Best Surf Skateboard For 2020 Series

Surfskate is now common not only for surfers but certainly for everybody. It is surfing but not on the surface of a water but surfing on the street. It has become one of the very trendy sport. The numbers of surfskate riders are amazingly increasing, which makes the surfskate world grow. Carver Skateboards is dominating the market in this industry for so long now. Unlike longboarding, surf skating does not need you to set your foot down on the road to be able to ride. It has a unique and amazing movement that you can’t try on longboarding. If you want to learn surfing and super fun cruising, then surfskate is what you are looking for.

Before you set foot and try surf skating, you should choose the best surf skateboard you should use. There are now many brands who offer different surfskates you can try considering using in the future.

Best Surf Skateboard For 2020 Series 1

First, CARVER. Carver Skateboards are the epitome of the surfskate industry. It had led the way to surfskate. Carver Skateboards is mainly using shark wheel technology which allows you to ride on top of a wave literally. This technology provides that smooth carving experience for all the surfskate riders.

The advantages of using shark wheels on the skateboard are:

  • One, with shark wheels, you can move around any tiny obstacles. These wheels are used to prevent accidents that possibly encounter be encountered when you use a traditional wheel.
  • Two, these wheels are long-lasting. They were tested by a scientific university that had proven its longevity.
  • Three, it is fast yet having a perfect balance.
  • Four, it has drift control. This wheel has the ability to spin while you slide. And;
  • Five, it lets you ride the wave. It is amazing what you can try anything with these wheels.

Let’s have Carver Proteus Surfskate as an example. Carver Proteus Surskate is featuring a boxy template. This feature reduces the swing weight and on the other side, it is preserving a wide nose to have a full carving control. It was designed to be a matching pair for the latest Proteus surfboard. The two shares the same performance characteristics and as well as the template which leads to a seamless transition from land to sea or vice versa. The board comes in size of 30” for its length and 9 7/8” for the width. The tail measures up to 6,” and the wheelbase is 17”. It also includes Roundhouse Concave Smoke of 69mm 78a for its measurement.

Another carver skateboard is the Triton Red Diamond CX 29. This surfskate is super-fast, and it has an excellent grip. This surfskate have a cheaper board than the original carver but it still has the same features. The length of this board is 73.66 cm and its width is 24.44 cm. The measurement of the nose is 8.25 cm and the tail is 15.24 cm, while its wheelbase is 39.37 cm.

Second, SMOOTHSTAR. Also a manufacturer of surfskates which is based on Australia. They are producing surfskate which are ultimately for surf trainer. Surfskates made by Smoothstar is part of the daily training of professional surfers. Their surfskate system had 14 years of experience in regard to its development. They are known as the best surf skate trainer on land.

Smoothstar 32” Flying Fish Green. This surfskate is perfect for practicing some surfing maneuvers just like cutbacks and bottom turning. This has a slightly cheeky and super responsive sharp turning graphics. The surfskate has a slightly concave wide deck and it also have swallowtail kicker. This allows you to perform tail slides effortlessly. You can also be able to drive the board forward letting you go faster into your next turn with this surfskate’s thruster turning mechanism.

The Johanne Smoothstar Pro Model. This model was created as a tribute for Johanne Defay a popular surfer which recently became part of Smoothstar. Johanne Defay has a direct impact on this new model. It comes in 32.5” in size. The design of this surfskate has a much deeper concave to have a better rail to rail turns, just like the surfer’s (Johanne) technique in surfing. It has an extra-wide tail which helps the adults. This new model is suitable for adults under 181cm and for groms over 155cm only.

Third, SWELLTECH SURFSKATE. This is a new arising surfskate brand in America. It was born in order to transfer the same surfing sensations that there is in the water into the asphalt. SwellTech was formerly known as the SurfSkate Industries, believed to be an excellent training tool for surfing. They produce a revolutionary 360 axis, a board that is difficult to learn at first but will be fun after you learned. The new name also brought new image and a total renovated product.

Jamie O Brien Pro Model 34”. It is the best-known model of this brand, with more wheelbase. Providing more stability where you will be able to simulate any posture from your surfboard into this surfskate. This new model is more improved and stable than before. The front axis is the one letting you pump and turn in any direction while the back axis serves as the pivot point. This is one of the best simulators for surfing and it is closer to surf training than to a skateboard.

2020J.O.B Banzai Pro Model. A newly designed product of SwellTech with a slightly longer wheelbase of 22 inches and a deck of 36 inches of length, with a 7.5” tail width, is much longer than the original surfskate. The deck is featuring a stained wood and trackpad with black color which gives a fresh and clean look of the top deck. The bottom has a photo of a massive Banzai pipeline barrel being pulled by Jamie. If you are a rider of 5’ or 6’ tall, then this surfskate is highly recommended for you.


