Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard

We cannot deny the fact that skateboarding is a popular sport among men and women in every corner of the world. It is also a sport that is considered by many to be the most fun and exciting one.

Seeing other teenagers on the street playing some tricks with their board will inspire you to learn how to play it. But, if you are hesitant about which one you should use between a penny board and skateboard, you might consider using the last one.

It is because we all know that surf skateboard is mostly used by many in street boarding. Aside from that, surf skateboard also has a smaller board, which will help you to have the fastest speed that you want. But, if you think that penny board is perfect to use rather than surf skate, this article is right for you.

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 1

In this post, we are going to provide you with the information that you need to know that will help you understand the differences between surf skate and penny board. Aside from that, upon reading this post, you will know what is best for you, Penny board or skateboard.

If you are a person who is searching for a board that is perfect to use while commuting, we recommend you to purchase a penny board. It is because this board has a lighter weight and compact size, which makes it more portable.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a board that is perfect to use for more extreme activities, then it is advisable for you to buy a surf skateboard. It is an ideal board that is perfect for you if you like to perform more extreme tricks on the street.

Before we jump into “Penny board vs. Skateboard – Which one is best for you” section, let us first differentiate the two types of boards. It is important for you to know the differences between penny board and skateboard before purchasing one.

It is because penny boards might have the features that you are looking for a board that skateboards don’t have. There are also good features that you will love with skateboards that penny boards don’t have. So, if you are ready to know the differences between penny board and skateboard, keep on reading and enjoy!

What is a Penny Board?

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 2

When we say about the penny boards, we are referring to a skateboard type that is made up of plastic materials. This is also called as the short cruisers in the field of skateboarding. The word “penny” is usually associated with the term “Penny Skateboards.” It is a skateboard company that is based in Australia that was found by Ben Mackay way back in 2010.

Penny board is one of the recorded trademarks when it comes to skateboards. On the one hand, it is also extensively genericized in referring to the entire plastic-made and compact-sized skateboards because of the popularity of the brand.

The Penny Boards are being composed of cruiser trucks, as well as the wheels. In these days, the combination of the cruiser truck and wheels is now an epitome of the Penny board in the generally used terms. As we mentioned a while ago, penny boards are made up of plastic materials. It only means that it has a lighter weight. But, even though it is made up of plastic, you can also ensure that it is a sturdy board.

Penny boards come up with numerous various parts. These parts are separately constructed. You can purchase penny boards either with separate parts or fully assembled ones. These boards also come up with lots of designs and colors that you can choose from.

It only means that you will have a wide range of colors and designs. Aside from that, penny boards are being purchased in four different sizes of the deck. The first one is 91.4 centimeter or 36 inches longboard, 81.3 centimeter or 32 inches cruiser, 68.6 centimeter or 27 inches Nickel, and 55.9 centimeter or 22 inches board.

History of Penny Board

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 3

Some of the skateboards that are made up of plastics many years ago were created by a previous Venice Beach lifeguard, who is Larry Stevenson, way back in 1978. Stevenson created various of plastic-made boards as a product of his Makaha brand.

During the 1990s, there are lots of skateboards that are made up of plastic that were launched on the market. These plastic skateboards brands are Globe, Krooked Skateboards, and Stereo Skateboards.

Way back in 2010, the Penny board was created by Ben Mackay, wherein the Penny Skateboards brands come from. The name of penny boards was named after the sister of Ben Mackay. The concept of making the penny boards were inspired by the first skateboard owned by Mackay.

His skateboard is a compact-sized cruise that his dad gave to his during the garage sale. That time, Ben Mackay get his first skateboard when he was 5 years old.

Ben Mackay starts to design and manufacture his own boards that he wants to sell to the different skate shops in his town. His sales skills and capability on the wood drawing was inherited from his late father. His father was his inspiration in achieving his first ever dream, which is to stand his own brand of skateboards.

