Are Penny Boards Good for You? Check Here to Get the Answer

Surfboarding is one of the most fun, exciting, and exhilarating sports that any individual can try. If you’re interested to this activity, then there is one thing you need to secure, and that is a surfboard.

If you start wondering what board to choose, you might want to start with penny boards. But at a certain point, you will surely ask yourself, “are penny boards good?”

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Are Penny Boards Good for You? Check Here to Get the Answer 1

Penny Boards Explained

Penny boards are actually common types of skateboards made of high-quality plastics. This board is a well-known cruiser in the industry of skateboarding. This is comprised of different parts that are made separately. But you can always decide on buying a complete board, a fully-assembled board or separately.

As compared to typical skateboards, the penny boards tend to be lighter, considering that these are made of plastic. Nevertheless, regardless of the penny boards’ lightness, there’s an assurance that these are strong. These also come in different sizes of decks. Penny boards are readily available in various colors and designs. This is one of the reasons why penny boards are so popular with teens and adults. The plastic decks are also available in different colors.

If penny boards can be used for skateboarding, this can also be used for surfing.

Penny Boards for Surfing

If you wanted to take your surfing to a new level, you could use penny boards. These surfboards are noted for their quality construction. There are penny boards that feature solid top deck skin, which helps safeguard from water entry, dings and injuries.

Penny boards for surfing are ideal choices because these provide overall performance and more control, a flexible edge for ultimate safety, and extra buoyant. With quality penny boards, you can paddle fast. Expect these boards also to catch waves the easy way.

Are Penny Boards Good for You? Discover the Reasons Why

Are penny boards good for you? This is a common question that one might ask. Are they ideal for beginners, particularly newbie in surfing? The truth is that penny boards are ideal for those novices searching for a lightweight board and portable board specially designed for this activity.

Penny boards are ideally good choices simply because:

  • Work for Novices

Penny boards work for novices and first-timers, for they can easily take these boards around. These are also packed with features that make it easier to handle waves. That being said, penny boards are said to work well with cruising and surfing.

  • Lightweight and Portable

Penny boards are lightweight and portable; therefore, and you can surf with this easily. These are good for cruising and for performing some tricks. So, are penny boards good for you if you are a beginner, the answer is definitely yes.

  • Stability at such a High Speed

Penny boards are good for you particularly if you wanted to obtain great stability when used at high speed. Expect penny boards to be free from speed wobbles. If you are planning to do some tricks, you can get started with penny boards and master these tricks later on. Once you get completely accustomed to using penny boards, you can surely do cool and amazing surfboard tricks.

There are factors that contribute to the speed of the penny board. These are pavement quality, level of skill of the rider, type of pavement, components, and the quality of these components. If you are seeking to ride faster, now is the best time to take diving lessons and be able to dive expertly and confidently.

The components of the board also need to be taken into consideration. Keep in mind that penny boards are typically slower than the longboard. Components utilized in building a penny board were carefully chosen to make it cheap and light at the cost of control, speed and stability.

The longboard’s components, on the other hand, are created and built to ensure your safety during high speed.

Are Penny Boards Good for You Especially If You are a Beginner?

Penny boards are obviously smaller in size, and skateboards are easy to carry, lightweight and comes in many different colors unimaginable. If you are a beginner, you might ask yourself, are penny boards good for you? The answer to this question can be a yes or a no.

Penny boards can be suited for beginners seeking to learn the basics of riding; however, not really for performing tricks. Since in general, it’s smaller, it might require some effort particularly in maintaining your balance.

What are these Boards Used For?

Penny boards are designed as unique cruiser boards and are good when it comes to commuting. These are small so they can conveniently fit in your backpack. The board’s wheel is softer and bigger than the majority of the most park or street skateboards. This can, therefore, deal with rough terrains, pebbles and cracks. Penny boards are a lot easier than that with the harder and smaller street wheels.

Street wheels commonly have a hardness that falls between 99a to 104a and size of about 50mm to 56 mm. The bigger and softer wheels, light size, and the bearings enable riders to obtain certain fast speeds in this particular board with a smooth and nice ride and minimal pushing.

Tail kick enables the rider to easily lift up the front when going through big cracks and curbs.

Are Penny Boards Good for You If You’re Learning Skateboarding from Scratch?

Penny boards are good for you if you are learning how to ride skateboard from scratch. Penny boards are excellent tools to learn the basics such as ways to turn around, push, cruise around, and balance.

Wheels tend to be fast, considering the small size of the wheelbase. Penny boards are specially designed for crushing and allow you to cruise pretty well. If you learn and master how to cruise and how to carve fast and tight on penny board, you must possess the needed skills to ride other shapes of board confidently and comfortably but ensuring some particular stance adjustments.

