Best Penny Board for Beginners: 2020 Update Reviews


If you are bored with your daily routine, you may look for a diversion or leisure time. Like for instance, from your home, you are going to your workplace, and then the routine repeats almost every day except during day-offs. You may consider a hobby or consider visiting a place just to break the monotony of life.

Skateboarding has been considered as one of the sports that will create balance in your upper and lower body. But of course, if you are a beginner, it takes time to learn the basic techniques of skateboarding. It is also advisable to look for the best penny board for beginners.

This will help you a lot. Do you know what penny board is? It is a plastic skateboard kind and is referred to as a “short cruiser.” As you can see in most teens, it has a plastic deck, usually with both wheels and trucks. It is known as the “penny” board because it is a combination of both wheels and trucks.

When it comes to durability, it is likely believed as a strong one for the reason that it is easy to manage. It is not heavy because, as mentioned a while ago, it is made of plastic material. As to its component, it is said that it is made up of plastic material. But it is not totally made of plastic.

There are some parts that are metal. In this instance, the trucks are metal. And plastic material that is used here is not just the ordinary plastic but the durable kind of plastic. Also, it comes in two types – the traditional and the modern type of penny board. When it comes to colors, it appears in a variety of colors.

Some people use penny boards in going to and fro the school or the university they are studying in. When you say “beginners,” what comes to your mind? They are between 16 and 24 years of age people. These are considered beginners because as per the survey, these ages do not know how to drive yet. They either commute, or they are just walking to and fro.

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Best Penny Board for Beginners: 2020 Update Reviews 1


Reviews were done in the early months of 2019. You can choose from among these penny boards that are designed best for newbies, and as a form of advice, you may read some of the reviews made by users.

The first and a little nostalgic kind of penny board is the penny graphic complete skateboard. It is considered as nostalgic because it is somewhat a replica or modern version of the 1970 kind of the original penny board.

A review from Natalia M. @nataliam_therealskater on January 3, 2019:

“I really love riding this penny board thing. Featuring some retro design, it really catches my taste! I really love throwing myself on it and hitting the streets with a little touch of 70’s theme. Because I am still a student, I am using this cool penny board on my way to school. My uncle is using this on his way to work. Oh, wait! My friend loves bringing this on beaches too.”

A review from Eric N. @nicoleric22 on January 15, 2019:

“I love its soft wheels. As compared to other penny boards, this 70’s replica has soft wheels that make me go crazy! I find it perfect when I do the gliding in the sidewalk and even if obstacles approach me. The board of this replica is approximately 22 inches wherein its trucks measure at 3.125 inches too. The wheels of it are approximately 59 mm in measurement.”

A review from Marie O. @2209011marieoneal on January 25, 2019:

“I really love the colors they offer. I chose from a wide option of lovable colors and designs. I matched it with my personality and it really creates a great impact on me!”

A review from Booboo P. @booboo28200:

“I love the throwback design! The tool used in transportation is perfect. Unlike others wherein what appears in the picture is different from what it really looks like, I am not disappointed. The colors in photos and in reality, are all the same. Actually, it is a gift I received from my Mom. I hugged my Mom because she chose something of excellent quality!”

The second one is the so-called sun boards 22” complete. It is perfect in color and performance quality. The board is made up of plastic deck and has a really superior durability as compared to other kinds of penny board.

A review from littleangelpretty200002 on February 3, 2019:

“My Dad gave me this as a birthday present, and I really loved it. I received it fully assembled, and all I just did is to ride on it. I am a fat girl, and my Dad gave me this for me to lose weight, and it really fits me because it can carry riders even if they are heavy. The color is also nice, and I picked pink with a touch of black dots. I am a beginner and a fifth-grader one, and I loved it because my Dad said it is for beginners like me. It did not give me difficulty to learn because the instruction on the box is easy to understand.”

The third penny board is the so-called karnage skateboard. It has a large urethane wheels that allow you to ride smoothly and it applies to any surface, whether smooth or rough road. The uniqueness of this kind of skateboard comes with the slim board as well as cutout handle design.

