Finding Out What’s Best for You Skateboard vs. Longboard

As a rider or skater, truly knowing what is best for you – regardless of your personal preferences – is highly recommended. To such sport, includes skating or boarding, selecting which one of skateboard or longboard suits you is also a requirement to yourself.

Of course, the first thing you do, you should be asking yourself if what type of rides you want to enjoy or satisfy yourself. When you find the answer now, then the next thing is to know whether the one you chose is good to use or find some sources that will answer your most top question.

When you do research, make sure you end up feeding yourself with the right information. Know all the things you need to know at whatever costs.

Finding Out What’s Best for You Skateboard vs. Longboard 1

Well, to better help you with choosing, here’s one for you.

For many newbies, naming skateboard, their thinking is just it is a skateboard, but without looking deeper unto what it contains, you will surely miss knowing good qualities of this board.

So, diving deeper into what this board has helped you quickly to choose the best option for addition also, the type of board you select will surely give you a great impact on your ride. So how should you know if you should begin with a longboard or a standard skateboard?

Defining these two terms can be perplexing but here’s the thing: the word skateboard is a term addressing all types of boards. While longboard is a kind or type of skateboard, which is longer and is shaped a little bit differently than the most standard skateboard.

A standard skateboard is one that you could just easily pick up at any sport selling store. It is of 36 inches as length, its nose and tail curve upward to allow you to do or have exhibitions or tricks as you ride.

On a longboard type, this board is a remodeling type of skateboard. These can change in length but are basically long as 51 inches. Its nose and tail are its huge giveaway – this can mean flat.

In addition to its shape, longboards also have other features or factors which you can freely consider and or choose from: its flexibility, shape of the wheels.

There can be more complex features of this board, the biggest difference between a longboard and a skateboard, is that skateboards own its curve edge for tricks, longboards also have a lick tail that can allow intermediate or advanced riders to tricks on their board.

Here’s the pros and cons for a longboard:


  • Longboards provide a lot of types, varieties, allowing you to commute, race, carve, and even simultaneously do tricks.
  • It is also easier to manipulate the way you balance, and it gives a large room for your feet to comfort.


  • They are bulkier and is completely heavier
  • Longboards are extra expensive, even for beginners.


  • Its length typically comes with 28-36 inches and has a curve edge on its nose and tail. This curve edge on its nose and tail allows you – the rider to kick the board to do your tricks or your exhibition. Many stores called skateboard a “shortboard” generally because of how long it is.
  • Upon having the knowledge or insight on your pros and cons of skateboard and longboard, now next to present to you is the part of the skateboard:
  • The board or the deck, this section should be made of quality materials such as bamboo or a maple. It can also be applicable if you can find aluminum or a fiberglass deck that can be better for doing your tricks.
  • The trucks that connect the wheels to the deck, particularly, this be produced as metal, not as plastic.
  • The wheels should be of the best quality or even is a translucent quality. Because of the wheels which you aim to buy is a plastic or a rubber, it won’t last long.
  • The bearings, it is the one responsible for allowing the wheels to turn, or to spin. But make sure to refer to ABEC, which determines the measurement of how precisely they turn or they spin the wheels. If you gain an ABEC rating of five or seven, this one is an ideal.
  • Generally speaking, choosing a quality skateboard is the avoidance of plastic quality. It is also good to always check on items before you buy them. Making sure they were all in good condition while inside the store is a not regretting moment.
  • When it comes to checking for longboards’ nose and tail, these include:
  • Pintail – the characteristic of having a blunt nose with a pointy tail
  • Top mount or speed board – its board is a pointer at or on both ends
  • Cruiser – it has a characteristic of having a rounded nose and tails
  • Freeride or freestyle – in this section, the boards here comes in a unique shape. The two most common or popular terms for the shapes are drop down and drop through boards.

There are a lot of answers, reviews, or opinions on which boards are the best, especially for beginners. Some skaters may say that the best one for them is the most common and easiest way to get and to some, that would be the standard skateboards.

But if you are into worrying about not being able to manage the control or balance on a board, and you want something that can do so much for you, then the choice is longboard – as for beginners.

These longboards are made for easy riding, having a lot of stability, and are of smooth one because of its wider and longer feature or design. The wheels of this are mostly strong, robust which makes you secured and can mean fewer chances of tipping over the ground.

But because these aren’t made for exhibition or tricks, parents, guardians won’t have to worry about their children doing risky jumps and crazy flips.

As to recently said that longboards are heavier, wherein it can be difficult for young skaters or riders to control. Therefore, for an adult rider beginner, you may or can try longboard. For a young skater or beginner, you can, either way, choose a shorter longboard or the standard skateboard.

If you weren’t a beginner nor exactly an advanced one, then probably, you choose your board based on what type of riding you want to achieve or try. For instance, you want to try skating on a downhill, sweeping curves or even riding around a sidewalk, then you may choose or you may want a longboard.

If you want to go out with a park, do a lot of exhibitions or tricks, and can maneuver on tight and crowded space, then you may try a traditional skateboard.

At this moment, it is more important that you choose your board of great features or quality that will best suit you and helps you increase your skills — considering what you want to work on more in your skill.

Want to get excellent on tricks and balancing – go on with a skateboard. But wanting to get excellent at speed and control – try on longboards.

While for advanced riders or skaters, the standard skateboard provides you more versatility because of the things it can take so much. From riding on a rail and ramps road, doing tricks, and cruising. Choosing a longboard is either you love the aesthetic or you want to enjoy some serious downhill speeding.

Summarizing longboards and skateboards, the terms weren’t easy. Both offer good and bad qualities – pros and cons. And of course, both were ideal for varieties of skating or riding. For the edge and the most part, it will go down to what suits your skills best and to what type of riding you want to exert.

Hence, it is always a good shot to fully and clearly understand the options you will have to take or choose. Both types work for beginners though young ones may be comfortable on the smaller and lighter skateboard.

While intermediate and advanced skaters will have to choose their boards referring to what type of riding, they want or to skills they want to improve or train more.

Now that you know all the needed information about skateboard and longboards, you can now freely choose the boards that will best suit you. However, always remember that you need first to assess yourself with what type of skill you have to select the best board on your riding.

Considering all the above-mentioned characteristics, and seriously taking part also contributes to better having a board that also best qualifies the kind of riding you want.

Equipping yourself with all the knowledge you need to know about the boards in skating hinders you from coming up with regretful thoughts about choosing.

Maintaining purchasing a board is also highly needed for your board to stay longer for you. Always checking every part of the board makes yourself more secure and is free from whatever danger or risks.


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