Longboard Surf Trick You Wished You Know It Sooner

As an action sport, surfing isn’t only about excitement and wave catching. Surfers can do amazing things with their surfboards, such as a longboard. What can a rider do besides the basic surfing moves? Yes, you’re right if you’re thinking about longboard surf tricks that most surfers aim to do!

A surfer’s informal rulebook would tell you – an athlete who pulls, invests, and completes a new surfing move has the honor to name it. That’s the reason why you would hear longboard surf tricks having exotic names. Other tricks have subtle variations depending on the place or region the surfer is surfing.

Take note: all skill levels have different surfing skills. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced surfer, you can perform different skills depending on your surfing skills. A surfer couldn’t jump from other surfers without completing basic surfing moves.

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Basic Surfing Maneuvers

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Do you want to know what makes surfing an enjoyable action sport? It’s simple – you can perform basic surfing skills such as the following:

  • Duck diving
  • Paddling
  • Popping up
  • Trimming
  • Turning

In performing this surfing moves, you have big chances to progress to advanced skills and then perform longboard surfboard tricks. (Longboards are the ideal choice for beginners and riding this board type trains a novice rider to become a pro surfer.)

Besides the basic maneuvers, riders shouldn’t forget training their footwork, reading waves, and watching other surfers complete impressive surfing maneuvers. You can perform these surf moves frontside or backside.

Surfers are welcome to experiment between the old and new school of surfing maneuvers for them to become successful pro surfers one day.

Now, are you ready to know the longboard surf tricks that would improve your skills and turn you to an advanced surfer?

Here are the longboard surf tricks for all surfers:

Longboard Surfing Tricks for Beginners

Novice riders have lots of surfing skills to learn, and it’s not easy (especially if you don’t have any idea about it). But don’t worry because it’s natural for beginners. The good thing is the longboard allows you to perform surfing tricks that land you to the next level.

You’re welcome to try the following longboard surf tricks next time you hit the waves:


Have you tried putting your power and weight on the longboard’s rail? If not, give carve a try today! The carving trick allows surfers to change their line and direction to the waves open section. When you carve, the rail is buried in the water. Then, you draw an arc and stays in the curl. Carve is an impressive surfing move you can master by doing lots of practice.

Bottom Turn

Surfers are all familiar with the bottom turn. In this trick, you can see the foundation of surfboard riding. Why? The bottom turn is your first turn on catching waves after you drop. But that’s only the start. With this move, surfers can channel excellent speed towards an open face ahead. Think about the bottom turn as the bottom line where all things begin.


One of the key maneuvers in surfing is the cutback. Beginners can reduce the longboard’s speed with this surfing trick. But don’t be surprised because the trick has a good purpose. The maneuver takes you back from the wave’s shoulder to its pocket. Then, you reposition to the energy zone and catch more waves. Other surfers can also do the variation of the cutback – the layback cutback.

Longboard Surfing Tricks for Intermediate

Alright! You passed the beginners’ level, and now you’re ready for the intermediate stage. Do you think you can handle the intermediate level? Of course, all it takes is patience, lots of practice and determination.

Embrace the intermediate challenge, and who knows, and you’re surfing skills will advance. Get ready to perform the following surfing tricks as you surf with your friends.

Roundhouse Cutback

Have you seen a beautiful and impressive surfing maneuver on TV or YouTube? No doubt about it! You’re looking at roundhouse cutback surfing trick. Surfers can perform this by catching small waves without a wall. The surfer returns to the curl easily while gaining maximum speed. You would see a figure-8 surf line as you perform the surfing move .


Are you ready to see flashy buckets of water above your head while you’re surfing? Get ready because you’re performing the snap surfing trick. Also called as the slash, the snap is a spectacular move that’s a change in trajectory on top of the wave. Intermediate surfers can perform other variations of the surfing trick, such as the Layback. Surfers can perform this trick with other surfers. Remember: be patient and practice so that you can master the move!

Off- the-Lip

Surfers agree that off-the-lip is a great move that other riders should start doing. Why? You would attack a sleep slope and project your longboard off the wave’s lip. Then, you would drive the board on the wave’s bottom dramatically. The awesome thing about this is you would maintain your momentum while making a move.


Let’s get back on a classic longboard surf trick – the floater. With this trick, the surfer glides over a wave’s foamy section or wave’s lip horizontally. You need to exert excellent speed to make this maneuver successful. The idea behind the floater trick is that you go over the wave’s top instead of not going around it.

Foam Climb

The foam climb is a fantastic surfing trick that allows the rider to pass a broken flip, whitewater, or closed out section of the wave. Like other surfing tricks on this list, the foam climb requires the surfer to perform excellent skill in facing the wave’s two open face parts. Give this a try now and be surprised by the maneuver you can do. But remember to learn the basics first before you perform this surfboard trick.

