Here’s 12 Scuba Mask Reviews Recommended Among Diver | 2020

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The scuba mask is one of the diving equipment that you must buy, and choosing the best scuba mask for you would mean a great field of vision, comfort, and no leakage underwater for your entire diving adventure because you won’t have fun if you will have a vision problem underwater.

man underwater making hand signs

1st: Mares X-VU Sunrise

Mares X-Vu Sunrise Liquidskin Dive Mask
  • Bi-Silicone strap
  • Tricomfort technology
  • Wide range of colors
  • Great for Wide Faces

The specs of this mask: It’s available on color black and clear only. The material that is used is Liquidskin Bi- silicone. It has medium volume, two windows style, the mask strap is in an X split style, and the skirt seal is ribbed and double feathered. 

While its features: It has a Compatible corrective lens, has teardrop lenses, best fit for broad faces, and the pressure around the bridge is reduced due to ribbed nose pocket. This mask is best for the diver who is on a budget or prefers not such an expensive cover to start their underwater diving. Due to the unique features of this mask, it became a global favorite, although it was designed for the Asian market.

Many foreigners are hooked with this mask because the skirt is large, making it an excellent fit for comprehensive and more extensive faces. The dress is soft and flexible, and the show has an improved lookdown vision because of the inverted teardrop and oversized lenses. It is also easy to change if you use prescription lenses.

Lastly, this mask is ideal for beginners and divers on a budget since it is easy to use, and it is also one of the most affordable mask models you can find on the market.

2nd: Cressi Frameless F1

Cressi F1, Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask - Perfect Seal Silicone Skirt - Cressi: Quality Since 1946
  • Cressi F1 Frameless Diving Mask
  • Single Clear View Window
  • Shiny Silicone
  • Tempered Glass
  • Micrometric Easy Adjustable Buckle

The specs of this mask: Its available color clear and colored, the material used is High-seal silicone, and it has low volume. Its Windows is only 1, the style of its strap is wide split, and the skirt seal is double feathered to ensure a good fit. 

Its features: It is frameless and folds flat, which makes it easy to store. There’s increased flexibility due to molded strap and has a wide field of vision. The Cressi Frameless F1 Mask is best for the low profile because it is super easy to clear, and it is one of the best available options for the lowest price in the market.

The strap increases flexibility and prevents leaks by keeping the water out, and it all became possible because the belt is molded directly to the skirt. The mask is frameless, which makes it have an extra-wide field of vision underwater, and because it’s fold-flat, it is easy to store and lightweight.

The mask blocks the light and is available in various colors that, even in low visibility underwater, the show becomes easy to spot with these vibrant shades.

3rd: Tusa Liberator Plus

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This mask is best for beginners who want to explore the underworld. 

The specs of this mask: It is available in black and exact color only, the material used in the skirt is Fit II Low friction Silicone, and it has medium volume and two windows. The strap is in split style, and the skirt seal is rounded double feathered. 

Moreover, its unique features: the mask is compatible with the corrective lens, the design of this mask can fit all different face shapes, this is also compatible with cold water, so if you want to dive on cold water, you can use this mask, and it is sold in a variety of colors so you can have your show in your favorite color as possible.

If you’re new to scuba diving, this is an ideal mask for you because it is affordable, lightweight and it has basic feature design that can work in challenging sea environment or cold conditions. Divers who prefer cold water will like the oversized nose pocket design, which has a skirt that’s round and wide that provides an airtight seal, and even when you’re wearing thick gloves, the buckle is easy to operate.

Its liberator Plus are compatible with stick-on magnifiers where you can choose with a variety of attractive colors and also compatible prescription lenses. People who have problems with their eyesight won’t have to worry a lot together with an added stylish look.

4th: XS Scuba Cortez 

XS Scuba One Window Cortez Mask
  • This Item Includes: Mask with Mask Box
  • XS Scuba Cortez Mask
  • Excellent Fit on Bigger Faces
  • Skirt: Wider from Top to Bottom for More Comfortable Feel
  • Comfortable, Liquid-Injected, Crystal Silicone Skirt

The specs of this mask: It has medium volume, has one window, the strap style is solid, the seal of the skirt is in extra wide double feathered, and the material used for this mask is Polycarbonate, Silicone, and Rubber. 

For the features: It has a wide field of vision, and it offers increased stability because the strap is attached to the frame. The design of the mask is perfect for people with broad faces. It is compatible to use under cold water, so there’s nothing to worry about scuba diving on cold conditions. Lastly, the solid strap is easily adjustable.

As mentioned, this mask is perfect for broad faces since divers who have facial hair or large faces tend to struggle to find a show that will perfectly fit their face. Moreover, this XS Scuba Cortez is designed with large faces and thick beards in mind, so you can expect that this mask will deliver a solid more extended comfort strap that would seal around the thick beards and broad faces in a comfortable and adjustable way.

