The 5 Reasons You Should Try Performance Longboard

Do you love surfing but are you a newbie to the water sport? Then, why not try a performance longboard! If you haven’t tried this longboard type, now is the time to ride it. Surfers choose a performance longboard surf because it allows them to paddle and catch waves easily. Riders can also gain speed when they’re surfing down the line. (Performance longboards are ideal if you’re surfing on tiny or gutless waves.)

Does that catch your attention? Well, save your excitement a little longer. Let’s first know more about performance longboards.

Get ready for the thrilling ride of ideas you would know!

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The 5 Reasons You Should Try Performance Longboard 1

What’s a Performance Longboard?

Ultimate stability – one of the surfing essentials that surfers want in a surfboard. Guess what, performance boards offer stability to surfers. But performance boards don’t focus much on maneuverability. Still, surfers catch waves easily and paddle smoothly, riding this longboard.

Performance longboards measure 8 feet or more and designed to meet newbie surfer’s expectations. If you’re a novice in the surfing world, the performance board is the right surfboard for you. With its long length and stability, newbie surfers wouldn’t face hard times to catch waves and paddle. (Of course, you might wipe out from the board several times. But as people say” practice makes perfect.”)

Some performance longboards measure 9 to 10 feet that make it easy for beginner surfers to stand or ride on the board. (Thanks to extra deck space, surfers experience control and stability on the surfboard.)

If you’re searching for great fun at the beach, performance boards are the right boards to choose from. Now let’s ponder on this question:

Is it worth to try performance longboards?

Some of your surfer friends would agree to this. While others would advise trying funboards, fish boards, or the other types of surfboards. What do you think?

I’ll be honest – longboards are the best surfboard types that offer you great fun on the water. But you need to consider if the longboard is fit for your skill, conditions and your body type.

Five Reasons Why Surfers Need to Try a Performance Longboard

If you still doubt about the performance of these longboards, these five reasons would change your mind. Who knows, by the end of this article, you would think about buying a performance longboard. (We’ll see about that.)

But now, let’s dive in further.

Great for Small Wave Catching

Let’s face it – not all surfers are lucky catching big and powerful waves. Often, you would ride waves that don’t pack a strong punch. Don’t feel bad about the condition. Always remember:

“Small waves like big surfboards.”

Now, do you have an idea which surfboard are you going to ride to catch the rolling and mushy waves? You’re right if you’re thinking about a performance longboard!

Well, here are the reasons why performance boards are ideal for catching small waves:

Performance longboard surf offers additional flotation and paddle advantage allowing surfers to catch waves. The board’s extra weight helps surfers to carry their momentum when they’re gliding. The surfboard’s rocker enables the rider to balance the board when the surfer goes to straight lines.

Other options:

Surfers can ride other surfboard types if they want to gain balance and momentum. But the performance board is a great choice if you’re facing small, mushy, and rolling waves.

Increases Rideable Days

Surfers know this, and surfing enthusiasts don’t like to face the inevitable – flat conditions. Have you felt the excitement going out to the beach with your friends only to find out that there aren’t waves to surf?

Yes, the feeling is annoying and frustrating at the same time. But what can you do if the wave conditions wouldn’t turn on your favor?

Don’t worry because there’s something you can do to increase your rideable days. It’s easy and simple – ride a performance board next time you go to the beach.


A day that’s 4ft is fun for surfers who use any surfboard type. But what if the wave condition falls under 4ft? This is when performance longboards enter to save the day. Performance boards allow surfers to surf even if the wave condition is 1ft.

I know that beginners are surprised after reading that. Well, that’s where the fun starts. Instead of surfing for 200 days when the wave is only 3ft. Now, you can surf 100 days during days that the condition is only under 3ft.

Remember: diversity in a surfer’s quiver is essential in increasing the rideable days of the surfer. Well, a performance longboard reflects diversity on the part of the rider. Hence, the surfer would enjoy great surfing fun each year.

Wave Count Increase

One of the big differences between beginner and pro surfers is catching more waves. Advanced surfers can catch waves easily any time of the day. But it’s different when you’re talking about newbies. Beginners don’t often catch many waves (and sometimes they don’t catch waves at all.)

That’s sad, don’t you think? Well, not quite if a performance longboard is beside you. Novice surfers need to sit further out so that they catch more waves. Then, make sure that to let waves in so that the board can roll through.

The more waves you’re catching, it would be easy for you to know and understand how waves form and then break. In riding a performance board, in time, it’s easy for you to shift to a shortboard.

But don’t let your hopes down. If you don’t often catch waves on your first try, you can perform turns, paddling, riding in, and turning back. Beginners can make as an excellent workout in charging their stoke meter. Hence, you can still enjoy your time at the beach even if you’re not surfing.

Remember: it’s not too late to achieve your dreams if you want to be a professional surfer. You can start your dreams riding a performance longboard surf and be satisfied with the results.

Ideal for Beginners

Novice surfers need to use the right surfboard for them to excel. If you’re a beginner, don’t choose a surfboard because your friend says its good. Most often, new surfers buy the surfboards they see on the internet or on TV.

