2020 Best Longboard Backpack Will Make You Enjoy Carrying

Whenever we travel, we always look for a backpack that can hold our valuables on the whole trip. No matter how near or far our travel is, the importance of bags will always be a priority. We make sure that this backpack will be of great help in making our journey worth the money. It will serve as a place where we can keep the things we need, and we want to ensure its efficiency.

There are a bunch of these things which we can choose from that will perfectly suit our travel. These backpacks become handy for a more comfortable avenue towards our destination.

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With the development currently occurring in the world, backpacks also transform into different uses depending on your needs. If you have a skateboard or longboard which you want to bring with you, there are longboard backpacks that are made explicitly in holding these boards. These longboard backpacks address the necessities of a longboarder who are always mobile and make their ride unforgettable.

This 2020, the development of such backpacks turns new according to the style that the riders want. Some of the best longboard backpacks in 2020 are the following:

DC Wolfbred Backpack

This longboard backpack will surely meet your needs if you are looking for a spacious bag. This backpack has a carrying capacity of 26 liters, which will give you the space that you are looking for. It has a considerable interior where you can fit many things for your ride, especially when you will travel to a more extended destination. It is made of one hundred percent polyester and is rugged.

Every corner of the bag is useful, and it has pads that will protect it from the exterior environment. Even the straps have places and are adjustable so that it can be comfortable on the shoulders. A buckle made of plastics can be seen in the middle for support.

Though this backpack has a large size, there are only a few pockets inside it. However, there are a herd of zippered pockets outside the bag for more things to hold. If you want a backpack that will last for years, then the DC Wolfbred backpack is what you need because of its healthy appearance. If you’re going to hand-carry the bag, it will be difficult using this one because of the small protruding handle. When it comes to holding your board, it can strap huge skateboards since it has adjustable straps.

Eastsport Skater Backpack

Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack with High Density Padded Straps (Black)
  • Oversized Main Zip Compartment; Interior Tech Pocket (Fits Most 15” Laptops); Multiple Front Zip Pockets
  • Dual Front Velcro Straps for Skateboard; Ergonomically Designed High Density Foam Back
  • Side Mesh Hydration Pockets with Elastic; Top Fleece Lined Small Zip Pocket; Easy Glide Zippers With Plastic Pullers
  • Comfort Rubberized Top Handle; Ultra Padded Shoulder Straps- Panel; Durable Polyester Construction
  • MSRP $50; Limited Lifetime Guarantee; Dimensions: 19" by 13" by 8.5"

This backpack will amaze you because it is more affordable than other bags that we have aside from having a vast space where you can put all your things. So, if you only have a low budget for a bag, then this one is just right for you. This backpack is made of polyester, which is not the most durable, and it does not necessarily use when going to skateparks. It has excellent straps that made it stand out from other designs.

However, when it comes to the board strap, it is not that sufficient. The board straps cannot hold large boards, and adjusting the straps are intricate. It also contains a few pockets that could be useful in carrying small items.

Dakine Mission Backpack

A Dakine Mission backpack is excellent when you are cruising in the streets while riding on the board. You will have your things stable as you crusade with your board. This backpack comes in different designs where you can pick your desired color or patterns. With a variety of choices, you can enjoy the style suited to your personality. These are mostly constructed from a 600D polyester, and in various ways, you can watch out for changes in the designs.

Regarding the straps, this backpack will provide you compact and secure straps that are convenient while riding any board. It also has a waistband together with the sternum strap for support.

Another fantastic fact about the Dakine Mission backpack is the presence of pockets in different sizes and various purposes. These pockets will help you to have an organized pack for more comfortable use. If you have a 15- inch laptop and you worry where to put it, this backpack will provide you a pocket specially made for your gadget. It also has a pouch for your sunglasses that is fleece-lined. The primary space that this backpack has to offer may not be the largest one, but it can assure you a massive space for the things you will be bringing. Its capacity is around 25 liters, so there is a lot of room for your valuables. Alongside this are straps for your boards, which can be adjusted according to your preference.

However, the disadvantage of this backpack is having the bottom not stable so it cannot stand up straightly and the lack of loops where hooks are being placed.

Element Mohave Backpack

Element Mohave Backpack Blue One
  • 30 L (All Parts/Pockets Included), 45 Cm (H) X 29 Cm (W) X 19,5 Cm (D), One Main Compartment, Large Front Diagonal Zippered Drop Pocket, Woven Patches & Branding, 13'' To 15'' Padded Laptop Sleeve, Solid 600 D Tpe Polyester, Polyester Cord Pullers

If you are a rider who embraces more in modern designs with the touch of a classical print, then the Element Mohave backpack might interest you. With a big compartment waiting for your valuables, this backpack can carry 30 liters. This capacity would be really beneficial for you, especially if you have a lot of things to bring in your travel. With this kind of space where you can stuff it with various necessities, it still is a small size. The backpack is made strong by 600D polyester, and most importantly, this backpack is rip-resistant.

