Slide Longboards? Here’s How to Master It in No Time!

Aiming to slide beautifully on a longboard is somewhat a difficult task to do, especially for most beginners. But to an intermediate one, this can add to nice task to your ideas on riding. The hardest part of how to learn to slide on a board is the idea of forcing the wheels of the boards to lose the power that is used to pull the board or the traction of the board. But your wish to know how to learn sliding will be granted!

Slide Longboards? Here’s How to Master It in No Time! 1

Remember: If you are just starting to learn, make sure you equip yourself with everything you needed to know and learn. For some professional riders on sliding, without gears, or any protection materials, they can master it in no way!

The first is to choose a sliding board. A rider can make amendments to slide at any type of longboards, but choosing the best to slide provides an impact on how easy or hard sliding is. So, to make yourself easier to slide, choose a board that best suits sliding. After all, you wouldn’t like to dare to slide on an ugly sliding board, right? Simply start with a normal sliding board. Make it easy to master sliding and all the techniques for you to better enjoy riding plus sliding.

If you simply prefer a complete longboard but suitable for sliding, check out The Landyachtz Switch – a longboard that is best for sliding with its lower deck and having one with spaces that you can comfortably jam your feet as you slide. The Landyachtz Switch is an ideal type for most beginners in sliding. Also, check out Sector 9 dropper – this has a drop that comes with a complete butterball wheel. This is the second next important thing for a sliding component.

Second, to your choice of knowing, is the choice of the wheel for sliding – the best wheel for sliding have a small patch that ranges from around 60-65 mm with a durometer of ranges to 80-100A. if you do not want to buy a new wheel for your board, always check your wheels before sliding. Your wheels are of the most important part as they guide, govern you how hard or easy it is to slide.

Knowing wheels plays an important role on your sliding, and even riding, have time to fully get your board a wheel that is of new and can be able to use for sliding. Better choices are more advantageous to remember that.

You can know that the wheels you chose were for sliding for it has it breaks up quickly which aids in creating an ultra-smooth sliding portion. Some wheels can come with a shiny coating as a surface for this kind of wheel often takes a number of slides to produce smooth and quiet slides.

A good note is that the wheels you must get are designed to produce good slides. It is better if you have wheels for sliding and another wheel for skating. But for this thing, you do not have to slide regularly.

Next thing is about your stance, stand on your longboard and making sure your feet are apart from a little wider your shoulder width. Try to imagine a clock. Your frontal toes should be pointing at 11 am while the back of your toes should be pointing at 1 am. That’s how imaging a clock can be of importance on helping your stance to be better. But this technique is for regular sliders. For advanced or an intermediate simple, reverse that stance technique.

To help you be comfortable, start out on the flat surface and try to start moving on with your board while bending your knees, then dropping your butt. While in the midst of bending, you can make some tricks – attempt to perform a toe and heel side carves.

Your feet also should not be the entire time, ride, or slide on the center of the longboard. You should at least let your feet hang a bit over to do some carve on the heel side. Staying on a crouch position can also let you lose your balance with no moving of your toes and heel on a best position. Regardless of how you feel you wanted to slide, always think of the position of your feet, your toes and heels on how you do slide.

While maintaining your foot position, take a look at the side where your back foot is, make sure that your foot is flat on the board and is positioned overtop of the back truck. This position is known as the box – it is a stable position to ride the way of your longboard. Do not lift the back of your heel off the board. It may be tempting to lift it up for a better support to the side of the board, but do not lift it up off the board! This can cause you to fall down or backward off your board after sliding.

This can associate to safety hazards. Doing and, at the same time, obeying what you read, or heard, is advance care for your safety as you ride. Doing so also lessens the risk for your health or danger encounter. Of course, as you ride or as you skate, you do not just do it for playing. You should also be doing it with care for yourself at the same time.

Again, practicing first the positions you have read on a flat area helps you be more pro when the time comes. Putting a gear or any protecting materials also is a necessity – your slide gloves, helmet, elbow, or knee pads should also be worn when riding.

Find your best practicing area. Again, it is better when you can find it in a large flat area. Wherever the place may be, always make sure that you have enough space to perform at a moderate speed, and you have enough space to do wide carves.

To start with, get some speed that you’re comfortable or at ease with and easily drop into your bending position, start a long heelside carve. Starting to carve, put your left hand behind you while on the pavement. Then, move your right hand from 3 o’clock position to 11 or to 12 o’clock. Lastly, swing your arms to get you to slide on the longboard.

Where you put your hand on a position also varies and be found out more comfortably by testing on which position you ought the most. Also, distance varies from person to person. While too close, it won’t be comfortable for your hand, but too far, it will cause you to fall off the longboard.

So, enough tricks require also a great distance and a place to where you need to start practicing to get a most thrilling slide. Remember also to let your boost start and carry you through your sliding. Your legs should not be moving; it should just rest on a crouch or bending position. Because of this, your weight speed would allow starting the slide.

During carving on a heel side, keep your head up and look in front of you. By this, you can avoid feeling nervous to what is coming next. And you can be more aware to things in front of you. this also reduces the chance of any accidents prone due to skating and or sliding.

Key things to be remembering on sliding are that heads up, front looking position, the front knee also and always pointing up. Lastly, your back foot must be flat on a deck of your longboard. One more thing to keep in mind riders is to avoid using or do not use your left hand while grabbing your longboard in between your feet.

As said earlier, preventing or reducing causes or accidents is also a need to practice at. Causing your lives on the trouble by this skating is not an ideal one. Health must also be your consciousness while learning this sliding skill. If you feel you cannot do a better performance, take your time to rest and be sensible to feel yourself freely. By doing so, you are indulging yourself to a readier skater or rider plus additional learning skill of sliding.

People will tell you that it is truly purely a practice that you’d be learning to do special tricks. Also, it’s better to grab some friends when you go skating, sliding, riding. They may be more experienced, and you can also gain knowledge from them. Learning how to slide can be a challenge at first. But once abled, it gets you to newer opportunities for surfers and their longboards. Sliding can be difficult to attempt or to practice at, but once you do master at your own or even with a friend, you can at least perform better with the urge to do better.

Doing your best for your skills satisfies your soul, but choosing the right one to perform your skill is also important. That is why the provided information to you, you must know and learn it well for a best sliding time!



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