Longboard Bushings 101 Know All Types for Better Longboard

Bushings are always the assisting help that is framed into the kingpin and that is fitted appropriately in the bushing seat. Adjustable levels are being provided in this kind of longboard. They are often the discreet components of a longboard setup. It may be small in sizes, or which you say they differ in sizes – are some reasons on why they are mostly the overlooked part of the longboard.

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But though they may have the least to understand, they were an essential building block that truly completes the setup of a longboard. The best suggestion is you picking bushing shapes under different sizes. This is also for customization of the way how your trucks ride.

Kingpin nut can be used to make adjustments to the tightness of your trucks. But to a major adjustment, swapping out your bushings is the one that should be made. There were plenty of types and or shapes of the bushing. Knowing in advance what bushing suits best your longboard is a basic necessity to keep you in track for what you needed the most. Now, as you read along, I hope you find what’s for you.

If your truck does not have a bushing longboard, the said truck will never run smoothly. In short, longboard bushing is considered as an indispensable part of your truck. Of course, when it comes to knowing what best bushing you need, it always falls onto the category as personal preferences. Styles of the bushing are mainly dependent on what your preference is. So, therefore, your personal preference can give effect to what bushing you are going to get.

Here Are Some Tips That You Would Want to Consider If Picking A Bushing That Would Have A Longer Life and Is Better Compared to Other Kinds

Bushings are located in the center of your trucks. These were the ones that are colorful, rubber-like-cylinders. Urethane is considered as the primary component of this longboard bushing. You may get perplexed on what to buy, but it is good to know at least what it is made about. Having enough knowledge of a particular object makes you a potent one. And it does not make you ignorant unto what kind of bushing you are looking for, or you are going to purchase.

The varying world of bushings can mean a complex for you considering their large number of factors, and also their styles in the market. But don’t get confused! Just keep in mind what are the primary and the most needed: the shapes and the durometer (the hardness). These reminders you have in mind is what you can be sure of to start looking for and staying focused on what bushing shape you will have to purchase. Through this, your personal preferences can also be addressed.


The most common bushings are short and tall cone, eliminator or barrel-shaped, barrel, and stepped or free rode cone – since bushings come all the way with wide varieties. Each shape or type was made to mix and match and can be of different turn characteristics to achieve unique ride styles. And because shapes add an extra feature to what your bushings can look like, that is why you also need to know what suits your longboard. Well, if you really want your bushings to be more workable, it’s time for you to choose the right and well bushings for your longboard!


Short cones are most often used as the representation at the roadside in standard kingpin trucks (SKT). The small and tall cone is often observed in kingpin trucks.


If you are going to ask what it means by barrels, these are considered as the cones which are tall. But basically, barrel bushing is designed to brim the entire bushing seat to give increased riding stability for more assertive freeride and, at the same time, downhill riding. You can also try a double-barrel setup with a softer durometer if you like barrel-cone setups but is worried or is craving for support for higher-speed riding.


Eliminator or stepped barrel bushings are designed to be very limiting or are restrictive in order to stop the wheels in the standard kingpin trucks further, and they provide ultimate firmness in downhill reverse kingpin trucks. They have an additional bevel for increased control and support to the outside of the bushing seat. Because of their type, they can give you a ride a softer durometer. Having both a large shape and a soft, responsive urethane gives you an advantage. And also, they can commonly pair with a barrel bushings.


This one is the mixture and combination of a cone as well as the eliminator. They were combined to give you the best of both worlds. One offers something which is a little stable as compared to the end tapers, which is considered as a moving motion. The combination of this is a stepped cone and is very useful as well. This is useful in the same way as the first two. This new and innovative shape gives you a performance to split shape as well as to durometer setups. Depending on what you choose, all shapes can be great for any type of riding.


When you pick or get a durometer, which is considered as the right one, you may consider a bushing one. It is a kind of durometer that is correct. Harder bushings provide much resistant – and it is good for better and for larger riders. While softer bushings give less resistance – it serves as for better and smaller riders.

There is a good relationship between the weight as well as the hardness of the so-called longboard bushing. This is really a satisfying experience when you try to balance the relationship and connection between these two – the weight and the hardness.

The bushing durometer is represented by a number that is appropriate for you for easy looking out, which suits your weight to riding. Usually, numbers between 70-100 it represents the density – just associate it as the hardness of your bushing. These numbers were followed automatically with letters to indicate the hardness rating. This is what you need for a very smooth ride experience. Just do it correctly, and you will never go wrong.

Providing yourself a correct durometer also makes room for your safety as the rider of a longboard.


Sizes are meant to accommodate dissimilar types of riding. In order for your bushing to function properly, it must have to be taller to give you a satisfying turn you want. To reverse kingpin trucks, the fittest bushing size is the standard one. And exclusively, short bushings are for TKP trucks.

Basically, sizes of bushings often had roles in making up your longboard. And to every size, there is a corresponding right way on where you should use it. Knowing what size fits your bushing helps in properly making your longboard a ride.

Longboarding is very popular, and it is not limited nor restricted in any age. It is also one of the likable games that are enjoyable for the surfers because of its adrenaline-powered game. This makes a longboard more likely to be more frequently used because of the additional extra features that are wrapped in knowing the best types for longboarding with its types, shapes, sizes. It also includes knowing the durometer.

Unlike many kinds of games, the equipment used in this is essential from the outer perception unto how you have to see and know it into its inner attributes. Though some may be discreet, upon giving your full intentions and your whole attention to know all parts, it provides you enough knowledge about the subject you were looking for. And being more observant and more proactive makes you look cooler as a rider.

Bushings or the longboard bushings may have said to be the smallest part of the longboard, but basically, the one who has a huge role in giving you the ideal, smooth ride that you wish for. Therefore, choosing or purchasing bushings for your longboard is very requisite. And also, with regards to your body weight, know what kind of durometer fits your weight as you ride. To sizes, it is important that you also had the urge to make size count on your longboard.

Discussing the types of what bushing you really need somehow completes your sporty part as a rider. Above all, your own personal preferences are also important and can have an impact on how you do your purchasing and decision-making plan for your bushing. And so whenever you feel you needed to buy them for your trucks, make sure you purchase the best bushing that satisfies your expectations on your ride, and also for you to experience the thrilling yet the most enthusiastic ride to the fullest!




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