Surf Skate Ultimate Guide – What You Should Know Before Buying One?

The world for surf skating is getting bigger and bigger as time passes by. Surf skateboards, which are also known as surf skates, are one of the unique types of a beast on the street. This is not similar to an ordinary longboard or skateboard. Some people who already used this surf skate stated that this is the closest item that can be used when surfing on asphalt surfaces. Way back in the late 1990s, surf skates have been increased its demand among the skate surfers when you are going to compare it with the longboards. Some of you might be aware of how to use and how to buy surf skate, but most of you are not. So, in this post, we are going to provide you with the things and other details that you might consider before you purchase your own surf skate.

So, if you want to know more about it, just keep on reading and enjoy!

If you are going to read about the articles discussing the longboards, you might notice that surf skateboards are being mentioned minimally. It only means that surf skateboards have a wide difference between the longboards. Though these two are considered to be an animal on the streets, surf skates are more popular compared to longboards.

Since surf skateboards come up with the unique truck design, it only means that it has the pumping and carving features of a skateboard. Honestly speaking, you can’t see this design with ordinary and old-fashioned longboards. These features and designs make the surf skateboards as the popular and well-known skateboards that you can use in surfing the street as if you are just riding on the waves. Surf skating, or most popularly known as surf skateboarding, is known to be a cool sport in the perceptions of ocean surfers, seasoned longboarders, and new skateboard riders alike.

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Surf Skate Ultimate Guide – What You Should Know Before Buying One? 1

What is Surf Skateboard?

Before we discuss the things that you need to consider before you purchase surf skateboard, it is a good idea for those who are starters in surf skateboarding to know what a surf skateboard is. Well, it is a simple skateboard that will enable you to surf on the street and feel like you are surfing on the water.

Some of you are asking if surf skateboard and longboards are similar. Well, definitely no. it is because if you are going to compare surf skateboard with longboards, you will notice that the first one has shorter and smaller wheels compared to the last one.

There are also some other features of surf skateboards that make it different from the other kinds of skateboards that you usually see out there. One of the noticeable differences of surf skateboards from the available skateboards on the market is that it comes up with a unique truck design on its front. We all know that the regular trucks will turn with the old-fashioned kingpin axis.

You might be wondering about the rotation axis of surf skateboards. Definitely, surf skateboards feature a single rotation axis or more that you can do by fixing the truck on its swiveling arms. Thus, it will allow the surf skate to turn.

The turning dynamics that are included in the surf skate will enable you to have a maneuverable and short turns, which are similar to the transition of rail to rail, as well as in surfing. If you are not aware of the basic steps that you can do in surfing, there is nothing for you to worry about since its movements are easy and very intuitive to follow.

I know some of you can shift the weight from the tilted movement of your toe along with your heels. We are sure that it is quite hard to perform, especially when you are using an ordinary skateboard. The reason for the skateboarders why they usually shift the weight is to speed up the speed of their skateboards.

Some skateboards will require you to lift your foot on the road to have a faster speed. But, if you are going to use the surf skateboards, there is nothing for you to worry about lifting your foot to get some extra speed. You can’t do this with long skateboards.

Who Can Use Surf Skateboard?

In this section, we are going to answer the question, “is a surf skate ideal for everyone?” So, if you want to know more about it, then scroll it down.

Newbie or Beginner

If you are one of those who are not a professional ocean surfer, in other words, a newbie to the field of skateboarding- whether longboarding or skateboarding, you might ask yourself if you can still try surf skateboarding. Well, the answer is yes. Whether you are a starter or professional skateboarder, you can always try to surf skateboarding. But, there are some things that you need to know more.

Yes, it cannot be denied that surf skating is a fun sport- everyone loves it even though those who didn’t know how to play it. But, there are lots of things that you should know about surf skateboarding. In spite of the fun that it can give to you, take note that surf skate is not as easy and stable to start riding compared to a longboard. It is because longboards are much stable and large to ride with.

You will have a hard time learning how to ride on a surf skate, especially if you didn’t experience riding on any type of board before. So, you should give most of your time to learn how to control it. on the other hand, there are some surf skates that are stable and quite easy to manipulate.

Surf skates are ideal for those who want to be trained on how to ride it on a play yard, driveway, or even in a park. It is because surf skateboards will allow you to make tight turns inside a minimal area.

