Surf Skateboard Trucks That Give You the Best Surf Feelings

Surf skateboards, also known as surfskates, are unique kinds of tools. These are not just your typical skateboards or longboards, and these claims to be the most connected thing to surfing in asphalt.

Since the late 90s, these boards have been quietly growing in parallel to the world of longboarding. Surf skateboards are seldom mentioned in talks among longboarders, who commonly view them as distinct tools.

These boards follow the concept of pumping and carving to the level of unmatched realm of classic longboarding because of their special truck designs. These designs really make the perfect skate surfs for surfing streets as if riders are riding waves.

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Surf Skateboard Trucks That Give You the Best Surf Feelings 1

What’s Skateboarding and Skate Boards Anyway?

Skateboarding is also referred to as surf skating. It’s a very appealing and exciting activity for new riders, ocean surfers, and professional longboarders.

If you are really curious about what the surf skateboards and what these boards really allow you to do or perhaps you are sold in the concept already however, undecided to choose the best boards or skateboard trucks that can provide you with the best surf feelings ever, read on.

At the end of this writing, you will surely know whom these skateboards are for and what they are made of and more. You will also be able to learn what type of riding style allowed the technique and skills that you need to master.

This also covers the models and brands that are readily available and the key differences that exist between these brands.

What’s a Surf Skateboard?

It initially appeared in the late 1990s. The surf skateboards are considered special types of longboards and skateboards, specially designed to outdo dynamic motions of riding waves using a surfboard.

Some individuals may say these are an exclusive type of bard as these are naturally short and having smaller wheels.

Nevertheless, these are obviously wider than the street skateboard, and since these include lengths to up to about 40 inches, one might also strongly pinpoint that these are special types of longboards.

What distinguishes surf skateboard from the regular longboards and skateboards is the unique moving front truck. Average trucks just turn along the kingpin axis.

Additionally, surf skateboards trucks put in the added axis of rotation through mounting these into the rotating arm enabling the trucks to gyrate in more planes as compared to the usual longboard and skateboard truck.

How to Choose Surf Skateboard Trucks That Give You the Best Surf Feelings

There will always be connections between surfing and skateboarding. The skateboard riding feeling is closely similar to riding waves on a surfboard.

However, there are special types of skateboards that are designed particularly to emulate surfing and these are surf skates or surf skateboards.

If you are planning to get yourself into surfing very soon or you are one of those landlocked surfers, then surf skateboard is best suited for you.

One of the most common questions is what skateboard is best for surfing. The answer to this question depends on the type of surfing that you wanted to emulate.

The type of surf training is also another important factor to consider when choosing the best surf skateboard trucks. There might be numerous options to choose from but the best choice will always be the one that exactly addresses your needs and your surf style.

What Really Makes a Good Surf Skateboard?

Surf skateboards are known to emulate land surfing by providing trucks that gently turn, to enable you to perform the surf-style movements and maneuvers just like the surfboards.

When talking about the best surf skateboarding, you need first to have a clear definition of the specific surfing style that you are aiming for.

Many surfers would agree that there are varied surf styles such as:

  • Longboard-style carving and pumping as well as ripping
  • Classic style down the line, tube riding, fluid turns
  • High-performance shortboard, ripping and slashing

Each surf skateboard is often ideal for emulating a particular type of surfing. But the question is, what type of surfing do you really want to cross-train. Surf skateboards are broken down depending on their capabilities. These are:

  • Surf skates ideal for easier and efficient carving and distance pumping
  • Surf skates perfect for the smooth bottom, pool riding and top turns
  • Surf skates good for verts, big airs and skate parks

Considering these categories, it is just fair and safe to say that distance pumping skateboards are perfectly suited for the longboard surfing style, park skateboards for as more aggressive shortboard surfing and pool-riding skateboards for the down the line surfing.

Know the Different Important Uses of Surf Skateboards

  • If You are a Surfer

The skateboarding was initially started in the 1970s aiming to keep the surfers riding and surfing on land in times that the ocean turns flat. The surf skateboards go a step further. This enables surfers to make use and enhance their skills and capabilities on land.

For ocean surfers, surf skateboards are their great surf trainers. Numerous surf schools utilize these boards in helping the learner master the different surfing maneuvers the easier way to essentially break down as well as demonstrate in land rather than in water.

Surf skates are therefore considered a great tool since bodily motions. These include are closer to surfing as compared to regular skateboards.

  • If You are a Longboard Skateboarder

As a longboarder, you probably know that there are numerous riding styles ranging from cruising, free ride, and uphill up to freestyle. Carving includes performing consistent flowing turns on the board, leveraging small inclines and drawing imaginary lines to keep things going.

On the other hand, Pumping involves shorter turns however, deep body weights transferring speed and energy to boards and keeps this moving with no foot pushing or riding downhill.