A review from marymerry00001 on March 25, 2019:

“I really had a nice ride. It gave me the care that I need. Also, it is so pretty, the design is so cool and the size matches me perfectly. It fits everything in me! The money I spent buying this is all worth it. I am a beginner but it did not make me feel like one.”


You may consider these aspects that may be considered in mastering the shortboard ride:

The first one is the foot position. One strategy in riding a penny board if you are a beginner is the foot positioning. There are beginners who find it difficult to put both their feet on the board. They are afraid they might fall and lose balance. That is the reason why there should be proper positioning of the feet because a good ride depends on the proper foot positioning.

The second strategy is the finding of your stance. You have to practice skipping ahead particularly if you have previously ridden any board. If, on the other hand, you have not yet experienced riding on a skateboard, you just have to find your stance in order to start. Some newbies did it by standing with one foot on the floor, and the other food on the skateboard. Then, he steps a little bit, and little by little, the movement becomes faster. Do it repeatedly and you will find a good start.

The third one is considering the measurement of the skateboard. Usually, a penny board is measured at 22 inches to 27 inches. That is why you do not have to worry as to the placement of your foot and even your two feet. Just find your balance and practice where to put both your feet when riding. Then, all is set for an adventure!

The fourth consideration is the act of pushing. Placing your front foot on the board and the other foot at the back is a good strategy. But the truth is that the front foot that is on the board is not at all times the focus of learning. The focus of learning here is the other foot that is making all the pushing and braking too. You just also need how to stop whenever you want to rest for a while properly.


Usually, the components are separately made. You have the option of what to choose, whether you want a complete package, a fully assembled ones, or even in parts. For instance, you love your skateboard and it has a sentimental value, then its wheels broke. You are looking for a wheel then you may choose to buy parts. The colors also are of several variants.

The different sizes of the skateboard deck come invariants. The first one is 22 inches long or 55.9 centimeters. It is the best seller because it is a common size that can be used by an average skater. Another variant is the 27 inches one of the 68.6 centimeters wherein it is called the Nickel. Also, it is bought by most of the skaters. The last one is the cruiser or the 32 inches long or 81.3 centimeters. If you are going to choose, you may consider thinking about your size or the size of your feet. It is because your size is the primary consideration in choosing a skateboard. The colors also depend on your personality. Most of the time, attractive colors are available. You just have to pick one that will best describe your personality.


The first one is the size, its components, which are of high-quality and long-lasting; the materials are also stiff ones. But even if the materials are stiff or durable, you can flexibly use the board whatever way you want to. On the other hand, the deck is made up of plastic. The deck is strength and flexibility combined. It is available in different colors. Just a tip in choosing a color of your skateboard, you just have to pick the bright one because it takes a long time to fade.

Another one to consider is the griptape. If you do not know what a griptape is, it comes in 22 inches to 27 inches long. It may be a sign of security when riding. It is a pre-cut tape that is applicable to the skateboard, and it also comes in variants of color.

There are parts of penny boards that are not made of plastic material. The trucks are actually made of aluminum; that is why the foundation itself is strong and durable. What is the purpose of trucks? Trucks are actually the connector between the wheels and the deck bearings. The truck also has two parts – the baseplate as well as the hanger. It is a must to know that a baseplate is located on the top of the deck. It is placed there through a screw. That is why it is strongly built there. On the other hand, a hanger is used in running through. As between these two parts is the bushing or bushings.

You may be reading a lot on the internet, mentioning bushings. What then are these bushings? These are commonly known as the rubbers, the cushions or even the grommets.

The last consideration is the wheel. It is made up of metal with a core that is composed of plastic. The wheels are like the foundation or base of a house. As compared to a house, if you have a strong foundation, your house will not be easily destroyed by natural calamities like typhoons, earthquakes, even flash floods. Here, the wheels are the foundation of the skateboard. If your wheels are not durable, it will not sustain the pressure of carrying a 185 lbs. skater.


It is called a “penny board” because of its small size. The wooden skateboard is actually the big kind. A smaller version of it is called the penny board. You know what is so liberating to do? That is to ride on the skateboard barefoot. It is enjoyable and at the same time, it is so good to do with friends. It is as if you are a kiddo.