Longboard Skateboarder

If you are a former rider of a longboard, we know that you are knowledgeable enough to determine some of the riding styles. Various styles of riding on a longboard also have different characteristics, and these are freestyle, downhill, freeride, as well as cruising.

Carving is one of the riding styles that will need uninterrupted flowing of every turn on the board. Aside from that, it also needs to leverage at least a small inclined area to ensure that the board is maintaining its speed.

On the other hand, pumping is also a kind of short turn performance. As we have said a while ago, since the shifting of the body weight will transfer some energy and speed to the board, pumping will enable your board to keep on moving without requiring you to lift your foot.

Both the pumping and carving are the riding styles that will need the rear and front truck that will offer them the pivoting capacity, as well as the stability. It only means that surf skates are ideal to use by these kinds of riding styles.

If you are one of those who want to learn or know how to perform pumping and carving riding styles, you can ensure that surf skates are perfect for you. There is no reason for you to disregard buying this kind of board.


One of the individuals that have an advantage in learning riding on a surf skate easily is the ocean surfers. It is because some of the styles in ocean surfboarding are quite similar to street surfing. Aside from that, the skateboards that are being used for ocean surfing is an excellent piece of equipment that will help you to learn how to use surf skate easily.

Most of the surf courses out there are using these surf skates in helping the individuals to learn the different surfing maneuvers. It is because of the fact that these are much easier to use, demonstrate, and break down on the land compared to the water. Besides, the movements of riding an ocean surfing board are much similar to the movements used in surf skates compared to the ordinary boards out there.

Tricks to Improve Your Street Skate Boarding

For the past few years, before the sport of skateboarding gained its popularity with the individuals living in urban America, a four-wheeled board is considered to be warm-up equipment that is being used during those flat hours.

If oceans do not produce waves, maybe most of the surfers will prefer using the skateboards and make a strong impact and charisma among the girls and boys on the street. But, after exploring the potentials of surfing sports, many surfers think of the idea of doing a new exciting kind of sport.

For your information, skateboarding was discovered way back the 1940s. But, in the year between the 1960s up to 1970s, these are the times when skateboarding hit the hearts of numerous teenagers and even adults. As expected, as time passes by, the said exciting action sports have developed its own maneuvers and tricks.

Many of the tricks used in skateboarding are inspired and associated with the movements of the surfers used in playing with the ocean waves.

These days, it is just right to claim that both skateboarding and surfing have a great influence on each other in different ways. Skateboarding is an industry that has 5 billion US Dollars of income and with some implications in the business of surfing.

If you are one of those who have their own skateboard, you have all your time that you can spend in enhancing your skills in skateboarding. The following tricks are just some of the styles that you can do to improve your skateboarding skills. Don’t worry, and if you are a starter, you don’t need to be an amateur or a professional street rider in performing all of the tricks listed below.

The more you will practice these tricks, the higher the chance that you will be a professional and expert street rider on your town or group.

The Boardslide

Boardslide is one of the most classic tricks that most skateboarders usually do. You can perform this trick on curbs, ledges, rails, or even on ramps. This maneuver will determine your stability when riding on a surf skateboard.

This trick is also being used by many surfers to enhance their surfing skills as well. It is because the boardslide of skateboarding will enable you to understand the idea of ollies. In connection with ocean surfing, when you already mastered the ollies, you will ride smoothly on the sliding objects.

When it comes to skateboarding, leaning too far forward or back, falling and slipping out might usually occur. This scenario will much likely to happen when you are a surfer. The trick to making this style perfect is to maintain your two arms spread out while your knees are bent slightly.

The Ollie

The ollie is considered to be the most different movement that you might encounter in street boarding. Even though this trick looks simple, it will take most of your time to make it perfect. This is also one of the fundamental tricks separating a beginner from a first-level intermediate skateboarder.

If we are going to link this trick with surfing, the ollie trick in skateboarding is called aerial moves in surfing. Honestly speaking, it might take some of your time to master it, but once you learn its idea, rest assured that you will also be a good surfer aside from being a great skateboarder.

It is recommended to perform this trick on a grass or a carpet. It is because the board will not move that much, which might result in you to fall or slip out. To avoid falling and slipping out from your surf skate, you need to place your foot over the skateboard’s tail and the other foot is placed in between the nose and the center of the plank.