The Advantages of Using Penny Board

Surfboarding is a sport, a lifestyle, cultural value, and a form of art. Individuals have been using penny boards for many years now. Nevertheless, more individuals can benefit from these boards during outdoor activities.

These boards do not just force individuals to go outside but they also pave the way for effective, enjoyable, and fun exercises. To make the most of your penny board experience, make sure that you also have the necessary equipment to protect you from serious injury and to help you achieve your goals at the same time.

The following are the benefits of using penny boards:

  • Provides versatility and Flexibility

Ankles need to remain adaptable, and the body should remain stretched while surfing with a penny board. Keep in mind that the more tense and inflexible the users are, the more difficult it becomes for him to a surfboard.

  • Physical Durability

Many surfers do not just surf for a few minutes. They find this activity so exciting that they do this activity for long hours every day. This helps in significantly improving one’s physical durability.

  • Improves Cooperation

Skateboarding includes a high level of cooperation between the different parts of the body such as feet, eyes, legs, and arms. The more the individual’s skateboard, the better they will become since they are able to master it.

Cooperation and accuracy are used un your entire life, whether you are skateboarding or not. By enhancing these features, you’ll surely be enhancing your skills to perform all sorts of activities from driving, climbing up to multitasking.

  • Gives Full Body Workout

Your feet and legs are being moved, and you’re making use of your hands in maintaining and sustaining the balance. Your body is being stretched as well. All the exercises must be done at a similar time, providing the body with a wider movement range.

  • Burns Calorie

Average users will burn from about 150-500 calories per hour while they’re moving, but this still depends on the intensity and frequency of activity.

  • Teaches Riders about Accuracy

To perform tricks successfully, many acts must be arranged completely. So, if you think you’re wrong, you need to begin all over again. Nevertheless, you’ll have to make certain changes every time.

You position your feet on the deck, make necessary adjustments on your timing, your pace and how you land. Until the time that you have the timing and moves down to proper science, you need to go on and try.

  • Skills Use for the Other Activities

These activities might include surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. Regardless of the snow’s melting, water is chilling, and the waves are flat, players can keep their skills sharper and they can also improve their fitness but means of using even an affordable yet quality penny board.

  • Teaches Consequences, Tolerance, and Practice

Skateboarding provides the perfect opportunity for young users to take the planned dangers in the restricted or controlled area with real and instant results in case the boards aren’t used properly.

Same as the martial arts, the most basic skills in skateboarding should be acquired and completely mastered for a particular time period with practice and patience.

  • Alleviates Stress

Physical actions are considered effective in relieving stress. Skateboarding can also help in releasing your mind free from issues. This can also help in considering everything. Utilizing penny boards seems to be taking things to personal perspectives and allow you to think in a manner that you’re more in command of the other aspects of life.

  • Burns Calorie

Average users can burn from around 150 -500 calories per hour while he is moving. But this still depends on the intensity and frequency of the activities.

  • Overall Fitness

When it comes to almost all types of physical activities, skateboarding can eliminate or lower the risks of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Skateboarding can also minimize the risks for heart ailments by means of reducing triglyceride levels and increasing healthful cholesterol.

Tips When Buying Penny Boards

If you have heard about penny boards, if you have proven that penny boards are good for you, and wanted to own one, you need to take time shopping around and weighing your options. These are ways to ensure that you will end up with the best penny board that exactly meet your needs.

When buying a penny board, you should not just focus on the good price and quality. You also need to do the following:

  • Choose the Type that Suits You

Penny boards have almost the same models but come in different sizes. There are 36”, 27” and 22” long. But the 27” and the 22” inches are the most popular. 22” longboard is small and better suits the children. The 27” is recommended for late teenagers because it’s stronger and bigger.

The 36” board is used minimally however, if adults wanted easier and safer controlling board for their basic tricks and moves, this is a good choice. You can also choose a penny board based on your most preferred color. There are lovely designs suited for girls and there are those with designs that suit boys.

  • Choose the Best Brand

There might be numerous brands of penny boards competing for buyers’ attention and interest. However, your final buying decision must include only the best brand. You can tell if it’s best if you do not have to worry about the quality since the best brand of penny board is excellent in terms of quality aspect.

  • Know Where to Purchase Penny Board

As soon as you have defined what you really need to buy, you then need to work on it. There are certain ways to purchase penny board that is good for you such as offline and online. If you plan to purchase online, take time to research and locate the most trusted site to commit wit.

Remember that there are thousands of sites offering penny boards so you should be extra careful with your buying decisions. In case you decide to purchase offline, get your penny board from reputable stores offering genuine brands.

By following these tips, you will surely end up with the penny board that you are exactly looking for.


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