5 Things You Need to Know Before Going Surfboard Rental

Are you ready for your next surf travel? If yes, then you would start packing your surfboard equipment. Of course, you wouldn’t forget an essential thing – your surfboard. Surfers always have a surfboard travel bag, but sometimes, the handy bag isn’t enough. You need to go for a surfboard rental to avoid hassles.

Surfers who embark on cars, planes, taxis, or buses with their surfboard experience trauma in bringing their board along. (No, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t bring your surfboard during your trips.) The point is why not choose reliable and convenient options such as a surfboard rental?

That sounds great, don’t you think?

But if it’s your first time to join surf travels, you would wonder:

Is it worth to avail surfboard rental than bringing my surfboard along?

Yes, traveling with a surfboard is quite expensive, and most often your surfboard suffers from the harsh transportation process.

Here’s a real-life example:

I was traveling with my surfing buddies, and we agreed to bring our surfboards. At beginning I thought it’s cool because we don’t need to rent. But I’m wrong. We paid an extra fee for the transportation of the surfboards. Worse, our surfboards were in precarious conditions during the entire trip. Then, I thought it would be better if we tried surfboard rental on our trip.

If you had a similar experience or don’t want to face hassles during surf travel, it’s best to rent a surfboard. Here’s what you get in renting a board than bringing your board along.

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Why You Should Go for Surfboard Rental?

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going Surfboard Rental 1

Beginners and pro surfers who tried surfboard rentals were satisfied with the experience they had. Do you like to know why?

The following are a few reasons why surfers like surfboard rental:

Affordable for Surfers

You’re surfing to have fun and not to spend much. (But sometimes, you experience the opposite.) So, why not leave your surfboard at home and rent a surfboard?

Most surfboard rental shops offer affordable rates to surfers who want to rent their boards. Some shops will give you discounts if you rent a board from them!

High-Quality Surfboards

Since the rental price is affordable. It doesn’t mean that the surfboards are of low quality. Surfboard rental shops make sure that their clients are satisfied with the quality of their boards. Yes, in surfboard rental – affordability meets quality. So, don’t worry because you would have a fun and enjoyable surfing experience!

Different Surfboard Options

One of the great reasons for going surfboard rental is the various surfboard options. Surfers don’t only use a single board, but they’re also open in changing their surfboard options. That’s were surfboard rental comes in (but with an affordable price, of course!)

From shortboards to paddleboards, surfers have different boards to add to their quiver. Visit your trusted rental place and choose the surfboard type you like. Surfers are welcome to choose their boards, enjoy and have fun!

Fun Knowledge

Surfboard rental shops don’t only offer different boards for hire but also something else. The rental shop owners (who are often fellow surfers) share fun surfing ideas with you.

That’s not all.

Are you looking for the best markets, cafes, shopping centers in the area? The owners would show these to you. With the info you get, it’s fun and enjoyable to rent a surfboard and surf.

Now that you know the reasons why you need to try surfboard rental, we now proceed to the main part. What are things you need to know before going surfboard rental?

Essential Things Surfers Should Know Before Going Surfboard Rental


Let’s be honest – most surfers forget to know the essentials before they try surfboard rentals. The result is the surfing sessions aren’t fun at all. Here are the solutions to prevent that:

Check the Surf in Advance

One of the important rules before renting a board is checking the surf before you pay for the board. Most surfers are guilty about this so when they’re about to surf. The surfing conditions don’t fall in their favor. (That’s a good way to waste time and money.)

Don’t let this happen again.

For surfers or people who want to rent a surfboard – here are the right things you should do:

First, you read the surf report, and next, determine the tide times. Hence, you would know beforehand if renting a board is perfect time or not. Remember: it’s better to check beforehand than regret when it’s too late.

Determine the Renting Time Options and Prices

Surfboard rental shops have different prices and renting time plans. Shops often offer you the following options:

  1. Hourly rentals
  2. Half-day rentals
  3. Daily rentals

If you visit other places, other shops allow you to rent a surfboard for a weekly basis. Make sure you and your friends (If you’re with your buddies) agree with what options you like. Beginners might choose hourly or half-day rentals. For surfing pros, daily rentals are an excellent choice. (But this depends if the surfer would stay on the place for weeks.)

The board rental prices are different depending on the seasons and location of the shop. Some shops charge higher than others, but TAKE NOTE: renting a surfboard isn’t costly.

The following are the most common prices in renting a surfboard:

  • $10 and $20 – for one to two hours
  • $20 to $30 – for four hours (half-day)
  • $30 to $50 – a whole day

When it comes to the weekly options, the price depends on the shop owner and the surfboard. Often, surfers pay full payment at the time they would pick-up the surfboard. (Be ready to prepare your cash so that you surf right away.)

You would ask: Are there overnight surfboard rentals?

Well, it’s uncommon seeing an overnight board rental. But this is possible in two conditions:

  1. If the surfer is on a weekly rental
  2. The surfer has a special arrangement with the shop owner

As a wise and responsible surfer, don’t forget to return the surfboard on time. Plan your surfing session wisely so that there are no delays in returning the board. The shop owner would be happy about this and who knows, you might get a discount next time you rent a surfboard.

