The Longest Longboard that Humanity Ever Rides in History

The Texas Rolling Thunder is officially noted as the longest longboard here on earth. However, George had also been credited to have made the most extended board in a contest. The event was said to be the New Jersey Fatboy garage Fest in 2005. If the reigning board covers 80 inches long, this gigantic board that George has is a hundred-inch longboard.

This board was not just for display because he uses it in the contest, wherein he placed himself an award in one of the categories. The panel was used in board walking, carving, racing, and sliding. He even wowed the audience by making a 90-degree drift in the event. Because of the changes that are overtaking us, there might be a new record for the longest longboard worldwide. It may not be recognized, but knowing how human minds are working will be boards conquering the length of the previous dominion.

For some people, board length does matter. Others prefer having things short, while some want it long. Just like in longboarding, riders have their preferences with regard to the length of their boards. But in the past years, many councils have gotten its size in a more complex way.

Though it goes by the name “longboard,” different board varies on sizes called long, midsize and short longboards. Longboards typically range from 22 to 45 and above inches in height and up to 9 inches of width. Longboard size is composed of two factors: the length of the longboard also refers to how long is the board is and the width of the board or how complete the board is.

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Choosing the Right Longboard Size

What are the things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect board size? First, which is the most important is your height, and the second factor that you need to consider is the style of longboarding that you wanted or plan to do.


People might say that your height is not that important when choosing the right size of a longboard, but you must consider that height also corresponds to weight, whereas tall people can have a high weight force than shorter people. Aside from this, taller people need longer boards since it is more stable than the shorter board. On a width basis, taller people have longer legs than short people, so they need enough space for their feet to rest comfortably. Narrow boards are hard to maneuver for tall skaters. For fast riders, this is an advantage since you can ride every size of longboard you may prefer, unlike the taller ones who need to consider their height first when choosing the right size of the board.

Long-sized longboards are much stable and suitable for longer and faster flexible rides. And also the best board for tall riders. Midsize longboards, on the other hand, are the best choice for all riding types and cruising boards. Last but not least is the short-sized longboard that is best for small and young riders.

With this, we cannot deny the fact of how important height is when it comes to choosing a perfect board for you. It might seem unnecessary, but small things like this matter the most.

Longboarding Style

Are you an adventurous rider? Are you the artistic type that loves to do freestyle? A dancer who likes doing tricks and dance on the board? Or just the kind of rider that likes to ride his commission to the park and beach? When choosing the right size of a longboard, you must also consider the style of longboarding that you opt to go for.

If you prefer a relaxing ride from one place to another, cruiser longboards vary from 28 inches to 46 inches. If you’re a tall rider, 38 inches and above longboard is the best option for you. If you have an average built 32 inches longboard is your best choice. For freestyle and free ride longboarding, the decks usually are between 38 inches to 42 inches long.

The size of the freestyle and free ride longboard does not depend on the height of the rider, and it is intentionally designed longer than the usual board allowing the rider to do tricks, walk and even dance on the board. If you’re into extreme longboarding, downhill is the style for you. Downhill longboards range from 36 inches to 45 inches long. If you have a tall built, you must choose long downhill boards.

Several years have passed already, and the conquest for the longest longboard continues. Many boards are made so beautiful, and the length was just inexplicable. When you thought that once that board is already the longest, you will only be disappointed when you realize that there is something even longer. You will be amazed at how the human brains process every idea to come up with such size.

Many longboards are being created to satisfy the needs of the riders, but as of now, one board had been reigning as the longest longboard ever made. If you have been petrified or stunned by the previous record holders, this might electrify you as a rider and will want you to try this one also. The “Texas Rolling Thunder had seized the official world record for the longest longboard.” This longboard was known to be the longest with a length of 80 inches. Having this length can make you think that everything in this world is possible. The board was created by a humungous juggernaut wood that emphasizes how strong this board is. Its features include dual tracks composed of particles from titanium and wheels that are customized soul krypton.

If you are amazed by the fact that longboards can be that long, then you should be. In longboarding, some consequences are having such kind of length. For instance, if the size of your board is just as the longest longboard we have, it will be difficult for you to maneuver it, and performing turns in deep corners of the streets will be very hard. If you are looking for the kind of length suited to your body, preference, and the type of longboarding that you do, here are some suggestions:

  1. For beginners, it is suggested that you get longboards with a length of 32 to 42 inches. Having this size means that there will not be height biases, so no matter how tall or short you are, this kind of length is compatible with you.  With this length, also, cruising will be comfortable. If you will be using a board to get to your school or going back home, then this type of length is ideal for you. You can also use this if you want to play in the park and a flat environment.
  2. If you prefer longer boards and is a downhill rider, then 40 inches long and above is the best length for your board. With this size, it can help you conquer the hills you are about to go or contests that you will be joining in a downhill category. It is an excellent aid in terms of the control of the board while riding.
  3. On the other side, if you only want to have fun riding at the hills with speed, the length of the board that you will be needed is about 38 to 42 inches long. This length is just perfect for gaining the right momentum of your ride without getting hurt. This will lead you to a more stable ride, and with that, you can enjoy every moment on the board. The bad thing in Freeride is that if you get boards that are less than 38 inches in length, stability will be lesser, while if you go over 40 inches long, then it will be hard for you to maneuver or control the board.
  4. When it comes to freestyle, there are no strict rules regarding the length as long as you know your limits. Freestyle must be done according to your level of proficiency, and you must also put in mind that the board should have the right match when it comes to stability and maneuverability. In this way, you have the power to control the tricks you are going to do.

In longboarding, it is essential that you know the length of your board and for what purpose it is used for. The size of the board is not just to amaze people because it has a deeper essence in the realm of longboarding. People create this kind of thing, especially if they make longer boards to challenge how far we can go as humans.



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