Best Longboard Shoes That Worth Your Money In 2020

We always want for the extraordinary that we aim for valuable items where it is worth saving. In this case, you must look to these worthy things at a worthy price.

Actually, people are so nice to care about something on their property. We always protect what we have to save it for long lasting use. What are these things? Well, I think these are the things that aren’t just pricey but worth a treasure. Shoes are a great example.

Why? If you think of more luxurious things such as gold, diamonds, ruby or jewels, you are getting it wrong.

The reason why shoes are very valuable is that it is a man’s best friend. It is worth to have on our travels, expeditions and other events. The solace they have given us is absolute.

Since after time, our ancestors take a journey barefooted. But now they make our journey really comfy, protecting us from a thorn, sharp stones, cold soil, and dirt. In fact, they are more than a companion because it gives more meaning to life.

Everyone is deeply in love with the shoes, especially women who truly admire this type of creation, and almost give so much faith in it.

Moreover, these shoes are always better than all others, the greatest companion during expedition and solo moments, they said the shoes tell us about our personality where it possesses memories and values. We find comfort to it and life during our exploration.

Most people use shoes to accommodate themselves for walking, running or other events that might possibly happen because of our shoes. The regular day became much different.

There are plenty of shoes to choose from and there are countless yet only one could fit our personality even sometimes we made a collection.

It is our way to be different and elegant in everyday life since every day is a new beginning for a new life. For some details, shoes are so much when it comes to selection, they may be the same as it looks like but they have different uses, although we use them every day.

Best Longboard Shoes That Worth Your Money In 2020 1

Some examples are sneakers, running shoes, sports shoes, flat shoes for school or works, and many more. From that, we have realized that not everything can be used for different functions; they are always certain and specific.

Likewise, flat rubberized shoes for skateboarding and longboarding. In performing longboards and skateboards, a shoe doesn’t matter as the other said. It is true because we can perform skateboards with any type of shoes yet we only limit ourselves, right?

Because those shoes you are wearing make you somehow uncomfortable. Sneakers, school shoes, even slippers you can perform surfing and only that. See? Shoes still help us for some purposes because it gives us the safety and comforts.

In a slipper, we can ride and surf on board yet we cannot do stunts and tricks. In sneakers, it can but it is dangerous because it doesn’t match the boards’ appearance and feature. In the end, we still needed what is necessary to use.

Out of millions of shoes around the world being exported and imported to your country, we are struggling to choose one for a perfect match. I have already realized that choosing shoes are like choosing a partner in life. We must live happily because it is within our hands.

Although shoes are versatile, matching every possible style and outfits, we still need to figure what is different from the usual.

Honestly, people are not struggling on choosing shoes but choosing a style. Shoes are shoes, they are all the same, whatever you pick is better yet it comes with different categories, right? And that made us confused, and that confusion makes everything so hard.

But I tell you this. Without hardship, there is no sweetness. In the end, we always aim for the sweetest fruit that is made unusual to others. And to be able to achieve that fruit, you must climb the highest peak of the tree.

Though it is hard, we still want to have it in our possession, we strive so hard and we take the risk of every action we made because we know that in the end, we will get what we dreamt of having.

To give you some items, here are some recommended shoes from famous brands that will totally worth your money after buying this item. The details are as follow:

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1.Adidas Original 3mc Skate Shoe

adidas Originals Men's 3MC Regular Fit Lifestyle Skate Inspired Sneakers Shoes, black/brown/night cargo, 11 M US
  • Regular fit
  • Textile upper for durability
  • EVA lining for lightweight comfort
  • Geoflex outsole tread design provides superior grip and unmatched flex for superior control and exceptional board feel

This type of shoes is perfectly shaded and colored in a single hue, a monochromatic upper shoes that are made not only for walking on a regular day or for fancy style but on the board. Adidas Original 3mc Skate Shoe is woven from extraordinary fabric materials that are substantive. It is normally used for everyday gimmicks and important events.

It is more durable and flexible when producing celerity. The process of rapid motion becomes more accurate unlike trying with other types of regular shoes. Its textile materials are suggested for pro users, regular customers, management and other clients during the hot season. It is very breathable on foot, giving passage for air coming.

At this point, a person who constantly sweat on their foot give them extra protection. In other various events, Adidas fans or not will be attracted to its simplicity, its reasonable price that will be worth so much, and its functional use due to its versatility.

Customers or skaters are worry-free now since they secured the safest for use and comfortable starting from the classic lace that will hold your feet for a longer time and no error.

Then, the materials used are a totally high class for a world-class performance, such as Geoflex outsole, grip, non-marking rubber, and textile for a convenient use of every single customer.

2.Adidas Men’s Lucas Premiere Advanced Skate Shoe

adidas Men's Lucas Premiere Adv Navy Skate Shoe #BB8541 (8)
  • Suede
  • Reinforced toe for durability
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Built-in sockliner brings the board closer to your feet

This Lucas Puig shoes inspired by old volley shoes, which are designed and made for modern skateboarders and longboarders, that everyone can die for just to have it. Its feature is flawlessly stunning from the classic lines, design, twist and modern touch that lead it to the highest level. A type of shoe that loved by every skater.

