2020 Buying Guide for Best Longboard Bearings for Speed

Do you love cruising? Carving? Surfing, riding, and hopping?  Do you love insane rides and steed fast wheels on a downhill expedition? But would you be able to make a move and stunts like these if your wheels are at risk because of dirty and cheap bearings implanted on it?

Then what way should you be taking right now to continue your journey on a board? Really frustrating, right? But if you do like listening or taking great advice you are free to go!

Hop into a ride and surf the vibe when you find out the best bearings that are world-class and give you the sweetest ride. It will also guarantee your looks create more uniqueness on wheels, makes you cooler, and better!

2020 Buying Guide for Best Longboard Bearings for Speed 1

Most people love to enjoy things that are very satisfactory, a way where they build moments for continued use without any interruptions.

I think everyone is capable of giving themselves hope regarding desirable satisfaction, everyone knows how heavy the shoulders we carry over life’s miserable situation, and no one wished to have burdens in their life right? Who’s a fool is to care about burdens and should-have-been?

No one! For more things to give affinity with this topic, I have concluded that life is so perfect for squandering with something really bad. So, let us vanquish these imperfections but at least correct every possible thing to fix. Then what should we need to do this then? Can we come up with a plan to avoid inconvenience to our life’s enjoyment? The good news is absolutely possible.

Of course, we can! And anyone can do this. What only we need was guidance from others, a consultation to the more knowledgeable way of the process. Gladly, this will be your companion from choosing and making wise decisions. So, do not worry and make yourself free from pressure or any mental tension.

Put yourself together from your comfortable place and follow directions/information here. Put yourself together, prepare exciting ideas that will give you the best choice in making upgrades and production on your longboards and longboards experience.

When we purchase some items, we always consider the best quality, what else it be? only the best because we are assured that the best quality lasts longer than a regular item unless you want to use it easy to break? No. We don’t want anything like it here.

For some questions in line with our mysterious discussion, let us not make it mysterious I bet you already knew it from the title, funny. But let’s just take it as a very interesting kind of sport, a thrilled one, for example.

So, have you ever tried skateboarding or taking longboard on a runway? Making little run under wheels on skate parks, pavilion, or sidewalk? Or did you ever wished or attempted to make a try? It will be fun only if you do, and for me, fun things are always memorable things to treasure after the time that passes through over us.

Skateboarding and longboarding said to be the most fun thing to do. It fantastic in a way where you created a world that never is compared to any, but the most beautiful one.

Skateboarders and longboarders are imaginative, it is a fact where you cannot tell but it really does. If you only knew how it feels or be like, then you wouldn’t ask why so why don’t you make yourself understand the situation by taking a try. Try availing online to see how better to have their company and service.

Foremost, learning a skateboard and longboard is easy as well as learning the basic parts of your item. It will serve as an instrument for your safe and enjoyable cruising, so we must have extensive erudition regarding this aspect, ever since knowledge will be our guide for choosing the best quality product that will fit the range of our budget and also our preferences. Before anything, what things we must consider to get good quality?

What is the right way to purchase an item or How to purchase? How to find legit sources and shops for these items? what possible good things we can earn after buying certain brands?

Is it easy to buy items, or it possibly turn very hard? So many feasible ways if you only know something; in fact, these questions are nothing only if you do.

But now you have guidance and you can follow basic procedures or some helpful ideas on purchasing your best quality of longboards and skateboards. This will ensure your fabulous usage of standardised items from certain brands that are trusted across the countries which exceed the people’s expectation.

