Best Longboard Surfboard Brands You Should Know

In surfing, you only need three things – your body, waves, and a surfboard. The surfer’s body and a wave are given. But the surfboard – choose this sensibly. Out of the 40, 000 surfboards sold each year, a surfer needs only one longboard surfboard that he or she can use comfortably. So, you need to choose the best longboard surfboard brands to have an awesome surfing experience.

Best Longboard Surfboard Brands You Should Know 1

Do you like to buy a longboard surfboard brand a popular surfer is using? Or, you choose a longboard and try your skills in riding it?

Yes, you might be overwhelmed by thousands of longboard options the market offers you. If you’re a beginner, a certain brand can catch your attention. Don’t choose or buy a longboard yet.

Sometimes, your idol surfer’s longboard brand isn’t suitable for your surfing skills. Here’s what you can do in choosing the right surfboard brand.

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Surfboard Brand Essentials: Choosing the Best Longboard Surfboard Brand

Most surfers (particularly beginners) often commit a simple mistake in choosing the best longboard surfboard brand – they ignore their surfing skills. Yes, surfers have different surfing skills.

Beginner surfers are different from intermediate surfers. Advanced surfers or pros are more experienced than the other two.

So, select a surfboard brand according to your surfing skills. A beginner shouldn’t ride a high-performance surfboard because these boards don’t suit their minimal experience.

Don’t forget to ask these questions before you choose a surfboard brand:

  • Can I paddle?
  • What waves would I catch?
  • Would I surf on the same beach or choose a different location?
  • How many times will I surf?

Reflect the answers to these questions before you proceed to the next step. If you have doubts about your answers, then change your choice (if you already have a longboard in mind). Be sure about your answers so that you wouldn’t spend extra dollars on buying another surfboard.

(Trust me, it’s annoying wasting your hard-earned cash for a surfboard that’s not suitable for you.)

Don’t spend a lot on choosing surfboard brand. The longboard surfboard brand adjusts to your budget. Remember: surfboard brands have many surfboards to offer. These surfboards have different prices. Hence, you can select the longboard that suits your skills and falls into your budget.

Now that you have an idea of choosing the right surfboard longboard brand, let’s find out the best surfboard brands you should know:

The following are fantastic surfboard brands that will bring a smile on your surfing experience:

FireWire Surfboards

Surfboard designers and enthusiasts Rob Machado and Dan Mann aim to level up your surfing experience while minimizing landfill waste. Hence, the two focus on “repurposing waste.”

How do they do this?

FireWire Surfboard uses a blank construction to produce a sturdy and light board than PU or polyurethane longboards. Hence, there’s only a minimal density of EPS or expanded Polystyrene foam on the board. Most FireWire surfboards have epoxy resin and fiberglass shells.

Two notable surfboards from FireWire Surfboards is the Rapid Fire and FST-Stringer. You can find an additional balsa stringer on the Springer model. The extra stringer adds to the stiffness of the surfboard. Meanwhile, Rapid Fire has an additional FPS foam. 

What Makes FireWire Surfboards Unique?

FireWire Surfboards aims to achieve its goal of zero landfills in 2020.  For the past years, the brand is consistent in keeping EPS foam dust away from landfills.

Chilli Surfboards

It’s a tough journey for James Cheal, the Chilli Surfboards’ founder. During Cheal’s late teens, he went to Sydney to work in a surfboard factory. Then, at 22, he shaped his first surfboard, and the surfboard reaches his expectations. Chilli Surfboards was born two years later.

Since then, Chilli Surfboards is one of the best longboard surfboard brands in the world. The surfboard brand offers different boards for all ages and surfer’s skills. You can find Chilli surfboards on many beaches and present in many competitions around the world.

What Makes Chilli Surfboard Unique?

If you once ride Chill longboards, attention to detail is visible in the surfboard and its parts. From the fins to the leash, surfers observe the surfboards are excellent. Chilli makes sure that all their boards are exceptional so that all surfers would love it.

