Top Five Smooth Star Skateboard Beloved by The Real Surfer

Smooth Star is a brand from Australia that markets for skateboard and surfboards that are highly recommended by professional surfers and skateboarders. They use a mechanism called the Thruster System that is responsible for the swinging motion of the said board brand, which is made possible by a truck adapter tool.

This system gives an additional center of rotation to the said adapter. It also has a spring inside that allows you, the rider, to resist and go along with your response as you rotate and do a pump movement.

The Smooth Star company has been enhancing the functional capacity of the surfs that will be tested by their riders. They give emphasis on what their surfboard and skateboard can truly do that never experiences straight and backward wriggling, as the models also generate speed but not to a maximum level of surfing style. They have been noted by their decades of refining their boards for the riders that treat their boards as their assets and is a major impact on the performance of their surfing.

Smooth Star skateboards can be used from teens to young adults, regardless if it is your first time to use it, an amateur or a veteran. They are widely used in surfing schools for surfing training to let you experience the first steps of surfing techniques at minimum speed and on a smooth surface. The skateboard of the Smooth Star company is intended to be used as a mimic to a surfboard on the water.

Top Five Smooth Star Skateboard Beloved by The Real Surfer 1

What to Look for in a Smooth Star Skateboard

  1. Wheel Base and Length of Deck. When it comes to the brand of Smooth Star skateboards, the base of the wheel is what you should be looking for because it measures the ability of your rides. When you chose a Smooth Star skateboard that has a shortened wheel base, the more there is a presence of snap whenever you turn, especially on your most crucial ones. Even if this is the case, you should not let your wheel base be shorter than the normal size because you will also risk the capacity of your legs to stay in balance. In a straight manner of speaking, when your wheel base is too short, you will have a greater tendency of being outbalanced because your legs do not anticipate the sudden shortness of the wheel base. When you choose a Smooth Star skateboard, you should first consider your surfing posture. You must attain a surfing posture that is more spacious than the total measure of your shoulder’s wideness. You should first calculate the wideness of your surfing posture on the wheel base of your chosen Smooth Star skateboard.
  2. Deck Concavity. It is an essential characteristic of a Smooth Star skateboard. It is responsible for the way you feel your surfing, by the literal feelings of your feet to the surfboard. If you opt to buy from the Smooth Star brands, then you are on the right path because the said model has all of the deck concaves of their skateboards tested for skateboarding, surfing or riding. For instance, if you choose among the boards with 32-inch, 33 inch and 39-inch boards, then you must have observed that all of those boards have deck concavities that are steep. The reason for this design is that you, as a rider, that prefers this style of the Smooth Star skateboards tend to carve rougher and abrupt. If this is the case, then you should not choose a Smooth Star skateboard that is in 30-inch size or 39-inch ones. This is why deck concavity is an important design for your Smooth Star skateboard. When deck concaves are neglected, you will not feel as one with your skateboard. If you wanted to purchase a Smooth Star surfboard, then you are assured that the said brand have their surfboards equipped with a low level tail starter that emulates the tail pad of your chosen Smooth Star board.
  3. Wheel Width. Wheels are the most important material that should have great strength and durability on your skateboard whenever you decide to do skateboarding. When you decided to buy a Smooth Star Skateboard, you should look at its wide wheels. This is important because wider wheels have great grips whenever you turn. It will also ensure that as you turn, you have enhanced stability. The wide wheels of the Smooth Star Skateboard allow you to pass through stony surfaces that are really rough. If you decided that you want to buy a thin wheeled Smooth Star skateboard instead of the wide wheeled ones, the manufacturer of the brand assures you that you will be swifter as you surf or skate between your side turns. This is the circumstance wherein you decided to have an abrupt side turn, and you will experience that your skateboard will let you slide smoothly because the surface area that you produced is at a minimum level when it grips the floor or the surface.

When it comes to the hardness or softness of the wheel, you are assured that Smooth Star skateboards have their advantages on the said opposite characteristics.

If you wanted to buy a soft wheeled one, then it gives you a greater absorptive resistance for bumps or surfaces that are uneven. You will also experience a level up in the turns of your grips, and you will feel your feet being stable on the board because the vibrations that are absorbed by the wheels are to a minimum level.

If you wanted to buy a Smooth Star skateboard with hard wheels, then you are guaranteed to have a swifter turn on your slides. In a general manner, the Smooth Star skateboards have a soft to the medium hardness level of their wheels. They also have varying width of thickness and thinness.

