Here’s Reason to Help You Decide. Surfboard or Paddle Board

In surfing, there are two major pieces of equipment being used: the paddle board and surfboard. However, there is always a confusion between the two, the difference and what to use best when surfing.

The best to differentiate the two is that surfboards are used in surfing, while paddleboard or also known as Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is also used for surfing.

But the twist is, it is using paddles to surf. Both are specifically designed for surfing, but they also have different features and uses that make them different from each other.

Surfboards, specifically the modern one, are made up of light materials but are strong enough to carry an individual surfer. It is usually made up of foams and fiberglass that makes it more favorable for the surfers to use.

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A surfboard has different parts, namely nose, rails, deck, and tail.

Here's Reason to Help You Decide. Surfboard or Paddle Board 1

The nose is the sharp, rounded shape at the edge of the surfboard, and it is slightly floating out of the water. It is pointed forward, and the role and importance of the nose are to protect the surfboard from dings and protect the surfer from collision and any accidents during surfing.

Rail is the part of the surfing board that is located at the edge sides that protects the whole surfboard, and also it gives the shape of the surfboard from nose to tail.

Another important part of the surfboard is the deck. It is where the surfers stand when surfing and balancing. In the deck, there is a part called domed deck that helps to have an easy balancing of the movements.

Another type of deck is called a flat deck, obviously a flat surface deck. Waxing is very important to put in the deck to have a strong grip on the surfboard.

Lastly, is the tail. The opposite part of the nose, surfboards have different tail shapes, depending on the surfers’ taste. Different tails also have different performance or use.

There are also different types of surfboards: The Thruster, Malibu, Gun, and Fish.

The Thruster or known as Shortboard, typically has a size of 5’8 to 6’10. It is one of the most popular types of surfboard, used for high-speed maneuvering in ocean waves.

Malibu or the Longboard, if the thruster has 3 fins, this type of surfboard has only a single fin. Another specific difference of this design is the shape of its nose is rounded.

Gun is a bigger version of the thruster surfboard design and is the best for surfing in the big ocean waves. It has a length of above 12’ and a minimum length of 7’2’.

The last type of surfboard design is the Fish. It has a shorter length than the first two types, and it is the surfboard design that perfectly fits for beginners.

What is the best surfboard to offer for beginners in surfing?

The best type of surfboard design will be a Malibu design. In surfing schools and tutorials, Malibu is their best choice because it has a bigger mal that makes it ideal for catching waves and for easy balancing of the surfer’s body.

Another reason is that it is made of foam and covered with thick fiberglass, it is also referred to as a soft surfboard. What are the things to remember when buying a surfboard?

Actually, there is nothing to remember but to just pick the quality and of course the surfboard that would please your taste. When it comes to quality check the surface of the surfboard if there is a defect because of the storage or the long duration that it is kept in the surfing stores or boutiques.

When buying, try to catch up and talk to the staff about the surfboard and her opinions for you to at least have a background and information regarding the surfboard.

How about the Stand Up Paddle boards for surfing?

Here's Reason to Help You Decide. Surfboard or Paddle Board 2

SUP Boards are ideal for use in oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays or wherever you can do surfing. It is used for a full-body coordination when surfing from your arms to your shoulder and your whole body us working.

The best thing when paddling is that it gives and allows you to explore and have freedom when surfing. It comes in all sizes and shapes, and it is also different in surfboards because it is thicker and ranging from 28-32 inches wide, 8-12 feet in length and 4-5 inches thick. SUP Board is the best choice to choose when beginning to learn surfing. SUP

Boards allow a surfer to learn how to properly balance himself in the water while standing because of the help of the paddles. Before deciding to use a surfboard, it is very helpful if you first experienced using SUP Boards.

There are different types of SUP Boards.

The All-around SUPs that perfectly fit the beginner’s choice. It is also designed for a calm ocean wave.

Another design is the Inflatable SUPs. Surfers choose this design because of its durability and flexibility.

Fishing SUPs, it has a wider space and is ideal for beginners.

Yoga SUPs are another type of design that is specifically designed for meditation and for yoga exercise.

Touring SUPs is an ideal design for long distance paddling adventure. If you want a relaxing surfing experience, this design is suitable for you, and it also has a longer length.

Surf SUPs, it is the best design for surfing in the ocean, it is easy for maneuvering, and it is stable even in the big ocean waves. Beginners might find it hard to use this, but if they keep on practicing, it will all be worth it.

Tips on how to properly use a SUP board and how to properly stand upon it.

The first thing to do is to put the board in the ocean and ride on it. The next thing to do is not to stand up immediately but to start on a kneeling position and try to paddle slowly.

When you feel like you can already balance your body on the board, try to slowly stand up in the middle of the SUP board to properly balance yourself and start paddling.

When paddling, always keep in mind that your bottom arm should always be straight and relatively still. And the last thing to do is just to enjoy paddling and balancing until you feel like you already mastered stand up paddle surfing.

Now that the difference between the two was shown and discussed, the question is, can the surfboard be used as a paddleboard? The answer is no. Because the two were designed differently and designed for different uses, though both can be used for surfing.

SUP Boards are designed for standing continuously when surfing with the use of a paddle to be able to surf and move freely. While the surfboard on the other side is specifically designed for surfing, where paddling is not used.

Another reason is that the thickness, the width and the volume of each are very different that may affect their function if used improperly and when used differ from its original use.

When it comes to the difference in volume and size, Surfboard only has enough volume to support the floating of the surfer when riding ocean waves. When there are no ocean waves the volume of the surfboard is very low, the reason why surfer should lay down and cannot balance and stay standing on the board.

On the other side, Paddle board are has a high volume that makes it stable and floating even without the waves. When using the paddle board and the surfboard, the rider level or the bodyweight of the surfer should be considered and should depend on the surfing material that they will use for surfing.

Because if their surfboard and paddle board are not appropriate to their body weight, they will be struggling to balance their body while surfing in the ocean.

If surfing is a competition, such as a race or contest surfing, surfboards are the best to use and to pick. Surfboards are the ideal design to use for competitive surfing than the paddleboards that are usually designed for relaxation surfing or most probably designed for the beginners in surfing.

But not for competitively speaking, other people mostly choose paddle boards because of some reason. Mobility, accessibility, versatility, physicality, visibility, and possibility.

A tip for beginners, before trying to surf using surfboards, you should at least try paddleboards, specifically the Standup paddleboards for you to practice the perfect balancing of your body when riding a surfboard.

Balancing is a very important thing to learn and to practice when you are planning to do surfing as your sports hobby.  Nevertheless, it is still up to you on where are you going to be comfortable to start with, either surfboards or paddleboards.


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