Check What is Best for U Between Penny Board vs. Nickel Board

If you are stuck in a scenario wherein you cannot really choose what surfboard is best for you, it is high time to do some research.

You might want to tackle the never-ending penny board vs. nickel board issues to give yourself some clearer insights that would eventually help you come up with the right decisions.

There is really no best board that fits all since individuals are unique and with their own special needs. So, if you were to as what is best for you between penny board vs. nickel board, then the answer will all depend on your needs and your skillset.

Penny Board vs. Nickel Board-Get Yourself More Familiar with Each Type

Check What is Best for U Between Penny Board vs. Nickel Board 1

There might be countless boards created, designed, and offered in the market these days, but there’s really something about penny boards and nickel boards that captivates people’s interest and attention.

There are even those who are in real dilemma of dealing with the penny board vs. nickel board issues and arguments as to which board seems to be the best choice. The only way to decide on this matter smartly is to get yourself more familiar with these boards and be able to determine their weak and strong points.

The Penny Surfboards

Since the introduction of skateboards, there has been a connection between surf culture and surfing. Penny has been founded on sliding sideways fun and excitement and celebrating good times with friends. These are the things that inspired many surfers to surf the streets and water.

With penny boards, you can always keep your strokes alive. These are premium quality boards designed and built with the finest materials. Manufacturers give close attention even to the smallest details in the design and construction of these boards.

Penny boards are built to last and ultimately fun to ride. These boards are now readily available in the leading skate and surf retailers. Penny boards come in different fin setups, sizes and all conditions.

Penny boards are widely known among the biggest skating as well as surfboarding enthusiasts. But today, the situation is completely different. The popularity of penny boards is now on the rise, particularly with the younger generation.

These boards are noted for being better adherent to surfaces and more stable. Penny boards are also easy to ride and carry. Those who wanted to look cool and surf in style, penny boards are truly a must-have.

The Nickel Board

Surfboards are original inventions in Hawaii. These boards are mostly crafted from woods. But in most recent times, boards are made from quality polyurethane foam covered in fiberglass cloth layers, and sometimes, some boards are coated with polyester resin.

Individuals have to realize that the price of boards is impacted by the materials used. It is for this reason that there are regularly priced surfboards and costly surfboards. Nickel surfboards are said to be one of the most expensive surfboards created.

Nickel boards are truly a work of art, and these are amazing pieces that can be utilized for effective and proper surfing. These surfboards are oftentimes nickel plated and have a special mirror finish to reduce drag.

Penny Board vs. Nickel Board-More about the Characteristics and Features of Each Board

If you want to get yourself familiar with the characteristics and features of the penny board vs. nickel board, the following information will help you widen your knowledge and familiarity.

The Penny Board’s Characteristics and Features

Penny boards are usually short and made of premium quality plastics. This makes penny boards easy to use and carry. These boards do not need much space as compared to the longer boards.

The quality of plastic is ensured and this material has the right combinations of stiffness, strength, and flex. Penny boards are proven to be long lasting and can give you an excellent riding experience.

The decks are especially designed to provide you with unrivaled safety and comfort while using these that no other boards can give. Some penny boards have aerodynamic forms that cannot be obtained from other materials.

What is more, these boards are fast and light. These things come together to give you the most unforgettable penny board riding experience.

The aesthetic appeal and the uniqueness of penny boards and more other special characteristics of these boards make them truly popular in the market. Penny boards differ from. types of boards depending on history, deck materials, riding style, fashion status and more.

Penny boards come in differing designs, styles and colors. You even have the option to customize your board as you wish. This option is not just to personalize your board but to also express yourself.

Penny boards usually come with eye-catching and unique boards. These come with grip tape. The rider somehow relies on the deck’s pattern to give grip.

Upon riding penny boards, grip tape that can be added to boards isn’t really needed. The reason for this is that the surface tends to wear down upon some use to deliver a much greater grip.

The Nickel Board Characteristics and Features

The nickel board is ideal for those who prefer a light board with added stability. For fast riders, nickel boards are also suited for them. Between penny and nickel boards, the latter is better for sliding and gliding.

Nickel boards come in different styles, designs, and measurements with premium quality attachments. The board is easy to use and maneuver and can offer individuals with a smooth ride. The nickel boards are especially designed to give you ultimate surfing experience.

There’s no other board that can give you such but the nickel board. These boards are recommended for both novice and professional riders. Some experienced surfers use these boards to relax after doing some tricks. Doing such a trick is an exciting escapade especially for experienced riders.

