Know What’s Semi Dry Wetsuit & How to Select the Best One

Know What’s Semi Dry Wetsuit & How to Select the Best One 1

Every time that we go for a vacation or take some relaxation, what we have in mind is swimming. Why not? This is a great tool to give yourself a time for everything. It heals every stressful or bad situation that we’ve been through. It is always a medicine that cures our burdens, and that is why we love having a moment with the water. After all, it cleanses our souls. Having an event like this always come with preparation, planning, thinking about what items to bring, and what we should wear.

Will it be a wet, dry, or semi dry wetsuit? We check our scuba garments, trunks, gears, etc. We always think first what is it going to be, how are the weather, the temperature of the water and the place. It’s a total package preparation since what we are here is leisure to a peaceful life, and I bet you don’t want to freak out after so many mistakes.

Know What’s Semi Dry Wetsuit & How to Select the Best One 2

Before anything else, it is a must to know the difference between a drysuit and a wet suit. You need to know the water temperature of the place you are going to visit. For instance, the place is below 10 degrees Celsius. Your choice should be a drysuit. If the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius, it should be advised to use a wet suit.

The advantage of a wetsuit is that these actually keep your body warm. It is because they actually withstand the cooling effects of the climate. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage of a wetsuit, and that is the fact that it costs a little higher compared to the wetsuit. Since it is more advanced and developed, the semi dry wet suit costs a bit higher, unlike the regular suit.

A wetsuit, on the other hand, does the work of trapping a portion of water to your skin. When your body heats, that water actually keeps you warm. The only problem with a wetsuit is that once the cold-water flows into the suit, it creates discomfort in a way that it made us chilled.

Once this happens, it will take just a few minutes to heat it up. It only means the benefit of wetsuit can only be felt once it heats up. Are you familiar with neoprene? This is the wetsuit’s main component. You just have to see to it that the neoprene is actually of good quality because if it is, surely it will last a long period of time.

If you are worried about the prices of a wetsuit, which is usually kind of pricey, you just have to stop worrying since you have a solution for it. There are affordable suits which you can really choose from. They are again made of synthetic neoprene. But you have to be ready for the downside. It works a little less a year compared to the pricey ones. It is good news though; at this time, you’ll have to meet the opportunity and chances to feel a florid life.

So, if you are really interested in a wetsuit and you are so into it, just consider buying it in some large manufacturers of scuba garments, and that includes Mares, Seac Sub and so on. Do not take risks by buying in your local stores and supermarkets if you don’t want to make a regretful decision. It is inevitable if not avoided.

You also need to determine what kind of wetsuit you are going to pick. If you are so into sports, then you may choose the wetsuits designed for that, and it is a little bit thinner in the shoulder part. The purpose of that is to give the arms the opportunity to move freely, which is very flexible in every way. Here, the flexibility level is elevated to a higher position, but then the heat tolerance is kind of inferior.

There are several types of wetsuit that will guarantee full knowledge to guide in picking the best wetsuit from a confusing selection. This only is a guide for you to a wiser decision; at least you won’t be able to regret it at the end of time.

A particular kind of suit that you’ll use shall be ordained by the measurement of the water you’re going to dive into. Everything is made differently – different from features, functions, designs, and style and prices. In addition, it indicates its temperature ideal for its use. There are suits that don’t stand to cover your body for heat index when it is freezing and only using a thin layer of a wetsuit. For further details, everything is as follow:

Shorty Wetsuit. This is the most perfect for warm water temperature. Most people use this kind of wet suit. It is very simple when you look at it but can add a little style for an aspiring look. It also has short sleeves, and a short-like type, which only covers your body area as a regular short should. Shorty wetsuit is really perfect for kids, teens and adults as well. There is no specification regarding this kind of wetsuit because everyone is a perfect fit for shorty wetsuit.

Full-Length Streamer. For a person who is afraid of getting the tan due to strong sunlight, it is perfect for them. At this moment, it gives full body protection including arms and legs. It is a bit different to shorty wetsuit but both are giving warmer compresses to the body. The only full streamer is for the entire body. Well, as it is, those people who never liked mirror cuts or unbalance skin color is now worry-free by having this kind of ideal wetsuit. Everything will be perfect and it gives the wearer more time to spend under the sun with constant excitement.