So, you will feel secured wearing this bag because you know how compact the material is. The straps are easy to use and are padded to be comfortable while wearing them. The sternum strap is located at the right place for better riding. If you are tired of carrying it from your shoulder, there is a handle that you can use. There are small pockets where small items can be placed and have zippers for protection. It also has a space for a laptop that is safe and secured. On the other hand, the board straps are not that tight to hold small boards. Only longboards can be tightly secured in the belts.

Volcom Vagabond Bag

If you are looking for a high-quality and durable backpack for your trip, then the Volcom Vagabond bag is just whispering in your ears right now, ready to be picked up. This backpack is one of the most trusted bags because of its service that defies other packs in the market. There are a bunch of good things that this tool is ready to offer.

One is having 35 liters of space for your valuables. With this kind of space, you can fit the things that you want to bring without forcing them to your bag. If you have a phone and you do not want to put it inside the bag for some reason, one of the components of this bag is having a phone sleeve. This compartment will let you have easy access to your phone without getting clumsy by pulling it out of the pocket. This bag has a handle where you can hold if you cannot bear the weight of the load on your shoulder. Just like other backpacks, the Volcom Vagabond bag has pockets but only a few.

It has side pockets that are zippered for security, so you will not worry about getting your things lost while on the board. Because it only has a small number of pockets, the organization of your bag cannot be assured. Pockets are handy for putting your things in proper order and avoid getting messy. There is a place for your laptop, and because it is made up of polyester, you can assure the strength of this bag. On the other hand, the zippers are not that sturdy if compared to other backpacks, and because it has fewer pockets, it would be hard to make your things organized.

Sector 9 Pursuit Backpack

Sector 9 Pursuit Longboard Skateboard Backpack Rasta Travel Bag New On Sale
  • Sector 9 Pursuit Rasta Backpack
  • 100% Polyester, 100%, 100% Nylon Straps
  • Longboard Skateboard carrying straps
  • Inner laptop pocket, Two side pockets
  • Front accessories compartment

This backpack is one of the best bags on the list. If you have three boards with you on the travel or your family and friends have no place for their boards, this backpack is just what you really need. It would surprise you with its three board straps where large panels can fit for a comfortable grip. Since it is made up of a hundred percent polyester and provides you a nice texture of the fabric, you can assure for a sturdy bag that will hold your belongings.

It has a massive space, so you do not have to worry about where you will put your things. Aside from the large compartment is a pocket for your laptop with pads to protect it in case of accidents. On the two sides of the bag are pockets for small items and are sealed by zippers. One of the main features that the Sector 9 Pursuit backpack has is the insulated cooler pocket. Its fabric is also encapsulated by a PVC for a healthier appearance.

The downfall of this backpack is how it was stitched mainly on the board straps because it does not seem to be as challenging as the fabric that the bag is made of. However, if the load is used correctly, it will still be in service for a long time. It will now just depend on how you will take care of the bag. Another thing is the cost of this backpack. Unlike some of the best packs on this list, it has a high price. If the money you have saved is just low, this might be a problem. On the other hand, the price will only be worth it because of the efficiency of the bag.

RVCA Push Skate Backpack

RVCA Men's Push Skate Backpack, Dark Charcoal, One Size
  • Skate backpack with skate straps, large front compartment bright red lining
  • 15 inch laptop sleeve and media pocket
  • 24l
  • Large front pocket with bright red lining
  • 15 inch laptop sleeve and media pocket

The RVCA Push Skate backpack is one of the well-established and stylish bags that is on this list. Because of this solid construction, you can be assured that you will have the right place for your valuables. It is made up of polyester, just like the other backpacks, which make it sturdy. This backpack is one of the smallest, having only 24 liters of space for your belongings. Although small, you can still fit things in this bag. It has an additional pocket for your laptop in case you need one for your trip.

The interior of the bag is protected by pads, so no need to get nervous. With regards to the board straps, you do not have to worry because this bag has adjustable loop-and-Velcro straps. You can fit the boards that you have according to its size no matter how big or small the skateboard and longboard is. These straps are very good at holding your boards. It also has a handle if you feel tired of carrying it on your back. The zippers though, are somehow weak but still are manageable and can address the safety of your backpack.

Vans Treflip Backpack

What makes the Vans Treflip backpack, one of the best longboard backpacks in 2020, is the good quality that it shows to people. Because of the strong quality and services that it offers, it becomes a top-performing candidate for the list of choices you can have. This bag has a wide space for your belongings so you won’t have a hard time looking for spaces where you can put them. Its straps are padded, which makes it comfortable to wear, and because polyester cascaded in the bag, it is tough and not easy to be destroyed. Other features of this bag are having a pocket for your laptop inside and several pockets outside where small valuables can fit. However, it does not provide a sternum strap for extra support, and real pockets are lacking. You can have this backpack at an average price, so it might be the bag you are looking for.