Bestseller No. 1
Bones Reds Bearings 8-Pack for [Skateboards, Longboards, Scooters, Spinners] (8-Pack W/Tool)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We promise you will be stoked on this or your money back.
  • INCREDIBLE SPEED - Bones Reds are some of the best bearings in the world for a reason, they're awesome!
  • BEARING SIZE - Bones Bearings are bearing size 608, which measures 22mm (outer diameter) x 7mm (width) x 8mm (inner diameter/axle).
  • PRECISE SPACERS - Unlike most spacers, each Dragon Spacer is precision cut for extremely tight tolerances of +/- 0.02 mm. The width is 0.405”(10.29 mm) and designed for 8mm axles.
  • STOKED TOOL - Each tool has a 9/16" (kingpin), 1/2" (axle), and 3/8" (hardware) Sockets, 1/8" Allen and #2 Phillips Driver and made from hardened steel with a chrome finish.
Bestseller No. 2
Outus 160 Pieces Skateboard Speed Hardware Washers Skateboard Truck Axle Speed Washers Longboard Bearing Washers Hardware Accessories
  • What can you get: totally 160 pieces standard skateboard speed hardware washers in black color, you can replace the broken washer in time, enjoy better speed and bearing performance
  • Size: outer diameter: 0.39 inch/ 10 mm, inner diameter: 0.31 inch/ 8 mm, these skateboard speed washers fit on most skateboard/ longboard trucks that have 8 mm axles (virtually every truck has the standard 8 mm axle size)
  • Function: speed washers increase speed and promote longer bearing life by reducing friction between the bearing and axle nut and hangar, distributes turning forces more evenly and assures a more solid match between surfaces, fixed an issue where the wheels spun at different speeds
  • Durable material: the skateboard hardware is made of quality iron, sturdy for a long time use, will not break easily, can provide a smoother, faster ride
  • Easy to carry: these skateboard bearing spacers are packed in a clear mini box, won't get lost very easily, convenient for you to carry and store
Bestseller No. 3
Fireball Dragon Precision Aluminum Spacers and Washers Set for Skateboards and Longboards
  • 🔥 BEAST GUARANTEE - 100% satisfaction or your money back. Fast and easy customer service with professional skateboarders.
  • 🔥 DESIGNED FOR SKATEBOARDS - Designed by Dragon Bearings specifically for skateboards. Flawlessly fit on a skateboard or longboard and improve bearing performance, guaranteed.
  • 🔥 HIGH QUALITY BUILD - Iron with zinc coated speed rings were molded specifically to Dragon specifications. Spacers are machined from high quality aluminum, also to specific standards supplied by Dragon Bearings.
  • 🔥 TIGHT TOLERANCES - Precision tolerances of + / - 0.02mm ensure flawless fitment and super fast bearings every time, guaranteed. This allows you to crank your axle nut all the way down, which in turn reduces slop and increases the longevity, durability and performance of your bearings.
  • 🔥 MADE BY SKATERS FOR SKATERS - Fireball and is owned and operated by professional skateboarders. Fireball products are designed to perform, hands down.
Bestseller No. 4
Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant
  • 1 Bottle of Bearing Lubricant
  • Makes your bearings faster
  • Makes your bearings last longer
  • 1/2 ounce bottle
  • Bones Speed Cream has a lifetime warranty which protects them against manufacturing defects.
Bestseller No. 5
SKITCH Pro Skateboard Bearings Set - Precision Fast Spin ABEC 9 Chrome Steel Bearing Kit for Longboards, Skate Boards, Scooters and Roller Skates + Spacers + Washers + BONUS Carry Case (8-Pack, Black)
  • ✅ A NEWLY UPGRADED DESIGN - Beastly precision and epic spin times will have you out-running and out-lasting some of the best ceramic, titanium and swiss bearing brands out there.
  • ✅ FASTER SPEED, LONGER DISTANCE - Enjoy longer spins for your skateboard wheels, mini cruiser, longboard, kick scooter, trike, inline skates, roller skates, fidget spinner and other wheeled toys.
  • ✅ EXTRA SPARE PARTS INCLUDED - Inside your new bearing kit, you'll find 8 quality oiled bearings, 4 spacers for added stability, 8 speed ring washers for reduced friction, and a convenient compact carry case to store your extra bearings.
  • ✅ ROLL WITH SKITCH SUPERIOR SPECS - Precise 608RS ABEC 9 chrome steel ball bearings pre-lubricated with high-speed bearing oil, durable nylon retainers for absorbing repeat impacts, and removable rubber metal shields for easy cleaning.
  • ✅ 100% BULLETPROOF WARRANTY - Bearing quality and your happiness are our top priorities. If you ever have an issue with your order, just message us and we'll get you sorted right away. Happy cruising!

Likewise, the things we must comply with in having the best quality products are the people’s choice. We always notice that people are into items that last longer, so it means people are relying to trusted brands, sometimes you can ask a friend for a certain recommendation and suggestion regarding things, they may have loyal to some brands that they think is best and suit for the standards that they are looking for.

You can even look for a site and check for reviews and feedback, and it will surely guarantee you effective outcomes. Forth, when we try to purchase item we don’t know how to, sometimes we get really shy about approaching and asking a person from a shop.

