Is Balance Board Good for Exercise

Keeping yourself healthy and fit is badly needed, especially nowadays. We are not sure and knowledgeable enough about the dangers we can face in our daily dealings.

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We never know if there is already a vast spread of a deadly virus or if there are other diseases that can put our life in danger. There are so many ways to keep yourself in a fair and healthy state.

Aside from eating nutritious food, getting yourself involved in outdoor activities is also needed. These outdoor activities can be simply walking, running, hiking, camping, jumping, trekking, and so many more.

However, there is also one outdoor activity that you can try, especially if you don’t want to get too far away from home. This is the balance board training. Have you heard of it before already? Well, if not yet, this is the perfect chance for you to be familiar with it.

Defining Balance Board

A balance board refers to an activity wherein it uses a board that you need to balance. This kind of training improves your state of balance, agility, and core strength. It can help you stretch and strengthen your body as you maintain and balance your weight over this board. A lot of people say that this kind of training is tough. Some already quitted and looked for lighter training. Little do they know that this kind of exercise can bring them many benefits in physical, mental, social, and emotional aspects.

Reasons Why Balance Board is Good as an Exercise

To know more details about this training, below are the benefits and reasons why the balance board is useful as an exercise. Knowing these facts can help you get deeper and broader perceptions about the topic. So, here it goes!

Improves Posture

A good posture can mean a lot. It can be an asset when looking for a job, career, and other else. Having it can make you look more excellent and professional. However, maintaining a good posture is challenging, especially if you are exposed to back curving routines such as sitting on a chair for hours, curving your back, improper sleep position, and an unhealthy diet. Good thing, engaging yourself in balance board training can help you turn your posture into a good one.

Here, the board helps you to balance yourself, pushing your back to be straight for longer and more chances of balancing the board properly. Also, it helps you in the muscle build-up, which is also essential in improving your posture.

The muscles developed during balance board training can then help you achieve a firm stand and posture. Thus, it can make you look even bolder and more challenging. Another one, balance board training, enables you to stretch your limbs and body. Upon doing this regularly, it can result in a straighter back and better posture.

Reduces Back Pain

Another evidence that balance board training is useful as an exercise is because it can help you reduce back pains. Swelling and annoying back pains can be contributed by prolonged sitting or standing hours, as well as a wrong sleeping position. The burn can be felt from the top tailbone and up to the neck.

Good thing, balance board exercise can help you reduce painful back pains. Here, as you balance the board, you are also able to stretch your body. This is the time for you to test your back, neck, and hips so that you can reduce your back pains.

Also, the muscles are being developed, which makes your body stronger and firmer. This can help you reduce back pains and maintain a good posture.

Aids in Rehabilitation

Another justification that balance board exercise is useful as an exercise is that it aids in rehabilitation. When we say rehabilitation, it is the process of recovering from a past incident that affected our well-being and health.

This became one of the reasons why the balance board was made- to help people cope up with their problems. Here, the balance board allows you to focus on balancing.

It can serve as a stress reliever or only as a rehab tool to improve your wellness. Instead of thinking and doing things unaligned to your rehab program, engaging yourself in balance board exercises can help you achieve mental and physical rehabilitation.

Prevents Injury

Balance board exercises also help you to prevent any injury. This activity can improve your balance, agility, and focus, which are essential for you to stay alert and avoid any damage. It improves your mental and physical sharpness, as well as instincts, whether a particular thing can bring you in harm. Also, it is an excellent exercise wherein it develops your muscles and strengthens your limbs. These are essential qualities that help you stay fit and firm.

Keeps you Alert

Next, balance boar exercises can help you be alert all the time. The mental sharpness can be gained in this kind of activity wherein it trains your mind to balance yourself over the board. It enhances your instincts, as well as alertness that make you think fast in any situation.

For example, if you can feel that you will fall from the board, you can quickly think of a way on how to cope up with it. You can fast think of an alternative and solution to protect yourself from falling on the ground. Another thing, it can help you produce tricks when on board. You can change leg positions, do a fly, kick, and so many more.

Improves Coordination

Another evidence to justify that the balance board is a good exercise is that it improves your coordination. This coordination can be between your mind and body or vice versa. As you go through on the board, you can execute the tricks you want to be generated by your mind.

For example, you are planning to do a flip, and your mind thinks when and where is the perfect spot to do it while the body, on the other hand, will execute the trick you have believed. Also, improved coordination means you are more alert and can quickly respond to any situation you got into involving your balance board.

Body Awareness

Another thing, balance board exercise can help you have body awareness. When we say body awareness, your body is aware of the things happening or the things going through your mind. In this way, your body can quickly react and execute any action. Also, body awareness can be about being fit and healthy.

Engaging yourself to balance body exercises can strengthen your muscles, improve stamina and agility, more power, and so many more. These will significantly help you with your life dealings, especially at your job.

It is Fun!

Also, balance board exercises are fun, which makes it suitable and useful as an exercise. Many people are enjoying this kind of activity since it can be incorporated into music and dance. As they work hard in balancing themselves on the board, they can still have fun with the music and background sounds.

Besides, working with music can give more inspiration to truly motivate you and your colleagues as you all do your regular balance board exercise. Another thing, involving yourself in balance board activities, will allow you to meet and make friends with other people. Here, you can be close to one another and feel like they are family.

Healthy Spine Position

Another thing, balance board as an exercise can genuinely help in maintaining a healthy spine position. We all know that the spine is our backbone, and without it, we won’t be able to do the things we need and love. It is the backbone that is also used to protect the most delicate organs we have- the heart and lungs.

However, in the case of those who already have an extreme condition like this, it is highly recommended that they consult a health professional first and proceed to the therapy and operation. There will be sessions wherein the spine must be massaged to help it go back to what it is. For scoliosis patients, please don’t lose hope, for there are alternatives to help you get through it.

Happier and Healthier Life

Lastly, the balance board as an exercise can help you achieve a happier and healthier life. As you practice so hard in balancing the board, it can be the perfect way to release the athlete in you. It can test your physical capabilities, as well as mental sharpness, emotions, and social.

Achieving all of these can significantly impact your living and perceptions in life. It can make you even happier and healthier. Besides, despite constant failures and disappointments, you can always achieve the best.

To conclude, balance board exercises can help you a lot in different aspects of life, such as mental, physical, emotional, and social. By considering this, you can always achieve health and wellness. Now, we highly recommend that you try doing a balance board exercise. Aside from giving you the physical benefits, it can help you also in other things connected to life.


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