What is A Penny Board and Check If You Would Like it?

Before one can really enjoy and appreciate riding a penny board, there is one important question that first needs to be addressed, and that is, “what is a penny board?” A Penny board is included in the skateboarding family and comes in various shapes with solid four wheels in it. You can actually get this board crafted from all sorts of materials and all kinds of possible ways of production and design. Penny board is widely known as a skateboard, which is shorter than the typical skateboard that most individuals get to see. But nowadays, many different variations of penny boards are available.

Penny boards are lightweight and flexible and more suited for shorter distance maneuvering or ride, and since this is shorter and lighter than the standard skateboards, it pays that you know how to kick, maneuver, and stand on this unique type of board.

What is A Penny Board and Check If You Would Like it? 1

Check if You Like Penny Board by Knowing the Difference of this Board to Other Boards

One way of checking if you like penny board is through comparing this to other boards such as longboard and skateboard. The following are the differences between these boards.


This remains the most popular and common type of board. Nevertheless, a skateboard is followed closely by the longboard that soared in fame in recent years. Skateboard is also the distinctive type with its 7.5 to 8 inches wide, rounded feature in both ends and rectangular shaped board. As compared to the longboard, wheels are highly durable, harder, and smaller.

Considering these attributes, the skateboard is utilized mainly on U-ramps and skate parks or in any place the rider needs to ride all across obstacles. The skateboards are also suited for short park and urban rides. Remember that not so long ago, many individuals ride through parks using skateboards since penny boards and longboards were not so popular to the majority of people. It is for this reason that in terms of versatility, the skateboards are top choices. The advantages of skateboards are high durability, smaller dimensions, good steering capacity and more.


Currently, longboards are the major skateboarding trend. That is why there are many different models with varied features that are readily offered in the market these days. As the name implies, longboards are actually defined by their board that’s often one meter long. The shape of the longboards depends on their purposes such as uphill, downhill and road riding. But the common shape is a prolonged tear. Unlike the skateboards, longboards feature wider trucks and bigger wheels for faster riding. The wheels’ hardness depends on the preferred riding style of the rider.

Longboards are specially designed for quicker rides particularly in tarmac roads. This is some sort of surfing on-ground simulation. When riding a longboard, the movements of riders are the same as surfing. These boards can also be utilized in parks, tracks, and even downhill riding. There are mini-version of these boards that are narrower, shorter and more suited for urban riding the same as the penny boards. The biggest advantages of longboards are high maximum speed, big wheels and more comfortable riding.

Penny Board

Penny boards are known to many skating enthusiasts, but its popularity continues to soar high most notably within the younger generation. These boards are half meter short and are crafted from plastic. Penny boards usually don’t have grip. These are closely similar to longboards which are said to be their big brother since the board’s front got a more rounded tip. Wheels are of the same size as that longboard which is around 60 to 80 mm. This makes the board better adherent and more stable to surfaces.

The size of the penny board does not really make this a big hit in the skate parks; however, these are handy means of commuting across the city. The low weight and small size features make penny boards handy and easy to carry in your bag or by hand. This is a great advantage if you’re stuck in urban traffic. You can conveniently use penny boards on the road and parks. If you are an experienced skater, you can use this on U-ramps. For those who want to look cool, having a penny board is necessary. Advantages include higher stability, low weight, compact size and low price.

Learn the Ways on How to Ride Penny Board the Right Way

Another way to check if you like penny board is by learning ways on how to rider this the right way. Learning to ride a penny board can be difficult at first. The good thing is that there are tips and tricks in riding the penny board. Take time to learn all these in order for you to manage to ride the penny board an easy and fast way. There are lots of things you need to learn including the type of shoes you must wear, how to stand and so much more. As soon as you have learned these basic things, you can then proceed to more advanced things so you can check if you would like it.

The following are the categories you need to learn in riding a penny board the right way:

Prior to getting into your penny board, you must ensure that you wear the right shoes since there is a possibility that your feet may get hurt if you aren’t wearing proper shoes. The ideal shoes to wear are closed shoes with a flat sole. This type of sole helps you in getting good grips on the penny board. Branded shoes work pretty well on skaters. It’s fine if you do not have flat sole shoes but it would be best if you wear such when riding penny board. A good pair of tennis shoes will also work but the important thing is making sure that the shoes are closed-toe.