It has only one adjusted point and quick release that can be found at the back of the head. And for those divers with big hands and using big gloves, this mask fits for you because it has an oversized buckle and nose pocket, so you achieve great comfort whatever size you have. Lastly, the skirt prevents leakage by being wide on top to seal the temples and hairline then going slim on the bottom to avoid water to go inside around the top lip 

5th: Cressi Eye Revolution

Cressi Adult Patented Inclined Inverted Teardrops Lens Mask for Scuba, Snorkeling, Freediving | Big Eyes Evolution: made in Italy
  • High performance mask from Italian dive company Cressi is made of innovative High Seal material, known for its softness
  • New skirt design creates open-angle point of contact between mask and face, improving comfort and line of sight
  • Raked lenses, with patented inverted drop shape, are small in shape and placed close to pupils, improving visibility by 25%
  • Headband uses patented, double-injected elastomer, allowing strap's buckles to be mounted on elastic element that tilts vertically for ease of use and improved durability
  • Easily accepts prescription lenses

Its specs: It has two windows, and the available color for this mask is clear and black. It uses hypoallergenic silicone rubber material for the construction of a cover and skirt. It is in medium volume, then the strap is in split style, and the seal of the dress is in ribbed double feathered. 

Few of its features: It provides you teardrop lenses that are compatible with corrective lenses. Meanwhile, this mask is designed for small and narrow faces. The strap is attached to the frame to provide stability while moving, and lastly, the nose pocket is raised to reduce pressure on your nose bridge.

While this mask is best for small faces, this mask is also best in providing versatility for people who use prescription lenses. For better look down the vision, it offers an inverted teardown shaped lens that will be helpful for the diver in reading and locating gauges underwater.

Although it is built for small faces, the ribbed and double feathered feature of the skirt gives the flexibility to mask to fit enough on various face shapes like for narrow shaped face.

The silicon material around the mask is contoured and super soft, which won’t leave your face or the area around your eyes any scratches or marks after using it. Also, the mask strap attached to the frame is essential to prevent water leakage if you adjust the strap underwater.

6th: Tusa Freedom Elite

TUSA M-1003 Freedom Elite Scuba Diving Mask
  • Equipped with Freedom Technology
  • 180º Rotational buckle system
  • Medium-large fram with minimal internal volume
  • Five position strap angle adjustor for micro adjustment
  • Round edge skirt with 3D mask strap

Its specs: It comes in with color black or clear. It also uses a low friction silicone mater for its skirt, comes in high volume, has only one window, its strap is in split style, and the seal of the dress is dimpled and double feathered. 

A few of its features: It provides a wide field of vision. For increased stability underwater, the strap is attached to the mask frame. It is specially designed for people with broad faces, and the mask is sealed with low friction silicone to avoid leakage.

This Tusa Freedom Elite mask is not only fitted with broad faces but also best in mustaches and beards. This mask has an airtight seal because of the low friction silicon that even if you have facial hair, it won’t have a problem because it grips to your skin without leaving marks or lines on your face. It also has an extra-wide single front lens that gives a lot of space between your face, facial hair, and lens.

However, clearing water out of your mask while diving will be a bit harder.

7th: Aqua Lung Faviola 

Aqua Lung HotShot Comb-Strap Diving Fin
  • A semi-rigid, techno polymer blade has an excellent spring effect for maximized thrust
  • Silicone Power Bands are loaded with energy during the down stroke, which they release prior to the upstroke for a power boost on every kick
  • A Mid-foot Flex Joint is used to attach the blade to the side of the foot pocket. This maximizes energy transfer from the leg and provides the power of a blade 30% long
  • Blade ribs are made of two different elastomeric compounds and provide precise flex control
  • The top and sides of the foot pocket are soft against bare skin yet allow neoprene socks or thin-soled boots to be worn for thermal protection

Its specs: It uses optical polymer and silicone material, its available color for the skirt is clear and black, it has two windows and has low volume, the strap style is wide split, and the skirt seal is in narrow double feathered. 

The features: It uses teardrop lenses compatible with corrective lenses and compatible in cold water. It has a specific design for females.

This mask is best for the female because it has a female-specific design to prevent the flooding and leaks around the cheeks and temples, which women often experience.

The narrow frame design and the skirt, which is short and flexible, plus the strap that is easy to adjust, is specialized to maintain a perfect seal underwater for women.

This mask is a prescription lens compatible, and due to the inverted teardrop-shaped windows, you can see underwater even when you look down. And because it fits small and narrow faces, this mask is also ideal for kids.

8th: Cressi Nano

Cressi Low Volume Adult Mask for Scuba, Freediving, Spearfishing | Nano made in Italy
  • Cressi 2 window free diving mask
  • Designed for advanced free-diving and spear-fishing
  • Completely flexible, virtually indestructible buckle system
  • Helps divers cut-through-the-water and aid-movements in small spaces
  • Internal volume is Minimal, doesn't require intentional equalizing

The specs: This mask is in low volume. The strap is in wide split, the material used is high seal silicon, and it is available in color black. The skirt seal is narrow and double feathered, and its windows are 2. 

