Best Longboard Trucks 2020

Since you’re searching for the best longboard trucks the market brings to the table, we’re almost certain that you aren’t new to the field, and in the event that you are, feel invited. These strong metal parts might be little yet are fundamental to your longboard and skateboard riding.

While picking the correct truck, two things that are unquestionable requirements to consider are the quality and size. Different elements are comprehensive of the shapes, materials, and plans. There are actually a lot of brands offered in the market, but one would never take quality for granted.

Hence, we’ve gone above and beyond, inquired about probably the best items cash can get you, and assembled them to you. These longboard trucks are definitely a must-have. What’s more, our purchasing guide describes to you how to pick great longboard trucks. Before the finish of the survey, you will be a specialist in choosing the correct trucks.

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Bore Trucks Cal II 50° RKP

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks - Set of Two (White/Gold, w/Bones Reds Bearings)
  • SOLD AS A PAIR ◦ Includes a set of 2 trucks and 1 package of original Bones Reds bearings, enough for setting up 1 skateboard / longboard.

An overhaul of its forerunner Caliber Trucks Cal I, topping our rundown, is the Caliber Trucks Cal II. Everything about components of this item has been brought out cautiously and planned to utilize excellent materials. All things considered, you can anticipate that it should be truly strong and keep going you quite a while. We give it every one of the honors with regards to sturdiness. Regardless of whether downpour or daylight, this truck will last you more than two years before giving indications of mileage. 

Forty percent is stronger than the Caliber Trucks Cal I, The Caliber Trucks Cal II’s quality has been reinforced gratitude to new systems utilized in its assembling. Additionally, another element with it is the bushing seats that have been re-imagined. They effectively eliminate overabundance developments and draw out an agreeable vibe while simultaneously, evening out the weight appropriation of the rider. We consider this factor valuable, as it draws out the smoothness and steadiness of the truck.

This item accompanies two alternatives to look over, with direction and without heading. The costs of these two differ. The parts with heading are a decent decision to go for as they offer simple mobility perfect for downhills and cruising. Introducing this truck is straightforward and won’t cause you any issues.


  • Created more stuck than the Caliber Trucks Cal I
  • Planned making use of top-notch materials
  • Capability to endure brutal climatic conditions
  • Comes in a variety of bushings
  • Comes handy with two alternatives; with direction and without course


  • Its only disadvantage is that the variety of bushings it has are noisy.

Paris V2 180mm 50°

Paris V2 195mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2, Blk/Blk)
  • WIDE & STABLE — Paris 195mm V2 Trucks are some of the widest on the market, providing a broader and more stable stance.
  • STRONG & DURABLE — Built to last, Paris V2 trucks are produced using virgin aluminum. The T6 heat treatment process, grade 8 steel axles, and pressed-in kingpins create added strength and durability.
  • ULTIMATE RESPONSE — For the best response and rebound, Paris V2 trucks come stock with USA-made Paris 90a urethane bushings.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING — 6-hole baseplate is compatible with both new-school and old-school mounting options.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE — Paris’ superior manufacturing processes allow them to guarantee their trucks will last a lifetime!

Paris V2 180 mm 50° is something that is perceived as the ideal and perfect longboard truck with respect to bending easily during turns. Its bushing seats and holder rake makes curving a piece of cake with this truck. In case you’re a rider in the journey for this, here is the alternative to go for. It also has a 50° baseplate fitted in that allows for a smoother ride and more responsive than ever.

With regard to the material utilized in its development, we need to compliment the makers for an occupation all around done. With a 100% lighter and tougher virgin aluminum used in this truck, it’s a go for anyone who’s after top-notch quality. Despite the territory or climate condition that you decide to ride this truck in, the outcomes will be the equivalent; perfect. Just light and little scratches will be noticeable outwardly with no significant splits.

This truck makes certain to last you over a year-long, with no issues. It’s perfectly crafted baseplates are highly congruent with the cutting-edge longboards. The Paris V2 180mm 50° truck accompanies a lifetime guarantee, as an affirmation of its quality. Your certainty is supported by this guarantee.


  • Accompanies a lifetime guarantee
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Fitted with six-opening baseplate
  • Offers smooth cuts


  • Its only disadvantage is that it is very noisy, though.

Area 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II

Gullwing Trucks Sidewinder II Purple Skateboard Double Kingpin Trucks - 185mm Hanger 10" Axle (Set of 2)
  • For some exaggerated, easy turning, the Gullwing Sidewinders are definitely the trucks for you
  • Feature a 'double kingpin' setup which allows the truck to steer far more than regular trucks
  • You can generate momentum through turning/pumping
  • 185mm Hanger
  • 10" Axle

The main thing to make reference to about the Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II is the numerous shading and size alternatives that it accompanies. You aren’t shy of decisions relying upon your taste and inclination. Concerning this, the sticker price is engaging. It’s moderate, and you won’t need to break your bank to claim them. Contrasted with the quality that the truck comes in, we locate this truly sensible and make this truck worth putting resources into.