Another trick that you should do to perform this movement perfectly is bending your two knees, jump and make some kicks beneath your surf skate’s tail. Make sure that you will use your back foot in kicking the road. When the surf skate pops, make a slight movement using your front foot towards the skateboard’s nose.

Kick Turning

When it comes to surfing boards, it does not have wheels, but rather fins, compared to the surf skateboards. When we are going to talk about it pragmatically, if you are going to perform kick turning with your surf skate, you also have a high possibility to learn some tricks in surfing, such as tail slides, cutbacks, closeout re-entries, as well as off-the-lip.

When it comes to street boarding, the two wheels at the back of your surf skate will act like a pivot that will enable the board’s nose to move for about 90, 180, as well as 360 degrees movement in different directions. You might perform this trick in small ramps, and even on the horizontal surfaces.

In some situations, your goal here is to get your knees to bend, hips to move, and your eyes to focus on the directions that you want to go.

Stalling or Stopping

When it comes to street boarding, you are in need to use the breaks since if you are riding with faster speed, you need to slow it down to avoid unnecessary accidents. If we are going to connect it with surfing, you are going to stall for getting back or for getting barreled inside the waves’ energy zone.

In terms of the surf skate, to stop your board, you need to have a medium speed and press your board’s tail gently until it gets into the tough surface. The deck of the board will create a friction. Thus, this friction will be placed against the tough surface until it slows your speed down.

The trick that you should do to do this is trying to switch your bodyweight to your board’s tail while preventing you from falling or losing your balance on the surf skate. If you are going to put more friction on the board’s tail, the higher the chance that you will stop easily. This idea is always true in terms of ocean surfing.

Carving or Turning

Carving and turning are some of the common tricks that you can do in both surfing, as well as in skateboarding. When it comes to skateboarding, to make these tricks happen, all you need to do is to adjust and lean your body weight by putting some pressure on your toes and heels.

You can perform these tricks on a smooth surface which is free from zigzags and obstacles. The next thing that you can do is to get down on a slope for every minute. If we are going to link it with the surfing sport, these tricks will help you to enhance your carving and bottom-turn tricks on the waves.

How to Ride on a Street Board

Snakeboarding is a former name of street boarding. It is considered to be an addictive and unique sport. It links all the core elements used in surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding in a single maneuver.

The riders of surf skateboard can create an impact on the street with ease and style. With the help of surf skate, you can make some movements and tricks whenever and wherever you want. So, if you are asking about the steps that you can do to ride on a street board, you are in the right place. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading!

Get a Street Board that is Perfect with Your Height

If you have a short height, your feet must be placed together. But, if you have a tall height, you prefer spreading your feet away from each other. It would be best for you to begin skateboarding with the beginner boards, which can be purchased at a low price. When you already learn to maneuver the street boards, you can now purchase an upgraded surf skate.

Use Protective Gears

The most difficult thing that you will experience with skateboarding is learning how to manipulate it. if you are a starter, expect that you will slip out and fall multiple times. All you need to do is to be prepared. When you fall, you will surely get some scratches that can hurt your knees. But, with the help of the protective gear, such as pads, you will ensure your safety while learning how to skate.

Get Your Balance

When you are practicing how to skate, make sure that you will practice in a smooth and flat area. You can perform this in a tennis court or carpark. To start getting your balance, get your foot on the board, and try to stand. You might feel unstable and weird while doing this trick, not until you get your perfect balance. It is also recommended to find a wall or railings that you can hold while finding your balance.

Focus on Your Street

Make sure that you will not rollover. While you already get your balance on your board, you can now perform some common movements. Place your toes close with each other and slowly keep them away. Do this step several times until you feel comfortable doing it. This trick is the base of skateboarding.

Learn How to Convert

Street boarding is not easy, and there are some situations that you might explode when you try to go forward without the help of a railway or friend. Converting can be performed by slowly practicing it. Take note that it might get you to slip or fall out, so using a protective gear is a must.


Once you perform some basic movements on your skateboard, continue practicing until you have perfected the movement.