With nickel boards, you can enjoy freestyle surfing. These are also guaranteed faster than the majority of longboards available these days. Surfers surely want faster, lighter, and novel experience in the water so the nickel board is a durable tool that they need to have. This board can also bring a steeper ride.

Nickel boards are wider than the penny boards with increased stability and effective foot platform. These are factors that make this board more ideal for beginners. This even allows you to adjust to better surfing experience using this board.

Nickel boards are more comfortable than the penny boards, but the board’s width is sometimes an issue among many riders, especially when cruising. Nickel boards come in different colors and one can also customize designs aside from the designs usually provided by the manufacturers. It’s not a surprise that nickel boards are aesthetically pleasing and bound to impress.

Nickel boards turned out to be fashion icons and trends nowadays and noted for their unique designs and the novel riding and surfing experience.

Nickel boards can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to surf with confidence and in style. Nickel boards are durable, fast, and light and can make learning to surf a breeze. Nickel boards are really amazing boards for those looking for a novel, fun, unique and stylish boards.

Penny Board vs. Nickel Board-The Pros and the Cons

When it comes to dealing with penny board vs. nickel board, you might as well want to check on the pros and cons of each type

Penny Boards Pros and Cons


  • Penny boards are easy to use and versatile. These are also easier to control and perfect for complete sport.
  • These are perfect for doing regular surfing tricks
  • Penny boards are ideal for beginners and first-timers because these are easy to maneuver
  • Penny boards are ultimate and reliable utility boards with guaranteed style, performance, and practicability
  • These boards are made of high-quality materials to ensure that you will be delivered with durable board
  • These board can help in easy paddling up, trimming the lines and getting new surfers into their feet


  • Some find penny boards to be a bit heavy

Nickel Boards Pros and Cons


  • Nickel boards provide more length, so you will have more room for your feet to control the surfboard and move easily.
  • The bigger the deck, the easier to control the board
  • The nickel board are crafted using the finest materials so quality and flexibility ensured
  • These boards are sturdy and strong
  • There are instances that these boards come with tools for easy and convenient assembling and dissembling anytime you want
  • Nickel boards benefit those who find it hard to balance or in need of boards that can easily handle adults’ weight


  • Some may not prefer these boards’ materials

Tips When Choosing the Best Surfboard

The information about Penny Board vs. Nickel Board provided above can surely give you insights and help you choose which one is the best for you. To assist you more in your decision making, it pays to learn the following helpful tips when choosing the best surfboard:

  • Don’t Just Go for Flashy Boards

There are instances that shoppers settle for products that are beautiful or appealing to them. This is also especially true when it comes to buying a new surfboard. When buying a surfboard, you need to shop around and weigh your options.

Do not just settle for the first polished and shiny beauty that comes your way. Though these are included in the reasons other individuals buy a surfboard, this should not be the priority. The quality, durability and safety features matter most.

  • Go for Thicker and Wider Boards

Surfboards aren’t simply measured in length (regardless of where you live, the measurements are consistently in the old standards of inches and feet) but also in thickness and width. This will vary extraordinarily. Try not to expect that longboards that are only there to be a simpler alternative for novices. Before the general inception of shortboards, there were only long sheets.

But if you were to really ask the top surfers, despite their specializations, really have long and shortboards collections. Pure surfers simply need to ride waves and they can have access to the best tool to be used for all conditions and on a wide range of waves.

  • Do Not Get Lost in Minor Details

The board’s shape, its rails, nose, the sides, rockers, and more vary greatly and there are endless variations that you may come across with. It would be best not to get tied into them and not to get lost on minor details as well. Be mindful and careful when making your decisions.

  • Give Close Attention to the Built of the Board

One more important thing to be considered when buying a board is what this is actually made of. No surfboards are exactly the same, and one might cost higher than the others.

With the present developments of designs in surfboards, there are now massive productions of such boards so it would be best to be mindful of your choices. Make sure to take a closer look at the materials used in creating the board. The quality and sturdiness of the board can guarantee you a long and safe ride.

You need to arm yourself with the right information so that you can check what is really best for you. If you are aware of the most important information concerning the penny board vs. nickel board, you can buy your board with ultimate confidence.

Recent advancements and modern markets in board technology and designs there are lots of innovative and amazing selections to choose from ranging from small to big surfboards. Take time to shop around and seek advice if possible.

Choosing wisely and ending up with the best board will save you money, and from the time you get hold of this board, you can instantly get started with becoming a good surfer.

Your choice matters. Think about the unpleasant experience you will face if you end up with the wrong board such as struggling to clear even with the very first hurdle.

So, your knowledge about the differences as well as the strong and weak points of penny boards and nickel boards can help you check on the right board and end up with the best choice.


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