Learn Tips About How to Pick & Use Short Fins vs. Long Fins

man wearing black shorts and flippers while swimming

Every swimmer has the same goal, which is to go faster. That goal can be achieved if you are going to work it out through day and night. Aside from the usage of dryland training, intervals, and drills, both the training accessories and the right swimming tools will also contribute to your workout enhancements. Swim fins are one of the well-known swimming equipment to give you the ability to push through the water. Aside from that, it will also add your workout speed. The swim fin is also excellent equipment to increase your endurance and strength without experiencing any strain or issue on your body.

Swimming with the help of fins are considered as simple yet the best. With these swimming fins, you will experience to swim as fast or as good as your idols. Having the capabilities in swimming through the water at your desired velocity is considered to be great. But, if you are going to perform with an ordinary swimming session, tools, and accessories, you might end up being annoyed.

man wearing black shorts and flippers while swimming

On the other hand, training for swimming with fins can be done easily, quickly, and more conveniently. The swimming fins will give us a helping hand to become the best swimmer. Aside from that, it will also help us to increase the strength of the weakest part of your body while improving your ankle flexibility.

In this post, we are going to provide you with important information on how you will pick and use the short fins vs. long fins. So, if you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy!

Benefits That You Can Get from Using Swimming Fins

But, before we jump into the guide on how to use the best short fins or long fins, according to your preference, let us first know the benefits that you can get from using the swimming fins. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Improve Your Body Position

One of the advantages that you can experience with the use of the swimming fins is that it will help you in improving your body position. If you usually use swimming fins in kicking, you can ensure that your body will ride or move higher on the pool. Aside from that, it will make you feel amazed when you skim across the pool surface.

This advantage is very noticeable to those swimmers who usually create a kick that is not that strong. It only means that they tend to bulldoze and sag their path throughout the water.

The swimming fins are the equipment that will surely give your body position a better improvement. It only means that if you are going to use it for your regular swimming lesson, you will experience a dramatic change to your body. On top of that, both the short and long swimming fins will also give you a daily reminder of how important it is to focus on your swimming kicks.

It will Improve Your Ankle Flexibility.

One of the most important aspects that many swimmers dream of is their ankle flexibility. In connection to this, it would be hard for us to understate the flexibility of their ankle. Your ankle flexibility will also enable you to make a deadly and stronger kick. If your feet have lower ranges, it only means that you usually create a kick downwards.

Enhance Your Kick Technique

If you are one of the starter swimmers out there, then you might wonder about your kicks. Your kicks are crucial in terms of your swimming sessions. Whether you are using a streamline or a kicking board, you might not perform your very best when you have a low range kick. This will impact the strength of your legs. It only means that you need to know the different kick techniques.

The accurate kick flutter or technique is both compact and narrow. Most of the expert swimmers out there consider the best kick as both fast and short instead of being powerful and large. We all know that we have a straight leg. It only means that the strength of our legs is from our hips. Aside from that, swimmers are required to have pointed toes.

How to Use Short Fins and Long Fins

The swimming fins are specifically constructed to give a helping hand to all the swimmers who want to develop a stronger kick. Aside from that, this swimming equipment will help you in improving your ankle flexibility and increasing your kicking tempo.

This swimming pool will also help you to go through the water quickly. That is the main reason why swimming fins are considered to be the perfect swimming equipment piece. So, in this section, we are going to provide you with the details on how you will use both the long fins and swimming fins.

Wait Until You Are Almost on The Shore

We cannot deny the fact that swimmers are considered to be one of the not so coordinated athletes out there. This is always true when you pick a pair of shorts or long fins and try walking across the deck of the pool. Aside from walking on the pool deck impossibly, the bottom area of the swimming fins is usually not fixed. To do this, you might consider sitting beside the pool or wait for some time until you get into the water.

Swim, Kick, Breath

This is it! It is the right time for you to swim. But, make sure that you will have enough amount of air. Aside from that, do not also forget to kick. Make sure that your feet will kick harmoniously while your toes are pointed. Through this, you can ensure that you will swim perfectly. It only means that swimming fins, whether long or short, are important when it comes to better swimming.

How to Pick the Right Fins

In terms of picking the right pair of fins, both the flexibility and fin length are taken into consideration. In this post, we are going to help you with a guide in terms of buying swimming fins.

The perfect swimming fins are considered to be inevitable to have better swimming experience. That is the main reason why you should opt for the right and accurate pair of swimming fins. So, without further ado, let us dive into the tips on how to choose the best swim fins below.


At the end of each of your swimming workouts, you always want to feel comfortable. There are some fins that will help you in kicking faster. But, at the end of the day, you will feel uncomfortable on your feet. Aside from that, it will also make your feet feel tired and bringing pain to your muscles.

On the other hand, if you are going to opt for softer fins, they tend to bend when you kick with strength. So, make sure that you will choose the swim fins that are flexible and firm.

Fin Length

Aside from the flexibility of your swim fins, you should also consider the length of the fin. It is because it will bring a dramatic impact that will affect both your speed and stroke technique. When it comes to the best swim fin for your regular swim and kicking training, we recommend you opt for the short fins. On the other hand, longer fins are considered to be the best swimming equipment to perform better work under the water. This includes a good body undulant and performs better dolphin kick.

The shorter fin will also provide you with more speed and realistic swimming feeling. Aside from that, it will also give you a helping hand in refining your stroke methods while improving your cardiovascular health. On the other hand, the long fins will enable you to swim faster.

(F)in Summary

We cannot deny the fact that it can be difficult; it is to take off your paddles or fins after a single swimming workout. It is crucial for you not to be so addicted to any of your swimming equipment, such as swim fins.

If you are one of those expert swimmers out there who want to swim a little bit faster, make sure that you will maintain your swimming accessories less than 50 percent of the summarized workout volume.

There is nothing for you to worry about utilizing a wide range of swimming tools at once. Using swimming fins – whether short or long, during your swimming sessions – will provide you lots of benefits. These might include the improvement of your ankle flexibility, developing more balanced kicks, as well as help you in fixing your body position under the water. Aside from that, it will help you to make your swimming experiences much better.

If you are going to ask us which is better between the short fins and long fins, we will give our vote to the short fins. It is because short fins are far better and safer to use compared to the long fins, whether you are a starter or an expert.

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