug has extra protection which enables the earplugs to last longer than other regular earplugs.

It also comes with a breathable storage case which helps the earplugs to dry. You can choose between large, medium, or small as for the size of your earplugs. The small ones fit for the children and adults can choose between the medium-size or the large size.

Those are the preferred earplugs of many people that you can try using for surfing. With all those earplugs, you don’t have to worry anymore about getting such conditions like surfer’s ear. In surfing, your ears are not only the part of your body at risk so be sure to keep yourself safe.

In order to do this, there are some five tips that you can follow to be safe while you are surfing. Remember these tips and have a wonderful surfing experience. It will not only be focusing only on your ear, but it is also tipping generally for your safety. Always keep it in mind and be familiar with so you will never ever forget everything you must do while you are surfing.

Tip number one, have a surfing experience. It only means one thing, know the basics before anything else. It will be necessary since it is dangerous for a beginner to try surfing without a proper training or lessons. Remember: you, being an inexperienced surfer, can harm not only you but also other surfers. Most importantly, make sure you know how to swim. You will probably need to swim when you surf.

Tip number two, check weather then also your equipment. It is a must that you check if the weather is good for surfing. You need to avoid accidents while surfing so be keen on checking and observing the weather. Try also to be good at observing the ocean if it is possible for a surfing activity. After that, you also need to ensure that every equipment you will use is in good condition.

Tip number three, have a safe “wipe out.” Surfers sure do the “wipe out” countless time but they do it safely. Keep in mind that when you do this, you always need to protect your head using your arms but if not, you can also try to bail your feet first onto the water rather than your head being first. You will surely not want to have an accident.

Tip number four, Awareness and help out others. If your fellow surfer needs your help, the best choice for you is to call the nearest lifeguard or call for the closest emergency services. Don’t be too careless and decide to swim in order to save the person in need; you might actually make the situation even worse. You can help fellow surfer who’s in need only if you are professionally trained but if not, let the trained one be of help, as the coast guards or lifeguards. If you were to help at least make sure that your life will never be in danger. You can get first aid/CPR training so you can actually help others in times of need. This training is also recommended if you are a surfer.

Tip number five, stay on your board. You need to be always connected with your board at times of emergency situations. Your board definitely floats whatever happens, so stay with it to prevent drowning. Make use of your board being afloat to help yourself getting up to the surface when you got tossed under the ocean. If this situation happens to remember to keep calm because you only need to follow the leash that connects you to your board.

No one wants to have damaged ears, so safety is always the priority in every sport, may it be water sports or any other sports. Be aware of everything you do because it is not always about the fun part. Also consider every possible consequence you could possibly face through your way. You are putting your life at stake when you start engaging in surfing so be responsible enough to prevent any harm that could hurt you or even other surfers out there. A proper training won’t hurt. In fact, it will benefit you real big. Patience will be of help if you want to be a pro surfer.




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