2020 Hybrid Camo, SwellTech. This surfskate weighs 9lbs, with a tail width of 8.5”, a wheelbase of 21.5” with its deck measuring 36” x 9 ¾” x 3/8”. Its tail is diamond in shape and the size of its wheels is 70mm wheels. This model is a mix of the Jamie O’Brien Pro model and the Premiere deck. This surfskate has a similar mid-rail width as for the Premiere. This allows your foot to be fitted in the middle of the rail, but this surfskate has a wide tail and a snub nose like the JOB Pro Model. The deck of this board is classified as a mid-sized board. This deck is recommended for riders who are within 5’2” to 6” in height, so if you are one of them, then this surfskate is for you. The trucks are of a lifetime warranty. If a part gets broken, then it can get replaced.

Fourth, YOW SURFSKATE. They have experience in this market for a total of 15 years. With that, it is really evident that this brand produces a really high quality surfskates and even other products. It is a record which will convince you for sure that every surfskate they make, they can assure a hundred percent customer satisfaction. They had also become a reference on the world of longboard and skateboard. Their headquarter is based in Basque Country. YOW is an abbreviation that means Your Own Wave. It is a surfskate made in Spain. This was fast and they were able to compete with the largest brands in this industry such as Carver Skateboards and Smoothstar. Aritz Aranburu is highlighted in YOW being this brand’s ambassador.


YOW Pukas La Loca 31.5” This was a result of a collaboration together with Pukas, an iconic surf shaper. This one is designed and shaped by Alex Lorentz which became this brand’s most successful surf creation, with its high-performance surfboard shape and having its wider outline. This surfskate reproduced the surfboard shape with a size of 31.5” for its length and 9.5” for the width of its deck, having a pointed nose and squash tail. The space provided by the deck and tail is wide which makes it comfortable for your foot to be placed when you perform radical surf turns. The overall performance of the board is mainly contributed by its tail rocker, medium concave, and its shortish 17” wheelbase. This comes with a softer and bigger wheels having a size of 66mm, 78A. It provides higher speed, good grip when you do tight turns and cutbacks, and helps real big with uneven terrains.


YOW Eisback 30” surfskate. It was named after Munich’s Eisback river found in Germany, one of the world-famous wave spots. This is a part of the first collection which have a size of 30” in terms of the length. This was designed mainly for kids since it is the shortest in the series. This Eisback surfskate is quite wide having 9.85’ for its length. It is comfortable to practice surf tight turns and pumping, mostly for newbies. Because of its short wheelbase, it makes this surfskate turn faster and snappy for smaller riders also. The main contributor to Eisback’s high-performance level on creating surf-style maneuvers for young riders’ learning is its S4 track system which provides shorter 6” YOW trucks, and of 60mm, 84A Duro sized hard and small wheels.


The YOW Huntington Beach 30” surfskate. This one is a “fatter” and shorter board with a size of 30” x 9.5” which boasts a high-performance shortboard in a fish shape. It has a wider deck near the nose and in its front part, which allows a very tight turn via placing your foot forward a little further. This is great for city surfing especially on a very tight driveways and even sidewalks. Since Huntington is a short surfboard, it is very compact, nimble, and portable for daily riding. It has a cork top layer that is also nice for some barefoot riding experience you can try even before and after a surf session if ever you live on seaside or coastal areas. It will be great to try.


Fifth, SLIDE SURFSKATE. This is also the main brand that was established in Spain. They are producing an easy to use and comfortable skates for everyone. This was developed by Sancheski, the pioneer in manufacturing skateboards in Spain. 1966 when they started to operate the business and until now, they are still on the market never stops. Their headquarters can be found in Basque Country, Irun, and China, where they send their designed models to be manufactured. Recently, Slide Surfskate had made a new collection with attractive designs which are for all levels and budgets.

SWALLOW NOSERIDER 33”. This is the best choice you are a heavy skater. It has the biggest volume of a deck. This allows a wide move, turns, and dance in a similar way on how you do surfing by the use of a longboard. This is the best model that suits riders that are bigger in size and for those who feel comfortable with a bit wide shapes and larger wheels under your feet.


FISH MARRAJO 32”. It is a surfskate with a smooth line and wide nose. It will definitely be great fun if you surf the streets and have it all under control. Its graduated kicktail will allow you to do a sharp pivot turns and hold through slides. The fish shape is perfect for those surfers that use extra volume on the nose of the board. This board is stable which is really enjoyable for you riders that are looking for a model which will enable you to practice and slide or do tight turns. Still it is also for improving the balance when you do generate and turning speed.