If you are one of the real surfers, then you know that Smooth Star Stingray is the best skateboard for you because it gives you a better quality and enhanced performance.

Performance of the boards. When you are going to buy one of the best Smooth Star skateboards as a real surfer will do, you should look at the board performances in terms of is a range, critical turns, downhill moments, drive, skate park performance, street performance and aerial pauses.

As a real surfer, you should also look at your height to match the size and weight of a particular Smooth Star skateboard. This is important because you will feel that you are one with the surfboard or skateboard and be at your best performances when you choose the right board for you.

Once you are ready to go, here are the top five (5) best Smooth Star skateboard models to choose from:

Smooth Star 32.5 Johanne Defay Pro Model. This Smooth Star skateboard model was created with the partnership of the Smooth Star company and Johanne Defay who is a female pro surfer. It has unique features of a stable stance, a smooth wide tail that allows you to have secured support and no rear kicking in a virtual manner.

The Smooth Star 32.5 Johanne Defay Pro Model is greatly assembled and equipped with premium quality materials that give you the best experience in its strength and durability. This said model is equipped with a longer depth of concavity, despite its later version than the 33-inch models. The increased depth of concavity allows you to have a hold on the railing with added time than other Smooth Star models.

The Smooth Star 32.5 Johanne Defay Pro Model also helps you with having a balance in your compressed turns like in surfing techniques of Round House turnings, Grab Rail turnings, and Drawn Out carvings. It can also give you the best in air time techniques.

This Smooth Star model also has an additional with for its tail that aims to help adults and teens to perform snapping that does not involve the dropping of toes behind the tail. If you are interested in buying this model of the Smooth Star skateboard, you should be at most 181 centimeters as an adult rider or at least 155 centimeters as a teenager or young adult.

34-inch Filipe Toledo Pro Model # 77. This Smooth Star skateboard is a brand-new model by surf trainer Filipe Toledo that emphasizes a deeper deck concavity with back wheels that have a larger width. If you purchase this model, it will allow you to exert extra effort in your surfing turns and will also let you hold the railings without the consequence of you falling off of your skateboard. You can also enhance the performance of your bottom turns with this model.

Once you have chosen the 34-inch Filipe Toledo Pro Model # 77, you can practice more on your massive surfing turns while you maintain your loose ends in your critical turnings. The technical specifications of this Smooth Star model is its Smooth Star Thruster I black standard system as its turning mechanism, its 34” Toledo #77 Matt or Gloss Black deck length, its 5 x ply Stratified American Beach and 2 x ply Canadian Maple deck thickness, its 26 cm deck width, its wheel base of 56 cm that is measured from the external of the truck,

its New Smooth Star Toledo #77 wheels, its wheel bearings of ABEC 7 and its matte black trucks. If you are interested in this Smooth Star model and plan to purchase it, you should be in the range of 5”8 to 6.0” height.

32 Inch Flying Fish. This model of the Smooth Star is the best if you are not above 18 years old or one of the groms. It will suit you better because it is responsive, will turn swiftly on your surfing turns, and most especially has the design of Flying fish that will look cool and awesome on you. It is great when you are going to practice on your surfing maneuvers like doing bottom turns and cutbacks.

The smooth and widened slight concavity of the deck and the kicker of the swallowtail will let you have an effortless performance involving its sliding tails. The unique mechanism of the Smooth Star models which is the Thruster turning mechanism system will let you drive your board straight on acceleration with your upcoming turns. As stated above, all groms can use this model of the Smooth Star but it does not only restrict to that age range; the adult surfers like you can also have a great buddy.

33 Inch Holy Toledo. This Smooth Star skateboard model has been developed by a partnership of the said company and Filipe Toledo, a pro surfer in Brazil. If you wanted to buy a Smooth Star skateboard that does not have any age range, then this one is what you have been looking for.

It is believed to be a model of excellent performance and can be used without restriction to age and height of surfers. The 33 Inch Holy Toledo copies the Smooth Star 36 Inch with its drive and the 32 Inch Flying Fish’s critical turnings. The said model of Smooth Star is beyond the imagination when it comes to its riding performance.

The first country to witness the specifications and unique features of the 33 Inch Holy Toledo is Australia, with impressions from the first time users of the skateboard feeling great on their feelings of footwork on the board and with similarity on their own surf styles.

The model’s concave on the deck and tail kicker is exceptional in surfing carves done on the streets. The said deck is larger in width that allows you to stable your line when you tire your turns of bottom and top. The age range of this Smooth Star model is from 14 years old to 50 years old.

