Know These Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising 2020

If you’ve been playing Longboarding for a long time or if you’re a newbie who recently had an interest in Longboarding, you know that wheels are going to be one of your priorities. Wheels being used would affect the type of ride you’re be getting. That’s why it is essential to choose the right wheels.

Know These Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising 2020 1

The longboard has traditionally larger and softer wheels, which provide a smoother ride. Wheels that are bigger in size will give you more speed, and harder wheels with higher durometer are faster. The hardness of a wheel is measured by durometer and it ranges from 73A (softest) to 101A (hardest)

If you’re planning to have a quiet cruise in the city, it would be best if you start looking at smaller and softer wheels. But if you’re after with speed, it’s best to choose a softer wheel with a bigger diameter so you can have a stability and better control.

Sector 9 banged as one of the best longboard brands known for the high quality and top-selling products it produced.

  • It has the Sector Nine Ball with a 70 mm size and a durometer of 78A (packed of 4). It can accommodate anything that would require a quiet cruise around the city, and the softness of its wheels will provide a steady ride because it absorbs the vibration.

Its features are: It provides control with a time-tested formula with this 78A top-shelf urethane, has a center set core, and a contact patch of 38mm. Aside from its amazing performance, it also comes with a variety of available colors and designs.

Orangatan is a brand famous in the field of making longboards and skateboards.

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This Orangatan in Heat with 75mm size and a durometer of 80A that can go Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels Loaded with B2 Bearings (set of 4) from Jehu

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm 80a Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Orange, Set of 4)
  • VERSATILE LONGBOARDING WHEELS – Designed for maximum speed and grip for hard carving, pumping, downhill skateboard racing, and long-distance pushing.
  • FAST AND BALANCED – At 75mm in diameter, the In Heats plow over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the roughest roads.
  • MAXIMUM TRACTION – Sharp, square lips provide maximum grip while still sliding smoothly when desired. Rippled urethane pattern provides progressive rebound.
  • HAPPY THANE – The original Orangatang urethane formula is fast, smooth, plush, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide. Now available in four durometers: 77a (blue), 80a (orange), 83a (purple), and 86a (yellow).
  • STRONG, SUPPORTIVE CORE – The encapsulated core maintains a smooth ride and supports the lips for excellent traction and crisp slides.

This wheel is more capable than its vibrant, and you’ll be sure to gain more speed without having traction, with having a 78mm midrange wheel size and a durometer rating of 80A. On average pavement, it can handle a couple of sharp turns.

Its unique features are: Has excellent control over wet conditions and traction, with a smooth and durable urethane, provides maximum traction because of its sharp square lip design; thus, this gives a maximum grip during your smooth riding and a progressive rebound provided by rippled urethane pattern. This is also a versatile longboarding wheel designed for long-distance pushing, downhill skateboarding, hard carving for grip and speed.

Because of its 75mm in diameter, it can plow over the roughest roads while maintaining its speed and Ballance. It has a Happy Thane. This was the Orangatang’s original urethane formula that provides smooth slide, fast and plush. Lastly, it has a strong supportive core that supports the lips for amazing traction, smooth ride, and crisp slide

Orangatang Caguama with 85mm in size wheels for longboard

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm 80a Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Orange, Set of 4)
  • BIG, SMOOTH LONGBOARD WHEELS — Designed for maximum speed, comfort, and momentum for longboard commuting, carving, long-distance pushing, pumping, and electric longboards.
  • FAST AND COMFORTABLE — With a large 85mm diameter, the Caguama rolls with incredible speed and plows over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the roughest roads.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN — The 56mm contact patch with its surface skin provides confident grip, while the subtly rounded edges help the wheels pass smoothly across pavement cracks.
  • HAPPY THANE FORMULA — The original Orangatang urethane formula is fast, smooth, plush, and grippy.
  • LARGE, SUPPORTIVE CORE — The fully exposed 46mm core reduces weight while providing quick acceleration and lots of momentum. Compatible with any electric skateboard that can accommodate Orangatang Kegels, allowing for an even faster and smoother ride.

This Longboard is the best choice for riders for extremely longboards and to one that has a heavyweight. Its phenomenal performance lies through their 85mm diameter with 56mm contact patch Extra-large rounded wheel that is built for a fewer paddling to reach the maximum speed and has a grip and smooth cruising.

Talking about its durability, roughest roads are not a big problem because they are able to cruise smoothly on it and even over pavement cracks with minimal damages. To provide lots of momentum and quick acceleration while decreasing weight, it comes with 46mm core. For even a smoother and faster ride, you could also accommodate an electric skateboard.