Few of its features: It is compatible with corrective lenses. It uses teardrop lenses. The mask is designed for small faces and as a freediving mask because it increases stability as the strap is attached to the frame.

This mask works best for scuba and apnea, but it only has a basic black design and no other style design for customization, but its features are friendly. Even when you have small faces, you can still maintain the low air volume because its skirt is narrow double feathered, making it easy to clean, comfortable, and flexible underwater.

Meanwhile, the divers with large hands may find this mask a challenging one to adjust because this mask is low profile, and the hardware used is small, so it isn’t easy to operate with big hands.

9th: XS Scuba Eye Eagle

XS Scuba Seadive Ray Blocker Eagleye SLX HD Mask - SLX HD
  • Mask, Mask Box
  • Seadive by XS Scuba RayBlocker Eagleye SLX HD Mask
  • Six Years in Development
  • Anti-Reflective (ARC) Mask Coatings of Tempered Glass
  • Seadive/Oceanways ARC Coatings Allows Almost 100% Transmission of Light

This mask is available in black color, and it has a medium volume. It is made from silicone material. It has only one window, uses a split strap style design, and its skirt sealing is double feathered. 

Some of its features: It provides a wide field of vision, and it has reflective anti-glade lens coating. It also has a purge valve and is designed to fit all different shapes of face.

This mask is best for the purge valve, and even though it lacks in looks, it has added features that are user-friendly and designed to focus on function, not in fashion designs. Rather than performing an additional mask clearing process, this mask provides an available optional purge valve, which helps you to clear the water inside just by exhaling quickly.

The reflective films are letting the light penetrate your mask, so even you’re underwater and in dark parts of water, you can still be able to see. The coating blocks the UV rays to avoid harming your eyes. This is also ideal to use for instructions and divemaster of scuba.

10th: Hollis M1.

Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Diving Freediving/Spearfishing Dive Mask
  • Frameless 100% pure silicon skirt
  • Saint-Gobain Diamant - Crystal Clear Lens
  • Wide vision and low volume
  • Completely dry top snorkel prevents water entry when submerged
  • Large exhaust and purge valve at bottom for easy water clearing

 Its specs: It uses matte silicone material, low volume, and available in color black. The window is only 1, but it uses a narrow double feathered skirt seal and wide split strap. 

Its feature: This mask is frameless and folds flat, so it’s easy to store and portable to carry during adventure and travel, it is compatible to use in cold water, and the skirt seal is designed to fit all shapes of faces, it provides the diver a wide field of vision, and it improves the vision underwater even with certain distance due to the flat black finish design that helps reduces the glare.

If you want to spend extra money on the mask, you can choose this Hollis M1 mask because it is worth the investment. This offers a comprehensive and transparent field of vision because of its low volume single window. It helps seals the facial hair and perfectly fits on small faces because of the skirt, which is intended to be flexible and short.

It is easy to fold flat and to store because of its frameless features, so it is easy for traveling. The grip buckles are oversized, so it is easy to use even in cold climates, and the matte black design improves the distance vision underwater by reducing the glare.

11th: Venom Frameless Mask

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask
  • Ultra-wide Panoramic-view
  • Integrated Easy-Adjust Swivel Buckles
  • Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone creates an incredibly soft and cofortable face seal
  • Single lens design
  • Reinforcing internal frame molded beneath the silicone rubber skirt

This mask is one of the Atomics’ latest series of Scuba masks that uses tempered glass lenses. The large single lens lets the light penetrate by 96% to provide a clear vision underwater. It has a feature called “Gummi Bear ultrasoft,” This is the medical-grade silicone used in making the skirt and mask itself, which provides comfort and soft silicone on your face. There will be no marks left after you remove the mask.

And besides the softness of this Gummi bear silicone, it also seals your face. It also works with people who have beards, so there will be no leakage. Dual-layer silicone in the skirt design, which is the thicker silicon that provides support around the lens. The other one is the thinner silicone that works as a flexible silicone that seals your face from the water. It also has a frameless design and swivels buckle system for perfect fitting, making it worthy of spending your money.

12th: Scubapro Solo

Scubapro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask
  • A modern low profile, clear and open-view single lens mask.
  • Dual colored frameless single-lens design for signifi cantly increased field of vision
  • Crystal clear double sealed silicone skirt for superior fit and comfort.
  • Non-slip strap with easy adjustable buckle. | Tempered glass lens.
  • Low volume design for easy clearing

This mask is comfortable, perfectly fits, and has doubled silicone to prevent water leakage. If you worry about your beard, this mask gives you extra security for your facial hair while being leakage resistant.

Its features: It uses a frameless and single-lens to provide comprehensive field and clear vision and easier cleaning. While using this mask, you can still pinch your nose to clear to equalize. It offers adequate comfort through its buckles, where the strap is easily adjusted to give you a good seal and wide range of movement. This mask is also available in black, clear, and few colors for more personalization and ideal for both advanced and beginner diver who wants to use a high-quality cover.

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