That’s not all. The Chilli surfboards suit the surfer’s level and kind of surfer. So, Chilli Surfboards is a great brand from beginner to pro surfers.

South Bay Board Company

Beginner’s in the surfing industry would love South Bay Board Co. Why? The brand specializes in manufacturing beginner surfboards, SUP boards, hybrid boards, and many more. Due to the brand’s hybrid collection, beginners have fantastic surfboard choices.

A few of the surfboards you can choose from South Bay Board Co. are the following:

  • Soft-top surfboards
  • Hybrid soft-top boards
  • Paddleboards

Professional surfers would like the soft-top boards for the riders to catch small waves. Meanwhile, beginners would enjoy riding paddleboards.

What Makes South Bay Board Company Unique?

South Bay Board Co. uses high-density IXPE foam. The surfboard’s tri-fin system has spherical rockers that help new and pro riders catch waves easily.

Channel Island Surfboards

Being awarded ‘Surfboard of the Year’ is an essential factor for Channel Island Surfboards as an example of the best longboard surfboard brands in the world.  Alan and Terry Merrick’s creations have come a long way in providing quality surfboards in the market.

Do doubt many surfers trust this brand until now. Channel Island employs innovation, originality, and perseverance in the surfboards they make. Surfers enjoy riding surfboards depending on their skill level.

Through one of the creator’s innovation, Channel Island provides cutting-edge boards that are top-notch in the market. The brand continues to amaze all surfers around the globe. A few of the best surfers in the world, such as Shaun Tomson, Lisa Anderson, and more ride Channel Island surfboards in surfing competitions.

What Makes Channel Island Surfboards Unique?

Innovation can make simple achievements great. That’s what you can see on Channel Island Surfboards. The brand’s surfboards reach the expectations of surfers because its performance and quality. Surfers and surfing enthusiasts alike love the feel, shape, and features of Channel Island surfboards.

JS Industries

If you’re looking for surfboards that offer speed and maneuverability, JS Industries is a few of the best longboard surfboard brands you can trust. The “JS” stands for Jason Stephenson, the brand’s founder. Together with Joel Parkinson, JS Industries create a big name in Australia and other parts of the world.

Stephenson’s love for surfing began when he was a child. He thanks the world that he’s doing activities that are surfing-related such as competing traveling, shaping surfboards, and more. But that doesn’t end there.

Beginners and advanced surfers want to ride the JS Lowdown and other JS creations. With the surfboard’s performance and quality, surfers would gain an excellent surfing experience.

Some of the famous surfers on the planet, such as Luke Egan, Bruce Irons, Joel Parkinson are satisfied riding the surfboards from JC Industries.

What Makes JS Industries Unique?

First, JS longboard surfboards awesome when it comes to performance and materials. Next, all boards offer excellent maneuverability and speed that surfers like. Many longboard riders consider JS Industries as an excellent surfboard brand for surfers.

Lost Surfboard

Matt Biolos and-his friends formed a team in the 80s – Team Lost. They wouldn’t be worried about winning games, so the world “Lost” is named after the team. But before that, Matt was into snowboarding, football, and skateboarding. He had an interest in surfboards, but the idea of creating a board didn’t enter his mind.

As they say, time changes everything.

In 1985, Matt sold 20s surfboards, and then success came rushing in. The “Lost” logo catches surfer’s attention, and in no time, many people are familiar with the Lost Surfboards brand. 

Matt got help from master surfboard shapers such as Jim Fuller and Tim Patterson.  The “Lost” logo’s popularity reaches the ears of surfers such as Matt Archbold and Christian Fletcher. Hence, Lost Surfboard is present on their surfboards. In 1992, shirts showing the Lost Logo were one of the beginnings of more successes to come to the brand.

What Makes Lost Surfboards’ Unique?