The advantage of using this Orangatangs Caguama: Has an extra fast speed and smooth cruising, good grip, has no wheel bite, can ride on different terrains, better delivers momentum and quick acceleration, significantly reduce weight, accommodation with an electric skateboard is easy,

Orangatan Kilmer with 69mm in size and a durometer of 80 A

If you’re someone who enjoys free-riding longboarding, this one is good for you. That’s why this is a freestyle focused wheel. 69 mm might be large enough for good speed, but it comes with a lightweight so this is also awesome for slides and tricks but you can explore an enormous amount of speed it offers with its 80 A durometer. This kelmer has a rounded tip and slightly beveled sidewalls so it can easily go for sliding. This can also ensure a smoother ride with its 39.5 mm contact patch. Good thing it has a 3 mm center set core and has a deep valley shaped cross-section because of its peachy thane urethane formula that offers a balanced blend and support lip firmly.

Advantage of buying this Orangatan Kilmer are: It is great for slides, trick, and free-riding. Kicks out effortlessly and promotes fast and even with its peachy thane formula.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Wheel for longboard

Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | Sidewinder | Amber (4-Pack)
  • Superior All-Terrain Performance. Reinvention of the Wheel. Scientifically Proven Advantages.
  • Scientifically proven advantages: rough terrain, friction in motion, longer lasting
  • As seen on Shark Tank, the Discovery Channel, FedEx Commercials, FOX
  • Shark Wheels used by multiple Fortune 500 companies in other industries
Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | Sidewinder | 4-Pack (Blue, 70mm)
  • Superior All-Terrain Performance. Reinvention of the Wheel. Scientifically Proven Advantages.
  • Scientifically proven advantages: rough terrain, friction in motion, longer lasting
  • As seen on Shark Tank, the Discovery Channel, FedEx Commercials, FOX
  • Shark Wheels used by multiple Fortune 500 companies in other industries

This wheel has been one of the unique wheels. It will draw your attention to its physical design because of its signature wheel that has a wavy-edge shape and is an interesting hybrid of both cube and sphere. People may have a doubt on their mind on how this works, but this one could blow your mind of smooth riding and speed.

Its appearance is a dead flat on six sides, although it looks like a rough cube. That’s why, aside from the traditional wheel, this gives the best control and smooth slides on different terrains. Using this one, you won’t need to paddle too much in reaching the desired speed because it’s longest lasting and suitable for skateboarding

In summary, its advantages are: Faster, Better slide control, won’t need to paddle too much for the desired speed, good grip, the perfect one for mini longboards, and it performs and cruise stable on different terrains.

Big Boy 70 mm in size and a Gel Solid Wheels for Longboard

This could be your go-to-wheels when you’re on a tight budget. Among all these Longboard wheels, this one is the cheapest. Going to its performance aside for cruising and commuting, this also works well to ride downhill. Highly recommended if you want an extra grip and stability as beginners.

The advantage of using this Big Boy: Comes with a free bearings and free spacers for a cheap price, compared to its low-cost price, it’s on a high quality, durable and long lasting, can provide smooth riding and has good bearings, can ride over terrains, fast speed and soft wheels perfect for cruising.

Seismic speed vent wheels for Longboard

Seismic Speed Vent 85mm 77a Bubblegum Defcon Wheels (Set Of 4)
  • The 85mm diameter gives it the roll speed of a downhill wheel, while the weight-saving hub adds the quickness and agility of a smaller wheel, as well as enhanced rebound
  • Combined with lips designed for pure grip, the Speed Vent is utterly unique among high-end wheels
  • Breakthrough performance for Downhill, LDP, carving and cruising.

This wheel has a comparison with Abec II Begzic, Orangatang in Heat and Kegels, and 3 DM Avilas. One of its features is they can roll forever after giving them a push, which must also consider buying a good wheel for cruising a long distance. They deliver an amazing grip no matter it’s a cruise, a downhill, an electric skateboard or a long-distance push you won’t even experience any scrubbing at all because of their fast speed and balance.

Advantage of this Seismic wheels is: It has a durable paint, A good choice for long-distance cruising because it really lasts long, it can amazingly give you a good grip and stability under high speed, butter-smooth riding and has more inertia than other brands.

70mm in size Longboard Skateboard Wheels includes ABEC-7 steel Bearings and Spacers

This Longboard skateboard wheel is simply the best for cruising. Their 70 mm wheels include eight bearings from ABEC-7 and four spacers, and its goal is simply for long term use. Talking about the wheels, overly rough pavements are just easy because of the big size and softness of the wheel it can give you a powerful performance because when they are rolling to fast they are absorbing the blow of the pebbles that’s why aside from Big Boy 70mm this is also one of the best options for beginners who are into Longboard cruising.