Layer Systems. Changes to traditional wetsuit are being magnified to create a new system of wetsuit that is more advanced and beneficial to people. The technology is always the reason why we make changes for development. In regards to a wetsuit, the layer system superseded the old style and version for more warmth and a better outcome. To an extended use, this layer system is a sum for layers that developed into more and greater possibilities beyond an ordinary wetsuit.

Semi-Dry suit. This type of wetsuit seems to be qualified for perfect diving. It is very different to other kinds of wetsuit and looks really stunning in every way. The type and feature of this are great, and unlike a drysuit, the creation of this suit gives way for the water that comes in, the areas of neck, ankle and wrist are out of special materials that magnificently doing a great job.

Forth, the production of wetsuit is really good and a top choice before planning a vacation and leisure travel, always keep in mind that outfit is a matter of showing our personality and even during vacation, still make yourself in touch with a style but preferably suited the situation. There are some a bit of choice maybe but only one could fit the situation and event, be wise in choosing.

Afterward, wetsuit doesn’t only have different types for selection and functionality but also came with different thicknesses for more accessible and comfortable use, and still based on the situation and status of the water. Likewise, the thickness of the wetsuit always mattered.

Why? because this is comfortability and functions, we are talking to. As a general way to follow, the thickness is subdivided with different main thickness. The wet suit can be at 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. Did you feel anything or what experience do you have after wearing a thick of thin type wetsuit? I guess you consider your thoughts since it may be correct.

Wetsuits are really attached to our bodies since it is very fit to our shape, really catching our figures, right? And upon realizations, the more the thin the suit the more we can move. When you wearing a thin wetsuit you move easily, it is more flexible for our bodies actually a bot weird if you feel like it was almost like your skin, but then the disadvantage was it create less heat to the body, since the wetsuit is thin the more we can feel the waters coldness, it cannot even produce more heat since the layer was thin.

Well, as we continue, there was an understanding that may be within you. So, have this thick layer of wetsuit really produce a heat amount of heat? well, wetsuits are implanted or attached with neoprenes that give warmth to buoyancy ratios, and the high quality type is good enough, actually more than enough to have high thermal property.

But sadly, there are imitations of neoprenes that usually have a very low type of thermal properties so we have to be careful in choosing your wetsuits.

Nevertheless, the type of wetsuit is now given for a challenging decision but a beneficial understanding. To focus on a specific kind of wetsuit will surely give a broad idea and strong knowledge to categorize everything. So, what it is? Is it related? of course, it is!

A while ago, from the several types of the wetsuit, we have learned about the Semi Dry Wetsuit. But to get familiar with it some more, let’s take a recap on a broader and more specific explanation.

Semi Dry Wetsuit

Have you ever heard of Semi Dry Wetsuit? Have you any idea what it is? People who love to go swimming and exploring the world underwater would surely want some answers. I bet everyone would love to see beautiful corals, extraordinary fishes, amazing dolphins, and other life underwater.

But before we forget, you might have heard about underwater caves. They are absolutely stunning that would require another level of exploration under the sea to give so much satisfaction to life.

Moving on, what is this Semi Dry Wetsuit? Well, it is a kind of wetsuit that is loved by everybody. It is a perfect outfit for scuba diving and any other water activities. This type of wetsuit is created with a good quality standard neoprene that is great tool for your swimming or water sports activities. The neoprene has a high thermal property that holds your body for a long period of time.

It helps to generate heat for a slow distribution of body heat. In some cases, semi dry wetsuit is a stunning material that has a great function, which can prevent or at least slow down the loss of body heat.

Aside from its good use, the Semi Dry Wetsuit also have a couple of disadvantages, such as a non-watertight seal. In this case, the water will be transposed. The water from the wetsuit will be replaced with the new water around that will cause new adjustment heat.

Since the water can easily get in and change, there is the tendency of adjustment resulting to a consumable process that may lead to the outsourcing of heat. In other cases, it may not be totally vanquished but a less and hard way process to reproduce again after the cold water around you.

As your body heat continues to warm the water, it will surely reduce everything from you, thereby giving you a hard time into the cold water. This is the moment where you are going to cut the moment of yours and instead, get out of the water. I guess everyone doesn’t want to be intruded after a beautiful, relaxing moment. It is better to continue so that the moment will not be ruined.

Do you want that? No, of course not. So, what we must to do is to pick the right wetsuit that would allow us to hold a long time on the water. In that case, a semi dry wetsuit will be the perfect one.