Both pumping and carving require to lose and turn rear and front trucks that deliver pivoting capacity and stability. It is for this reason that surf skateboards can actually be categorized as the perfect choice for these given styles.

If you are into pumping and carving, then the surf skate is the most suitable option for you.

Keep in mind that surf skates might not be the perfect choice for long-distance pumping or carving due to its ultimate looseness. However, the looseness depends on the models and this is also a factor that making them less efficient for larger distances riding.

  • If You are a Newbie

If you are a beginner to longboarding and skateboarding and you are not really an ocean surfer, you might be wondering if you will get surf skate or not as your very first board. There are few important considerations to keep in mind such as:

  • Surf skates can guarantee lots of fun. However, these are not really as easy and as stable, to begin with as stable and large classic drop-down or drop through longboard.
  • There are some skateboards that are proven to be more stable than the others.
  • If you intend to only ride in smaller spaces, like small yards, parking lots, and driveways, then getting a surf skate as your first board completely makes sense since these permit riders to execute tight turns in restricted or small-space area. This is something that you do not typically get from a classic longboard.
  • If your aim is to utilize your very first board to commute, to travel, ride down the hills or cruise on long-distance, surf skateboard is really not the perfect choice for you.

Get to Know More About Surf Skateboard Riding

You can never fully appreciate surfboard trucks that give you the best feeling if you are not familiar with surf skateboard riding. Surf skateboard riding. The following information can help you broaden your knowledge and familiarity.

Pumping and Carving

Surf skateboards are specially designed for carving tight turns and pumps. These are often called carver boards. Swiveling front trucks enables the rider to carve tight turns with an ultimately short-turning radius as compared to typical longboards. This also allows easy turns on tight corners and obstacles.

Moreover, effective pumping is also a special component of riding surf skate. The especially designed front trucks enable you to propel your surf skateboard and eventually pick-up speed by means of doing the rail to rail shifts.

One of the great capabilities of the best surf skateboard is that you can pump uphill even from still position. This is something that few typical longboards can do. This shows how powerful the trucks are especially in terms of generating speed mainly based on body motion.

Surf Skate Stance

The surf skateboard is almost the same as the surfboard taking, for instance, the feet that should be a shoulder apart with the front foot a bit behind the board’s front truck and the back foot on top of the rear truck.

Most of the time, the feet lie in a manner that is perpendicular to the deck but this still depends on the specific surf skate a person is riding. There are some designs that tend to be revolving around the toe-heel shifting to be able to get the surf skateboard moving.

Nevertheless, others include mainly full-body motions and in this particular case, angling the front foot help in getting the most appropriate motion.

Surf Skate Maneuvers

Surf skate maneuvers are specially designed for classic longboarding, cross stepping, kickflips, nose riding and more. Surf skate riding tends to emulate surfing; therefore, lots of techniques used are surfing-based.

You are allowed to ride surf skateboard just like the way you ride a regular longboard however, there are some things that you need to know and be aware of:

  • Leaning harder on rails is an effective way of leveraging the surf skate power
  • Moving front trucks make tricks such as the nose riding
  • The traditional skate park and freestyle tricks can somewhat be awkward in most setups of surf skate

Keep in mind that the surf skateboards are specially designed for tight and quick turning, pumping and carving like a surfboard. To make the most of your surf skateboard, you should learn the surfing-related techniques.

What to Expect from the Best Surf Skateboard Trucks?

There are many things you can expect from the best surf skateboard, but obviously, it is the excellent features that you can expect from the best skateboard. The following are the features that are specific to the best surf skateboard trucks:

  • Truck Wedging

Wedge pads are utilized between the front truck and deck in modifying the angle between the deck and the base plate of the truck in modifying the angle between the wheels and the ground when turning. This likewise affects the pumping ability of the board.

  • Truck Turning Angle

How much front truck can manage to rotate in the swivel arm is the major factor that gives you the surfing feel.

  • Truck Height

Surf skate trucks are higher off the ground as compared to the others. This affects the board’s versatility and stability. Higher rides might turn quicker but can be difficult to ride on long distances and at great speed. The lower boards might suffer from wheel bite in very extreme runs.

  • Rear Truck

The height, geometry, and width of the back truck affect the ability of the surf skateboards to pivot around its fins. This, in turn, is the major surfing point. The stiffer, bigger and higher truck commonly works perfectly with the majority of surf skateboard front trucks.

  • Concave

This feature plays a vital role when carving radical maneuvers and hard turns when surfing. If you are into longer surf, the concave is ultimately critical for this since the rider ought to perform less intense turns.

Now that you have learned what to expect from the best surf skateboard, it is about time to purchase your own surf skateboard. Shop around, weigh your options, and read reviews before purchasing.

These are ways to ensure that you will end up only with the best surfboard trucks that can provide you with the best surf feeling.


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