Since appearance is essential attracts the attention of riders, this product also offers a variety of colors because it is eye-catching and will definitely attract compliments.

As for the bearings and spacers will turn you on with the quite ride it can give because as long as the two components work together, there won’t have any annoying sounds. The advantage of buying this 70mm Longboard Skateboard wheels: Comes with four spacers, eight ABEC-7 bearings good for maintenance and regular, Good combination of Bearings and Spacers that results to Relaxing rides especially for long-distance rides, Shock absorber, varieties for vibrant colors, greasing bearings for instant use and to avoid rust as time goes by and without consequences.

Bigfoot Wheels 76mm in size and a durometer 80A SHR Mountain wheel Cruiser

When you’re going to mountain cruising, this one will give you what you want. It comes with hardness, and this Bigfoot has a super high rebound that they can give stability while maintaining grip and even when going too fast.

When turning or passing corners, these longboard wheels are very reliable. During offset core, they can give a better grip, and you can control your slides perfectly because these wheels are predictable.

Focusing on speed, you desire to go from one place to another is no big problem and go easier and smoother so you can effortlessly dodge on rocky areas or even passing on crowd places and individuals because of its grip that is consistent after dynamic conditions.

Using these wheels, you must not expect to slide like a pro because their grip is made for downhill, and cruising are just a top notch but this product is very affordable that you might think it is.

Advantages of buying this Bigfoot Longboard wheels are: Has a grip good for offset core while turning, and it’s predictable so may ensure your control while sliding, an 80A and SHR durometer for stability, and lastly, this good and an affordable one.

Cal 7, 97mm in size and a durometer of 78A longboard Flywheel wheels and include bearings

This wheel comes with a four-pack that keeps your ride smooth and easy with amazingly high-quality wheels. The wheels come with 97mm x 52mm and a hub of 44.45mm designed for a sturdy and a plastic that is impact resistant. Unlike others, durable polyurethane is what covered the hub with a depth of 19.05mm. A smooth wheels with a 78A durometer rating partnered with the extra width of the wheels to provide a shock-absorbing and steady ride. Colors give you a hot vibes that contrast or coordinate with any boards for additional style.

Playshion Longboard skateboard cruiser wheel with 39inch drop through freestyle              

This Playshion brand has been quite famous for making, creating, and manufacturing the best skateboard and longboard etc. Arbor mosh 82A skateboard longboard wheels. It offers high quality wheels for soft urethane compounds that provide comfortable rides. This 65mn is the best for cruising and working on debris and rocks as you move through the surface. This also comes with a 41mm contact patch that makes it easier to push your wheels on any side without any problem. This set core gives a smoother slide for kicking back easily. And creates additional fun and roll downhill and for freeriding.

Everland having 65 x 51mm in size of wheels back

It works excellent on longboards and for cruising. It comes with a durometer of 78A that would roll smoothly because of its softness and creates a butter smooth and soft feeling when riding and a comfortable feeling for riders. Riders will appreciate this type of wheels, specially those who are into cruise hill, pavement and terrain rest assured for soft and smooth riding. It comes with 4 wheels with 65mm x 51mm dimensions.

Bigfoot classic cored wheels for longboard

It comes with a big size of wheels that work best when cruising. Your board must have a large wheel clearance if your planning to buy these wheels. It also gives you a smooth experience and comfort feel beneath because of its softness. Because the wheels are large, it gives a better stability for the rider, and with this 78 A durometer, comfort and smooth roll are rest assured and giving your board a better look because of its stylish, unique design. The wheels have a variety of available colors that comes with red, black and green.

1000S70MMS80AB Shark wheel longboard in 70mm size and a durometer of 80 A

When it comes to speed and sliding, top quality wheels work exceptionally. Like these Shark wheel 1000S70MMS80AB, which has an excellent performance on rough surfaces and terrains and hailed as one of the best longboard wheels for roads that are rough. 80 A consider as a high durometer that proves a fantastic speed and stability as its where diameter 70mm. This only shows that these wheels can go to cruise at higher speed but still provides comfort beneath the feet. Moreover, with the 80 A durometer, as a rider, you can create a comfortable maneuver and curve like a professional or expert one and this is because of the lightweight features that make it easy to create.

For cruising, if you want to have a perfect ride in all time, these shark wheels are one of the must consider wheels that will never disappoint you.

Mako Shark Wheel Longboard in 70mm size

Shark wheel has delivered good longboards, and this must be on your lists. It comes with an attractive and unique square-like shape like most of its design. But they must be one of the most wheels which run better than the traditional wheels. It helps the rider to better maintain their stability even at high speed because its swift and provides excellent traction.

