Is Penny Board Easier than Skateboard?

While the penny board is a form of a skateboard, it has a fair share of dissimilarities from other kinds of skateboard – including the easiness of use. Newbies and enthusiasts often ask: Is a penny board easier than a skateboard?

Is Penny Board Easier than Skateboard? 1

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Well, yes! One reliable reason is that most models feature a lightweight design. So, even beginners can use it as a form of fun transportation.

Here, let’s have a head-to-face, in-depth comparison about penny board and skateboard, plus skating tips for beginners!

Penny Board vs. Skateboard

First, let’s define the two:

Penny board is popularly known as a versatile skateboard generally made of plastic. Australia first introduced it during the ’70s, and it is well-known as a cruiser board and boasts a classy appearance. Also, it has very soft and massive wheels, which make it extremely easy for riders to roll quickly and over bumps and cracks in the pavement. Each component is removable. You can either purchase all the parts or buy them separately.

Although the penny board is constructed from plastic and is small in size, don’t underestimate! It is still one of the durable and robust panels available. Well, it now depends on how good at you at spotting the best product. Being incredibly light is an added perk. Penny board is more suited to use in beach lifestyle and cruising. It has been gaining a lot of popularity these days among commuters and younger riders.


  • Waterproof since penny boards are made up of plastic
  • Lightweight; hence, a perfect transportation alternative for teenagers who need a board to ride to nearby places (e.g., school)
  • Portable, so carrying it around and storing it anywhere else (even in your backpack) is made less hassle
  • It has robust trucks, cruiser wheels, and decks and can withstand damages
  • Comes with numerous color and design choices
  • Improve riding experience with its ability to roll smoothly on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Great for kids thanks to its compact size
  • Works for beginners to get their perfect roll and balance for a little time


  • Beginners might have difficulty controlling the board, especially during initial tryouts
  • Since penny boards are small, it will only leave less space for your feet
  • Being lightweight also means it could become unstable, particularly at higher speeds
  • More suitable to use when commuting as it only has a compact size and restricted mobility
  • The price range could be quite costly

Skateboard, on the other hand, is highly regarded as the father and mother of all boards. Aside from penny, short and longboards are its different forms. You’ll find traditional panels in rectangular shapes together with 4-rounded corners. As for the size, it varies. Most skateboards are available in 28 to 33 long and 7 to 10 inches wide. Heavy woods (usually maple wood) are integrated into the overall construction to ensure durability. Plus, they are coated with polyurethane to offer a smooth ride.

Unlike penny boards, skateboards have broad space, making it very comfortable for your feet to ride onto. Though, it isn’t available in a wide array of colors as penny does. Modern skateboards are comprised of a few components, including a grip tape. This enables your feet to grip the surface while doing tricks on the board regularly. It is mainly used on U-ramps or in skate parks. Skaters who want to take their skating experience into the next level might depend on this board’s function to ride across all types of obstacles.


  • Much ideal to use by those who are still starting in the skating world due to the skateboard’s concave and vast deck
  • Built from quality materials and comes to equip with superior components to provide an additional safe platform specifically for newbies
  • Compact size; hence, small and easy to carry too
  • Suited for nearly all types of riding, even for extreme skaters who love doing tricks, thanks to the board’s excellent steering ability
  • Cheaper in price compared to bikes and penny boards


  • Most models are available in large sizes, hence may not kid-friendly as they will have struggle handling the board properly
  • Might feel relatively heavier than penny boards
  • The wheels are typically small so that they won’t work smoothly on uneven surfaces
  • Your slippers or shoes might get damage, especially if you’re using a skateboard with grip tape

Difference Between Skateboard and Penny Board

Is Penny Board Easier than Skateboard? 2

Both are known to offer stable, fun, and reliable riding experience and are even considered a usable, accessible form of transportation. Now, what makes the two significantly different from each other?

  • Penny board is a type of skateboard; skateboard is available in various kinds and natures
  • Penny board is made of plastic; skateboard is usually made out of maple wood.

Nevertheless, both boards are made to be more durable and last longer.

Knowing which one is ideal to use heavily depends on your skating needs and requirements. Penny is excellent for budget-savvy individuals who can get a useful, nice board for commuting purposes. Even pro skaters who love flipping and performing new and fancy tricks would also have a lot of fun using this board. Above all, the penny board is perfect for commuting purposes.

But if you find yourself with the impulse to grind rails, pop tricks, and perform some bowl skating, a skateboard is for you. Much more ideal for people who want extra challenge and thrill when performing neat tricks on the street.

Why Is A Penny Board Easier Than Skateboard?

Penny boards are suitable for riding around – portable, easy, and fun to ride as soon as you get the hang of it. The wheels are another reason why it’s a more comfortable board option, as they are softer and more prominent than most parks or street skateboards. Hence, tackling pebbles, cracks, and even unsmooth terrains is done smoothly and efficiently. The wheels are much easier compared to harder and smaller street wheels.

Young beginners aiming to learn the skating fundamentals (e.g., balance, how to cruise around and turn) can use this board to get started. As for the tricks, you can learn various forms such as riding switch, carving (forward/laying back), pushing, and kicking turns. There is more to discover from the penny board, which you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Are penny boards good for kids?

Definitely, yes! Again, thanks to its lightweight and portable design. It can be your cheap and excellent way to see if your kiddos will enjoy the idea of skating and train them to be a good skater. Though safety must be implemented first, make sure your child is wearing an elbow, helmet, knee pads, and other property safety gear before starting.

Buying a penny board for your child should not be a complicated process. Various options are available to satisfy their skating needs! Some models are even called kid-sized boards.

How to Ride Penny Board: Tips for Beginners

Learning to ride on a bicycle, skateboard, or anything could be difficult at first. And penny board is no exception. That’s why we’ve also created this content! Here, get to know tips for riding penny board and, eventually, get ready to dominate the road.

  • Determine which foot you are most comfortable with placing in the front. This is the same foot you’re going to use when running and slide standing up.
  • Use a walking movement when pushing. Both your feet must be pointed forward as you make using the other foot. Gently move your feet once done going so they will point similar direction as you cruise.
  • When turning, lean your toes or heels. A kick turn may also be ideal if you want to ride faster. Do this by placing weight on the back and then enabling the front to take off the ground.
  • There are two ways to stop on board: perform a foot brake or lift the front foot and drag the tail to reach a stop.

Since penny boards don’t have much space to put your feet mainly due to its small size, you should be careful about getting your feet onto the board. Ensure they don’t hang while riding because the possibilities of hitting the wheel or slipping off are highly possible. Always keep your equalization to avoid potential injury or accident. Yes, it is hard trying your luck in penny board during initial use, precisely when adjusting while moving. Just continue rehearsing. As they always say, practice makes perfect.

Penny boards are continuously gaining a good rap.

Not everyone will appreciate what you do and what you have. The same also applies to the penny board. Some hesitate to get one because of its small size – conveying the idea that it will only offer less riding experience. Well, not literally.

The majority still agree with the same thing: penny board is a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to enjoy your favorite hobby. You can even use it when going to school or nearby places. If you’re looking for something light, portable, and cheap, it could be your perfect pick. It looks cool to cruise on!


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