After creating his own brand of boards, he starts to create different types and shapes of boards, which was popularized by many youngsters during that time. In making various types and shapes of boards, he utilizes a wide range of materials, such as carbon inserts and fiberglass, which he considered to be the alternative materials to timber.

Characteristics of the Penny Board

You can distinguish the penny board with the skateboard by looking at its deck. You might notice that the skateboards’ deck is made up of a tough material, while penny boards have a plastic-made deck. But, what’s interesting with the decks of penny boards is that it comes up with a wide range of colors that you can choose from.

If you are a fond of customizing your board, you might consider buying penny boards. It is because the structures of the penny board will offer you different designs and colors. It only means that you can make your own design of the penny board.

If you are going to compare it with the skateboards that are made up of woods, you will notice that penny boards are much lighter and easy to carry with you anywhere you want to.

Customization and Components of Penny Board

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 4

If you want to make your own look of penny board, there is nothing for you to worry about. It is because penny sells its separate components. You can purchase standalone decks that are in 27 inches and 22 inches of sizes. Aside from that, you can purchase grip tape, bushings, bolts, bearings, as well as wheels.

If you plan to purchase your own penny board on a penny board shop, and there is no available board that suits your taste. You might consider buying separate components so that you can make the look and design of a penny board that is perfect to your taste.

The following are the separate components that you can purchase on the penny board shops. If you want to know more about it, just keep on reading and enjoy!


The wheels of the penny board are made up of polyurethane that comes up with a plastic core. If you are going to purchase wheels on a 68.6-centimeter or 27-inch and 55.9-centimeter or 22-inch, you might consider buying boards that have a diameter of 2.3223 inches or 59 millimeters. On the other hand, if you are going to purchase wheels for your penny longboard, make sure that you will purchase the one that has 2.717 inches of 69-millimeter diameter.

Durometer rating is one of the important factors that you should consider when buying the design of a penny board. It is because the durometer rating is the penny wheels’ hardness. When a penny wheel has a durometer rating of 65A to 100A, these penny wheels are considered to be at 83A, which are the ideal wheels for cruising.

If we are going to combine the weight of the board, penny wheels will immediately make its own speed and momentum. The width of the penny wheels is the factor behind its suitability in directing in a slightly rough surface.


For your information, the trucks of a penny are made up of cast aluminum. The main work of the penny trucks is to link the bearings, as well as the board’s wheel to its deck. The trucks come up with two different components. The first one is the hanger, wherein the axle will run, and the second one is the baseplate, wherein it is mounted over the deck.

In between the hanger and the baseplate is the area where bushings are positioned. The bushings are the truck’s cushion when it is turning. If you want to purchase a more resistant Penny board while turning, ensure that you will buy the one that has a stiffer bushing.


The griptape is a component that is being used by those who are using 22 inches and 27 inches, penny boards. Besides, it is also purchased by many who want to have a more secure ride. Upon purchasing, it is now ready to be placed on the penny board’s deck. Similar to the other components of the penny board, griptape comes up with different colors and designs.


As we have mentioned, the deck of penny boards is made up of plastic materials. Its deck is constructed to offer a structure that features both flexibility and strength. Penny board’s deck comes up with a waffle top and non-slip surface. Similar to the other components, you can also purchase a penny board’s deck with different styles and colors. Besides, you can also buy it one-by-one.

Bestseller No. 1
Penny Australia, 27 Inch Blackout Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard
  • Authentic Penny Skateboard Cruiser
  • The deck's secret plastic formula gives it strength as well as flexibility
  • Premium quality 59mm 83A wheels offers a smooth ride
  • High Quality Color-Coded Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings
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Cal 7 22.5" Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard (Lily)
  • DECK SIZE — 22.5 X 6" plastic deck easily fits into a carry-on or backpack.
  • TRUCKS — 3.125" aluminium alloy trucks
  • BEARINGS — ABEC-7 bearings
  • WHEELS — 60mm 78A wheels are super durable for a smooth, fast ride.
  • BOLD DESIGN — Available with tons of colorful and graphic decks.
Bestseller No. 3
Penny Australia, 22 Inch Blackout Penny Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard
  • Authentic Penny Skateboard Cruiser
  • Deck's secret plastic formula gives it strength as well as flexibility
  • Premium quality 59mm 83A wheels offers a smooth ride
  • High Quality Color-Coded Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings
Bestseller No. 4
Penny Australia, 22 Inch Swirl Penny Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard
  • 22" deck with waffle non-slip deck
  • Premium Abec 7 stainless steel bearings & high tensile bolts
  • 3" A-grade 356 cast aluminium powder-coated trucks
  • 59mm 83A polyurethane wheels