How to Choose the Best Surfskate

We understand your feeling. If you are a starter, it cannot be denied the difficulties that you might experience while buying your own surf skate. There are various things that you should consider to get a surf skate that will fit your needs and taste. Finding a high-quality surf skateboard is tiring work. With the different brands, designs, and models of skateboards that are available on the market, you might get overwhelmed.

If you are a starter in the field of skateboarding, it might be hard for you to choose and purchase a skateboard that is suitable to you. Luckily, this post will help you to choose the best surf skate. The following are the things that you should consider before you purchase your own surf skate.

Wheel Hardness – Tough wheels can increase your speed while riding on your skateboard on plain surfaces. Hard wheels will also help you to make a stop. In contrast, softer wheels are capable of absorbing the cracks and bumps if you prefer to make some turns.

Wheel Width – Wheels that have a thinner width will provide you with quicker transitions. It will also give you the sliding abilities due to the lesser traction. On the other hand, when it comes to the wheels with a wider width, it will enable you to have better grip and stability.

Concave – It plays a vital role in maintaining your feet together. But this feature is not needed by a rider when it comes to using longer skateboards because the rider will not perform serious turns.

Axle Width – is also one of the most important factors when it comes to wheel-bite and pumping capabilities. In general, you can pick an axle that is less than or more than ¼ inches in the board’s width.

Rear Truck – checking the shape, width, and height of your rear truck is crucial since it can cause an impact to the capabilities of the board in rotating it. We recommend you to make use of a stiffer, bigger, and higher truck which work better in many surf skate’s front trucks.

Truck Height – Most of the skateboarders are aware that the truck’s height has a great impact on the stability and versatility of the board. Most of the trucks of surf skateboards are much higher on the ground, which can result in it to have a faster turn. But it might give you a hard time riding at higher speeds and longer distances.

Truck Resistance – the truck resistance is important when it comes to giving the carved feelings on the board. So, it is vital to ensure that the truck of your skateboard must use springs.

Truck Wedging – This factor influences each angle, located in between the truck’s deck and baseplate. It also contributes to the capability of the board to pump as well. Most of the skateboarders are using wedged pads that they usually place in between the front truck and deck to determine the angle in between the ground, as well as the wheels.

Truck Turning Angle – This factor will reflect on how the truck’s front area can rotate the skateboarder’s swivel arm. It will also make sure that you will feel a great experience while skateboarding.


We cannot deny the fact that skateboarding or street boarding has gained its popularity among the numerous teenagers in every corner of the world. For you to perform skateboarding, you are required to use high-quality surf skateboards, or also known as surf skates. These two are the special types of boards used in skateboarding.

Surf skates have a wide difference between an ordinary longboard or skateboard. These are the skateboards that will help you to increase the idea of carving and pumping to the next level.

Since there are numerous brands, designs, and structures of surf skates that are available on the market these days, we understand how hard it is for you to choose the best one. So, we have provided you with the things that you should look before you buy your own skateboarder.

A high-quality skateboarder will enable you to have a smoother ride on the land without the use of additional forces. Aside from that, it will also provide you with the best experiences on skateboarding. It only means that while skateboarding, you will also experience the feeling of surfing on the waves.

Wearing protective gear is important. It is because accidents usually happen when skateboarding. If you are a starter and want to learn how to perform some basic tricks with skateboarding, the first thing that you should do is to wear protective gear, such as helmets and knee and elbow pads. In this post, we have provided some of the steps that you should do to ride on a skateboard; and one of these steps is wearing a protective gear.

Street boarding is considered to be the best sport among boys and some of the girls. It is also considered to be a championship sport wherein many boys and girls are competing to be the winner or the king or queen of street boarding. So, there is no doubt why many of the teenagers these days are practicing different tricks of street boarding.

Street boarding has been popularized by many individuals, young and old. Upon the release of this sport, only a few considered it a sport. But, as time passes by, the popularity of this sport starts to increase. So, we cannot deny the fact that street boarding is a famous sport along with surfing and longboarding.

Even though you might see some similarities with longboarding and street boarding, the only thing that you should remember is that; street boarding makes use a quite small and shortboard compared to the boards used for longboarding.

But to be fair, these two sports are popular and making a strong impact on its specific field. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your own street board right now! But, always remember to wear safety gear since your safety is always important compared to the tricks that you can do with surf skates.



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