If you’re looking for a visual treat, Lost Surfboards has that. The Lost longboards offers different colors and designs that make any surfer cool on the beach. The visual graphics can catch surfer’s attention that adds to the excitement of catching waves.

Haydenshapes Surfboards

Are you familiar with the surfboard design Hypto Krypto? If not, then it’s time to know about Haydenshapes Surfboards! Under Hayden Cox, this brand shows its excellence through innovation, design, and clean aesthetic.  But that’s only the beginning.

The best-selling Hypto Krypto design is famous in different parts of Australia and the US. Haydenshapes has a unique manufacturing process that makes Haydenshapes a good example of the best longboard surfboard brands surfer’s trust.

Haydenshapes’ skilled craftsmen make sure the FutureFlex technology and PE application are successful. Besides their Sydney facility, there’s also a production line at Cobra, Thailand.

The Haydenshapes surfboards show modern builds that offer excellent functionality and innovation to surfers. A few of the notable boards under the Haydenshapes Surfboard are the Holy Grail, Hypto Krypto, White Noiz, and Plunder.

All these surfboard’s offer versatility design and performance that most surfers like. You can also gain reliable speed and style riding the Plunder board. So, you enjoy an enjoyable and exciting surfing experience once you’re riding Haydenshapes surfboards.

What Makes Haydenshapes Surfboard Unique?

A few things that surfers like about the brand is the Hypto Krypto design. The PE application and FutureFlex technology are great features you can’t ignore. The speed and versatility of the board give a fun and thrilling surfing experience to beginners and advanced surfers.


Here’s one of the best longboard surfboard brands that kids, beginners and pro riders like – Wavestorm. Like the other brands I’ve mentioned, Wavestorm is close to the hearts of surfers.

Children and beginners would have an easy time controlling Wavestorm surfboards on water. The surfboard’s high quality and speed meet the expectations of surfers.

But here’s the difference of Wavestorm surfboard from the other brands – the boards are child-friendly and much safer than other longboard surfboards out there.

Based on a Bloomberg report, the Wavestorm brand sold over 500,000 surfboards each year. (No doubt, Wavestorm is a trusted brand among surfers and surfing enthusiasts.

Are Wavestorm boards affordable?

Of course, quality and affordability matter to the brand, so they make sure surfers have that. Wavestorm boards fit a surfer’s budget, so you’re sure you wouldn’t hassle in buying Wavestorm longboards.

A few examples of the sought-after boards under the Wavestorm brand are the following:

  • Pinline Classic Longboard
  • Brushed Graphic
  • Sunburst Graphic
  • Tri-color Classic Longboard

What Makes Wavestorm Unique?

Besides beginner and pro surfers, children can also access the surfboards of Wavestorm. Yes, lots of Wavestorm boards are available for kids who aim to learn surfing and discover new surfing skills. Also, the brand doesn’t disappoint surfers because of the quality and performance of the boards.

BIC Sport

BIC pen users don’t know this – the BIC Sport brand comes from the Bich Family, who are the creators of the BIC pen. BIC Sport result from the passion for watersports by the family. The brand is famous because of the quality, affordability, and durability of their longboards.

The surfboard competition during the 80s was tough, so BIC released its first-ever funboards. Well, everyone loved it. Surfers have different funboard choices depending on their skills, weight, etc.

Examples of the famous funboards under BIC Sport are Ace-Tec and Dura-tec. Both these funboards offer quality and high performance to surfers.

What Make BIC Sport Unique?

Well, thanks to BIC Sport, we have the funboard today. Also, the brand push uses innovation in its products that make it a reliable and trusted brand.

Now that you’re familiar with the best longboard surfboard brands in the market, are you ready to buy your surfboard? Come now, and have fun catching waves!

Let the best longboard surfboard brands take you to the next level of surfing experience you wouldn’t forget. It’s time to conquer with waves riding your longboard surfboard!


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