Rental Surfboards Are Ready for Pick Up

Before renting a surfboard, remember – rental surfboards are always ready for surfers. You might hear your friends talk that they waited for hours to rent a board. Some surfers might have a different experience such as the shop owner didn’t give the surfboard’s leash.

Be ready and mindful if you’re renting a board. For example, check if the surf rental shop’s surfboards are ready for pick up. Don’t rent from a shop that tells you to wait for minutes in renting a board. Make sure that the rental shop gives you a leash for the surfboard. (Customers deserve to get complete surfboard equipment from rental owners.)

Also, keep in mind for additional charges in renting a board. For example, the surf rental owner might ask you extra payment for the surfboard’s leash. You leave the store if this is the case. It’s wise to look for an alternative rental store that doesn’t charge extra cash for surfing accessories.

Be Mindful of Age Restrictions for Surfers and Full Deposit

Most surfboard rentals won’t allow you to rent a surfboard if you’re below 18 years old. (Remember: Surfing isn’t for all ages so the surfer should be responsible for riding a board.) Don’ worry if you’re below the age requirements. You can still rent a board but with the supervision of your parents. Visit the surfboard rental with your parents or guardian rent a surfboard.

Before you visit a surfboard rental shop, prepare the following requirements:

  • ID card
  • Credit card
  • Passport or your driver’s license

Rental shops are very strict when it comes to these requirements, so make sure you prepare these before you leave home.

Be wise when presenting your requirements to the rental shop. Don’t allow any surfboard rental owner to scan or take a picture of your requirements. In most countries, the practice of photocopying or scanning your documents is prohibited.

Also, you should be mindful of making deposits. Your deposits should show the surfboard’s original price. You can expect to hand a deposit between $20 to $300. (Take note: your deposit would depend on the surfboard you would rent and price of the board.)

Choose the Shop’s Location Wisely

Have you experienced renting a surfboard where you’re about to drive your car from the shop to the sea (or vice versa)?

That’s a waste of time.

Visit surf rentals that are in front of the surf breaks. Remember: you’re renting a surfboard and not wasting time. It’s wise to choose a rental shop you see across the street or boardwalk. (Trust me, renters and soon to be surfers would experience no hassles in doing this practice.)

Don’t forget that going to the surfboard rental means you want to surf and have fun. Think about your safety when choosing the location of the surfboard rental shop. If your choice is in the shark-infested region, choose an alternative location.

Safety first before enjoyment!

But sometimes an accident happens even if you’re not careful in using the surfboard. Surfers need to pay for damages if the board has slight damages. You’re also required for penalties if you lost the surfboard.

A few of the damage’s surfers do on the surfboard are the following:

  • Holes
  • Cuts
  • Bumps
  • Dings

After you return the surfboard, the owner has the right to inspect the board immediately. The shop owner oftentimes asks payment for the damages (If any). Surfers often pay between $25 to $50. The amount you would pay depends on the damage and surfboard’s condition.

Before you rent a surfboard, make sure you have extra cash on hand. (You never know what’s the outcome of your surfing session. (Surfers need to be ready and prepared in case accidents happen.)

What amount would you pay if the surfboard is destroyed completely or stolen?

Since it’s your responsibility to take care of the surfboard, expect to pay the required amount when it’s stolen or lost. Surfers need to pay $250 to the surf rental owner. (Don’t let this happen by taking good care of the surfboard.)

Here are excellent things you can do to keep the surfboard safe:

  • Be careful riding the board if it’s your first time to surf.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions of your instructor (if you’re a beginner) when standing, paddling, or catching waves. A wrong move causes cracks or holes to the board.
  • Carry the surfboard carefully and out of other surfer’s way. (Hence, you don’t damage the board and surfers don’t suffer injuries.)
  • Don’t leave the rental surfboard unattended. (Most surfers should take note of this.) Sometimes we forget to carry the surfboard due to the reasons.) Remember: even if it’s not your surfboard, other surfers might take it without permission. The board might be lost or destroyed if a reckless surfer takes hold of it.
  • Notify the surf rental owner at once if you see damage to the board. Be an honest and responsible surfer when you’re renting a surfboard. Talk to the shop owner at once before you rent the board. In this way, you wouldn’t pay for the penalties.

But what would happen if the board isn’t returned at the agreed time?

Expect that the rental shop owner would ask you to pay a reasonable amount. For example, your payment depends on half an hour or day of delay. Respect the owner’s decision in asking a compensation. Besides, it’s your fault anyway.

Take note: In case of injury or death, the surf rental service will not be held liable for the surfer. Make sure that you observe safety measures before you rent a surfboard and catch waves.

Surfboard rental is an excellent option if you don’t want to face hassles when you’re travel surfing. As I mentioned, bringing your surfboard with you creates hassles and even delays. So, why not rent a surfboard today and experience convenience and satisfaction.

Now is the time to enjoy, surf and have fun!



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