For further details, the disadvantage written above is for the wetsuit. In other words, you still have chances to like it more. Since we talk about Semi Dry, what do you think about Drysuit? In this case, the drysuit is created to block the water from getting inside. I guess the feeling is like wearing a rubber glove. Then, you try to put your hand in a basin with water.

You can actually feel it but never touches your skin with water. It is because the drysuit has neoprene and a trilaminate garment combination.

This acts like a protection and a waterproof that allows only your body to stay inside, while water can never go further. In this situation, keeping dry is keeping heat. The more your body is dry, the more you can resist the water. It is indeed excellent for divers or those who love to spend a long time in the water.

The Future of Semi-Dry Wetsuit

To come over the idea of Semi-Dry wetsuit, how do you think they come up to build and create this type of scuba garment? After learning what is the difference with wetsuit and drysuit, how do you think these manufacturers will fare int the future? It’s not going to come as a surprise to see a little trick here and there for this.

But isn’t it a big question mark how to turn the full wet and full dry into a semi? To think that maybe making it a half-half type of chance? Daring as this may be, clever people behind this creation have already come up with a genius idea. People behind the invention is really outstanding since the Semi-Dry wetsuit is more likely the wetsuit.

It can sink the water inside the fabric but a little less than a regular wetsuit, it may be not a full dry but the neck, ankle, and wrist part have seals where water is being eliminated, this is a current passage to distribute water out of your suit which is great and effective. Still, the body heat is held and stored but not as much as the full dry from a drysuit.

Semi Dry Wetsuit may not look different like any other regular wetsuit, but it is indeed special and extraordinary upon inspecting it very clearly and closely. A good quality standard of semi-dry wetsuit is also easy to distinguish, from its feature it is way different from others, the ankle, neck, and wrist part is the gateway of reducing water, and also the main zipper is waterproof which can be seen as well to a regular drysuit. After all, a Semi-dry wetsuit will give you every benefit that the wetsuit and drysuit can give, a full package in one body cage.

At this moment, your moment will be cherished according to what you have expected, and continued exploration, sightseeing, and family, friends, and own self-bonding will become absolute.

As a very wise kind of being, what we want to something is the advantages or benefits because we value everything after seeing its good side, especially when it is indeed an ideal kind of thing. Additionally, what do you think is the advantage? Since we have familiarized everything about it, as well as the other disadvantages, what is good about it? There are things found in a semi-dry and not in other suits. People love it as it is an excellent and comfortable form for fitting minimal hydro drag, and easy to take in and take out.

The way to a good quality of semi-dry wetsuit is based on the sealing and zipper. This will give you the idea of choosing the best one because it features how it’s going to be and take you to another level of performance. The sealing and zipper will determine if this suit you have chosen is a good quality because it is waterproof. There are instances that other suits are not actually waterproof, so it will be classified in that area.

Buying Guide

Buyers must be careful about choosing and purchasing. Be clever every time you purchase and inspect the item to guarantee a good quality product surely. Since semi dry wetsuit isn’t all waterproof when it comes to the zipper lock, but there is one perfect for you. An example is the Nova Scotia 7.5mm semi dry. It is completely waterproof like a drysuit, very durable, extremely comfortable and really advanced.

There are more items for selection, but this one is sure for the best work due to the great features that it possesses. No one even wants to miss this kind of product.

But after all the possibilities of this wetsuit, we can only guarantee its effective work depending on the situation. It can be used at any type of water activity but surely fits the best kind. Semi Dry Wetsuit is perfectly used when the water temperature is cold. It may be the one for you if you do go on a vacation with a cold location but maybe not, especially when you have a summer vacation, and it’s hot already.

But then again, those sea enthusiasts and divers who explore the deep blue sea will surely find this fitting to make more time under the sea and worry-free from a cold water. Everything will be great after you have it. Semi dry wetsuit will be the best kind of tool for divers because of certain advantages that benefit every single one.

The Advantages

  • The suit is lightweight
  • It is perfect for cold temperature of water because of the thermal property that it gives
  • It provides an assurance to a less water circulation inside with the double neoprene thickness, and a practical side of the hood.
  • Everything is perfect for instant excitement. There will be no coldest water or discomfort could interrupt a moment that is more valuable
  • Everything will be treasured like a treasure chest on a ship.

We are good to go! Nothing more awaits but a memorable experience on the deep blue sea with Semi dry wetsuit.

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