Maneuvering a truck in simple and complex turns and curves is something to look out for, which this product has to offer. Its highlight, the twofold Kingpin, makes all these turns and curves easy to handle. A little change might be required to make the two bosses work better together. This might be a troublesome undertaking, to be completely forthright. However, once you locate the right arrangement, you won’t have any desire to swap this truck with some other. The outcomes will be remarkable.

The exhibition is first-rate. In any case, that is by all account not the only decent thing with this truck. It has a great look that you’ll begin to look all starry eyed at, directly from the word go! Its framework design is special and will nail up your look. Segment 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II is an extraordinary section which will provide you flawlessly for driving and cruising transversely over occupied and swarmed avenues.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Various shading and size choices to browse
  • Amazing look
  • Simple turning
  • Accompanies a twofold boss


  • Its only disadvantage is that it is not perfect for high speeds.

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set 71mm Wheels + 7"/180mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Black Trucks, Bearing, Riser Pad, and Longboard Hardware Package
  • Wheels: (4x) Speed Cruiser 71 Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • Trucks: (2x) Polished/ Black 7" or 180mm HD7 Reverse Kingpin Heavy Duty Trucks, 180mm Hanger, 9.675" axle to axle, Constructed with Aluminum Alloy, Grade 8 Kingpin, 90A PU Bushing. HD7 Reverse Kingpin Trucks offer more grip and stability.
  • Bearings: (8x) Ritalin Abec-9 Bearings come pre-lubed with synthetic oil.
  • Hardware: (8x) Heavy Duty 1.25" Hardware. Bolts and Nuts come with black coating.
  • Risers: (2x) Prevent wheel bite by increasing the distance between the wheels and the deck with our Black ¼" Riser Pads. It also reduces strain on your board by preventing the trucks from being in direct contact with the deck.

In the event that you’ve not yet attempted the Yocaher Longboard Trucks, at that point, you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re passing up. These trucks outflank various others in its value extend. What’s more, not just these, even some that are route costly than them. With regard to their quality, we couldn’t request anything better. The truck comes with stock wheels enclosed with it. What’s more, under the steady gaze of you can pass judgment on it. They are enjoyably well and give a smooth ride.

Altering the trucks would not be a troublesome assignment, for you can undoubtedly deal with it by fixing or slackening the Kingpin. The wheels are developed durable, and they will ride over stones, rocks, and different impediments effectively with no battles.

One disadvantage you might encounter with this truck is with regard to its orientation. They are somewhat moderate, despite the fact that when contrasted with different less known brands, they are generally aggressive. On the off chance that we would rate this truck, at that point, it would effectively get a 9.5 out of ten; Yes, that is the means by which great it is. In case you’re too languid even to consider looking and amass changed parts individually, this alternative will suit you splendidly.


  • Solid and durable
  • Solid and consistent
  • Movable for an ideal fit
  • Moderate cost
  • Made utilizing excellent materials


  • Its only disadvantage is its direction is moderate.

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5

In case you’re a heavyweight rider who has issues finding a truck that suits your taste, your hunt is at last finished. The Bear Grizzly 852° 181 mm Gen 5 is the one suited and best for you. Most trucks accompany low quality of axles, and when exposed to substantial burdens, they will, in general, break and twist effectively. This will never be a problem. This truck is specially made for that.

They are made tough and strong and will last you at any rate three years before beginning to give any indications of wearing out. Their baseplate is also of top-notch quality. It accompanies the advanced eight-gap plan that probably won’t be good with the conventional base plates. This is generally utilized by present-day longboards.

Moreover, old school and new school riders won’t have to deal with difficulties using them as they are highly adaptable. A reward with them is their weight decrease that takes into consideration simple convey and better moves. You won’t lament making this purchased.


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Elastic and tough
  • Made especially for the purposes of top-notch aluminum
  • Turns away wheel chomp when riding downhill
  • Intensely stable


  • Its only disadvantage is that its logo scratches off effectively


The principal thing to see with this set is that it accompanies a full unit and a wide scope of different shaded wheels to browse. The wheels, however not significant, accompany 80a hardness. Its holder estimates seven creeps with the hub being 7.5 inches wide. With these trucks, THESE are what they have to offer!

The trucks have gaskets that are truly fine for typical regular use, yet you have the option of supplanting them with others according to your preference. The wheels are adaptable and deal with a wide exhibit of decks, even the drop through. Introducing the truck is very basic as every one of the parts comes when setting up. Notwithstanding, there have been reports from certain clients who griped about missing parts, or broken pieces, in spite of the fact that this is an issue feasible by the organization.