Unlike other wheels, this is made up of polyurethane that makes it easier to ride even on rough roads. Its wheel is soft that comes with 78 A durometer that provides a better shock absorption for more butter-smooth rides. It offers a smooth traction that makes it best for downhill and cruising but not suitable for gliding for the possibility of wheel bite.

Not like the other brand of wheels, these wheels are only available in color white, but if you’re in a tight budget but looking for Shark Sidewinder alternative, this must be your best choice.

The advantage of using this Shark Wheel Mako wheels are: It has blazing speed, can provide quick acceleration, provides better shock absorption, can better run on different terrains and high durable

Eastside H20 Rain 70mm in size wheels for Longboard

On the country that has a rainy season, some riders can’t ride their Longboard and have a ride because it might cause it to damage. If something like rain keeps you to ride your skates, these wheels are saving you from that. These are specially made wheels that act much like car tires or threads. In order to prevent hydroplaning, it helps to break the water on the road. When the road is wet, you can ride these wheels and even on rain or spotty conditions. For smoother slides and spotty conditions, you have not to worry because H20 wheels also have a stone-ground finish. Now, you can get wet and go skate because it also allows you to control your slides, to stick lines, and skate in the rain.

There are grooved 2 deep lines of insets around the wheel. It helps to place the water on the ground because the wheels reduce hydro planning and make you stick even better on your line. Due to this, it is easier to hook back smoothly and continue on with speed when you drift or unintentionally slide, that’s why its best works on especially with wet roads, and when not ridden on dry pavement, it lasts for a very long time.

It has a faster acceleration than big wheels with its 70mm size truly a good match for the commuter board to keep you safe with superior control in the rain.

Terain MBS All wheels for longboard

Aside from rain, Longboards have produced a variety of wheels that cater to the needs of the riders in a different situation, like this MBS All Terain Longboard wheels that are made especially for rough roads. This is known as one of the wheels for rough roads in 2019. It was designed for moving on all kinds of terrains, can able to work smoothly on rough surfaces, and allowing you to commute on different on any surface. Its versatility will amaze you.

On the wet surface, this is also considered to be safe, but you must be on caution if you consider doing it. Its durometer is 78A. With a 100mm diameter, they are very soft and can cover a lot of surface on the ground resulting to better balance. Compared to other 100mm wheels by using these wheels, you must not expect a lot of speed because it’s quite heavy but result in being decent on speed. Sunset Light up white 65mm Led Longboard wheels.

Since you’re going to have a road ride, it is also a good idea to have your wheels on the LED light to light up your way, especially at night so that vehicles that are passing beside you may see you riding. This might lessen the accidents and may act as a signal light. Light up your cruise journey with this Led light wheels comes up with 65mm longboard wheels for sunset. It has a 4 high-intensity LEDs per wheel that can illuminate the ground around you. It has a set of 4 and a carbon steel bearing from ABEC 7.

Its features are: has a sizing of 65mm x 46mm standard longboard, and logo graphics of sunset. It has no batteries required because it is self-powered. Included in each wheel is Abec 7 carbon steel bearings, set of 4 wheels provides softness and durability with its 78mm durometer, light up Led wheels.

Orangatang Stimulus with 70mm wheel size

With the characteristics of vibrant orange, it will surely make the people passing by you to give compliments of your wheels. With a 70mm wheels diameter and a softness of 83A that can give you a better ride on the road or when you just want to chill while free-riding.  The Longboard wheel provides a small diameter that works best on speed and quick acceleration. It can surely last on endurance riding because it was made of the hardest surface of the best commuting longboard wheels.

Orangatang 70mm size 4 President Longboard wheel

These wheels are the wheel-choice of those longboarders and speed racers. These Orangatang wheels are making rebound more effective and predictable because of the hi-grade urethane because of this. You can maintain your wheels’ speed consistently after a push on the surface. Through turns and high-speed Orangatan President 4 Longboard give amazing results that it is predictable and you may not worry over cracks because it can give you smooth riding over rough surfaces.

Talking about the design, it also has a flat lip design so that during tight cornering, it can still give you maximum control and confidence. You can try this with a drop through the deck for amazing performance and stability of Orangatang President 4 wheels.

Having these wheels will give you increased grip, good energy, and high energy through a subtle lip offset design. These wheels are designed to maintain the grip when on a ride. They can slide predictably and smoothly to speed when desired, but because of its grippy sharp edges, wheels will not slide right away. The lips allow to have smoother slides but repeated sliding can wear down the sharp lip. These wheel has been popular for technical quicker turning courses and speedboarding requiring a quick acceleration for small wheel.


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