JOYFUL SPLATTER 30”. This is the original Slide shape which is best for riders that are lightweight, and is also best for those skilled riders that want improvement for their cutbacks and backhand. If you use this model of a surfskate, you can excellently move around the city and carve when you go from a specific area to a different one.

DIAMOND KOA 32”. This surfskate was made being inspired by classic fins of the ’70s. The shape of the surfskate will be your perfect weapon on going from one place to another, in surfing on the streets and to polish your style for an epic performance. This diamond shape is a shape with a stable low volume. Diamond Koa comes with a smooth contour, tucked tail, and a wide nose. This surfskate’s set-up will make it perfect for the learners who are getting into the culture of surfing and for all those old-school surfers. Enjoy riding this surfskater for fun ride on the city.

Sixth, SURF SKATE MILLER. This brand is also called the Miller Division SurfSkates and was established, the year 2012.Ivan Garcia and Ricardo Garrido, the two-person behind Miller Division skate, are friends. Ricardo acts as the CEO of the company while Ivan handles product development. They have been officially developing skates for so long. 2016 when they decided to launch their products into the scene where the coming of skates for surf occurred. They came in by force into this kind of industry through their modern designs and pleasing aesthetics. They had to produce a high-quality surf skateboards at an affordable price for its customers. During the first three years of Miller Division, they had focused on the Spanish market as their primary target. The year 2015 when Miller started to expand on the International market.


Miller surfskate Kirra 31.5”. This surf skateboard’s deck is about 31.5” x 10”, while its wheelbase, which is adjustable, measures17.71”. It is one of Millers’ most stable surfskates. It has a concave shape medium in size and with a single kick, for its features. This was made with 7-ply maple wood from Canada. The tropical theme art of this surfskate which is surf-inspired having a same themed narrow stripe above or over the deck, while the bottom is colored with pastel.


Miller surfskate Mundaka 30”. This surfskate is one of the first and is also the most successful surfskate in this brand. With its size, 30” x 9.8” and a wheelbase of 16.8” it is obvious that it is much smaller than Kirra. You will love this surfskate because the design is inspired by Mundaka Wave. It was one of the best lefthander worldwide which can be found in Spanish Basque Country. The top deck was designed with the breaking waves of a dark red and blue colored background. On the top deck, there is also a printed circle. Same as the Kirra, Mundaka also have only one kick shape but with a more rounded nose. This surfskate comes with XRKP front truck so you could be able to turn and do some tricks and this board’s rear truck it will give you stability for some of tight surf-like turns. Similar to Kirra, Mundaka’s wheels are also 70 mm in size. This surfskates have similar functionalities with Kirra’s. There are several colors available for Mundaka.


Miller SurfSkate Lighthouse. This surfskate comes in 30.5” x 10” in size while 16” for its wheelbase. It also has a single kick and its tail is diamond in shape. The deck bottom’s art is featuring a cool lighthouse with a graphic which in color navy blue, having the name “Miller Light” in it. It appears in the light having a white and a worn-out red for its background. The top deck comes with black grip tape having tiny white and blue circles being shown on the top part of the lighthouse. This comes with a harder and slightly smaller with a size of 65mm 80A wheels. That considered, this surfskate is suitable for a little more technical surfing tricks than with those surfskates that have 70mm surf wheels.

Besides the given types of surfskates above there are still more on the market which have very nice features to offer. Surfskating gives more thrill for riders, that reason will give you the idea of trying this sport, so it is best if you choose the surfskate that will suit your taste, skills, and style. Still, you should also consider, aside from that, is the quality and features of the surfskate you will be using for your surf skating experience. With surfskate, you can already know what it feels to be a surfer because it is somewhat similar to surfing. The postures needed to be learned for both are activities.


You can start learning to surf if you start engaging in surfskating, so choose among the best surfskate available on the market and suit yourself with the amazing features it provides and other more additional benefits it could give. Be part of the surf skating world by starting to purchase your choice of surfskate and be your best board through your journey on surf skateboarding activity. When you do start to learn, it will immediately improve your reactivity and will give you a nice surfing ability. Practice helps everyone to get better.


Choosing the best surfskate for you is important so you will have a comfortable riding experience, even if you are just a newbie in this industry. That will be the very first important thing to consider if you really want a wonderful time on your surf skating activity. In addition, picking a suitable surfskate for you is important in order to avoid regretting not choosing the best for you. Don’t ever stick to the commonly used, always consider the high-quality performance and the fact that if that product can last long, and much better if the one you chose can exceed your expectations. If you can’t decide on your own and you are hesitating to follow your preferred choice, you can still read some reviews of the product you are interested in before you finally purchase it. It is really hard trusting your instinct and choices so it is not bad depending on some reviews together with your preferred product. It is only a matter of options, and the list of choices for you are already listed above. Decide and enjoy surf skating.



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