Things You Need to Know About Choosing Your Kids Diving Suit

woman wearing white and blue goggles

Diving suits are essential gear when it comes to various water sports, especially for your kids. They are designed to keep their body protected from UV rays, harmful sunburn and stimuli, and cold and warm temperatures. So, there’s no way for you not to buy a kid’s diving suit.

woman wearing white and blue goggles

However, before you go online shopping or going to your local diving gear store and settle for a particular dive suit, you need to consider several factors.

When choosing your kids diving suit, be familiar with the following things:

The Different Types

Summer is among the much-awaited time of the year, especially for the kids because they can do swimming, diving, and other water activities. If you are planning to take them to diving activities, then choosing the right kids diving suit is the key to help them enjoy the whole experience.

First, let’s discuss the different types of dive suits for kids.


Wetsuits are the most common type of dive suit. They are made of neoprene, which is a rubber polymer that is filled with air bubbles. Its thickness is between 0.5mm to 8mm. The material helps in trapping water between the suit and your kids’ bodies. That is to warm up and build a thermal barrier between their skin and the exterior.

These dive suits come in a wide array of models, including for full-body, top, and shorty suit and for warm to extremely cold waters. They can be closed either in front or in the back. Be aware that the flexibility will decrease with thickness and is dependent on the qualities of neoprene and cut.

Semi-Dry Suits

These kids’ diving suits have little or no water circulating withing due to seals at the ankles, wrists, and neck. They are also designed with a horizontal black closure that is watertight.

The major advantage of wearing these suits is that they can retain heat while diving; even your kids’ body is wet. Take note that you need to help your kids in closing the suit. They are perfect for diving activity in waters between 10˚C to 20˚C. Besides, they deliver thermal comfort, waterproofing, and ease of use.

Dry Suits

If your major concern is thermal protection, the dry suits for your kids can be a great option. They can be either made of neoprene or coated fabric and come with a layer of air that can be adjusted the same way as BCD.

These diving suits are suitable for kids who have experience in very cold water. On the other hand, they are quite expensive, require regular maintenance, and less tough.

The Benefits

By letting your kids wear diving suits, you can develop a peace of mind as they get into the water. That’s because a kid’s diving suit can protect their body from a number of safety risks.

After talking about the different types of diving suits, let’s get into the benefits!


Good quality diving suits can protect your kids against sunburn and UV rays. These suits will also prevent them from becoming ill due to warm climates or warmer seasons.

By wearing these suits, you can be confident that your kids are protected from any jellyfish stings or anything lurking in the water. Other than that, they can also prevent the harm of abrasions from fast waves or currents. In other words, letting them wear these suits can ensure complete protection that will result in more enjoying the diving experience.


While seasons are changing, the temperature of the water also changes. Allowing your kids to wear particular diving suits can keep their body insulated and warm.

Furthermore, no one would like to become too cold after getting out of the water. With the help of diving suits, your kids can be prevented from freezing while diving.

The Design

There are three types of design to choose from when buying a kid’s diving suit. So, depending on the diving preference of your kids, you can find the perfect ones.

Full Body Suits

Full body diving suits, sometimes referred to as one-piece suit, can cover the entire body of your kids. If your top priority is a diving suit that delivers the most protection, then this one can be an ideal choice.

Shorty Suits

These are suits that come with short sleeves and short legs that are just above the knees. They provide more room for movement and warmth. However, they are not preferred by many since it offers less protection.

Farmer John Suits

Farmer John suits are designed with long legs. However, you’ll find no arms.

Keep in mind that the best design for a diving suit will depend on how extreme the activity is or even to the water temperature. For example, if your kids will be dealing with cooler water, then a full diving suit is best recommended.

The Water Temperature

In the same way as other diving gears, you can choose a kid’s diving suit based on the water temperature.

When choosing a diving suit for your kids, be aware that the thickness should be proportional to the temperature of the water. However, everything will depend on the frequency and length of dives, the quality of the suit, and how tired and how your kids feel. But we hope that the guide below will help you.

Additionally, if you want to adjust the warmth, then you also need to adjust the thickness. To most divers, the cold seems to their worst enemy. So, if you want to ensure that your kids will get the right amount of warmth, don’t hesitate to put extra layers of neoprene.

  • Between 10˚C and 18˚C – For cold water or between 10˚C and 18˚C, you can pick a diving suit with 7mm or more of neoprene.
  • Between 16˚C and 24˚C – For temperature water or 16˚C and 24˚C, you can purchase a suit with 5.5 of neoprene.
  • Over 25˚C – For warm water or over 25˚C, you can choose a kids diving suit with 3mm of neoprene.

The Quality

The quality kids diving suit is less important compared to suits for adults because they will outgrow the suits. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will buy them the cheapest ones.

Keep in mind that cheap diving suits will likely stick up since your top priority is making your kids comfortable while diving; it’s better to get them the necessary quality.

Make sure to choose the good quality ones because your kids will not just swim, but they will go diving. Remember that the environment for diving can be risky due to the hazards present in the water.

The Fitting

Before finalizing your buying decision, you want to ensure that a diving suit will fit well the body of your kids. So, it’s best for you to let them try on the suits first.

Through fitting, it’s a lot easier for you to figure out whether or not the diving suit will allow proper movement and provide complete protection. In case you choose to buy online, and the fit is not right, then make sure to check the return policy.

The diving suits of your kids should be fairly snug to ensure proper fit. If you choose the ones that are too loose, the insulating properties can be lost since water will tend to run through it freely.

Generally, a snug fit is highly recommended for maximum warmth. However, you also opt for a suit with a small amount of growth room and to help you save money. Just make sure that it’s not too big because it will reduce the warming qualities.

Overall, the diving suits should act as a second skin of your kids. They should offer the best possible fit.

Your kids will probably feel that the suit is compressed and tight and find it hard to put it on during the first use. But you have nothing to worry about it because it’s temporary. Diving suits that are made of neoprene usually crush under the effect of pressure. This means that the kids will receive enough freedom as they dive into the water.

Upon trying on the diving suits, let your kids practice a few bending and some arm movements to determine whether or not they can move freely. Make sure that the suits are not too tight around the rib cage, arms, and neck so that they can breathe well as well as there will be no hindrance.

Final Thoughts

Like adults, kids also want to try interesting and fun activities like diving. So, it’s a nice idea to buy them diving suits that can help them enjoy water sports even more. Besides, these suits will help in ensuring that they are protected at all times while in the water.

We hope that after reading this guide, you can then buy a kid’s diving suit that can match the diving needs of your kids.

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