Today’s generation is a top-notch which captures every eye around. After all, it really suits the modernization. The appealing feature is even more to what you’ve expected, and we can say that there are plethora of shoes from different brands, markets or shops but Adidas men’s Lucas premiere adv skate shoe is highly different to what it seems, the manufacturer uses a protective toe box with the help of the abrasion-resistant Adi tuff technology to fit your toes perfectly, the very low collar that is actually made help your foot to breath and work comfortably.

After this time, you might meet the pricing process, but it is fair and sensible. Whatever its cost, it still gives you more than the benefits that you wanted because you deserve so much more.

Well, this type of shoe is not only meant for skaters but for a regular person like others around. Like for a regular day or walk, shopping, work or even at school, it always matches your style and outfit. Its magnificent and classic look will lift up your style to a very new aura.


1.Vans Colour Theory Selection

We all know that Vans Shoes is quite popular nowadays since it shows us good quality products, and it fits the modernity and preferences of the people. Vans Shoes are perfect for every age like kids, teenagers, adults and young adults at heart, especially this Unisex Vans footwear in a every range of imaginable color of selection.

Vans shoes are always gender-neutral, includes all classic vans shoes style and figure. Its canvas material gives so much a high standard feature and function that really click the customers’ satisfaction.

Yes! There are loads of colorways and that never sounds so boring because, honestly speaking, that gives us hope because, finally, we have multiple choices to classify what is ideally match our personality and style.

In an infinitesimal period of time, let yourself be ready and choose among the categories. No need to hesitate because you already are given the best item to choose from, and there is a lot more to follow.

Vans color theory selection is not cheap, and vans have a huge variety to offer, so check on their site. You will never be disappointed since sizes, colors, patterns and designs. They have it all for you.

2. Vans x Harry Potter

Vans x Harry Potter Gryffindor Sk8-Hi Shoes 7.5 Men / 9 Women US M
  • Breathable canvas upper with embroidered badger and house name on forefoot Padded collar for added comfort and support Dual elastic midfoot goring for easy on and off Cushioned footbed delivers shock-absorbing comfort Durable rubber sole with signature Vans waffle tread delivers flexible grip and traction

Finally! the greatest story and movie from the novel entitled Harry Potter of a famous writer J.K. Rowling is now wearable, it seems like a day before you’re reading it or watching it and now you have it on your feet. Have you felt the magic already?

Is it Powerful like the elder wand? Faster like a firebolt? Or Marvelous like the four houses? As long as you’ve got the magic, and that will bring you to a maximum level of performance.

Vans x Harry Potter is Unisex style, so you don’t need to worry if it will match your gender, wish granted already! Likewise, this type of shoes comes from unique colorways and patters which is very different from what is normal to the naked eye; in other words, it is Phenomenal.

To give you the secret behind the matter of its beauty, Vans x Harry Potter is strongly made from canvas and suede that feels like velvet. The good news for every Potterheads around is that the vans completed the design for four houses! Starting from:

sk8-Hi for Gryffindor

Era for Slytherin

Authentic for Ravenclaw

and Classic slip-on for Hufflepuff

Additionally, the vans shoes also release the new printed design of wizarding newspaper “The Daily Prophet” printed now on your shoe, the variety of selection is given to both men and women as well as kids in the new collection.

Although we met the good thing about it, it still comes with a small disadvantage. It is not the shoes but the price, as you can see. It is preternatural so there are no discounts during the sale at vans shop yet your money is worth for it. Grab skater and Potter Heads! Lift the magic in your hearts with Vans Shoes.


1.Etnies Fader Skate Shoes

Etnies Mens Fader Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Reflective, 14 Medium US
  • Inspired by our past, Built for our Future
  • Recycled open cell PU foam insole
  • Egg-crate midsole construction
  • 300 NBS rubber outsole
  • Padded tongue and collar

For an ultimate massive sport, fanatics are highly assured of its great features, arrangements, reliability, effectiveness and quality in its shoes. The Etnies Fader is considerably durable and retained its longevity, the strong soles manage to a tight endurance for a long-lasting use.

The textile is impressively tough to hold your foot for safety and comfort use. And the lace is truly strong, encrusted for protection of the foot from any possible injury, to hold and overlay.

Etnies fader skate shoes are truly amazing. It is a usual and conventional shoe brand yet making magnificent shoes to meet people’s expectations. Materials are good, price is well-founded and quality is much better than the average. Etnies shoes provide tested and exceptional shoe items to give the maximum safeguard and delectation to an acceptable way.

2. Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe

Etnies Men's Kingpin 2 Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Grey, 9 Medium US
  • Synthetic nubuck
  • Die-cut EVA insole EVA midsole
  • 400 NBS rubber outsole

Etnies Men’s kingpin performs really well within the rank of a baron or area of knowledge. It is made of good materials that will bring you to an extreme experience during your rendition and tricks.

