Old School Longboard? Know It Best & Check if You’ll Like It

Skateboarding came earlier, and after a decade, Longboarding became popular. Longboarding culture took its turn and exploded on the scene in the 1990s. This was the moment where people joined hands to get a real feel of the surf on the land, and some of these are the snowboarders and sea-surfers. This started reshaping the longboards as we know them today by putting roller skate wheels on their boards.

The idea was to create the feeling of riding the waves by keeping the original shape of the surfboards and use soft wheels to add flexibility. Also, changes in truck technology happened in the ’90s, and during that time because of reverse kingpins, boards became more stable. Surfboards are one of the things where the idea of longboards came from.

That’s why compare to surfboards, longboards are much shorter but have a design that is identical. Because of the unique features that Longboard offers that time which is versatility in shape and size that makes it compliment with terrains, it resulted to popularity.

Old School Longboard? Know It Best & Check if You'll Like It 1

Sidewalk surfing is also known to be Longboarding than instantly became a trend. The goal of making Longboarding was to create a magic like surfing on the asphalt roads.

That’s why its design and tools are also unique. The longboard was officially unleashed in 1959, and, for its first year, they sell it on the persons walking in the street via enticing marketing tactics.

Sometimes, weather conditions churn up unsurfable parts of the water, but surfers can still ride longboards. The feeling could be described as surfing through asphalt and concrete. Another is coping up with cold turkey days because cold water has never been easy because of longboarding that gave them the possibility to cope up.

The downhill phenomenon in Longboarding. Downhill is known as the art of riding a longboard down the hills as faster as it could, and keeping the board under control is where the secret lies. Riders doing this must have a body protection as the speed could reach 80mph.

The Guinness world record in downhill was taken by UK rider named Peter Conolly in 2017, having a speed of 146.73mph/91.17 mph to be hailed as the fastest man in the Longboard history.

Another one who took the top in Longboard was Tom Sims who also become as the Pioneer of Longboard and everyone wanted to do it after he started going fearlessly speeding down on all kinds of slopes and a mountain roads, and this Downhill tricks became a new extreme sport and give him a chance to be featured in James bond movies as a stunt double in snowboarding with James Moore in a movie entitled a view to kill.

Talking on the early days, Longboard tools and components are robust. They are made of metal wheels and fiberglass decks are made and use.

Short after that, the deck was turned to be made out of wood after they initially criticized and described as Unsafe those first made longboards. And afterward, they also replaced the metal wheels by clay, and as time goes by clay ones have been replaced by urethane which is what market and manufacturers are using now.

Longboards become safer after those evolving changes and now are being accepted by the culture and parents after being pleased by their children’s just to have one.

Sidewalk surfing gained a popularity and existed as a sport on its own during the ’60s to ’70s and it resulted to skateboarding craze but is very much alive until today from the different blends and shapes and styles it is continuing to evolve.

For the past other than woods, there are other materials that are used for decks and this also increases the quality and that it lasts longer and has a bigger capacity and materials known to be superior are now also using Aluminum, Fiberglass and carbon fiber to make their own kind of longboards.

To strengthen or completely replace the decks, fiberglass and carbon fiber are used by manufacturers because they have the capability and strength to weight. Some boards can weigh much less than the board of equal size because their boards have a foam core and made of pure carbon fiber. Meanwhile, incredible shapes can be made from the cutout sheets of aluminum for Aluminum decks.

From surfboarding in water to longboarding in roads, you declare that longboarding really came from the art of surfing from its mother surfboard and father skateboard.

Colorful communities, unwritten rules, legends and myths show a vast subculture of Longboarding. In this dynamic subculture, new words and rituals are made that create a new perspective.

In 1972 longboarding, Frank Nasworthy and a company called the Candillac wheel company first introduced the longboard wheel made out of urethane that made downhill speeds possible to reach very high speeds. In the 1990s, a reverse kingpin skate truck was developed because in the early year’s longboards could not maintain stability at a specific speed because they are using standard vertical kingpin.

And now that it was improved, the stability is also improved which makes the longboarding community grow. The cutout deck was also introduced, preventing the wheel during hard turns from touching the board.

To accommodate unique modern skating the technology in longboards has rapidly evolved. This includes downhill, free riding, freestyle, and slalom.

Longboards are left in shadows although it came out at the same time with shortboards. But because they have their limitations, they waited to be rediscovered in the ’90s.

This happened because of the advancement of technology and modernization that allows a space for precision speed for the longboards and stability to reduce danger.

Traditional or Early SHAPE of Longboards

Pintails, swallowtails, riders of flatnose, decks that are drop-through, drop decks, and boards are the several longboard shapes. The looser trucks and larger wheels permit by Pintails, which are better suited for carving or a “smooth” feel. On the other hand, the rider to be closer to the ground, are allowed in drop decks and drop through.

These boards increase stability when on a lower center of gravity because of the support on high-speed downhill disciplines in riding.

“The Longboard Porsche,” for example, is known to be one of the best street-riders with high-performance on the market because of its shape that like an actual fish surfboard.

Traditional or Early Wheels and Trucks

What contributes to the overall flexibility of the board is the Longboard trucks, especially when it is also flexible. Having wider Longboard trucks, and a reverse kingpin (RKP) and a 150mm to 180 mm hangers, having a 9″ width of the deck and a need trucks with 180mm are the main reason of having a smooth and comfortable longboard-riding for 150mm ones with smaller boards pick.

Talking about wheels, longboards provide faster and suitable wheels good for all kinds of surfaces. They make longer rides more comfortable because they buffer the obstacles such as pebbles and cracks on the roads. All of these are possible because they have softer but bigger wheels.

Moving the Board with Longboard

Riders can cruise smoothly for on any smooth terrains for miles because longboard is designed with transportation in mind. Downhill and cross-country are the perfect places for longboards, and when you’re cruising at high speed, it is neither safe or practical. In contrast, instead of  shifting your weight back and forth, longboard design  makes it possible to pump the board.

That’s why your feet don’t need to leave the board anymore because this creates the thrust and force even without your feet this helps riders to have both of their feet stationed on the board and gyrating is a variant of pumping whereas you go forward you move by slightly turning the board left and right.

The Longboard Purpose

You might find yourself asking the question, “what do you need it for?” But you have to understand that Longboard is made for cruising and transportation and this is two main purposes of it. When it comes to steer-riding, its design is pure amazingly created by time.

Its physical features will make you feel comfortable and easy to ride on roughly surface because of its shape, truck flexibility, and wheel softness. And if you’re taking a longer trips longboard is amazing to ride on, for example, you can use it on your way going to work or entertainment to have fun when you are commuting.

Don’t forget that you can still have board tricks on longboard and try carving, sliding downhill, noseriding and for handpaddling depending on the model of your board. Longboards come with a great impression and give you a more impressive look.

In conclusion, the old style of longboards greatly affects why it became famous, thereby creating a new perspective for riders. The creation of this satisfied the need for both surfer and riders. The impact it created is written in history and the old style has become a reason for improvements, changes, and new ideas.

Living in the modern era, however, let’s not forget to appreciate where things started because they share equal beauty.  After all, sometimes, old things are never boring.


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