The main issue that is usually encountered with respect to having this truck has something to do with some of its parts like the bearings. They are fine for normal use. However, the course can be of better quality. Aside from this, the wheels are of superb quality.


  • Ideal for any proficiency level
  • Bargains are first-rate
  • Cost-efficient


  • Has only an Ordinary heading
  • Some bundles may convoy missing parts

Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw

INDEPENDENT Unisex's Indy Stage 11 129 Standard Polished Durable High Performance Truck for All Types of Skateboarding
  • Durable all purpose truck for any type of skateboarding - 55mm tall for optimal performance and wheel clearance with wheels 56mm and under.
  • A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate - The best lightweight aluminum alloy heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel.
  • SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle - Highest quality and durability available.
  • Grade 8 Kingpin - Never break, never bend.
  • 160 and 169 models feature 6 hole universal baseplate with old and new school mounting pattern.

The Independent Skateboard Truck is nothing conspicuous as compared with other types. It comes in straightforward silver shading and a metallic completion. On the off chance that you are the sort that preferences conspicuous and extraordinary items that will make you the focal point of fascination, well grieved; this isn’t your alternative. Besides that, notwithstanding, it is all around structured, made tough, and will furnish you with an extremely smooth ride. These reasons are the motivation behind why this truck appreciates extremely high evaluations from its clients.

These trucks take a shot at practically any sort of longboards and are good with decks estimating somewhere in the range of seven and 8.4 inches wide. They accompany a base plate, an aluminum holder, and not to overlook the steel pivot. Likewise, you’re additionally granted a boss. These parts make the truck extremely lightweight and intense as well.

These trucks have the gloating rights to be profoundly steady and extraordinary turning capacity. They are eventually made in the USA! The main drawback with them that we discovered was that they need equipment that you can use to append your deck. All things considered, they are an incredible set that you’ll unquestionably feel their effect.


  • Gladly made in the USA
  • Intense and lightweight
  • Extraordinary turning capacity
  • Are perfect with a longboard


  • They need equipment for joining the deck
  • Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

Marvelous is the best word that can be utilized to portray these trucks, and there is no uncertainty about that. This truck consolidates the utilization of the Hi truck innovation to give you the best raise. As of the size, this truck estimates 147mm in width, making it good to use at any landscape you ride on. What’s more, they’re lightweight, and you won’t feel them when you ride over the asphalts and roads.

The Thunder Polished Team Trucks turns up in a lot of two variants. Eventually, you have the option to fit them in your skateboard effectively without the need of getting another pair. They can travel fast, and you can have a very smooth ride at 21mph. They are adaptable and can be on par with other brands of skateboards and longboards as well.

These trucks are notable for various factors. First is from its strength, then from its first-rate execution, and also, it is known as lightweight which will give you probably the best ride that you would ever have. Likewise, they are so smooth and exceptionally quick. They are perfect to be utilized on longboards estimating somewhere in the range of 7.5 and 8 inches.


  • Remarkably sturdy
  • Too trivial
  • Massive cutting boundary
  • Measures 147mm in width


  • Its only disadvantage is that it is not best for riding extremely quick downhill.

Surf and Rail Adapter by Waterborne

We will reveal to you why you should choose the Surf and Rail Adapter truck by Waterborne. These trucks are especially created to fit well on all types of a longboard. Also, it is intended to give you the best surfing experience that you might have ashore. Regardless of whether you pick to utilize a penny board or a free-form board, the experience will be the equivalent. Envision having a similar involvement in your longboard. However, now empowered with extraordinary speed, control, cut, and exactness. Indeed, this is exactly what this truck has got to give.

One thing that we need to caution you is that they don’t work very well with park wheels as they are moderate, and their grasp isn’t likewise the best. This truck joins the utilization of the new school jolts for firm fixing of the jolts. This truck utilizes delicate bushings to take them back to the middle on the off chance that they leave their place.

The longboard may float over the ground easily as the bushings can suspend your trucks. These outcomes in an amazingly smooth ride paying little respect to the territory utilized. Strength was a top need when planning this item, and forceful riders were considered. The development includes aluminum amalgam that offers the truck versatility just as sturdiness. This one’s definitely for your complex tricks and turns! Superb!


  • Aluminum composite makes them sturdy and versatile
  • Gives an amazingly smooth ride
  • Good with a longboard
  • Incredible for moves and complex stunts


  • Its only disadvantage is that these are not suitable for park wheels.

