Single Fin Longboard Why does Noserider Love it?

Single fin longboard is not a new term in the surfing arena. This is one of the highly in-demand sports equipment among surfers and noseriders. So, why do noseriders love it? It is simply because a single fin longboard is a critical element of surfing.

Moreover, noseriding is an art of surfboard maneuvering from the front end. In surfing, this is considered the most accomplished type of maneuvers. This functional maneuver is best performed on waves less in size or head’s high.

This is primarily performed on noserider-style surfboards that generally measure around 275 meters long or more with higher water displacement and broader surface area for a steadier walking surface. With the exciting attributes of noseriding, more and more individuals are getting hooked with this water sport.

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Single Fin-The Traditional Longboard Set Up

Single Fin Longboard Why does Noserider Love it? 1

The way that the longboard performs depends on the fin selection. Choosing the most suitable fin design and fin set up can create a big difference between frustration and fun.

Also, some factors impact how well a fin will perform. Certain things like surfing style, size, and shape of the board and types of waves play a vital role.

If you are not sure whether fins are longboard are a perfect match for surfing, there are guides that you can read and refer to and will help you break down your options for fins.

The single fin is said to be the traditional longboard set up. This delivers stability while at the same time providing the board a loose feel. Lots of longboarders who used to enjoy those drawn-out turns and noseriding prefer this option.

Noserider Single Fin Longboard-High Performance for Maneuvering

Single Fin Longboard Why does Noserider Love it? 2

Noserider includes more foam all across the board. It is broader and got rounded rail through the board’s back. The majority of nose riders have single fin properly set up. This unique and traditional template is aimed at riding beach breaks and small point breaks.

A noserider is often slower than the typical type of a surfboard; therefore, you can remain on the pocket without the need to stall or even to turn.

These are the relatively flat bottom, which means that they are crafted for going to the straight line and trimming. For the nose riders, this is all about having fun with soft and slow-breaking ocean waves.

When it comes to the flat rocker, the nose rider paddles with ease into the flat-paced and mushy waves. The higher stability enables surfers to execute cross-stepping maneuvers effortlessly.


The board’s 1/3 front is one of the biggest differentiating elements about the riding longboards. The majority of surfboards have the front part that isn’t used that much. It’s used for the entry rocky at its best.

In an unfavorable situation, it is only used in cosmetics and at times, in-display speakers.

Aside from noseriding, there are other important elements, and these are footwork and cross-stepping. Longboarders are able to walk at the back or in front through the ride putting in new movement elements into the surfing experience. If you’re enthusiastic about experiencing new elements the next time you surf, the longboard will give you access to all these styles.

Why Should You Longboard?


  • Conditions of the waves are one among the best whys and wherefores to ride a particular board. There are instances that only the waves you got access to are long, small, and slow. In most surfing sessions wherein, the waves do not give a good punch, a longboard is an ideal option worth considering. The truth is, small waves love those big boards. The added paddle power and flotation make it easy to catch them. The additional weight will help surfer carry the momentum as he glides and lower allows him to plane like a straight line. Other types of balls are actually available, which will work perfectly well, even in small conditions. But if it’s mushy, rolling, and small, longboards are not always ideal choices.
  • It does not necessarily mean that longboards will work in on these scenarios and conditions alone. Since waves are factors that no one really has a control over, the question should not be, what waves do you want to take this longboard on? Instead, what board do you want to use in these waves?

Intensify Number of Rideable Days

  • The core of the incredible joy and dissatisfaction of surfing is the change in wave conditions. Generally, it is nobody’s control. Having a longboard guarantees that you will have the option to have a fabulous time in the water all throughout the year.
  • With a longboard, you can have lots of fun sessions in conditions that are crumbly and 1ft. It would be really difficult to do this on some other kind of board. So rather than just having the option to get out and surf 200 days per year where it’s 3ft+, you will have the option likewise to utilize the 100 days where it’s under 3ft. Variety in your quiver is the main method to expand your surfing fun. Furthermore, a longboard is a fundamental piece of the diverse quiver.

More Wave Counts

  • While considering other factors. It does not really mean that it’s fine to be waving a hog when riding a longboard, yet the truth is that you can get more waves. If you are an advanced and experienced surfer, you can presumably get any wave you need on any board you are on. In the event that you aren’t, a longboard will help ensure you get a lot of standing time. In case you have located an isolated beach, spend an entire session doing burns and turn, paddling out and turning back and eventually riding one in. It’s an extraordinary exercise and can energize your stoke meter regardless of whether you don’t have a huge amount of time to go surfing.
  • It is notable that longboards are incredible for amateurs, and that is the direct result of the simplicity of getting waves on one. Be that as it may, even for professional surfers, longboards can help guarantee you get a good amount of waves. Getting more waves means seeing how waves develop and break better, which will prove to be useful in case you switch down to the smaller boards. To ensure you don’t become a hog, sit farther out to get the waves prior and ensure to give lots of rolls through. With incredible power comes extraordinary obligation.

Longboarding is Ultimately Relaxing

  • The word that strikes a chord is a glide. The longboards are somewhat known to have that specific elegance to them. Since these boards are greater, it won’t move around as fast; thus, your movements must be increasingly drawn out. The majority of longboards make wide clearing turns and walks the nose gracefully.
  • It can be a pleasant method to unwind, score a couple of waves, and also to get some sun. It’s simpler to share waves, and since waves are obtained by most guys that they paddle for, there are very little paddle battles. If what you’re searching for a calm and nice stress reliever, then longboarding may be the one you are looking for.
  • Purchasing a surfboard, you need to ensure the board will be a solid match for your surfing. A few people appreciate surfing shortboards. However, you may have a couple of reasons weightier to make you decide to get the longboards. In the event that the waves around you will be small, in case you’re hoping to surf frequently and have some relaxing time doing as such, or if noseride looks good, you should consider longboarding.

You may even need to consider getting a longboard as an occasional board. Afterall, no rule book states that you ride just the longboard. Try the other types of boards. Actually, having a different quiver is probably the most intelligent approach to construct.

At the point when one style of surfing becomes boring, change to another for some time to make it exciting and fresh. Try not to feel pressured and appear cool to ride any type of the board instead of another. Surfing means having a great time and being on the right board.

Where to Buy Single Fin Longboard

With all the good reasons noseriders love single fin longboard, you are now probably convinced that investing in this sports equipment can be a very good move, especially if you are into surfing.

There are many possible sources where you can get this product, but for ease and convenience, you can place your order online. You have to make sure that you are committing with a reputable online store. This is to ensure that you get quality products, and your interest as a customer will also be protected.

As soon as you get your single fin longboard, get ready for your noseriding escapade. Don’t forget to have fun as you enjoy the water and the sun.


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