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What is spearfishing? What is the use of having a pair of gloves? Is it necessary? For some who aren’t familiar with spearfishing, it is the system of fishing where technique and tactics are absolutely needed. A person catches fish with the help of a sharp tool called the spear. Spearfishing may be the oldest way of catching fish in a pond or a lake, but it is the most amazing activity to spare time and make a fun experience. This is mostly done by group friends, families and special someone. Spearfishing is always a great time to bond with who you love.

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People used to do spearfishing only with the sharpened stick from a branch of trees. Obviously, it is the very first spear. Back in the early 1930s, spearfishing became a popular sport, considered as underwater hunting sport. Due to its prominent stage, it spread across the world at a rattling pace right away after world war II happened. The hunting activity becomes so legendary, everyone is eager to compete, and this hunting competition is marking the prey, it includes not only regular fishes. Obviously but shark, barracuda and other more as well.

Although spear is the only aquatic weapon, it still comes from different designs with different capabilities and power. And, yes! It is the way of surviving life and hunger during the late time. It is so much meaningful than just an activity held by the clever experts before it has happened, the people back then done it exclusively not by performing but getting food for dinner or lunch. Moreover, spearfishing is widely developed after the time passes through, the types of the fish spear are as followed:

Hawaiian sling is the simplest form of wooden type with an elastic loop at the end. It is maybe an old school weapon yet effectively working, though your technique is still the best weapon you could have. The Hawaiian sling is the way you propelled the spear in the air to catch a fish or the prey. This is by simply throwing the weapon with the help of releasing momentum and friction in your hands. The Hawaiian may be the oldest way yet so iconic and traditional of you only realize it. In fact, this type of tactic will help you most of the time. Kindly imagine the situation, without any gear or advanced mechanism? A single branch of stick from a wood tree will help you a lot and during unexpected happenings.

The shaft is usually pointed at the end by a single assortment of spearheads. It is accumulated through the tube and hauled back. When it was uncorked, the shaft is shoved forward. Everything started after it was invented by Alec Kramarenco, which brought the sport really interesting and easy by only compressing the spring of the spear. This creation is a lot meaningful even today due to its outstanding use. Besides, this is developed with more qualities that most of the people are attracted to make a try and do spearfishing. Most are doing it for fun and enjoyment. It is even more advanced as time passes through. The spear is now a riffle-type, which is the single click from the trigger mechanism that shall release a powerful force to catch the target. The spear speed will be impossible to capture.

For those who are bored for multiply times of trying, sitting over the shore, and losing plenty of time without catching any, spearfishing is the next fishing-based adventure for you. However, it is not the safest sport out there, yet possible to get good results after learning what is in need. If you are lack of knowledge and experience on spearfishing, you will need the proper gear to safeguard yourself while underwater, one of these are gloves. We don’t need so much gear in spearfishing aside from it and the gloves. So, get ready when you decide to avail of some products. You’ll never lose track of amazing offers. Besides, online shops are also in demand today and easy to access during your item hunting. But before you start the dive or go hunting for a sizeable snapper or bass, you’ll need to make sure you have all that you need for the catch. It may help you to consult other professionals for recommended equipment that you can use for a specific location. The gear you may need in the Caribbean may not work for spearfishing spots in New Zealand or San Diego.

Likewise, spearfishing is the cleanest way in fish hunting. Why? because it creates no pollution on the water, nor can ruin the habitat under. It is because the spear is not that big to destroy corals. In fact, it is really thin spear that is very responsible for the moves or friction that it creates.


For us to see what benefits we could get in gloves for spearfishing, just follow the details for a knowledgeable ideas. As you can see, gloves are made to protect our beautiful hands from small scratches, wounds, or other forms of injuries, especially this type of activity that you’ll able to perform is a bit dangerous if not well trained. Since the world is evolving and the technologies produce different types of gadgets and gear, this gives us so much hope where things can be found already with a different purpose from every activity we are doing. Gloves may come with distinctive styles, such as leather gloves, fabric, and other forms of textiles. It can be thin or thick. Every single one uses gloves to give protection, not only from scratches, but to give warmth during the coldest days.

