How Should You Have Pay for Scuba Equipment Cost in Each level

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For newbie scuba divers, buying scuba equipment is the last step. On the other hand, if you are newly certified divers, how will you know what scuba gear to purchase? Well, you are in the right place. This article will help you in choosing scuba equipment and how much you must pay for it. So, keep on reading to know the right scuba equipment cost.

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Level 1: Basics

Scuba Diver Mask

The single-pane oval scuba mask and those old Bond movies are almost a relic. Today, there are many choices of styles to fit your face regardless of shape. So, your job is to find one that suits you best.

Why You Need Scuba Mask: Scuba mask makes an air space in front of the eyes, which enables them to concentrate underwater. It has a nose pocket that allows you to match and even out air pressure in the scuba mask as you dive to the deepest part of the sea.

What to Consider: Choose a mask with a good watertight fit. There steps to know if the mask is a good fit or not.

  • Look up and then put the scuba mask on the face without making use of the band or fastening. The mask must rest evenly without spaces and gapes.
  • Put a snorkel mouthpiece or regulator in your mouth. Is it comfortable? Do you see any spaces?
  • Look forward. Put the scuba mask on the face without making use of the fastening and slowly breathe in your nose. Make sure the mask seal quickly on the front. Reminder, a strong breathing will close small leak parts and cancel this test.
  • Do the sniff tests again but this time put a mouthpiece
  • Once the scuba mask is still in the running, alter the harness and place it on the face. You need to ensure that the nose pocket does not touch the nose and which the skirts feel comfy on the upper lip.
  • For the second time, place the regulator mouthpiece to ensure you can reach the nose pocket with ease to equalize the ears.
  • Any scuba mask out there that passes this assessment is a right choice. Today, you will find lots of options of scuba masks both in an online and offline store, which include top, bottom, and side panes for an extensive field of vision. There are also scuba masks that have purge valves for expelling any water which leaks in, and others come with fast strap adjustments. These choices and an array of colors are a matter of individual choice- just ensures the scuba mask you want to buy fits you right.

Price: Scuba mask has a price range of USD50 to USD200.

Tip: Light colored or clear scuba mask skirts allow more light to come in and, in general, comfortable to use most, especially for a newbie.


Snorkel is a bent yellow, sometimes blue tube that allows several breaths while floating face down on the sea surface. Today, when you visit the nearest dive store, you will a wide choices and features to select from.

Why you need Snorkel: The main objective of a snorkel is to help diverse to preserve the air in the tank when on the surface of the water.

What to Consider: The most important factor to consider is comfort. You need a mouthpiece that feels comfortable in your mouth as well as breathes easy and dry. The issue is, a lot of diverse tries to keep snorkels dry and make them harder to breathe in. The best snorkel is the one that has a good compromise between dry comfort and ease of breathing. Keep in mind, when you choose a big snorkel, it creates more drag in the water. You also need to know how this equipment attaches to the mask. Therefore, you need to buy a tough, yet easy and simple to attach.

Cost: Snorkel price ranges from USD30 to USD90

Tip: If you do not have a plan of carrying out lots of snorkeling, then you skimp on this gear. Get a basic and simple model.

Scuba Fins

Fins help you move in the water. Fish do not have legs, but they swim and move in the water fast, right? Therefore, if you want to play in the fish territory, then you have to consider getting high quality fins.

Why you Need Fins: This equipment converts force from your leg muscle into active movement in the water that is a hundred times denser than air.

What to Consider: When buying for a fin, you need to consider efficiency and comfort. If you are in the market for this equipment, make sure it fits you perfectly and don’t pinch the toes and never bind the curves of your feet. Avoid buying small fins as you find it hard to wiggle your toes.

The effectiveness of this equipment is determined by the design, stiffness as well as size. Scuba divers that have powerful leg and hip muscles can effectively make use of stiffer and bigger fins. If you are a smaller scuba diver, or you are not less conditioned, a small and flexible fin is the best option. You also need to ensure the straps and the buckles are user-friendly.

Cost: The price range of fins is between USD75 to USD250.

Tip: Pick the right pair of fins to avoid cramping and muscle fatigue. High-quality find will boost your fun of diving, while low quality can wreck it.


A wetsuit can help you keep warm during your diving. The kind of exposure protection and thickness needed depends greatly on dive situations. A Lycra suits offer thermal insulation; however, do assist in protecting you against stings and scrapes.

Several features can assist the suit to do its tasks such as a collar, wrist, as well as ankle seals.

What to Consider: When buying a wetsuit, make sure it is comfortable and fit snugly and without limiting your breathing and movement. Avoid loose suit.

Price: Wetsuits price ranges between USD70 to USD650, while dry suits are available from USD850 to USD2.000.

Tip: As long as the suit fits snugly, it will do the job. Graphics and bright shades are not essential but help you visible in the eyes of other diverse.

Level 2: Life Support Tools

Scuba BCDs

Also known as the Buoyancy compensator, BCD is considered the most complicated scuba diving equipment and perhaps the most essential one. Therefore, pick, very carefully based on the type of diving you will be doing most.

Why You need one: BCDs hold the gear in the proper place, allows you to bring a tank without effort as well as floats you at the water surface.

What to Consider: Make sure it fits you rightly, and the size is appropriate to your body. Search for BCDs which fit perfectly but not squeeze you once inflated.

Price: Price range is between USD350 to USD1, 000.

Tip: This is a vital scuba diving tool that you can look forward to utilizing for many decades. Opt to quality. Try as many diverse models to find the best one.

Scuba Regulators

Another popular tool is the regulator. This tool has been perfected to the extent that even cheap ones can provide high performance. But you should do research prior to buying one.

The good news: Among major-label regulators — the kind sold in dive stores — there is no junk. Regulators have been perfected to the point that even budget regulators can offer high performance. However, you must do your homework before buying.

Why you need one: This converts high pressure air in the air tank to ambient pressure that allows you to breathe in. This also provides air to other areas like your alternate second level and BC inflator.

What to Consider: Ensure the regulator is high-performance. The best one can offer a high volume of air at depth, below heavy exertion even at low tank pressures. Some regulators are equipped with diver controlled knobs as well as switches to assist this process. Therefore, it is essential to know how they function.

Price: Regulator has a price range of USD225 to USD1,600.

Tip: You need to do a proper research to get the best one. You can ask dive store staff, skilled divers as well as read some reviews online.

Dive Computers

This is vital equipment for a safe and memorable diving experience.

Why you need one: By continuously tracking depth as well as bottom time, this tool instantly recalculates the no-decompression status, providing longer dive times while keeping you in a secure packet of non-decompression time. It can track the ascent rate as well as tank pressure, inform you when it is safe to log dives and to fly and many others.

What to Consider: Make sure to choose a computer that is easy to use. The best computer allows you to easily access information needed during a dive such as time, depth, and tank pressure as well as decompression status. Some come with graphic and numeric displays.

Mounting options are a vital feature to think of and allows you to place the device on your gauge console, wrist, as well as lick them to BCS. Before buying, check the owner’s manual. Comprehensive and easy to comprehend guides are vital, most essentially on a machine that is rich in features.

Price: Computers can be bought for USD300 to $1, 3000 the prices depend on the features included.


It is vital to have the right scuba tools and equipment to make your diving experience safe and successful. If you are a newly certified diver, ensure to be aware of scuba equipment cost to avoid your wallet from being a drain.

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