Nixon Smith Backpack

Being small does not necessarily mean that it is not useful. Sometimes, it is even better than the larger ones. This is what the Nixon Smith backpack wants to prove as it enters in the list for the best longboard backpack in 2020. The size of this bag is the contrary of what it can really do. Though small, it has spaces for your valuables more than what you think. Aside from that, this bag has board straps that can be adjusted because of the presence of a buckle that works when being clicked.

It makes your board secured while the location of the sternum straps is just perfectly placed with pads. It also has two pockets inside the bag for additional space and organization of your things. The only problem is that there are no zippers or any closures for the purses that will sustain the items you have placed inside it. So, what will mostly happen is for the valuables to mixed with the things inside the primary compartment if the backpack is moved. There is also a special pocket only for your laptop to keep it safe. If you are a student who carries longboards wherever you go, this could be the bag you are looking for.

Dakine Lid Skate pack

Dakine Lid Skate Pack, Trophy, 26 L
  • Padded sleeve fits most 15" laptops
  • Skateboard carry straps
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Adjustable sternum strap

People had different tastes when it comes to the size of the backpacks. Some want to have small bags while some are addicted to larger ones. If you are the type of person who likes to bring a jungle of things whenever you go out or travel and is looking for a massive backpack, then the Dakine Lid skate pack is all you need. There are huge backpacks listed, but this one is larger. Having this kind of size will satisfy your craving to bring many things with you, especially if your destination is far.

This also comes in a trending design, so you will still be on the right track. You do not have to worry about the straps because it is located in the right place and is padded in the back. On the exterior part, you can see two vast and tall pockets with zippers. They are perfect for some of your belongings that do not need to be inside the bag. However, it does not contain a front pocket, which is rare for a backpack. The interior part, like the outer side of the bag, also has two zippered pockets for a more organized placement of things.

When it comes to the border straps where you will put your longboard, it is adjustable to fit in your boards and comes in an intricate design but still working well and practical to use. This bag also looks like a military backpack because instead of using zippers on the cover, it contains several straps and buckles. Due to its size, this backpack is very suitable for people who travel long distances to skate.

Burton Kilo Backpack

Burton Kilo Backpack with Laptop Compartment and Skate Straps
  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 11.5" x 6"; Volume: 27L; Durable polyester construction
  • Front webbing for carrying a skateboard; Large main compartment features internal organization
  • Ergonomic shoulder harness with adjustable sternum strap for comfortable carrying
  • External zippered accessory pockets, internal zippered mesh pocket with key clip, and internal hook-and-loop secured slip pocket for storage
  • Padded laptop compartment [16.5" x 10.5" x 1"] and tablet sleeve [9.5" x 10"]; Lifetime warranty

If you desire to have a variety of pockets for your bag, then what you need is the Burton kilo backpack. It comes into different sizes of zippered pockets, whether inside or outside the bag. Small pockets will let you store your tiny valuables while keeping it secure and has a pocket for your sunglasses. It is made up of polyester to ensure durability and good quality of the fabric.

This backpack has an outside compartment to hold your board, and inside is another compartment that can store 27 liters of water. You can use the handle without difficulty and a sternum strap for an easy way of carrying the bag. There is a pocket for your 15-inch laptop to make it secure while on board. This backpack will assure you a comfortable trip wherever you go.

Everest Grip Tape Skateboard Backpack

Everest Griptape Skateboard Backpack, Black, One Size
  • Dimensions 12" x 6.5" x 17" (LxWxH)
  • Dual hook & loop straps to secure your skateboard
  • Dual zippered main compartment
  • Two front zippered pockets
  • Curved shoulder straps for comfort fit

The main priority of the Everest Grip Tape skateboard backpack is to secure your board. With the straps and hooks of this bag, your committee will just be OK as you are. There are other features that this bag offers like pockets inside it to make sure that you will have your things organized and separated. There are also two zippered pockets outside where you can put small valuables and for an easy way of getting it.

The back of this bag is padded, so you will be comfortable while wearing it. A rare feature of this backpack is water-resistant, so even if it rains, you will not have to worry about your belongings. However, this type of bag is not applicable for a long time because it is easy to worn out, especially if not taken care of properly.

Having the best backpack for ourselves is essential. Not because we want to brag it with other people but because we want a partner that will help us in carrying our things in the easiest way. A lot of people nowadays, especially longboarders, are looking for a backpack that will address their needs with good quality. And in order to choose the best gear that you can get, you need to consider a lot of things.

First is making sure that the backpack you will choose has a variety of uses, especially those that you need. Second, you have to check for the size of the bag. If you have a lot of things to bring and will be traveling a longer path, then the large one should be your choice. Third, check for the quality of the parts of the backpack like the zippers and straps. Zippers are very important to secure your things, so it is a must that it is working well as well as the straps.

Backpacks are essential for people who like to travel with their longboards. It is useful for them so that they have a place to attach their boards when not in use. Nowadays, the demand for this type of bag is getting higher as many people are being involved in longboarding or skateboarding. Whether students or adults, the need for a longboard backpack has been a necessity. With this, the development of these backpacks is of great help to address the lack of these people who are looking for a place where they can be one with their board.



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