Closeout Re-entry

The trick might be difficult for some surfers, but you only need timing and practice to execute the move. Think about this as your last chance to do a powerful turn on the wave’s closeout section. You can watch other surfers perform the move until you get the chance to do it yourself. Be determined and patient in learning this longboard trick, and one day you would see the results of your efforts.

Tail Slide

One of the most famous contemporary moves surfers love to do is the tailslide. In this longboard trick, the surfboard lets the board’s tail slide down on the wave face. The key idea is you need to shift your body’s weight from the board’s back foot to the front foot. (Remember that you need to use the board’s fins to do this trick successfully.)


Yes, every surfer is familiar with noseriding. You might even observe many surfers doing this riding their longboards. You need to stand your surfboard’s nose while you’re riding a wave. You might fall from the board during your first noseriding sessions. But take this as a challenge. You can do better at noseriding next time. Practice the noseriding trick, and you would be satisfied with the surfing experience.

Surfers also perform other variations of noseriding such as hang ten and hang five. Feel free to try these other tricks, too, and see how your noseriding skills will develop on the longboard.


You can do the carving and reversing moves to execute the 360. (Here, the carve and reverse tricks you know comes in handy.) Surfers doing the 360 has a full rotation on the wave’s face. (Relax because if other surfers do it, you can too!)

The rider needs to spin down a wave (using carve or reverse, of course) to do a fantastic 360. Wait – don’t miss to try the variation of the trick – the reverse 360. If you aim to do this surf trick, I say you are courageous in stepping on a longboard. Give 360 a shot and enjoy the fun and excitement it offers you!


Are you familiar with skateboarding moves? Then, the kickflip might come into your mind when you saw the maneuver on TV or the internet. You need to flip your longboard 360 degrees from the nose to the board’s tail. (That seems a terrific trick, don’t you think?)

By the way, Zoltan Torkos is the first surfer who did the kickflip. Get ready to experience great fun and excitement in doing the kickflip trick in your next surfing lesson. The secret to the trick – practice and have lots of guts and determination!

Longboard Surfing Tricks for Advanced Surfers

Longboard Surf Trick You Wished You Know It Sooner 2

You need time, effort, and determination to become a pro surfer. Oh, don’t forget a surfboard such as a longboard that allows you to make excellent moves. Like beginner and intermediate surfers, advanced riders can also execute longboard surf tricks such as the following:


You might be familiar with the air or aerial move that allows surfers to gain speed, find a ramp, launch off a lip and fly above the wave. Yes, you’re right – we’re talking about the aerial or air maneuver. The air surf trick gives you an impressive surfing style while you land on the wave’s face. With enough training or practice, the surfer can perfect this move.

You can do other variations of the aerial move, such as the Air 360, Backflip, Air Reverse, 720, and 540. These variations provide thrill and excitement to pro surfers. If you like to do air, be ready to experience surfing fun to the next level.

Tube Ride

Do you want to experience the greatest surfing experience? Then, the tube ride or the barrel ride is the ultimate trick you can master! Surfers who want the best surf trick would be satisfied doing tube ride. You ride the wave’s hollow part that the curled lip covers. But you have to be patient in your wave catching because tubular waves are rare to find.

Don’t worry! You can still enjoy the waves and do the tube ride once you face tubular waves. Feel the thrilling experience of doing the barrel ride, and you wouldn’t regret it. Surfers on the beach would praise you all the way!


Here’s another trick that comes from skateboarding – the alley-oop. The surfer does a backward aerial rotation to do the trick. Alley-oop offers a high level of surfing experience that you wouldn’t forget. The alley-oop is fantastic to practice and gives a thrilling moment once your surfing with your family and friends. Give the alley-oop a try and be prepared to experience fun and enjoyment.


You don’t need the Man of Steel’s power to do this longboard trick. All you need is your longboard, your body, and of course – the waves. Superman is an aerial move that enables the rider to drive the longboard down the line. Then, the surfer goes up and kicks the surfboard. Next, the rider will grab the rail and reconnect before his landing.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, be ready once you do it yourself. Come and give the Superman surf trick a try, and you’ll be satisfied with the result.

Rodeo Flip

Surfing enthusiasts love the rodeo flip trick because it’s a combination of flipping and spinning. If you imagine that – the picture you would see is awesome. But did you know that this longboard trick comes from the snowboarding idea? Thanks to the surfer who brought the snowboarding move to the surfing world. Now, we have rodeo-flip.

Flynnstone Flip

The Flynnstone flip is an excellent backflip grab maneuver that advanced surfers also like to do. Flynn Novack was the first surfer who introduced the Flynnstone flip. If you’re an advanced surfer, you can learn and make this move with your surfing buddies.

There you have it! Longboard surf tricks that level up your longboarding experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro surfer, these longboard surf tricks allow you to have fun and enjoy surfing. The longboard surf tricks are unique and offer a different surfing experience.

Do you want to improve your surfing skills today and become a great surfer? Then, be prepared to do each surfing trick above! Let the surfing fun begin!



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