As mentioned in the above discussion, there are kinds of penny board that is a replica of the old 70’s skateboard. But it is a combination of old and new types. It is because it is a modern version of the old one.

Reiterating that a penny board means a little version of a wooden skateboard, why then would a skater would choose a little and lightweight board like the penny board?

Here are some of the reviews from skateboarders from February to May 2019:

A review from Mikki L. @lamamikhaela1998 on February 26, 2019:

“I really love penny boards compared to other wooden boards because of their lightweight. I thought at. First, I would not be able to love it because I used to believe that lightweight things are not durable enough. But as I use this on a daily basis, I started to love it. It gets me from one point to another without any difficulty. I used it instead of commuting. It also made it easy for me to carry it. It also fits my backpacks. I love my penny board so much and I do not want this to be scratched or chipped. I have to worry no more because my backpacks can accommodate it pretty well.”

A review from Liam C. @carinoliam on April 25, 2019:

“At first, I thought I would not love it because of its small size. My feet cannot be fully accommodated. But it turns out that it is just enough to fit both my feet. You just have to choose from among the size variants. It may appear from 22 inches, 27 inches, and the other is 32 inches. I chose 27 inches, and it fits perfectly on me!”


Penny boards are lighter in weight compared to other wooden skateboards. You can use this one if you are commuting on your way towards the workplace. It is made of plastic material, that is why it is easier to move and if for instance, you get tired, you just choose to walk and carry your skateboard. You may place it inside your bag if you may choose.

Skateboard pushing is indeed a great technique for a beginner like you to learn. This will enable you to gather your thoughts and provides you a sharper mind. Because when you are doing this technique, there are important points you must do and avoid, and that requires a lot of thinking. You need to focus because if you let your guards down, it will just impose an injury to your body.

Every technique in skateboarding is imperative for a rider. Some are difficult, while others are simple enough for beginners to learn easily. But as they say, no matter how difficult it is that you are doing, with patience and hard work, everything will pay off. What you just need is the time and right discipline to overcome such difficulty. In doing the skateboard pumping technique, you will experience hardships while learning it, but if you think of what it can bring to you as long as you continue practicing, then that hurdles will just turn into a lesson you will never forget.

The colors also come in some variants. Yellow and black is the choice of so many skaters. It is because the combination is pleasing to the eyes. It also applies to both males and females. You can also choose a girly color if you are a girl, or dark colors if you are a macho man.

Stability and Balance of Penny Board that Beginners should know

Most of the time, people tend to have a lot of things preoccupying their minds. Since there are a lot of things to take into consideration, it would be of much heavy for one’s mind to be able to grasp all the necessary information disseminated at school that would definitely get one being out of balance intellectually. But, with the use of penny board, you would then be able to keep yourself as stable as possible, for the reason that it gives a very much positive impact on skaters for its highly commended ambiance.

Safety and Security of Penny Boards

Usually, most of the skaters would get to be prone to accidents. It is very much not in your hands to depict whether one would be injured or not, so it is very much best of you to put up pointers before riding a penny board. There are also times when you get to encounter inevitable accidents. Now, with such disturbances, you would obviously get difficulty getting into work but with the use of your penny boards being lightweight, eventually, you could be out of it in no time. It gets you through your job at ease, thus, keeping you safe and secure.

Indeed, there are really a lot of benefits you get to have by just having these penny boards with you on the road. Now, if you are to get the chance to ride the penny board, make sure to have one and suggest it to your friends.

Penny boards have several advantages that you can choose to understand with all your heart. It will keep you interested in getting the penny board.

It is portable, and as mentioned above, it is lightweight. Meaning, if you are a beginner and you are kind of shy carrying a skateboard, people will not be able to notice what you are carrying because it can be put inside a bag.

Another one is a penny board that works for beginners. The wheels are bigger compared to other wooden skateboards. Meaning, you need not worry because this will not bring you down.

It is also stable and at high speed. When you try to have it move at high speed and pace, you need not worry about certain accidents because it is stable.

If you want to master riding on a skateboard, you need to buy a penny board and not a wooden board. Even the wooden boards, they are still good. It has a good side as well, only that it is not advisable to beginners. It must be considered to be used after the skater has learned a lot from the penny board.



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