Spearfishing gloves have various use, not a typical use like other gloves but way more unusual, wearing a dive gloves will protect you from the spike of the fish, from the sharp corals and possible harmful organisms underwater which might be deadly and bad for your skin. The gloves are well made and secured. The manufacturer assured you how thin and thick it is for comfortable use yet sturdy enough for the sport. So, markets today is assuring that the items they sell are accurate for the users. They have every size and thickness for a certain activity indeed. Try to get the least thick dive gloves as possible. 2 mm is ideal to have the right pair and fit, as the thicker the glove is, the more restricting it will be.

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Features of Spearfishing Gloves

There are some categories of this amazing tool for your guidance. Likewise, it is much appropriate if spearfishing gloves are in condition above everything else since we are looking for an effective glove for your comfortable and safe spearfishing activity. After all, their main intention is preventing and fully covering your hand from the water, so it must be durable and effective for more security. The gloves must be really flexible as its instant factor, lacking with flexibility, makes the glove really stiff, which will not allow your fingers or full hands position the right way you need it the most. This could end up a baneful effect or serious damage to your hands when you are trying to grab a fish. Together with its factor, the gloves should be non-slip as well because you might end fighting with a fish struggling to escape on your hands. This can totally happen when the fish isn’t dead after catching it. Aside from non-slip material precludes that circumstances, it must be a cut-resistant too so you can guarantee a full protection to your hands against tiny bruises in the water. It protects your hands against sharp materials as well as the harmful fishes underwater.

Buying Guide

Now that we learned about important details regarding spearfishing gloves, you might now be struggling with how to choose one. Well, you just need to do to observe the items as well as the shop if they are capable of providing such factors in a good quality provider. To do such a thing, make a background research and other details such as a great provider of the products, find out what type of products they are selling, including the brands and many more. You can also check for reviews and feedbacks from other customers.


The preponderance of diving gloves is made with extra sturdy but flexible to secure its accuracy. The glove must be working perfectly and responsive in terms of giving a warm temperature to your hand. Additionally, the glove should be at the proper stage, made by outstanding materials that are completely stable for effective use. Other materials used to make diving gloves, including the Kevlar, offer high tensile strength levels that are multiplied stronger than a steel. While Dyneema fibers have an enormous amount of tensile strength. Wet hands can give more possibility to slip any material around the hand, so that the gloves must be made of non-slipping material, such as leather or any material that is good for the gloves.


If you are going to use spearfishing gloves, you must classify the temperature of water you are going to dive in. If you are going to perform the activity, the temperature of the water will become your ultimate reason for buying globes depending on their thickness. If it is frigid, you will need thicker gloves to keep you warm during your hunting. If it is warm, then you’ll choose the thinner one. Your preference in picking gloves still base to the water.


The most usable and preferable gloves that most people use is the usual one, which has five dimensions which give room to every single finger on your hands. Most basically, it is used because it gives more comfort for making movements and holding different things. In other words, it is the most convenient than any other gloves. You can also look for the mittened design, which is more recommended for cold water conditions. This one is alike pot holder gloves but made of strong materials and not just fabric. The mittened gloves are a type of gloves with only two rooms, and that is for the thumb and the four fingers remaining. They said it is warmer due to compression of hands that create heat between each skin in the fingers.


As with any clothing piece, you should choose the size that is the best fit, where you can move conveniently because some are confused sometimes. In that case, you should buy a one size up pair to assure that you will never feel constraint to your chosen gloves. If you pick the right pair and fit so perfectly, it will be far from any annoyances. For some instances, a bigger gloves might slip on your hand and bring so much tensional moment while catching fish. It will add frustration for its inconveniences and discomfort. Manufacturers always indicate sizes and S, M, L, XL, XS letters to classify your sizes.

How to give care of your gloves?

Spearfishing is indeed extraordinary and a massive type of activity. It is only a matter of time until you make changes or replacement for your old gloves with a new one. So, to help you maintain the look and strong endurance of your gloves, that must be clean every time you used it to understand more just keep going and continue to follow the details.

To begin with, it is advised for you to soak your gloves in a freshwater as soon as you take off from saltwater. Right after, leave your gloves to dry it on a fresh air but not directly to the sunlight. If you have a drying shelf, it would be great if you want them to dry inside your house. Your gloves will be bacterial and dirt free as the time comes by. There’s no need to buy a new one if you already have. You just need it to clean and care. There are some soap or detergent-like fabric shampoo to wash it more often. But if there is no use, I guarantee you to avail of a new one for you.

What should be the right fit?