But it is the only way to get what you are looking for, it is a funny thing where we are really shy when it comes to approaching stuffs or the owners, but always think that they are glad to have you and serve you, everything come to a win-win process, you need them and they need you there is always a partnership in between, there will be no hard time on buying things when you know what to buy.

Every time we are afraid to purchase online, and we don’t know if people behind this aren’t a fraud, and there is a good thing when you doubt because that only means you are a reliable person who is worth it to receive reliable service.

Again, purchasing online really accessible, they are fraud maybe but we can’t even fool if we only know what to do, by that take online research before availing, look for reviews and feedbacks of the customer,

as I have said already you are free to ask for a friend or people that are worthy in giving an answer, customers are also connected to the services online since the shop or market are easy to contact, information is always follow on websites created there will be always a way to get through.

But if you are not satisfied yet there are business partners among all of this, companies and brands always connected to other famous online shops that we are very familiar with, there are Amazon, eBay and more.

They are always reliable in terms of service and perhaps your target brands of a skateboard and longboards are partners with these kinds of online shopping sites. Isn’t it exciting already? I bet you do.

We often come up to buying things. Just like for longboards, we sometimes prefer the total package. We avail of something that is done already, the full manufactured item.

And forth to this, even we have longboards and skateboards that are fixed already, somehow, we want to reassemble our gears, to upgrade it to a new version, to a new fancy like that we really desire the most and there is no problem. from making your own design for your boards. In fact, there is an item we can buy online to develop your gears.

There are lots of bearings for speed that are stable in forming a comfortable and nice ride. Yes, we want to purchase an item but what can we get there? What benefits we could earn, right? It easy dear. What you get is the best quality items that are directly come from the company. I bet you can see these items at the store or markets, really affordable and instant since you already have it but the things are.

That was just for temporary, cheap and came anywhere around, and you don’t even know what kind of materials used in it. But to famous brands like Bones skateboard bearings, Bones ceramic red skateboard bearings, Warehouse skateboards, Bronson G3 and other brands that are popular gives an assurance, only the choice is within your decision.

Just don’t care about waiting from deliveries, since you’ll still have it after the time you have waited at least you patiently wait to worthy things. Not against bearings out there since they gave those traditional players or beginners an instant pick of choice and gaming but only for a shorter time.

Only that, this guide is for your enlightenment, do you want to stick to your markets?

That wasn’t and at all but if you don’t try looking for another how can you make productions for your longboards? for yourself? I can only say that you can get perishable items, world-class bearings, and assurance for your efforts.

Nevertheless, availing products such as bearings inline isn’t bad at all. How do you say it was hard when you only need to do was an effort to search online? only your fingers, eyes and mind will be the material for work, you don’t need to go out and take frustrating commute, or hassle traffics. You can get what you want in just a click, not even tiring, and maybe there is something tiring and frustrating?

And that is picking the best one when you have all the best and multiple choices for bearings on your sight! Online you can see lots of selection that will surely spark over your pretty eyes. Your day when purchasing your best choice of bearings will never be turned out hard, and no struggles can even be detected.

Maneuvers are the most fantastic, doing tricks on their skateboards and controlling stability make us amaze, they always give wow factor to each, and everyone sees them play but before they perfect their stunts and tricks, they picked already the best quality product, starting from the board, wheels, trucks and bearings.

Traditional maneuvers love to customize their own, and they really inspired to make the trail explode with their magnificent style. Customizing their own gears makes them give uniqueness and the look is always the groove. I bet you’re dreaming now to be like them.

Bearings are a tiny material things that give greater stability and control, but this tiny thing is a huge help for your longboard. Have you ever thought if this bearing is one part only like a coin? If you do, that makes you wrong in making that insight on your head.

People are always curious about things, and if you do regarding this idea I have shared, I let you know that it comprises 7 amazing parts that installed inside for an accessible result for your cruising and exhibition. These are the C-rings, Bearing shield, outer and inner rings, steel balls, Ball retainer and rubber seal.

Each has a purpose for an effective running, as well as this information to give you the knowledge for making a purchase. If you know more about bearings, then you will be wiser for picking the best one for you.

Upon everything, how can you know if these bearings you are looking for are the best for you? It’s easy. All bearings are being tested to figure out the quality that it embodies.

The ABEC rating is the one who considers the functionality that it possesses. We all know that items are tested to prove their worth and safety. In regards to this, the ABEC ratings take them into a count that begins from the very low to the best quality could ever make. It consists of ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9+, and ABEC 11. To determine their meaning, follow efficiently for ideas.