As soon as you have the right shoes on, it’s about time to position your feet in the penny board. There is actually no proper way as to what foot will be in front. Just do whatever it is that’s comfortable and easy for you.

In case your foot is positioned on the front, this is referred to as a goofy position, and if it’s left that is positioned in front, it’s called regular. However, these things are not really big deals. When placing a foot on the board, make sure that the penny board is laid out on a flat surface. In such a way, the board will not be rolling as soon as you get on. If you step on the penny board, you can take any foot that you prefer to be in front then put your foot at an angle close to the front. You need to maintain your other foot on the ground until you achieve the ideal balance. As soon as you reach this state, place it right behind your other foot at a similar angle.

To determine if your front foot is in the proper spot, it must be between the 4 screws which hold the trucks. One of the great things about riding penny board and skateboarding is you’re allowed to do whatever it is that you find comfortable or anything that truly works for you. The real art behind riding this penny board is your ultimate comfort and your creativity in maneuvering your board.

  • Balance

The important thing you need to keep in mind before you even start moving is getting your balance right. This is the most significant thing when riding a penny board. Your feet must be in accordance with your shoulders to enable you to adjust and gain proper balance. Also, to be able to assist you with your balance, it is ideal to have a greater amount of your weight into your front leg.

You can accomplish this by bending your knees then inclining forward a bit. This should apply even when you’re going around different corners. On the off chance that you are battling with balance, you may need to make use of your arms to enable you to balance. However, this can be a two-fold edge sword since utilizing your arms can likewise make you lose balance.

Real balance typically comes down to the position of the feet. If you find it hard to maintain balance and you bend your knees and keep your weight to the front, then you may consider repositioning your feet. Since people have different heights, there is definitely no right position of the foot. For a few, the back foot should be more level than the front to ensure fitting on the board.

In case you notice your feet to be changing position and your own balance showing signs of improvement, at that point, stay with that position. The key is to simply go slowly on a flat surface, for example, your driveway until you clearly determine what balance strategy really works on your situation.

As soon as you have worked on your balance, it’s about time to work on gaining speed and then riding around your penny board. The manner that you obtain speed is pushing your feet. The majority of individuals use their back foot and they lift the board off and eventually position the ball with a foot on the ground. They will then carry out kicking pushing movements in order to establish speed and position their foot back into the penny board and begin to cruise. You may need to do this several times at first when going uphill or getting speed. However, as soon as you obtain speed, you will not really need to push or kick as much.

Some individuals are not using their back foot and use front instead. The pushing method of the front foot is referred to as gonzo. Whatever method of kicking and pushing method is just fine. This actually comes down entirely with your level of comfort. You can obtain speed if you go around curves with no kicking. The reason for this is that the momentum of your body can significantly turn to board speed.

  • Turning

It was mentioned that you could obtain speed turning; however, the primary reason for turning is to avoid crashing. There are 2 major ways of turning and the most common way is to lean and change body position. This is the simplest option for beginners. If you need to keep up speed, however, when you turn, you should utilize the other technique, the one with a kicktail.

For the kick turns, you need to position your back foot in the kicktail on the board’s end. You must push down on this with sufficient force in order to lift the front wheels off-ground. You then simply swivel the penny board around turns. This is somehow challenging and takes real practice. The most ideal approach to rehearse is in a halted position and, afterward, gradually develops speed. When you get the hang of it, you can begin turning such a way quicker and quicker.

Until you become better when it comes to kicking turns, although you ought to do fundamental turns, essentially, the basic turns are done only through leaning whatever way you want to turn. You can consider pushing your toes to the penny board to assist you in keeping good balance. On the off chance that you need to turn the contrary way you are confronting, at that point, you recline. Just in case you wanted to turn in contrary to the manner you’re facing, then you need to lean back. This inclining or leaning strategy is quite simple to get the hang of, particularly in the event that you have great balance.

  • Stopping

The very first method of stopping that you have probably discovered is by means of jumping off. This may not be the best method, but it works especially if you’re going very fast. But during slower speed, this method seems ineffective. Foot stop is the next and more advanced method. As the name implies, this means you will be using your foot to stop. You will need to take your foot then gently pull this into the ground. You surely would not want to push harder because you don’t want to damage your shoes and you do not want to wreck.

Knowing what is a penny board and checking if you would like it is a highly important move that can help you ensure a comfortable and safe ride.



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