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Divers are always excited to try and get ready for a wonderful experience of scuba diving. Plans are plotted. But preparing oneself for an extreme adventure entails a lot of guts. One has to be physically fit for a dive. Having a healthy and fit body is an advantage for a scuba diver. Considering the under pressure that you have to go through during the entire dive and the struggle in making sure you have the right amount of oxygen. This is a top priority.

sea diver

Second, one has to be mentally prepared for the adventure of his/her life. He/she has to be ready with the obstacles that will be encountered when delving into the deep oceans. A diver has to be mentally alert to be able to think of ways to solve problems that may come his/her way. With these, one can be considered ready to dive into an unforgettable experience.

The Scuba Gear Basics

With all the different aspects of a diver being ready to take on the adventure, the financial aspect of purchasing the best scuba gear is as important as a diver’s life. Yes, there are dive centers where you can rent these gears, but in case you consider purchasing your own scuba gear is a good investment. The value of owning your own diving equipment is extolled upon anyone who wishes to take on the experience. So, set aside your worries because I got you a summary of the scuba gear cost that you need as a guide. I hope this one helps. Please take note that these scuba gear costs vary depending on their brands.

Let’s start with the Basics.

Scuba Mask

They say that humans are superior when it comes to the hierarchy of all the living things here on earth. But, if it is about underwater, well, we might actually come second from the fishes and other mammals. We may have the most beautiful eyes, but these do not have the capacity to stay and work well, especially under the sea. We can’t open our eyes under that saltwater for too long, but with the help of a scuba mask – yes, we can!

In order to make it a worthwhile dive experience, a comfortable and high-quality scuba mask will make it possible. Your scuba diving escapade will never be called as such if you will not be wearing one. This diving equipment creates an air space in front of the eyes, allowing you to focus underwater. You also have to consider the nose pocket. As you go deeper, it allows you to equalize the air pressure. Checking the different features of the mask will definitely guide you in choosing the best for you.

You can get one of these pieces of diving equipment from the price ranging from $50 to $200.

Scuba Fins

Fins are also one of the important things to include in your diving gear list. This type of diving equipment will enable you to control your movement, allowing you to move underwater with better speed and agility. These fins will help you to move through water as it transfers power from the leg muscles for better movement.

In choosing scuba fins, there are two basic types; the open heel fins and the full foot fins. Also, there are two more variants that you can choose from: the split or blade type of fin. Efficiency, as well as product comfort, is important – make sure to do a brief research on choosing only the best scuba fins. As we are after the comfort and efficiency, you can get your own scuba fins from prices ranging from $75 or up to $250.


You probably have seen divers carrying a snorkel during their scuba diving. Although it might be just one of the important things that you should bring, not all divers do this. For experienced divers, it is a matter of preference for them if they will carry one or not. If you wouldn’t want to use precious air that you still have in the tank, well, you can count on this diving equipment. If you are a less experienced diver, it would be better if you bring along this diving equipment every time you go out on a scuba diving expedition.

Make sure that you find a mouthpiece that feels good in your mouth and helps you breathe easily. From the $30 to $90 price range, you get to choose only the best snorkel perfect for your scuba diving.

Wetsuit or Drysuit

From $850 to $2500, you can already buy a Drysuit while Wetsuits can be all yours from $70 to $650 price range. But which is better, the drysuit or the wetsuit?

It might be a bit annoying bringing these two during your travel because of its weight, but it definitely does what it was designed for. These are the absolute essentials that you should be wearing every time you go on scuba diving. You will not just be protecting your skin when you wear one, but you get to keep your body warm. Made with neoprene rubber, it serves as padding by allowing only a thin layer of water onto the skin. So, if you will be diving in colder water, you might want to get a thicker drysuit or wetsuit.

The wetsuit serves as your insulation against the cold water. This also keeps the water out, and it is essential to find that fits just right.

Getting the Best Life-Support Equipment for Scuba Diving

Now, here’s an overview of the cost of Life-Support Equipment.

Buoyancy Control Device

Also known as BCD, this is jacket-type of the device is worn by divers. This helps them to control and adjust their buoyancy while they are in the water. Also, this device indicates the diver’s position underwater. So, people at the surface will easily tell where the diver really is.

How does it work? This works by adding or removing air to the bladder found within the jacket. The volume of air inside this jacket tells the buoyancy of the person wearing this device. Adjusting the air will enable the diver to ascend or descend in the water.

Be sure to have the correct size and fit and holds your gear in place. With a price range from $350 to $1000, this device also gives a wide array of options to choose from. You can get the easy-to-carry lightweight design or the heavy-duty type perfect for cold water divers who needed a lot of lift. For better support, you can also find those designs with D-locks. It is also better to do acid testing to make sure you are using only the highest quality device during your scuba diving expedition.

Dive Computers

Diving computers are more than just a computer used for GPS – it does many things that you expected. This computer helps secure the diver’s safety, giving them more time to stay at the bottom of the sea. The main purpose of this diving gear is to measure how long a diver has been staying underwater, how deep he or she is currently at, and how long this diver can stay to the depth he or she is at the moment. With this purpose in mind, dive computers will ensure that the diver will have a safe and smooth drive for long stretches of time.