First was the ABEC 1 which is affordable but crude. It might be the cheapest and work accordingly but not really precise in terms of good response in longboard experience. Next is the ABEC 3, like ABEC 1 it is less expensive but in regards to measuring the great possibility that could ever bring with the best quality bearings, and as you know, it isn’t good to give you the smooth and fast ride.

For someone who looks for enough satisfaction, the ABEC rating finds an affordable bearing that precisely suits the customers who look for a fastest ride in a budget range type of longboard bearings. This is ABEC 5. If you are a beginner, this can be also the best choice for you and guarantee your satisfaction, but if you are looking for more functional and stunning bearings like traditional maneuvers do there is another rated for best bearings.

ABEC 7, from the ratings it is the range where you will cost slightly high of money but an absolute certitude in terms of very satisfying ride. The stability it possesses is good enough for your type, quick move for thrilling tricks, smooth ride for surfing, segway, or cruising.

These ABEC 7 rated bearings are restrained with high class and effective functionality for your ride, Yet the ABEC rating exceeds the very high and world-class bearings and counts it to another kind of rating that is higher than the ABEC 7. 

In a view for this catch, The ABEC 9+ is the highest rating for a marvelous bearings that are made for a steed fast run on your boards, it said to be the best one that brought insanely smooth runs, very effective, efficient and no match to other regular bearings, forth this may be expensive but assure your luxurious and sweet ride.

Aside from things you consider from these kinds of ratings, ABEC 11 is the product produced with fine durability and impregnable. Bearings may come from small specifications and have the same sizes from every angle, but aside to its likeness, the differences are always measured over the effectiveness of the run under your wheels.

Quality over Quantity as they said if we are certain for something that is one of a kind and extraordinary, we always choose the quality over the quantity.

Have you considered the rating of ABEC in choosing your best quality bearings? If you do, you might have taken the right choice.

For some reason, you can even, it seriously and look for bearings that are suitable for your taste since there are other leading brands that have good quality products that do not follow or consider the ABEC rating. Instead, they use their own preferences and ideas regarding longboard bearings.

Maybe this helps you guided over confusion but the decision is always within your power of cognition.

For further details, bearings come up with different types and selection, it fits every skateboard and longboards, but we always measure the qualities for a long last use whether the fact holding us, like everything is the same, everything is efficacious.

Accordingly, to what is told above regarding brands, there is a list of top-selling products and kinds of bearings that making it conducive. These are Bones Big Balls Reds that is Skate rated, next is the FKD Bearings Ice Swiss Skateboard Bearings as second for effective and affordable bearings, forth, the Bronson Speed Co G3 Ishod Wair Skateboard Bearings conquering the spot beautifully with these three items.

Lastly, is the Andale Bearing from Swiss Silver which is a bit expensive but really does impressive in making production in your ride. Thereafter, in order for the selection, you must determine your longboard and preferences, whether bearings are the same from its features but are different instability.

Also, bearings have different choices, from colors, type and signature. The production is another level, bearing can be steel, or made with ceramic, titanium, nylons or just consisted of possessing these materials implanted inside the bearings for an extreme type of use.

Every brand, markets or shops are capable of giving service, but only a few can give you the best quality product, in line with the best things to offer is our satisfaction, our guarantee to make another purchase and mostly thing to comply with was our investment of trust and loyalty.

Always remember that we choose quality over quantity because that is the way we limit ourselves from keep purchasing and keep on costing from multiple times of availing products.

Traditional skateboarders or a beginner in this kind of sport is not an excuse from being unknown to the products especially about longboards and bearings. This is the only way we can get to avoid those who take advantage of when we are obscure.

Pre-assemble, build up longboards, own customize? These things are the capability of transforming another piece into something unique, and I bet everyone wants to be different or don’t count their selves from a compiled group of crowds sharing kind of aspect in this world.

Taking a longboard on a cruise or surfing is another way of evolution, development, and production. all of this is the way of having a life and fun to make a different environment.

Taking care of your life is like giving care to something that gives your life, giving value to your lifeblood, and this count your longboards from creating a beautiful life in your hand then the best way of taking extreme care of it is by giving it so much attention.

Never hesitate to avail meticulous bearings for an instant and fastest ride. Add beauty to your boards and bearings to your wheels. Add meaning to your life and it will give back to add your happiness every day. Have a great day everybody!


Written by BeachAhoi

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