ALL SURFACE GUIDE: How to Slow Down on a Longboard


A longboard is considered to be one of the easy and useful tools which are similar to a skateboard. The small difference is that the longboard can be longer to skateboard. It exclusively used for sliding, racing, and dancing.

Perfect for the rider who wants popularity. But since it is a longboard, it can be hard to drive with in terms of the relative wheel.

All its surfaces have been made of plywood. It has different designs and various shapes that are commercially available when you buy. You can do many tricks. And it has technique styles for you to slow down using the longboard immediately.

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ALL SURFACE GUIDE: How to Slow Down on a Longboard 1


In this article, you will be given a chance to learn more on basic strategies, techniques and as well as basic principles on slowing down of the longboard:

  1. Practice first the riding. The main first thing to deal with is you must be able to know the longboard’s basic riding techniques. In that way, you can be excused from collisions. Usually, as a beginner, the first tip is to practice more on riding. Through practice, you can control your longboard upon riding in the field and can avoid uncertain things.
  2. Learn to move-forward. If you have undergone many practices, your skill in slowing down can be an easy one. But you should learn how to move forward. In that way, it can give you better styles to slowing down. The location really matters on this trip. Make a practice in an open area or in a street. And thereby you can slide to slow upon riding.
  3. Learn to use your body balance. There are different ways where you can learn to use your body balance. One of the ways is the zigzag road, upon slowing down you can ride as much as possible. Using your body balance could possibly resist the winds, and therefore, your travel can slow. And upon using your foot, it would help you to slow breaking or have a maximum speed.
  4. Positioned your back foot behind the center. It will slow your riding. In this tip, and as you get more practicing in terms of slowing down, it can give you an advancement to balance more. There are various videos on YouTube where you can watch in order for you to learn such skills. Or there also an available reading essential online tool for you to learn. It is advised to wear a protective helmet of every rider. Your safety will be mattered. Use your sports shoes to have a stronger grip while on the board.

A longboard is easy to ride, just like any kind of vehicle. After learning the basic techniques, it will seem natural for you to slow down while riding. Your longboard must be equipped with various features and has a complete texture. These elements would have a great help for you to balance more your board quickly.

The main part of your board is its wheel because you can essentially balance your foot while riding on the board. It’s advice to position first your foot for quick slowing down. Also, learn to quick running steps or fast step, your longboard can be slow down.

According to the longboarder, the most exceptional technique and natural skill for you to slow down immediately is by using your foot braking.


  1. For slowing down, your foot must be positioned forward on the board. You only have to bend your knee. Make sure to lower your head down upon your foot is on the backside. Your rear wheel is important to hit and take a balance with your feet.
  2. Always learn to slow the speed. Make sure to practice more your foot balance. Do not place your foot on the board while riding. It can prevent to speed. Make sure to keep your body weights balanced. So, you can slow down your speed.
  3. The essential thing in a longboard is through using your foot brake. When you ride your board, it can contribute faster speed. But never make try without knowing those tips. The practice is advised. And the main factor is to learn how to slow down the speed of your longboard before making such techniques.


Appropriate body balance is required for the board’s minimizing speed. Always put your foot forward on the board. Moreover, upon rolling of the board, it can also add to balance your body weights.

When your board is dealing with speed, a proper balance of the speed should take place. Always placed your heel of the foot to the ground if suddenly you want to stop.

There were foot pressures that you can be applied to slowing down your longboard in the street. And just press your ankle for you to slow down.

  1. Make sure to make half bend. Your riding board is continuing slowly ride. This tip is considered as your great fun of enjoyment while riding. But never forget to apply those necessary skills when you already in the streets or hillside. Your footwear must be congruent to the longboard. It can sometimes have an impact on slowing down.
  2. Perform while shifting your body weights. Upon shifting your body weights, it can add impacts to slow down your ride. Take to lift your back foot. It can slow down the longboard when you drag your foot to the ground. In the fields, always apply the pressure. Always make safe when you drag your foot in the different kinds of ground.
  3. Add extra-cautious in the merge traffic street. In this guide, it will refer to your safety upon riding. If you bend a bit down so your ride will be slowed. If you already in the longboard, do not give your body weights at the backside. Sliding each side of the board also gives you a lower speed. Your posture should be based on the board you were riding. It’s vital to turn your hips and shoulders based on the posture of your rides. Always find the speed of the board, and when you had it, kick out your strength in the back-foot area to slow down.


In every essential process of sliding down, it is very important to bear by the longboard rider. The rider should continue to make the rotation as it helps for immediately slowing down. Always lean forward and use 180 degrees. It can minimize your board speed and decrease its natural performance.

If you aim for the smooth transition, make sure to have regularly practiced on how to slow the board. Always put extra care. Your foot is served as your brake.

You can utilize it by using proper skills. In performing the rides, always use your toe technique towards lowering your weights. It can also slow down your board too.

Your back foot must always be used. Sliding through this can reduce your speed. You have to make sure to grab the board while your other side makes push the ground. Always learn and practice those things for better performance.

It is not easy for a beginner to ride a longboard. By playing this board, always make sure to have extra care. Your safety is very important than playing the longboard in the streets. But nothing is impossible to learn when you are dedicated to everything you do. There were guides, tips as well as principles which you may consider before getting into setups.

R E A L I Z A T I O N:

Your longboard can be your guide to continue in your life. Every sport’s lover should understand that there were times when uncertain things happened.

Just like riding the longboard in the streets, you may fail in the first as you are not that expert in riding. Failures in riding can be your gesture to strive harder.

Always bear in mind that no one is succeeded without facing the trials and errors in life. Make sure that you will be learned upon getting slides in riding with your longboard. In every slide, it has its own reason. Slide happens for a reason.

Continue to learn new techniques in riding using your longboard. What techniques could lead to your failure to succeed? Used your failures as your stepping stone to learn more and be more.

You can be more. Particularly, in riding, it is better to have the first failure before getting into fully enhanced performance. Ask others for a help and tutors.

Everyone has different opinions and knowledge in terms of everything. Your knowledge is different from others. Ride with your friends to experience a better journey, even in a little way.

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