35.5 Inch Manta Ray. This model of the Smooth Star is best for the surfing dads or the surfers with height above 6 ft or 183 cm, with also a wide surfing stand. If you wanted to buy this specific Smooth Star skateboard, it is not a bad idea for you. It has a board equipped with exceptional drive and can withstand very deep bottom turning and the narrowest top turning.

The 35.5 Inch Manta Ray has a special feature of a contour deck shaping, with additional width in its tail kicker. With this feature, you can try extreme techniques like pushing down roughly in your turns. The area of your front foot has been enhanced with a larger width for your hard push movements in carved driveways or skating ramps or bowls.

The said Smooth Star model has a white-colored Smooth Star Starfish wheels that have a measurement of an additional 2 mm wideness and 4 mm thickness for extra grip and long-lasting effects.

If you chose this model of the Smooth Star, the wheels have been enhanced with more rubber so when it connects to the road made of asphalt, you can have more handling in your turning maneuvers. It has available colors of white, light blue and grey, and surfboards with abstract wave designs.

The Smooth Star company created this model of the skateboard to emphasize the element of surfing of their surfers. The matured surfers tend to focus more on their styles, power, and smoothness that is the basis for railing surfs, unlike the proactive surfing of Filipe Toledo and the Holy Toledo or 34 Inch Filipe Toledo Pro Model #77.


So, there you go, the top five Smooth Star skateboards as a beloved buddy to you who is a real surfer. Never forget that you are your own captain, and you should always have the liberty to decide on the right vessel to use because you will be the one to maneuver on it in the rough or smooth roads that you are going to face.

You know your own styles of carving, pumping, stance, maneuvers, bottom turns, top turns, snap and cutbacks, and the features of your Smooth Star skateboard such as truck turning, truck wedging, truck resistance, truck height, axle width, rear truck, wheelbase, concave, wheel hardness and wheel width, so always practice and give it a go so that you will be one of the professional surfers of the Smooth Star company in the future.

As a real surfer, you are already aware that Smooth Star not only provides you with the best quality of skateboards and surfboards but also gives you the utmost safety and care when it comes to your surfing needs. This is why you are here now to choose among the top five of Smooth Star skateboards because you have given them their trust and they will guarantee you of 100 percent excellent quality of the product and services.

As a real surfer, choosing one of the Smooth Star models to be your beloved one will make your experience the best and worth living for the rest of your life. With this regard, real surfers also know the dangers of what they are doing. Whether it is your passion to be a surfer or skateboard pro, never neglect the risks and precautionary measures that you should learn in the first place.

Always be reminded that the one who is knowledgeable is always safe. Never attempt to do extreme stunts or techniques that you know is out of your league yet. Be sure always to have an ample amount of time to practice before performing stunts for the first time.

Since you are with the Smooth Star company, do not be afraid to ask for assistance or guidance whenever you have queries about the skateboard or surfboard of your choice. You may have researched it online already but the people of the said company know best when it comes to their products sold in the market. When you are doing stunts or decided to do a regular practice, do not go alone.

Always stay in your group of friends since they will respond and will make sure that you are safe on the course of your skateboarding or surfboarding. If you are on the course of choosing a Smooth Star skateboard, make sure that you have the basic knowledge on how to choose a skateboard. It is not like a toy in which you can choose whatever that is pleasing to our eyes, nor it is a furniture that you will buy because you just need it and place it stationary in your house.

You should take note of your height, your most comfortable surfing stance, your weight and age in order to equip yourself with the best Smooth Star models that have been developed. If you are just starting to learn how to maneuver a skateboard, as a real surfer, you should always be aware of your safety. This is why you need to have a protective gear such as a helmet, elbow pad and knee pads.

There is no shame in wearing protective gear at first. In time, you will remove it as you become intermediate or professional. Do not be influenced by the stigma that it is “okay” not to wear a helmet anymore because you can see your senior surfers not wearing one.

Be an example to the younger generation. If you are already in the course of surfing in waters, please always wear a life jacket. On the road, wearing a helmet, or on the waters, wearing a life jacket, you badly need to wear them in order to protect your life. You are never too sure that nothing will happen to you along the way because accidents are unavoidable.

The Smooth Star skateboards are there to serve as your beloved buddy or best friend, and when you finally feel like you cannot go out of your house without it, then you are a real surfer. Go and live in your dream of skateboarding through the roads or surfing on the waters with a wide smile on your face and feeling life at its best.



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