The decompression sickness or also called “the bends,” are one of the things that divers are concern about every time they went on a diving expedition. But not worry as using this type of computer, it helps to calculate the needed time at every level of ascending for the gasses in the diver’s body to dissipate safely.

With the price ranging from $300 to $1300, some would just rent out one whenever they needed it for their scuba diving. However, renting will just cost you more money – so purchasing one for yourself is highly recommended.

Scuba Regulators

One of the important equipment for divers to have is the scuba regulator. The type of regulator that is used for surface or scuba diving is called the pressure regulator. This regulator reduces all the pressurized gas, then converting it to ambient breathing pressure, enabling the diver to breathe underwater.

Before this ambient pressure is delivered and used by the diver, the gas goes through a valve. This valve automatically cuts off the gas or liquid’s flow at a particular pressure. The pressure gets through two stages; the first stage is the diving cylinder or the one connected onto the tank. The second stage, still the part of the regulator, this is the one that you slid inside your mouth. It also has gauges and backup second stage.

From $225 to $1600, you can already get a high-quality scuba regulator. But remember when choosing a diving regulator, make sure to choose the one that will work according to what it was purposely purchased for and the comfort that every diver needs.

Scuba Tank

Also called a diving tank or cylinder, this gas cylinder is used to store high-pressure gas. It is one of the main components of a diver’s breathing apparatus that allows you to store gas, may it be a simple compressed gas or the gas mixture that includes Nitrox.

This includes a cylinder valve that controls the amount of gas being released from this cylinder and the cold-extruded aluminum tank. Most of this diving tank is made either from aluminum or stainless steel and can store a maximum pressure rating ranging from 2000 to 3000 psi. Also, extra care should be given when handling this type of gear.

You can get a scuba tank on your own, having the prices ranging from $350 to $1300. It might get quite expensive for some, that is why instead of buying one, they rent one. It might save you from spending so much money; however, if your goal is to do more dives, then buying a scuba tank for yourself will really save your wallet from spending too much to rent.

Dive Knives


Why would you bring a knife when you are just scuba diving? Well, you might not know what situation you will get entangled with once you are underwater. A diving knife is an important tool you should not miss. It is made from either stainless steel or titanium and can cost from $15 to $100. This helps divers to free themselves from getting entangled with underwater plats, fishing lines, and others.

You can place it on your BCD or have it strapped it onto your leg and or wrist. You can get a serrated-type (for sawing), or a sharp cutting-edge, or you can get both types in one. Whichever you choose, make sure always to carry it whenever you are going for a diving adventure.

Underwater Camera

It may be categorized as optional diving equipment, but if you want to capture breathtaking sights and your diving experience underwater, then we don’t see it being optional. Ranging from prices $180 to $1400, the underwater camera allows you to take clear videos and photos as well as document your underwater moments. There are still a lot of underwater cameras that you can purchase, but most of the divers today use GoPro cameras. This particular type of camera is small, lightweight, and even comes with waterproof cases and housings – this means that you can still take more photos or videos even if you go deeper into the ocean.

Tank Bangers

Another great addition to the list of your diving equipment or tools is the tank bangers. This tool, or more than just a diving accessory, is made of an elastic band that is wrapped around the diving cylinder. It isn’t just an accessory there but a tool that you can use to get the other diver’s attention. This elastic band includes a hard material that will be used to snap against the task, creating noise or getting that diver’s attention. It can be used to signal the other diver about an emergency or an underwater creature’s presence.

From $3 to $10, you can already get this tank banger to enhance underwater communication with the co-diver. It will always be great to have a safety device handy most, especially when you are underwater.


A fogged-up mask is a big no when you are scuba diving. It will not just ruin the fun-part but will also be unsafe for you, especially when diving. No worries, there is a tool that you can use to avoid these foggy situations. For the price ranging for a two-ounce bottle from $6 to $10, you can get your own “defogger” product that is specially designed to defogged scuba masks, leaving it clean and clearer. If in case you suddenly run out of this product, you can still use baby shampoo as an alternative.

Scuba Packages

Scuba packages are also available in the market. These are sets of scuba gears that can be purchased together for a more affordable cost. Buying in sets helps you save with costs and shipping fees, especially when buying online. You just have to identify the gears and equipment (to the group) that you want to purchase.

Please note that you don’t have to purchase everything on this list. You have to choose the most important and needed gear to be able to know if the cost is worth it. You also have to consider the responsibility that comes with purchasing these scuba gear. You ought to know the proper way of taking good care of them. Day-to-day upkeep and long-term maintenance of your gears are important. They must be inspected regularly and sometimes need to be sent to technicians for inspection. Other things to consider, too, are packing and transporting this equipment and gears. With your own gears and equipment, it is sometimes difficult to carry them. But with the extent of your commitment to the sport, it surely will guide you in making sound decisions about purchasing for a worthwhile investment.

TIP: Look for scuba gears that are durable, simple, and easy-to-operate. Take note of your safety, personal comfort as well as a convenience if ever you get this particular product. The most important advantage of having your own set is that you are sure of the fit and the way they work. It will be easy for you to manage your dives for a more pleasant experience. Hurry, and get the gears that you need and grab the chance of getting discounts and freebies!

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