Learn How to Ride a Penny Board Easily & Effortlessly (TIPS)

Penny board is a type of skateboard that is small, designed to be motile. It is always made out of plastic. The wheels of this board are also made out of plastic as well. Still, its trucks are made out of metal. The unique formula of plastics is the ones being used by most of the companies producing the product to keep it (the boards) durable and strong.

Learn How to Ride a Penny Board Easily & Effortlessly (TIPS) 1

This kind of board is very light, and normally it only weighs around four pounds. So, because it is light, you can carry it anywhere you want. And just like other kinds, these are also known for numerous designs. It does not only have different designs; they also have different colors and patterns which are definitely others can’t easily obtain. With that, you can spend your time riding this penny board with the look you want without bothering on spending a lot on a customized board.

Penny boards are designed for going around easily and also for commuting. It is very convenient, most especially if you are to ride through the city’s tight spots, since the smaller the size, the easier to avoid the obstacles. So, if you are interested in using the penny board for riding, then here are the things you should know or learn on how to ride this penny board.

To master the shortboard riding, you must keep in mind the 3 main aspects — first, foot position. Second, balance. And the third is learning how to stop. These three are very important if you start to ride the penny board.

Here is the step by step process on how you should ride your penny board:

Foot Position. Since penny boards are small in size, it is essential for you to your feet a fixed position on the board. This is important because small boards will not give you a lot of space for your feet. To do this, you need to find your stance. Figure out the right stance for you. You can try standing on the board with your one foot being in front of your other foot in a way that you feel natural to you. It is vital where you will be placing your feet. When you put your front foot on top of the bolts of your board, it will surely give you a solid position when you get to start pushing the back foot. The position of your back foot is not that important since it will be the one to do the pushing and braking, just place it perpendicular to your board when it is time for a bit of rest or a simple cruise.

Balance and Get Moving. Balance is the key if you want to be a master rider of a penny board. If you are not good at balancing, you don’t have to worry because it can still be practiced. Everything will probably come down to the front legs on the shortboard like penny boards. The trick is bending the knee just a bit more so that more weight is placed on your board. Then it will definitely help you to balance. Keep an angled upside-down L shape with your front leg.

When mastering the penny board, balance is the hardest part. So, to avoid a lot of struggles on balancing, it is highly recommended for you to start on a flat surface, practicing the riding on the penny board. You should do it by simply putting your one foot on your board and then the other one hanging off pushing your board. So afterward, once it’s comfortable for you to hang feet off your board, then you can try to bring it back on the board upon reaching a slow pace. You can make space on the board if you have your front foot have transitioned on a more horizontal stance. Not only you can make space because of this, but it also helps you to control the carving of your board.

Gaining Speed. After knowing and learning how to balance, you can now try to start gaining speed while riding on your penny board. When you push using your feet, that will be a start to gain speed. You can try to use your back foot and then lift it off of your board afterward, place the ball of your foot down on the ground, is done by most of the people who ride penny boards. Just like them, you can also make the kicking pushing motion so you could build speed and, after that, place your foot back on your board to cruise.

Of course, you’ll do that several times before you would be able to really gain speed. But if you already gained the speed you will no longer need to push or kick as much. There is also the foot pushing method which is called gonzo that is also used by many people. On this method, they are using the front foot than using the back foot. Still, either of these methods is fine. You can choose to use the method you are comfortable the most.

How to Turn. It is also one of the things you must know riding the penny board. Turning has two main ways which of course you can both try. But before knowing them, you should know this if ever you get to have trouble with turning with your board, or it simply doesn’t seem to turn as fast as you’d expect it you can always try loosening the board’s trucks. There is undoubtedly one main nut that tightens the trucks, and it is the one you need to loosen up so you would be able to turn your board in a quick manner. So, here’s the first way to turn your board, shifting your weight. You can definitely do it easily, and you only need to put much of your weight on which direction you wish to take.

If you wish to turn on the right, you can simply push your toes more forceful onto your board. Then if ever you also wanted to turn left, you just have to lean back slightly while you maintain your balance on your penny board. And again, since balancing is so crucial, do more practicing on your balancing skills. Another way to turn is by using the kicktail. Compared to shifting your weight, kick turn simply is so much more complicated. When you try kickturn, the back foot must be placed on your penny board’s very back part, near the tip on the board’s end. Press down on the board’s tail smoothly in order for your board’s front wheels to be off of the pavement and you need to swivel around your next new direction simply. Kickturn is highly suggested to be tried initially at a stopped position. It is safer that way and it is also way easier to learn for beginners.

How to Stop. Moving is easy, but you still need to learn how to stop your board. It is effortless to stop penny board and there are two techniques you can try which are primarily used by others. The best method to slow down your penny board is the foot braking. It is just a similar motion when you get your board on the move and you stop it. You’ll only have to take your one foot off then do a simple drag of the sole of your shoe over the pavement but be sure that you keep your shoe against the ground to ensure an even breaking and avoid the tendency for you to be thrown off of your own board. Since the penny board is very durable another method, you can try to stop your penny board would be jumping off. When you are in a situation where your board is wobbling, you can then do this method. Jump off of your board and let your penny board continue. Penny boards are made from tough plastics so you should not worry about your board being damaged; in fact, you must fear damaging yourself. Keep in mind that a penny board is not focused on high-speed riding. Therefore, make sure you are already comfortable with lower speeds before any attempt to try higher speeds.

Now, you know how to ride a penny board. You can now ride your board quickly, just like an expert, with all the tricks and tips you learned. Be sure to wear the right shoes. Remember when riding a penny board, it is best to wear the shoes which are closed toe with a flat sole. It will help you get a good grip on your board. You only need to follow the tips so you could have an excellent penny board riding experience. Also, keep your safety first before everything else. Follow the steps carefully, and don’t be aggressive in riding your penny board to avoid accidents that could harm yourself and others. No damage, more happiness.




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