Your spearfishing gloves must be attaching shapely to your hands. In fact, you can feel it and know it if it is fitting your hand really well. But for more, you do not seek only for the fit size but the comfort and durability. You can tell it if the gloves are excellent from the touch it giving you, all over your palms and fingers. That must be really comfy and not too tight unless you want to block those blood flowing through your veins, that will surely numb your hand if that happens.

Is the wrist trap necessary?

Wrists trap are oftentimes applied for an effective diving that is built for warm temperatures. They are quite thin and maybe needing a little piece to hold on your wrist without getting detached. Forth, only thin gloves that are requiring to use wrists traps because a thicker one doesn’t need any.

Why using spearfishing gloves is a must?

Well admittedly, you can spearfish without gloves only if you want to hurt yourself. There are things we need to consider why gloves are absolutely necessary for spearfishing. As I have told earlier, gloves tend to warm your hands to a cold temperature of the water. Aside from this, you will take off yourself from any dangerous things. Think of that, when you catch a fish with your spear, how are you going to get the fish out the water or the spear without grabbing it? If you are clever enough, then you might have ideas, but that will only make you spare a lot of time to do so. Unlike having the gloves on your hand, an instant pull can do a lot more. But it doesn’t mean that wearing a glove makes you safe. It still depends on the thickness or quality of the gloves. For some information, gloves are made for different purposes so choose what matches the activity you are doing. There are gloves for washing dishes, for eating, and gardening gloves made of rubber or plastic. For spearfishing, use spearfishing gloves. No matter which glove you need, the best quality makes everything different.

Benefits of Wearing Gloves during Spearfishing

Spearfishing may sound very difficult for beginners, but it is so easy after you try it, and that maybe makes you wanted it more as soon as you get it. But what benefits the glove have if you make a purchase or a try? To see what possible benefits it possesses, below are the details.


  1. Gloves keep your hands warm during frigid moments of underwater hunting.
  2. They will protect your hands from different types of a sting, and sharp objects underwater, it will provide a shield from sharp teeth of fish and corals during your momentous activity.
  3. As we are talking about fishing, fish is, in fact, has a slimy fins and scales. The gloves will help you grip the fish and hold. It will give you help not to let escape. Fishes have their instinct and defense mechanism. Surely, your glove will be the first one to protect you from unexpected instances.
  4. When putting spear inside your gear, your hand has a tendency to take bruises and scratches upon loading. The gloves will help you lessen the possibility and hazards from different circumstances.


Cons for spearfishing glove never come as multiple groups of categories. Actually, there are only two things we must consider for the gear that is meant to protect you. If you have picked a glove that isn’t for spearfishing or possesses a weak quality, it might be affecting your spearfishing activity since picking a wrong glove will lead you to injuries and casualties. Aside from these cons, high quality gloves may be a bit pricey, but it sure fits your safe underwater hunting.

What is the right size for me?

Measuring your own hand is not hard, right? What you need is just a piece of ruler or measuring tools and find the right length to determine the size. In fact, whether you do this measuring thing or not, you can still look the best fit. Today’s modernity, clothes, and items are provided with size to determine the best fit for the customer. There is always attached to every single material. It can classify as a small, medium, large, or extra small, or large, and other possible sizes for different people. So amazing, right? You don’t need measuring tools anymore! In that case, you will have the perfect size for a perfect fit, and you don’t need to worry now.

Things to remember or cautions during the activity

Spearfishing can be pretty dangerous, whether it is interesting as it seems. There are some instances that we can end up hurting ourselves during the spearfishing activity, So to everyone, hunters, and beginners, think always a possible move where you can get a positive outcome, a professional or amateurs must be secured and equipped with some medical kit in terms of this activity, we don’t know when it’s going to happen, or it will be safe like the usual , but preparedness is always the greatest way of preventing hazards during the activity. Whether we love it as a relaxation, bonding, and leisure for yourself and family, we always consider the possible things that might happen, be clever and wiser, be ready every time. Make someone accompany you during a hunting expedition. This is the safest way.

Additionally, spearfishing will help you during your night camping or any activities at the lakeside. If you are not prepared to bring equipment, a branch or stick would be very much effective. In fact, this is the traditional way of catching fish back in the days.

Hopefully, this article gives you many ideas on how to make the experience better and safer. Always remember that experience can be a treasure. A memory can bring out long lasting experience, but a safe hunting will give you a longer life. Get your spear and wear your gloves. Let’s hunt a fish for this dinner tonight! Have a great safe spearfishing everybody!



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