What is Skateboard?

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 5

After knowing the history and different components of the penny board, let us jump into the things that you should know with Skateboard. So, read on to know more about it.

When we are talking about skateboards, we are describing for a deck that features 4 wheels placed beneath it. It is mostly used by many individuals in skateboarding. The earliest skateboard noted was made up of wood that has rollerskates mounted under it.

This wood-made skateboard gains its popularity. During early 1960s, skateboards were produced. Since there are lots of skateboards being produced and can be purchased on the market, the number of individuals who want to learn skateboarding is also increasing.

On the other hand, performing skateboarding is quite hard for most of the starters, since it might cause the person to slip off or fall out. Since then, some of the skate areas in the other states are starting to close. Since there are lesser areas that you can go to perform skateboarding, some of the skateboarders don’t have enough places to go.

There are some group of skateboarders usually perform their tricks on the streets in every city. For 20 years had passed, the sport that uses skateboards began its popularity. Skateboarding is an extreme and quite serious sport. But, most of its riders are teenagers. Young teenagers usually perform their skateboarding tricks on the road.

You can purchase different skateboard types, such as shortboards, longboards, penny skateboards, stunt skateboards, and many others.

Parts of Skateboards

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 6

The most common components of a skateboard are quite similar to the components that the penny boards feature. These components of a skateboard are griptape, hardware, bearings, wheels, trucks, and deck


Risers are one of the components that you can find on the skateboards. If you think that your skateboard needs some risers, you can purchase one. But, if you think that purchasing one is not needed, then you are not required to buy one.


The griptape of a skateboard is the secret of many skateboarders to perform their tricks smoothly and perfectly. As the name itself, the griptape will enable you to grip your two feet on your board. It only means that your feet will stick with the board while you are performing your skateboarding tricks.


The hardware of the skateboard is the one that holds the board to its truck. The needed hardware in holding it together are eight bolts and eight nuts.


Bearings of the skate can be found inside its wheels. These bearings are the one that is being abused by the rider. This is the component of skateboards that will help the board to roll properly.


The wheels of skateboards come up with a wide range of variants. Ranging from the square, small, hard, soft and many more, you can ensure that you will get the best skateboard wheels that will suit your taste. Similar to the skateboard’s deck, the shapes of the wheels will make a wide difference in how you will feel while riding your skateboard.