Be wise in choosing a surfboard (we’ll talk about this later.) For beginners, the ideal surfboard choice is longboards. (By the way, there are longboards designed for cruising, nose riding and performance.) You can choose any of these longboards.

But it isn’t wrong to try performance longboards because of the extra deck space it offers. With more deck space, a novice surfer ha enough time to stand and ride the board. The performance board allows you to feel the board, catch waves, and even paddle easily.

That doesn’t end there.

Performance longboards are good beginner surfboards to practice and develop your surfing skills. With the longboard’s size and length, it’s easy for beginners to enjoy surfing and have a great time. Also, like other surfboard types, performance longboards surf is affordable.

Yes, you can buy performance boards that fit your budget. Hence, you have the chance to buy affordable surfboards and become satisfied with your surfing session. Don’t miss to ride a performance board today!

Riding Performance Longboards Relaxes You

When we talk about relaxation, surfers agree that they feel relaxed in the water. Catching waves, turning, and paddling sends thrill and enjoyment to the rider. Performance longboards give you chances to have fun. (After all, surfing isn’t about competition. It focuses on having fun.) You watch or observe surfers at the beach.

What can you see in their faces? Of course, they’re happy. People who want to enjoy would try riding performance longboards because of the joy it offers. Surfers can perform smooth turns and glide riding performance boards.

But that’s only the beginning.

You see, longboarding gives you time to meet new surfers. You can even make friends while you’re surfing. You can relax while you’re catching waves or performing turns. The performance board’s gracefulness leaves contentment and satisfaction to surfers. You’re welcome to talk with other surfers, share ideas, and improve your surfing skills.

Are you worried about paddle battles? Don’t worry because you wouldn’t experience that when you’re riding a performance longboard surf. (Since most surfers get waves they aim for, there’s no need to have a paddle competition.

For most surfers, they feel calm and relaxed when they’re surfing. The excitement and thrill that longboarding offers give them peace of mind, and they forget their problems temporarily. That’s the magic of a performance longboard surf.

Why not take a break from your hectic schedule and head to the beach? Give your longboard a ride and get relaxed as you surf with other surfers.

Choosing Your First Performance Longboard

Now that you have an idea why you should try performance boards, why not choose a performance longboard now? Think about the wonderful experience you would gain once you surf with a longboard. You would feel thrilled to ride the longboard again in your next surfing session.

So now, what are the essential things to consider before trying a performance longboard? Continue reading and become an expert in choosing your performance longboard.

Longboard Length

The length of your longboard depends on you and the move you want to perform. If you want to maneuver the board smoothly, then you choose shorter surfboards. Surfers who want to excel in progressive surfing can try shorter performance longboards. (These longboards measures from 8 to 10 feet.)

Other surfers who focus on cross-stepping and noseriding can ride longer boards. Also, make sure that the surfboard’s quality matches your preference. (if not, choose another longboard type that you’re comfortable handling and controlling.)


The rocker isn’t only a notable part of the performance board. The rocker influences the longboard’s performance. For example, longboards having additional rockers are excellent for nose riding. Here’s how it works:

The curvature slows the surfboard and allows the board to be on top. But the board gives additional weight to its nose.

What would happen if you choose a less rocker performance longboard?

That’s simple. The longboard becomes faster than the board having more rocker. But you might experience a little hassle in shifting weight and performing swift turns.

Some longboards offer a nose concave that allows the nose to gain speed once the rider steps near the nose. Remember: choose a performance board having a rocker that fits your skills and preference. In this way, you wouldn’t face hassles when you’re in the water.

The Longboard’s Thickness and Width

Most longboards (including performance boards) are 2.5 inches thick and more. These boards have a thinner nose area and tail. When the board a thicker, the longboards become floaty. (You know what it means when a surfboard is floaty – you can catch waves easily.)

Yes, but remember that “too much of something is harmful,” and that also applies here. A longboard that becomes too float wouldn’t respond to the wave curve. Hence, you wouldn’t achieve a fast and smooth wave catching.

Don’t worry because here’s the solution:

Surfers need to balance their choice about the board’s thickness and width. Here’s an example: Thin surfers need to stay in standard thickness of the longboard. (That means you would choose a longboard that’s 2.5 thick.) But a big surfer needs to select a performance board that falls on the 3+ range.

That’s simple, and it’s similar when considering the longboard’s width. Choose a skinny longboard so that you can catch waves easily. The board’s width is also perfect in facing steeper waves. (Here, you wouldn’t need to perform turning in tight spaces.)

A longboard’s width can go beyond 22 inches. But most surfers prefer 22 inches, wide board. When it comes to the tail and nose, that’s on your part to decide.

The performance of longboard’s design depends on the surfer. But you have to make sure that length, width, and rocker are considered. Your weight is also essential and you should about it. Performance longboards are great surfboards to try on the waves. Why not try this right now and experience a new level of surfing?

Give a longboard surf a try, and you would enjoy its performance!



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