Etnies are confined to set limits and exceed more than goodness to maintain good form and image. In fact, their shoes are admired by many people for its special quality. It is highly honored for a good representation of skateboard shoes widely for outstanding performance.

Etnies fader skate shoe is a Die-cut EVA insole, allows the users to move their foot freely inside the shoes with so much comfort, it increases the possibility of continuous life of shoes due to its greatest variation, good condition, and riveting features.

This type of shoes is absolute and fair of price. People consider it as an excellent source of magnificent shoes. A stunning performance will come by your skill and by your shoes, and that made it really unreachable performance.


1. Nike SB Blazer Low GT NBA

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low GT Men's Shoes - 704939 (9.5 M US, Black/Wheat-Summit White)
  • Grant Taylor Signature Series
  • Suede in the upper offers durability.
  • Zoom Air unit in heel of sockliner provides low-profile cushioning.
  • Vulcanized construction offers flexibility and excellent grip.
  • Herringbone outsole pattern gives you multidirectional traction.

Skate to reveal. That is the legendary wisdom from these shoes. It is totally different from other shoes since it comes from the greatest collaboration of Nike SB and NBA that might totally bring explosion to everyone’s mind. People are now aware of its interesting features.

Their desirable shoes are nowhere to give a beyond limit production from every rider and customer.

Nike SB Blazer low GT NBA perfectly matches your style. It is versatile to every fashionable outfit that will result to a stunning view to every eye that stares, your looks will give an aesthetic quality of beauty, and ravishing version to your performances.

Your skateboarding experience will automatically blow away your audiences. This high-class type of shoes is everyone’s desire, so do not wait any further, for you might not get it. Don’t miss the time. There is no other Nike SB blazer low GT NBA with a knockout materials and attributes.

2. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

Are you looking for something iconic? or bizarre shoes that are beyond expectancy? Well, don’t lose the track because it is here already fellas! Presenting the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro, which is recently issued as high, top-class, and distinctively excellent, feel the royalty and majestic touch of these shoes where it is not only for a fashionable wear or fancy outfits but for a robust skateboarding and longboarding experience.

These shoes will never be the least after giving a much-needed function and use. This not only made with high-class textiles and rubber, but it is made by a well-known manufacturer.

It may be a little pricey for everyone but surely worth your money after buying such a product like this. Make a ranging ride, flips, jumps, carve and tricks with much more comfortable without fading your style. Standout through the crowd with Nike SB Dunk Low Pro and have a great time always everyone!

If you only realize, skateboarding and longboarding is a crucial type of sport, because of the stunts and tricks that the maneuvers do.

So, it is necessary to pick the right pair of shoes. Shoes come in different sizes, weights, style and other more complementary aspects though, and here we are trying to figure out what is worth to buy and spend your money.

To give you some advice, brands are unimportant but the durability, the comfort and the good feeling that is given by the shoes to you. Listen to your heart where it belongs or where it follows because that will give you answer. These shoes listed above are the same, only came with different brands and shops, only manufactured and made by different tailors and workers.

What you need is guidance, and here we are giving you the best advice that can ever give. Furthermore, skateboarding shoes must be light-weighted to give you air feel ride in a board if you ever choose the heavy one because of a thick kind of rubber and leather implanted in it.

You can never get a comfortable feeling during your expedition, and your rendition will be imbalance as well. This is a tendency that might lead to your failure and casualty, so it is better to choose what is lightly weighted for many effective jumps, drop through, stunts, and tricks because that will assure you the safety. After all, shoes are made for a different purpose and it does not mean that it is a shoe.

It is also for that type of sports and use, and everything has its own feature, own capabilities and own uniqueness. So, do not compare everything from one good thing because every single thing is made different.

Nevertheless, what we showed above was truly outstanding and helpful for you to make a wise decision. The purpose of this article is to guide you through your journey of having the best kind of experience after trying the best and suitable shoes for you that is listed above.

It is an opportunity and honor for me to guide you along, it is not easy to make choices and deal with the situation like deciding for what is needed. We all know that making decision is choosing the right choice yet sacrificing other possibilities, but in the end, we chose to have what is the best not only for your own sake but for everybody as well.

What will be your decision shall be worth than spending your money on those shoes, because as you soon pick the best one, you can also tell your friends and other customers who struggle in making a decision. You have the benefits and good outcomes then you help others too.

Tell the good news after this because experience makes the best out of you. I hope everything will turn out like pink-colored glasses because that makes the worth.

Remember to keep your faith and believe in yourself, when it is only you can make it, everyone is not holding the power of your command, only the best they can do is by giving advice, and guidance through everything.

Enjoy your soonest experience on your board, with the shoes you have chosen. Be happy, and make another move for a step by step development. Bring your shoes on a journey of your life.

Let them accompany you against all the odds because it will hold you tight when you hold on to them. Show your care for the service they provide because giving back is worth it than any treasure in this world. That is more expensive than a sapphire.


Written by BeachAhoi

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