Bestseller No. 1
Skateboards for Beginners Kids Teens Adults with Light Up Wheels,31''x 8'' Complete Standard Fortnite Skateboard for Boys Girls,9 Layer Maple Double Kick Deck Cruiser Skateboard for Sports & Outdoors
  • 【SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVEL SKATERS】31 x 8 inch full-size double kick concave design with cool pattern provides better control and easy to brake. This skateboard is ideal for Beginner and Pro doing some basic stunts and other tricks. Precision trucks, bearings, axles, and wheels give you the freedom to practice turning and carving without getting stuck!
  • 【DURABLE & STABLE】High density 9 layer maple wood skateboard provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating. Max supporting weight 220 lbs(100KG), suitable for adults and kids. Pattern: Heat Transfer(which is printed onto the board, not a sticker) makes the pattern keep a long time.
  • 【PU LIGHT UP WHEELS】High rebound 54mm PU wheels light up brightly when riding in the dark with ABEC-7 bearings, which provide more smooth and speed glide for uers. This Longboard is suitable for skater skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground.
  • 【MATTE SURFACE】High-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface makes you safer during riding or playing tricks on the skateboard. Give you maximum hold to perform tricks.
  • 【NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED】Comes with a storage bag and repair parts. You can replace the parts yourself and take the skateboard anywhere.This Cruiser Skateboard is an ideal gift for adults, teen boys and girls.
Bestseller No. 2
KO-ON Complete Skateboards for Beginners and Kids 31 inches x 7.88 inches, Standard 7-ply Layers Canadian Maple Wood with Double Kicktails and Radial Concave for Tricks (Black Diamond)
  • Dependable Skateboard Deck - At 31 inches in length and 7.88 inches in width, with 7-ply layers of radially concaved Canadian Maple Wood, KO-ON skateboard can withstand a max load of 330lbs. These standard skateboards provide more balance and security for kids and beginners, for adults or professional skater, KO-ON skateboard allow them to concentrate on sharpening your skills without having to worry about its durability.
  • Fast & Smooth - The skateboard Durometer 95A PU (polyurethane) wheels and bushing provide good grip and stability on the surface and at the same time the high precision ABEC9 bearings enable the standard skateboards wheels to roll smoothly at a high speed.
  • Reliable Grip Tape - Utilizes waterproof emery non-slip and wear-resistant grip tape that is able to "grab" you feet better while standing on skateboard.
  • Design that Shines - Our skateboards designs are printed through patterned heat transfer vinyl which radiant them at a higher resolution and make them water resistant.
  • Customer Friendly - Pre-assembled with magnalium alloy truck and is ready to go right out of the box. KO-ON's products are backed by our world class customer support and we'll always be there for you when you need us.
SaleBestseller No. 3
WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Standard and Tricks Skateboards for Kids and Beginners (Diamond)
  • Solid&Durable : 7 layers Canadian maple deck,31.75"*7.88", offers perfect balance between toughness and weight. Maximum load weight up to 330 pounds, equipped with 5 inch magnesium alloy trucks. Reliable for beginner and skilled
  • Smooth&Speedy : Super smooth (52mm,95A)High rebound PU wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A High rebound PU bushing; Our wheel can give you quick response from the ground,suitable for commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground
  • Master New Tricks : ️Design for beginners and skilled, double kick dissymmetric concave combines with customized emery sand paper give your feet enough locked feeling ,help you learn new tricks quickly
  • Graphic Design: Minimalist Black&White graphic design , printed with thermal transfer printing process allows greater print durability. The pattern lasts much longer
  • No Assembly Required: Come with completed 31.75"* 7.88“ profession skateboard which helps save your time and hassle of assembling. Ready to play out of the box!
Bestseller No. 4
Skateboards, 31'' x 8'' Complete Standard Skateboards for Beginners with 7 Layers Canadian Maple, Double Kick Concave Skateboards for Kids Youth Teens Man and Women
  • Durable & Non-slip Deck: A-grade 7 layers Canadian maple deck, with high density and ultimate durability, has higher resistance to impact, wear and drops. Besides, the desk is covered with non-slip, waterproof emery grip tape that ensures stable, superior grip during skating, keeping skaters safe.
  • Smooth & Fast Ride: High rebound PU wheels work with high-speed mute ABEC-7 precision bearings, making this complete skateboard anti-shock, anti-slip and wear-resistant. Promise you smooth turning, speedy ride even on rough roads and support more skate tricks like sharp turns, street skating, etc.
  • Aluminum Alloy Truck: Skateboards with high-duty aluminum alloy truck can bear max load up to 330lbs/150kg, providing you strong and reliable support, safe for kids to ride on it.
  • Ideal for All Level Skaters: 31” x 8” standard skateboards use double kick concave design, which not only offers better balance control to starters and easy to brake, but also easy to perform various tricks. It is a cool present for beginners, kids, teens and experienced riders.
  • Get Ready to Go: No assemble required! our skateboards for boys get ready to ride out of the package and slide with you! In addition, we provide extra carry bag and repair tools. If you have any question before or after purchase, do contact us and we will reply with satisfied solution.