Owlsome 5.25 Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/52mm Wheels

In case you’re looking for something lightweight, and whose exhibition is first-rate, the Owlsome 5.25 are an extraordinary decision to go for. They are covered with an aluminum composite which builds the predominance of their structure and strength. At the point when we talk about life span, these are presumably the vest the market brings to the table in that specific circumstance. They make certain to keep going you quite a while.

These trucks accompany a 5.25 holder, which expands your tallness while riding. Furthermore, they additionally guarantee that your ride is smooth and without knocks. Their hub is structured utilizing Carson steel that makes them amazingly tough. Not to overlook their dark bushing that is rustproof and helps in augmenting the presentation of the truck.

Remember, this truck best goes with the 53mm wheels that come with riser pads and a set of skateboard wheels upon purchase. The makers have remained consistent with their course and furnished their clients with an item that isn’t possibly dependable. However, first-rate with regards to its exhibition.


  • Accompanies a 5.25 holder
  • Lightweight
  • Its pivot is made utilizing Carson steel
  • Has an aluminum compound fashion


  • Its only disadvantage is that its screws are not long enough to hold the board, trucks, and risers.

Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings

This brand has been in the market for long. They appreciate loads of years, and this accompanies the upside of experience. The set doesn’t accompany anything abnormal other than the typical things. Purchasing it comes with two trucks, bearings, screws, risers, and wheels. The truck is offered only in one color unlike the regular two-toned ones.

Check out the wheels – These are indeed awesomely incredible; that is pretty obvious. Specs: 76mm by 53mm with 80A hardness. This means they will furnish you with extraordinary dependability and hold.

Check out the Riser – These prove to be useful during the event of wheel chomps. The risers make a decent separation between the deck and the wheels, anticipating wheel nibbles. Likewise, it makes the course quick and smooth.

These trucks are a star, for it is lightweight, tough and versatile. Made in the USA, quality is assured!


  • The bundling is upright
  • Strong as they are comprised of metal
  • Accompanies all parts upon your purchase
  • Exceptionally lightweight


  • Its only disadvantage is that joining the heading to the wheels may be troublesome for you, and with regards to its bushings, some are uproarious.

Free Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks

Free Stage 11 Trucks have been planned by one of the most notorious longboard marks and appreciate bunches of positive audits from their clients. They are exceptional and polished; this is one thing that we need to provide for them. In addition, their exhibition is a choice and is known to be amazingly solid. Their plan fuses the utilization of 55m baseplate and a holder.

What this structure offers are the opportunity to make moves and turn without any difficulty. Your strength is likewise guaranteed when utilizing the truck. Moreover, you likewise get a decent crush freedom consistently. The holder that it accompanies is empty, and this empowers you to feel extremely light. The truck includes a six-hole base plate, the best for setting up the base separation at the perfect spots.

This truck holds pride in its name and design. One thing to note is that their buy doesn’t accompany orientation, and haggles should buy these aside. Other than that, you will appreciate each minute with them. They are a wise venture, and you won’t lament your buy.


  • Truly strong
  • Fitted with a 55m base plate
  • Exceptionally steady


  • Its only disadvantage is that its orientation and wheels are excluded from its purchase.

Devastation Skateboard Trucks

When searching for a portion of the top of the line skateboard trucks, the market brings to the table; you’re certain to discover Havoc Trucks in the rundown. There’s a motivation behind why they show up in the rundown.

Above all else is their toughness. Regardless of whether downpour or daylight, these trucks are prepared to keep going you quite a while. If you’re into extreme rides and adrenalin rush, this one you’ve got to have! Dealing with harsh surroundings and landscapes? Not a problem!

The following incredible element about them is that they are planned utilizing aluminum combination, which awards them a solid touch as well as makes them lightweight. Their size’ a perfect match for most decks and will fit into the most common wheel sizes. The perfect wheels for these trucks, be that as it may, are the 52mm 99A wheels

Something else that we need to praise with these trucks is the wheels. They are amazing and give that grippy contact that will keep you from sliding and guarantee your wellbeing. Alternating with this truck won’t be an issue. You can without much of a stretch, take 180° slides while simultaneously making the most of their very quick direction.

One final thing that we enjoyed with these trucks is that their screws and fasteners hold truly well when fixed, and you don’t need to stress over this. A solitary pack is sufficient for the entire deck.


  • Exceptionally sturdy
  • Screws and fasteners are sufficiently tight
  • Functions admirably with most decks
  • Lightweight
  • Withstands hard effects


  • Its only disadvantage is that it should be introduced appropriately; something else, the heading won’t function admirably.

We are certain that we’ve furnished you with all that you have to think about longboard trucks, from the purchasing manual for the most elite. Making a purchase needs utmost consideration to features and discernment.

Take as much time as necessary to get the correct item. We know the failure that joins picking something not beneficial, and you would prefer not to encounter that. Most importantly, be cautious when riding and have a ton of fun!


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