Pros and Cons of Penny Boards

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 7

As the winter season comes wherein you will feel the cold breeze of wind that hits your cheeks and the pathway that is being covered by the morning fog as you are riding the road to get into your destination. On the other hand, during summer, you will feel the wet sand and the ocean breeze touching on your tanned skin while you are skating on the beach broad walks.

During the winter season, skateboarding will give you a rush of adrenaline that you will not feel during the different seasons. Lastly, when the fall season comes, you will feel more comfortable and nostalgic while feeling the leaves fall on your skin. But, whatever the type of season is, with the use of penny boards, you can still perform your tricks on the sidewalks and streets.

Penny board is one of the best boards that you can use on skateboarding. There are numerous individuals who are using this kind of board. Since then, there are lots of penny board brands that are starting to produce and sell their own-made boards.

Similar to the other products that are available on the market, penny boards also come up with its advantage and disadvantages. To know more about it, we have listed some of the good and bad features that you can get from using a penny board.



Since penny boards are made up of plastic materials, you can ensure that it is highly durable. Compared to the long skateboards, penny boards are much lighter. It is because long skateboards are made up of wooden materials. If you want to perform skateboarding and some of the skateboard types that usually fly off and hit the wall, the penny boards can withstand the extreme impact of hitting the wall.


Since penny boards have a compact size, it only means that you can take it with you wherever you want to go. It can perfectly fit in your bag without using more space. It also features lighter weight, which will make it easier for you to hold whether you are carrying it in your bag or holding it with your hands.


One of the main reasons why many individuals are choosing penny board compared to the other types of the board since it is very convenient to use. Aside from being lightweight, it is also small. If you are looking for a board that is not too hard to carry and can fit in your bag, then you should try this penny board.

Works for Beginners

Penny board is one of the types of boards that are ideal for those who are a starter in the field of skateboarding. For beginners, using penny boards will help you to get your perfect balance and roll for a little time. Besides, it also features bigger-sized wheels if we are going to compare it with the ordinary skateboards out there. It only means that you can handle the cracks and the curbs easily and more conveniently.

Promotes High Level of Stability

The penny board is the ideal type of board for those who want to get the perfect stability when riding at a fast speed. When using it, there is nothing for you to worry about the speed wobbles. Penny boards are also popular with having a great truck construction or design because of its center of gravity and axle angle.

If you want to perform some extreme tricks with penny boards, you might find it hard to handle, especially if you are a starter. Still, one thing is for sure. Once you learn how to handle it properly, you can now begin doing some cool tricks on the street.


Limited Purpose

One of the drawbacks that you might notice while using penny boards is that it is perfect to use while commuting. Since it has a limited mobility and compact size, you cannot perform any skateboarding tricks at the skate areas with the use of this type of board. On the other hand, if you want to purchase this for commuting purposes, then go for it.

Higher Level of Difficulty

Another disadvantage that you might encounter with penny boards is the difficulty of riding it. It is because it has a small-spaced board. Your two feet cannot fit with it perfectly, and it is not an ideal board that you should ride if you want to have some speed. Aside from that, it is also not a perfect board type that you should purchase if you are a beginner.

Price Range

Even though it is noticeable that penny boards are much more inexpensive compared to the longboards, some of its users considered it to be expensive equipment due to the numerous factors. First, it has a smaller size. It only means that there are lesser materials used in constructing it. Another, you can only use this board for commuting. Thinking about those factors, the price range of the penny board might be quite expensive.

In spite of the disadvantages of the penny boards, the first thing that you should consider is your reason why you need to buy any board. If your reason for purchasing a board is to have a faster speed of transportation, then the entire disadvantages that are listed above will be disregarded. It will always depend upon the customer’s purpose, whether purchasing a penny board will help them or not. But, we ensure that this product is worth to try.

Pros and Cons of Skateboards

Know What is Best for You, Penny Board vs. Skateboard 8

When you are already a college student, there are numerous transportations that you can use to get into a class as soon as possible. Some students prefer using skateboards, scooters, bikes, or their feet. If you are going to ask us which one we will pick, we are going to skateboards. But, remember that skateboards are not always the best options for other students or individuals. The following are the advantages and disadvantages that you can get from using skateboards to get as quick as you can to your destination.


Fun Tricks and Easy to Learn

Honestly speaking, skateboards are very easy to use when you want to learn how to do some tricks in skateboarding. The only thing that will challenge you in learning skateboarding is getting your perfect balance. Once you already learned how to find your balance, all the things included in learning how to skate will be pretty simple. Learning how to stop and kick can be done easily. All you need to do is to kick off on the ground with your foot. To stop, drag the tail of your skateboard to have a decent stop. How easy isn’t it?

When it comes to the tricks, if you want to be an expert skateboarder who can do tricks perfectly, you need to master the ollie trick. But, if you are one of those who want challenging and adventurous tricks, you might perform skateboarding on treyflips and heelflips. You might also consider performing other types of tricks that you think you can do.

Small and Easy to Carry

Almost all of the skateboards are smaller compared to the longboard ones. The longboard type of board is quite cumbersome and heavy. But, if we are going to talk about its performance, it can work its job and can be manipulated easily.

The skateboards have compact sizes, which are also smaller compared to bikes. This skateboard is easier and lighter to carry to any place that you want to practice or perform some tricks.

Cheaper compared to Penny Boards

It cannot be denied that skateboards are much more inexpensive compared to penny boards and bikes. Saving some amount of money from buying a skateboard means that you can spend some valuable purposes.


Low Level of Security

We all know that locking your skateboard is impossible. It only means that if you are a student, you need to take it with you and keep in touch with it. If we are going to choose between a bike and a skateboard when it comes to its security, we are going to pick bikes.

It can Tear up Your Shoes

If you are owning a skateboard and using a griptape, there is a high possibility that your shoes or slippers will get some damage, which sucks. If you are performing tricks with your skateboard, your shoes can possibly tear up. Even if you are not a fond of performing skateboarding tricks, the bottom of your shoes can still deteriorate.

Penny Board vs. Skateboard – Which One Is For You

If you are asking yourself which one to buy between penny board and skateboard, you must consider your capabilities. If you are a first-timer in the field of skateboarding but have enough knowledge on how to handle it, then we recommend you to purchase a skateboard. Make sure that you will purchase a high-quality one.

On the other hand, if you are a starter and don’t have enough knowledge on how to ride on a skateboard alone, then you might consider buying a penny board rather than a skateboard. As we mentioned several times ago, the penny board has wider wheels compared to a skateboard. Aside from that, it also have a wide deck that will accommodate your feet.

If we are going to talk about the skateboard’s deck, it is quite thin compared to penny boards. It only means that you will have some difficulties getting your balance with it if you are a first-timer.


If you are one of those who are searching for a board that is perfect to use for commuting purposes, then we recommend you to purchase a penny board rather than a skateboard. It is because penny boards are lightweight and have a compact size. It only means that it is portable and can be carried wherever and whenever you want.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a board that can give you more challenging and adventurous experiences, you might consider purchasing a skateboard. It is ideal for those who want to be challenged when doing some excellent tricks on the street.

One of the types of skateboards that you might enjoy is the penny boards. As mentioned a while ago, this type of board is perfect for beginners. Penny board vs. Skateboard is a quite hard topic. It is because both of them have benefits and good sides.

On the other hand, if you are still hesitant about whether to buy a penny board or a skateboard, then we recommend you purchase the first one if you are still a starter.

But, if you are a master of performing some cool, extreme, and thrilling tricks on the street, we recommend you to purchase a high-quality board.

Aside from that, make sure that the design of a skateboard must suit your taste. The truth is, a skateboard is a board that is quite difficult to handle, but if you are a master skateboarder, then go for it.


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